Secession: At Some Point, The Hat Runs Out Of Rabbits

First the Catalans, now the Basques.

The hopelessly-insolvent Spain, as currently configured, will not exist in five years.

Is there a rational reason to assume that the hopelessly-insolvent FUSA will?

Phrased alternatively, why in Heaven’s name would the survivors of your tribe choose to submit to anyone claiming authority over them?

Especially a bunch of deadbeats.

Grenadier1 had a great comment today:

We are coming to a crossroads.

Down one path is the long winding way to the ambush. Down the other path is the short straight route to it.

You have a month to get squared away.

Carry on.


53 responses to “Secession: At Some Point, The Hat Runs Out Of Rabbits

  1. Graves in SC

    I have been spreading awareness of the “s” word in my circles here. Once people are led to the conclusion that the U.S. as we know it is not only unsalvageable, but ungovernable in its current state assuming we DID have a revolution, the rest is easy.

    Government is a necessary evil. Let’s make ours smaller, and within driving distance in case a bitch slap needs to be delivered personally.

    • Do any average White citizens in SC still recognize the names Robert Turnbull, George McDuffie, Robert Hayne, and understand why these should be set up as household icons?

    • Enlightened Flunkie

      We already tried limited government. Now what was the definition of insanity, again?

  2. The big Indianappolis show is the 19th, 20th and 21st. Stock up folks.

  3. Disciple of Night

    My money has secured some material assets. My body continues to get stronger. My prayers continue to float upwards to the ears of a merciful God. Only idiots walk on an open road in hostile territory…so get into the woods and look for a chance to flank.

  4. Murphys’ rules, #21: No combat ready unit has ever passed inspection. A month to get squared away? Fuck,,,,,, me! A snowball in hell has better chances.

    • Mutant Swarm

      “A month to get squared away? Fuck,,,,,, me! A snowball in hell has better chances.”

      Yes, sir…at this stage of the game, for me at least it’s “run what you brung.”

      • Cassandra (of Troy)

        Mutant Swarm/1Oct12@17:11,

        For the overwhelming number of people it’ll be the same way, & you can bet that those who did nothing (the ‘grasshoppers’) will expect/demand that those who’ve done whatever they could to rig for storm (the ‘ants’) take care of them too using ANY means to see that such occurs as per Twilight Zone episode The Shelter. And it’ll work, for awhile, in some places, until those ‘nice folks (w/ w/o kids) who really need our help’ start reverting to type & their Leftist Mr. Hyde emerges. After word of the destruction of some communities by the ‘needy’ gets around, however, things’ll get nasty indeed w/ sex &/or children losing their value setting off even worse events.

        Make sure your mind is ready for that eventuality & your supply of ‘bug spray’ is too.

        Cassandra (of Troy)

    • Sean,
      My assesment is that we will have violence after the election. Will it be wide spread? No I dont think so but we will have it one way or the other. Either there will be “celebration” that the free Obama money will now start flowing or riots because that evil racist Romney stole the election. You will be hard pressed to tell the difference.
      My advice to get “squared away” was mostly an adage to get your mind around the idea that you may find yourself at one of those street corners Matt B told us all about. Get your mind right with the idea that you may have to kill before Christmas. I know you are ready for that but a lot of folks are not and some of the people reading this are going to wind up dragged from their cars and smashed in the head with a brick because of that.

  5. Jimmy the Saint

    Secession is a dicey proposition unless geography and demographics favor your side – just look at what happened to Croatia. They left Yugoslavia only to have the Serb parts of their new country leave them. The end results were quite bloody. That isn’t to say it can’t work, but it needs to be very well thought out.

    Catalonia appears to have decent chances for success – they don’t share that big a border with the rest of Spain, and they’re already somewhat autonomous. The demographics are relatively favorable, too. They’ve got a substantial population in their region, plus a sizeable group across the border in France, too.

    The Basques can maybe pull it off, too, but they seem to have a tougher row to hoe, in terms of border and numbers. They’d have significant cross-border support as well, and maybe better odds at international recognition.

    A lot of American states would face a tougher time than either of those two, though. Many have substantial minority populations that aren’t going to favor giving up the free goodies from Uncle Sam. Again, not impossible, but tougher.

    • Cassandra (of Troy)

      Jimmy the Saint/1Oct12@18:29,

      “A lot of……tougher.”

