SK: (Muslim) Violence Is Our New Law

The latest from Sultan Knish begins:

Over two centuries ago a group of British colonists huddling amid the forests and rivers of a new continent decided what they could and could not say by killing enough soldiers and mercenaries that the people who had been in charge of their speech decided they should try their luck somewhere where the regulating was easier.

This state of affairs in which the country that those colonists formed became and remains one of the very few places in the world, even among Western democracies, where freedom of speech is absolute, came about through stirring speeches, deeply felt debates, classical ideas and a passionate political culture– but most of all it came about because large numbers of people were willing to kill over it…

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And consider, if you will, the larger point:

As the rule of law becomes an ever-fadingly quaint notion, all that remains to adjudicate disputes between men is violence and its credible threat.

Murderous woods and deeds.

They’re not just for Muslims anymore.

Will the freedom-loving peoples of the world awaken to these realities before they are fully caged?

Tempus fugit.

12 responses to “SK: (Muslim) Violence Is Our New Law

  1. The freedom-loving people of the world will not awaken. As long as their cages are comfortable and they have their electronic diversions at their fingertips, life, as they know it, will go on.

  2. The “rule of law” has always depended upon violence. What has happened recently is that most “rule of law” had become unjustified violence.

    The initiation of force by the state for no reason, rather than state use of force to contain illegitimate force. In other words the State has become the criminal element in society.

  3. Well written piece. As to your comment, what is left of the freedom loving people are already caged and most will only recognize it when the walls of that cage begin to close in. The question then becomes will they huddle in the false safety of the center of that cage or will they in defiance rush the walls thus being truly free, succeed or fail…

  4. Larry Elliott

    Since the vast majority of the “free world” has been disarmed by those who fear the populace, and are getting close here, the Mslms will have to be stood up to here first. The more the Mslms burn, loot, murder and act like savages the more those who pay attention and actually think will become inflamed. Especially when the so-called “good Mslms” sit and say and do nothing in response to their so called “radical” brethren.

  5. When the Great Divide between one world view and another becomes so incapable of resolution, violence is inevitable. Violence is always initiated by those who would impose their will on the unwilling. We are thus freed from moral compunctions with regard to their lives. Self defense IS an Unalienable Right. We owe no allegiance to those who seek to control us, indeed we have a duty to oppose them with force.

    Accept it. Prepare for it. Embrace it. Make it so.

    There will be no peace until our oppressors are dead.

  6. Jimmy the Saint

    It’s the age-old formula: Power = Strength + Resources X Will.

    Plenty of groups have Islam beat on both of the two factors; *no one* currently comes close to them on the third. Either the West (or maybe Russia or China) finds its balls, or every nation starts pricing prayer rugs.

  7. Law without sanction is merely advice.

  8. What I learned studying history is that uncivilized hordes conquer civilized societies because they are uncivilized in their behavior towards them. Then the uncivilized run into uncivilized people at the borders of the previous civilized society, and they stop, because the new people they encounter countenance no bullshit, and kill them right back. Point being, we have to be more brutal than our enemies, to defeat them, ala Hiroshima. YMMV, but I say Death to Islam, howling, wailing, permanent, death. Permanent may SOUND redundant, but I’m talking about making sure the religion of pure shit never rears its fucking head again.

    • I’m talking about making sure the religion of pure shit never rears its fucking head again.

      And you’re not alone, Sean.

      • Joe Sixpack

        These guys are just as important to identify in your AO as Feds. All western countries now have advance outposts for Islam that are largely self regulating and capable of out-breeding the surrounding natives.

        When things get nasty they will NOT go quietly back to Islamistan. As sure as the sun rises tomorrow, they’ll throw up borders around their suburb(s), expel or execute/enslave infidels, institute Shariah law and declare independance.

        Muslims have gone through these motions enough times that it’s part of their genetic memory. You can be one hundred percent certain that they’ve got a boatload of guns and ammo cached in their fed-proof mosques.

        Factor it in, folks.

        • Surrounded. Nowhere to go. No line of resupply. In major die-off centers.


        • Guns, ammo, and presumably also (halal) food stockpiles? Those of us who have firsthand experience with the typical levels of skill at arms, not to mention courage, that these folk display are presumably smiling already. We know where we’re going to resupply, once Haji does what Haji always does.

          They’ve got their fanatics, their “holy warrior” one percenters who are willing to strap on a bomb vest. The other 99% make the French in 1940 look hardcore by comparison. “Free to anyone who will say ‘boo!’ and carry them off: several hundred AKM rifles, never fired, only dropped in sand once. Inquire within.”