Bracken: I Will Not Submit. I Will Never Surrender.

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From Matt Bracken:

I will not submit. I will never surrender.

I will never surrender Da Vinci, Newton and Einstein,
for Allahu Akbar, and flying passenger planes into office buildings.

I will never surrender Michelangelo, Vermeer and Rembrandt,
for Allahu Akbar, and forced female genital mutilation.

I will never surrender Descartes, Locke and Jefferson,
for Allahu Akbar, and beheading apostates of conscience.

I will never surrender Bach, Mozart and Beethoven,
for Allahu Akbar, and child rape called “arranged marriage.”

I will never surrender Shakespeare, Byron, and Shelley,
for Allahu Akbar, and stoning rape victims to death for “adultery.”

I will never surrender Faulkner, Fitzgerald and Hemingway,
for Allahu Akbar, and poisoning schoolgirls for daring to learn.

I will never surrender the sacred freedom of speech,
for Allahu Akbar, and laws that forbid telling the truth about an evil false prophet.

Voltaire said, “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” I will not submit to being ruled over by the followers of a Seventh Century desert pirate, rapist and mass-murderer.

Randall Wallace wrote, “They may take our lives, but they can never take our freedom.”

Would that our leaders’ hearts were so brave, or as dedicated to human liberty.

But even without them, I will not submit, and I will never surrender to a barbaric death cult masquerading as a religion.

Matt Bracken

49 responses to “Bracken: I Will Not Submit. I Will Never Surrender.

  1. Instead of Alluha Akbar, why not just say Islam?

  2. Or Allahu, whatever piece of Moslem shit was intended.

  3. Outstanding! Once again, Bracken knocks it out of the park. I may have this framed and put it on my wall as a personal mission statement. Thank you sir, for saying what is on the mind of so many, and for saying it better than most of us could.

  4. Bill Fletcher,Liberty Valance

    our shreiff is on our side.Lopey,A very good man.

  5. Amen and well said Matt. Give e’m hell brother.

  6. I will never surrender the freedom to make or carry any weapon at any
    time or place
    for emotional submissiveness to politicians who are civic priests

    I will never surrender any percentage of my income or savings
    for a legislature to decide how to spend instead of me

    I will never surrender my financial privacy or report my business doings
    for a legislature to more easily track my behavior and thoughts

    I will never surrender my demand to dictate treatment of a fetus
    because sex for pleasure must be punished

    I will never surrender America as the policeman of the world
    as I hate them because they are free

    Would that our leaders’ hearts were so brave, or as dedicated to human liberty.
    But even without them, I will not submit, and I will never surrender to a barbaric death cult masquerading as a large-scale self-defense mechanism.

    You’re fooling yourself, just like the Oath Keepers.

  7. Roger that Matt
    American by BIRTH, Infidel by CHOICE

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  9. Pretty sure there will be as much resistance to the Moslems as there is to the Mexican/Latino/Hispanic invasion. Zero…

    • Just wait til the Muzzies get enuf clout to make your old lady have to wear a burka, cut your young daughter’s clit and marry off your 6yr old granddaughter to a 60yr old pervert.
      Your wife will be the one w/the battle rifle.

  10. Yo, Hartley, we try but our ‘Masters’ say we must embrace other cultures, while they hide in their enclaves. But the time is coming!

  11. Larry Elliott

    I do think that people are finally waking up. Hallelujah and Amen!

  12. I like this quote from Sara Conner…
    “There is not fate but what we make.”

  13. Hartley, you and others new here need to understand something. We are who we are because we ain’t who we’re not. The “people” we’re opposed to use every subterfuge and lawless method to get what they want, from the law abiding. By our Restraint, we demonstrate that we are law abiding, moral individuals, the opposite of THEM. When it gets down to the nitty gritty, AND NOT BEFORE, they will receive our judgement, and sentence. It will be without mercy, utterly brutal, fatal, and complete. Until that time, we do what we can, lawfully, morally, with civility. Keep in mind, the law protects them from us, as well. And when there is no law, save the jungle, we ourselves can forfeit our lives in those times as well. But some kind of order will eventually return, and we will quietly go back to live and let live. Do nothing? You kid yourself. There is a great fury pent up in this land, and when it is free to work its course, mens’ hearts will fail them because of simple fear. And blood will flow deeper than a horses stirrup.

  14. robroysimmons

    We now have a great political weapon in our hands. We tie Islam about the necks of the left, and being dimwitted cultists (think the Jim Jones cult) they will rejoice to have more in their coalition. God does love us, if we use the brains given to us.

  15. Hillbilly Jack

    A coward dies a thousand deaths….The brave only once!

  16. Zionist Jews are the problem, not Islam. Who is invading whom?

    • You are kidding, right?

      • Pete, I doubt he’s kidding. We’re invaded by these idiots lately.