      States like the P.D.R.C. will have a helluva time splitting apart due to that fact & such is a near guarantee of substantial horror occurring. Heard that Compton’s 65% Latino w/ the rest of L.A. becoming less & less black as time goes on, seems that Pablo & Maria aren’t going for that ‘Black & Brown United against the White Man’ talk & are doing their best to ethnically ‘cleanse’ ever larger parts of that city & many others as well. The thing that most ‘white’ people don’t/don’t want to know that blacks are just the start & the Gringo’s (& other ‘unacceptables’) turn will arrive in time.

      If things go as they seem to be headed, it’s going to get real spry out here in ol’ Cali & a LOT of folks’ll have the scales of pseudo-brotherhood fall from their eyes one way or another.

      Sure would be nice to see it all unfold from somewhere else, wouldn’t it.

      Cassandra (of Troy)
      Per Mare, Per Terras

  6. White Americans will never try Secession again, because:

    1. Discussing it in public will get you added to the SPLC Hate Watch list, which means your employer will get a nasty letter from the ADL that gets you fired for offending the J-words, which means Holder’s My People will never be charged with a crime for violently unburdening your of your criminalized racist unearned White privilege.

    2. Saint MLK criticized the segregationists whos “lips are dripping with nullification,” which pretty much but the death sentence on discussing nullification, the first step toward secession.

    3. There is no where to seced to: even if half the states say they are seceded, the UN will invade and conquer, invited in by Obama, and crush the “forces of hate and exclusion who are trying to segregate themselves away from enriching global Diversity and much needed immigration of colour.”

    4. Any horror story you can think of is true.

    • Enlightened Flunkie

      ^ FUD troll

    • Mutant Swarm

      1. Don’t discuss it in public. If somebody stands on a street corner screaming about it, they deserve what happens, just for being stupid. Bad COMSEC.

      2. Nobody cares what he said any more. This was on Yahoo’s front page when I fired up the box:

      POLL — Do you support affirmative action?
      Yes, it’s often necessary. — 32%
      No, it’s unfair. — 68%
      Thank you for voting.

      3a. The Pacific Northwest has a number of advantages as an area for secession, but I’m not going to derail the discussion. 3b. When has the U.N. ever done anything except embarrass itself militarily?

      4. If you expect the totalitarian government to just give you your new country, you are defeated before you even start.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “3b. When has the U.N. ever done anything except embarrass itself militarily?”

        They did well enough in Korea, and they were pretty effective in the Katanga/Congo secession conflict. Modernly, they’ve mostly sucked, though.

        • Shouldn’t that be “The US did well enough in Korea under the UN banner?”

          • Jimmy the Saint

            “Shouldn’t that be “The US did well enough in Korea under the UN banner?””

            Not really – the Turks and Brits fought quite well on their own. Of course, Korea was pretty much the last time that the UN sent forces from actual legit militaries, rather than, say Bangladesh.

            • US losses were ~45K (kia, mia, etc)
              British losses were ~5K (kia, mia, etc)
              I’ll stick w/my first response.

              • Jimmy the Saint

                Britain in the early 50s was a financially and militarily exhausted nation. The US had just come into its own. The US also had bases far closer than the Brits, too. Of course the US was going to be the larger player in Korea.

    • The UN force is clueless, unless you count rape and theft.
      UN troops wouldn’t last here more than a few months. We would have them running screaming for the exits (the ones that are left anyway).

      And even if our military doesn’t “actively” engage them, I’m betting they look the other way.

      So yeah…..Barry, please, please, PLEASE decide to send in UN troops.

      just MHO

    • What about Wisconsin’s nullification of the fugitive slave act?

      What about New England’s nullification of (Jefferson’s) Embargo Act of 1807?

      What about Wyoming’s firearms freedom act??? That’s happening right now!

      As Boston T. Party says, that’s the first shot across the bow. It’s really the first assertion of State’s Rights since the tyrant Lincoln settled that dispute with the force of arms. Nullification has a rich history in American government. It will make a comeback. Tyranny demands it.

  7. “the UN will invade and conquer,”

    Bullshit. Unmitigated bovine offal.

    First, the UN has nothing that isn’t supplied by some individual nations, and they all have, or will soon have, MAJOR problems of their own. Not one of the countries routinely proposed in future casts as the villains in these scenarios will be eager to send their troops abroad and risk rebellion and chaos at home. And they all have it in for each other and the coming collapse will only make it worse, just as it will between you and your neighbors.

    Putting foreign troops on our soil will unite us like nothing else could. The rifles will be behind every blade of grass, and there are not enough high tech wizbangs or operators in the whole damned world that could or would be sufficient to stop us.

    And to hell with every one of you who wishes to promote the opposite. What profit derives from your insistence that we will fail? That the forces of evil are stronger than we are? Predict defeat and describe its accomplishment often enough and defeat you shall have. Just keep sapping your will and the resolve of everyone who reads your shit and render service to The Enemy!

    Or put on the Full Armor of Faith and Hope Eternal and send the servants of Evil to Hell.

    There is no other Way.

    • A White nation that would evenually surrender to Brown v. Board will eventually elect Obama and get what it deserves…

    • Amen Oughtsix,Amen!


    • Cassandra (of Troy)


      If someone told you 30-40yrs ago we’d be in the foreign & domestic situation we are now would you have agreed, LOL, or given that person the fisheye? Did you expect the Soviet era to end w/ a BANG instead of a whimper & subsequently have most of the claims of the ‘crazy’ Birchers/similar confirmed when the Soviet archives were opened? I sure as hell didn’t expect the latter in my lifetime & while I thought the former to be probable, back in the 70s I didn’t expect it to happen as fast as it did & I damned sure didn’t think that after Nixon the American people would put up w/ the BS they later did.

      As far as foreign troops on U.S. soil=united armed opposition’s concerned, Clinton’s RE-election & what happened after 9/11 ended all doubt for me that America’d avoid Kharybdis & events post-08 have only deepened that conviction. Not only aren’t we the country we once allegedly were, we’re dead set on making sure that even the place we were at back in the 70s is for all practical purposes impossibile to re-achieve. As anything’s possible, a national re-awakening & re-dedication to the founding principles could occur, but do you really believe that such’s going to happen w/o manifest Divine intervention?

      And for you to condemn those who think that it’s over for the good ol’ U.S.A. as ‘defeatist’ &/or hoping for America’s destruction is atypical for you from what I’ve seen, & as this/similar sites operate on the premise that such WILL come to pass yet despite that orientation you continue to participate your demeanor’s even more puzzling. As you’ve so often told me,: “Don’t let it get you down”, & now I return the favor in kind w/ an addtn reminding you that this is but the opening part of where men’s hearts will be tested.

      Remember what Maggie Thatcher told King George 1st, 06, & therefore be ye steadfast & rebuke he who’d have you surrender as you have business to attend to. Perhaps the following will assist in regaining your equanimity.:

      Cassandra (of Troy)

      • Sorry, Cass. Not this time.

        Over thinking will get you/us killed.

        I’m not going to try to fisk your short but simplistic synopsis of the last 40 years, and I’ll let Joe Sixpac, below, speak to the UN will conquer nonsense. (Something about “both hands and a proctologist” hahahaha! Good’n , Joe!)

        As to my “equanimity,” don’t you mean my equilibrium?

        No, thanks. I know which side I’m on, adamantly, and feel no need for “balance.”

        And, no, I’m not mad at you.

        • Cassandra (of Troy)


          Okay, sounds good, & thanks for the response.

          Cassandra (of Troy)

    • Joe Sixpack

      The U.N. couldn’t find its ass with both hands and a team of procologists.
      Let me pose this question. You’re a military commander for a nation which is part of the U.N. and a “peacekeeping” force is being assembled. The call goes out for troops to be “volunteered” for the new taskforce. Do you:
      a) Send out your brightest, boldest men to suffer under the command of some U.N. princess in a blue beret?
      b) Send out the useless sacks of crap that you’d be only too glad to get rid of?

      There’s a reason that the UN has such an abysmal record of military service. It’s the same reason why UN troops are often caught SELLING the aid packages they are tasked with distributing, often to organised crime syndicates. It’s the same reason the UN often has to cover up peacekeeper “rape dens” where local underage girls are forced into sexual slavery and killed when they stop bothering to struggle anymore.
      It’s because the UN soldiers are a collection of the worlds military underachievers and scumbags.
      Can you name any historically respected UN generals? Me neither. The UN is where you end up when your own nation wants to shit-can you but can’t risk the bad publicity.