        On that point, there are quite a few regular contributors here, both linked by you and in comments, who loudly proclaim that jihadism and islam are practically false flags manipulated by the ptb to distract us from their tyrannical schemes. How it is possible for folks to be so blind is beyond me.

        Both the “progressives” and islam are existential threats to
        Liberty, as is every other totalitarian/thug regime on the planet from crime syndicates to the UN.

    • Dave, you need to drop the “Zionist Jew” name.

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  18. “Why allahu akbar? Why not just say Islam?”
    Because Islam means submission, and this is the counter-submission essay. And Allahu Akbar is what those homicidal drones scream as their mantra while committing murder, which is their sole contribution to humanity, as opposed to the great Western geniuses and their works on each line above their maniacal drone-mantra.

  19. Matt, I love your stuff, but I don’t think Islam is really our enemy. The evidence really fingers Mossad and CIA for the 9-11 incident. The rest of the animosity towards us from the MENA countries is due to OUR meddling.
    Beware of disinformation.

    • Here’s another one!

      He’s not kidding either.

      Every single word of that comment screams willfully obtuse or agitprop tool.

      • Agreed. Tool indeed. Playing right into the narrative of the idiots at DHS, and the USMA CTC who seek to conflate patriots with nazis, skinheads, etc. Either that or they are directed by same.

  20. I have my own little declaration. Just 5 short lines.

    Bullets before Burqhas
    Pistols before Prayer Rugs
    Shotguns before Sharia
    Rifles before Ramadan

  21. AJ, you nailed it. But people don’t want to think or admit that there are elements in our .gov that will kill innocent people.
    These sheepole think the fools at WACO ‘had it coming’, thus laugh off the death of women and children.
    And yes, 9-11 was a Mossad operation.

    • “These sheepole…”

      Who the hell are you talking about? There are, mostly, no “sheepole”(sic) here except trolls and agitprop tools.

      Nobody here thinks the goobermint is incapable of violence towards … anyone! Better read a little deeper and frequent these pages a little longer before making accusations like that.

      And the only thing AJ “nailed” was his tongue to a couple of lies.

  22. Neither Mossad, Israel, or the f**kn’ muzzies are the main big problem. The main big problem is the over reach of over big gubbment, that does not protect, preserve and encourage the inalienable rights of its citizens, but instead does the opposite, while encouraging the encroachment of muzzie Sharia (I refuse to call it “law”).

  23. How narrow minded to think we only have one enemy. If you’re locked onto the concept that only the government is our enemy, you’re fooling yourself. We have many enemies. The Islamo-whackos, the Chinese, the Marxist fifth column, the one-worlders, the earth worshippers – all are willing to strip you of life, liberty and property to further their cause. Those of us dedicated to Liberty face threats to that liberty from all directions, and it’s dangerous to become over focused on any single threat. Know that some of these have more ability than others to harm you. For me, the threat of Uncle Sugar is greater than the threat of Hassan or Mohammed. That does NOT mean I turn a blind eye to the plans and machinations of the Islamo-thugs! Meanwhile the Chinese could crash the US dollar overnight if they chose to by simply dumping a significant percentage of their T-bill holdings at a discount on the bond markets. So the point is to be vigilant and keep your head on a swivel. Stop getting your panties in a wad when someone else assesses threats according to a different priority level. We’re all heading for a multi-faceted sh*t storm anyhow.

    • GunRights….

      Thank you!

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      Look at the big picture, realize most everything you have been taught is a lie, and rule out nothing as being too extreme. Whether Muslim, Zionist, or Communist, all is possible, just depends on WHO tells you NOT to believe in it. We’ve all been brainwashed by our media and school system, it’s up to you to sort the truth from media distorted lies. Think outside the box, realize what Orwell was trying to tell you decades ago. The truth will be hard to bear, and few will ever really see it. It takes courage to look beyond your preconditioned comfort zone, but strive for truth and you will find it. Problem is, the other 95% never will.

  24. I suspect there are a whole of agendas going on. I.e. No aircraft caused that hole in the Pentagon, that had to be a directed energy beam.
    Perhaps the Chicoms doing a bit of payback for bombing their embassy back in 1999?
    The brass hats knew NYC was to be the only target, hence no F-16s flying over head D.C., no Joe Snuffy with MANPADs standing around.
    I still haven’t figured out the crashin Pennasylvania, any suggestions or links?

  25. Apparently Occam’s Razor is a foreign concept to some of the more…creative commenters here. On the plus side, I’ve learned which comments to read for valuable insight and information, which ones to read for (often unintentional) humor, and which ones to skip over entirely because life is just too short to waste time on hate-filled screeds. Sometimes, (or often) I think we patriots are our own worst enemy.

    Unfortunately the history of most resistance movements is one of infighting, infiltration, intrigue and back stabbing. I hope things will be different here.

  26. What the Fuck?
    Who left the door open, how many times have I told ya’ll about leaving that door open.

  27. This is fantastic- this is my new creed.