  8. You all need to read Anthony Jacob’s brilliant and insightful White Man, Think Again!, and also make weekly visits to

    If you don’t have an understanding of just how hated White Humanity is, despite our largess, generosity, and beneficial creativity, then you won’t see what’s coming and will be crushed.

    We are the victims of our own excellences, and hatred will crush our future.

    Non whites are unified in one thing- Whites must pay and then die.

    • Well, then, bizarroworld, why don’t we just start with you? Better yet, why don’t you just off yourself and avoid the messy coming attractions you’re so sure of?

      “then you won’t see what’s coming and will be crushed.”

      And how would our understanding of the hatred against us prevent our being crushed? Should we just nuke the whole world where all the “mud races” live?

      I doubt you understand just how much I hate narrow ideologues like you. You’re no different than all the rest of the tyrants. Consider yourself “crushed,” for lack of understanding.


      • Mutant Swarm

        What do you expect from somebody who links up to American Renaissance? I used to go there, until I realized that they were fiddling while Rome burned.

        This guy bizarrobarrio reminds me of a scene from James Cavell’s novel “Shogun:”

        ” ‘What are you afraid of?’ asked Toranaga.
        ” ‘Nothing, My Lord,’ he replied.”
        ” ‘Good. Now go out and commit seppuku because you’re a liar, and your fear is an infectious stench!’ “

      • @ oughtsix: Well said, sir!

      • ESAD – what exactly is bizzario barrio supposed to understand? If you cannot see the anti-white hatred spewing forth from our government, either you don’t see it or you’re in denial.

        For the most part most non-whites HATE whites and would love to see them dead. The point bizzario is trying to make is that whitey better get used to that idea and stop being so nice and bending over to appease non-whites in order to be PC.

        In a Civil War II scenario as illustrated by Thomas Chittum, tribes will form based on RACE, nothing else.

        • “In a Civil War II scenario as illustrated by Thomas Chittum, tribes will form based on RACE, nothing else.”

          Nothing else? That’s a little extreme, don’t you think? I’d think various “tribes” would form along all sorts of lines. Race might surely be one of those, religion another, occupations or interests perhaps yet more.

          Just offhand, I’d think philosophy would be the most prevalent one. But maybe that’s only because philosophy is so important to me, just as race is to you. But it’s a big world out there, and there are a ton of different priorities.

          • Christians will divide into two camps during the war:

            1. Whites only Christians who understand that the Diversity understands Jesus as a means to shake down Whitey for mo’ dat free stuff through Whitey’s worshipping St. MLK.

            2. White Christians who believe they aren’t really Christian unless they are on the side of “the Other” who fights against racism by killing the Christians in 1. above.

            You can be sure that White Christians with beautiful White daughters will be in the 1.

            Self respect for genetic excellence goes a long way in helping us chose sides in times of racial crisis…

            The 2.s will win, because they will be on the side with the greatest mass and force, and Hitler’s Revenge is the fate of the goodness and beauty of White Humanity.

        • You are on the right sid of this argument. Some of these commenters just can allow themselves to be racial, because they believe that Whiteness speaking as Whiteness will get you called a racist by the powerful elites, which means loss ob bougeoise status in society.

        • What I object to, Missy, is his idea that we need his instruction in such matters, and that our “ignorance” will get us all “crushed.” I think I made that perfectly clear.

          Furthermore, racial supremacists like bizarro and yourself are purveyors of hate no less than those you say hate us. Your worldview is as narrow as your stereotypes of those for whom your hatred projects and begets a like response.

          I find you as loathsome as I do any other race hustler of whatever skin tone… Jesse Jackson, the ironically named Jeremiah WHITE, Al not so Sharpton, et al. That tribes will form along racial lines I don’t doubt. That doesn’t make it right or desirable or the best possible outcome, although I’m sure you think otherwise.

          I would sooner share the foxhole with a true Liberty lover whose skin is as black as night as to find myself watching my own back with the likes of fanatics like you.

          Oh, and E.S.A.D. is not my moniker. It stands for :

          Eat Shit And Die

          • ESAD – what a lovely moniker, stay classy.

            Fanatics? White supremacists? You’re only saying that because I’m white. Anti-racism is a code word for anti-white. Why is it people like scream about fanatics and racism when folks like me ONLY want to be left alone and not live around non-whites.

            Foxhole with a black man? I think not. Do you REALLY think that in a SHTF situation the black or brown man will be in a foxhole with you? Surely you jest. The majority of blacks voted for Obama. Do you REALLY think they’re going to come onto your side because the bullets are flying. I think you’re naive.

            The only blacks in the foxhole with you will be the blacks who didn’t vote for Obama and IMO they’re just as elusive as Bigfoot or the Lochness monster.

          • @oughtsix: Good thing I wasn’t drinking anything when I got to the end of your post or it would have ended up all over the keyboard via my nose!

  9. Those of us in the USA are not as well situated as the Spanish separatists. They have, to use Michael Savage’s phrase “borders, language and culture” We don’t. The blue-state / red-state maps lull people into thinking such things exist: they don’t. Even the most right-wing state is still over 40% Democratic voting. The “three percent” meme is a lot more accurate.

    That three percent is spread out pretty evenly across the USA. The first Civil War began with states voting for secession. In Texas they did it county by county, apparently. (I learned this on a driving trip across central Texas a few years ago. Many of the old court houses have plaques on them commemorating the votes. In most cases they were 70/30 affairs. The plaques were put up on the centenary of the votes by a heritage group.)

    In other states like South Carolina the state legislatures voted to secede.

    Try to imagine either mechanism taking place in your state, or your county today. Can you? I can’t.

    A lot of states have a similar dynamic: big city lefty liberal metropolis controls the state by virtue of large population, and control of the propaganda mechanism. Smaller rest-of-state hates the BS that is continuously shoved down its throat by the metropolis. This describes the two states I am most familiar with: Oregon and Washington. Neither state can elect a Republican to statewide office at this point. (If you cut the area in 1/2 vertically instead of along the Columbia you’d have a very red state east of the Cascades, running from the Canadian border to California)

    So the states are not a logical mechanism for secession. This is very unlike the Spanish sub-states, which have a strong sense of already being something different from Spain. I was in Barcelona and the Spanish flag is no where to be seen, and the language is different from Spanish.

    Hawaii is the state which is closest to being ready to secede. But even there the majority isn’t supportive.

    In the lower 48? Texas is often offered up, but it’s got Houston and Dallas and San Antonio and Austin and maybe El Paso. Do a majority of these city people want to live in an independent Texas? Do the Mexican immigrants want to be part of independent Texas? Does the large black populations in Houston? Texas is probably 10 years away from being a Blue state, not from being independent.

    Despite this most Americans don’t want to move as a first step to increasing freedom. The Free State Project laid out a plan, did a ton of research, and held a vote that was supposed to be binding on members to move to New Hampshire, but no where near the numbers needed showed up.

    The movement immediately schism’d when New Hampshire was selected and the Free State Wyoming movement was born. They too had a good plan, Boston T. Party wrote both a novel and several essays on what people were to do, but so far it’s hasn’t materialized. (At least the people moving to Wyoming got more freedom out of the deal, Wyoming has some of the best laws in the USA: no state income tax laws, good gun laws, etc. The New Hampshire folks, not so much.)

    The White Nationalist movement has been asking for followers to move to the three Northwest states for 30 years – and if any have they are invisible and outnumbered by the millions of Californians who brought their eco-fascist coercive collectivism with them.

    One has to wonder: if people can’t be bothered to move across state lines to advance their ideology do we really think they are going to stand up and fight if that becomes necessary?

    Secession could be a good idea to increase liberty and restore our rights, but I don’t see it happening in the USA in my lifetime.

    • Jackson-said:
      The White Nationalist movement has been asking for followers to move to the three Northwest states for 30 years – and if any have they are invisible and outnumbered by the millions of Californians who brought their eco-fascist coercive collectivism with them.

      Not so fast Jackson. Many white racial separatists have been moving out of California and other illegal alien infested states for a while now. We’re not all going to the Pacific NW but many racial realists are. You’ll never know who we are as we blend in with the normal folks.

      We live in implicit whiteness and do things that white folks do, you know like hunting, fishing, camping, sewing, making things.

      • For the record, whitegodless, I believe the white race has given more to the world than any other and I will be on the side of civilization when the hordes leave the hive. But around here, those are more likely to be white trash meth freaks and white welfare leaches and white failed bureaucrats and whit Free Shit Army dependents… Should I give ’em a pass because they aren’t black/latin/asian?

        Scum comes in all colors, sweetheart.

        • We whites can weed out the white losers. We’ll take care of the scumbags. The whites who will survive will be of good racial stock who actually WORK for a living and actually produce things.

          White godless? You don’t know me or what my beliefs are. And if you did care to know me, I walk the walk and talk the talk. I help out good white families who need my help. These are hard working class whites who have fallen through the cracks. Whites that the fedgov social service agencies despise. All these feed the children agencies and urban agencies only help illegal mestizos and inner city blacks.

          You see I’m not a hypocrite. I have no problem with racial separation and only helping my tribe. If you wanna call me godless, racist, by all means do so. Not going to hurt me all. I’ve heard it all from the brainwashed whites who have no pride in their Celtic, Nordic or other European roots.

          • yes please do weed out the white losers because you ,as one are making my stomach churn with your racist bullshit. It’s too bad that you live outside the real world with you KKK bred, spoon fed bullshit. I’ll even pay for your bullet to help you on your way.

          • Cassandra (of Troy)


            After reading your/others comments I’m wondering if you/your compatriots adhere to the ‘One Drop Rule’ & if so, what exactly will you do about those like me who though they don’t appear so are nonetheless ‘tainted’ by ‘non-white blood’, which in my case is 1/4 Polynesian origin & according to the aforementioned ODR makes me the same as a Nigerian fresh off the plane from Lagos.

            And yes, I’d really like to know.

            Cassandra (of Troy)

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      I’m in Wyoming too, just glad I came here 19 yrs ago. Not affiliated with FSW. Met Boston many yrs ago at a combat shoot, he had some great ideas, but as someone else stated, it’s like herding cats. Not everyone got on board with the program, and at this late date, best of luck to you city folks. You’re sure gonna need it!

    • FYI on New Hampshire — With all of the new freedom activists that have moved in (over 1000) they have managed to pass the JURY NULLIFICATION bill. . It allows the judges to explain or allow counsel to explain to the jury that they are to judge the LAW as well as the defendant. And believe it or not, some judges have already started implementing it even though they have until January.
      More facts:
      -no seatbelt law
      -open carry
      -no auto liability insurance mandate
      …..and others that I can’t recall at the moment.

  10. It’s funny…I see all these comments and yet not a single one about actual secession. All I see are comments about this State or that State. I saw “necessary evil,” but why is evil necessary? What sort of surrender is that?

    Is the meme here that one shouldn’t surrender to the barrel of a gun, but should surrender to a bureaucrat? A vote? Damn, that seems odd to me.

    300 million surrendering—IN AMERICA??? Who’d have thunk it?

    Me, I think it’s time for some “necessary good.” Too idealistic, right?

  11. JK: Go back and study the Civil War. Secession, by definition, isn’t one person go postal. It’s an organized polity deciding to break ties. What polity in the USA is ready to do that?

    My suggestion is that we build one, but realistically no one wants to sell their house and move, so we’ll keep having 3% spread out over everything and no base to build from.

    At some point all the Jihadi’s in the Middle East moved to Afghanistan to have a place to run their revolution. They picked the one of the most forsaken and desolate countries in the world to use, but they did, for a time, gain control of it.

    If patriots meant what they said I think there would be some in-gahtering to somewhere.

    That’s all.

  12. “Secession, by definition, isn’t one person go postal.”

    That’s epistemology. Me, I go by what things are, not what people have historically believed them to be. Plus, I hardly think that claiming one’s sovereignty implies going postal. Quite the opposite…seems to me that those claiming sovereignty over other individuals are the ones going postal.

    “My suggestion is that we build one,”

    That’s been my suggestion too, but I think we’re crossing the line from “suggestion” to “necessity.” Hell, we’ve already crossed just about every other line!

    “but realistically no one wants to sell their house and move,”

    One of the interesting things about creativity, is that inevitably it sounds stupid to most people. Duh…if anyone else had thought it, or it had already been accepted, it wouldn’t be creative.

    While I have various disagreements with some of the folk who are building Kerodin’s Citadel, I don’t think those disagreements matter too much, since I’m not part of that community. No skin off my back and no skin off theirs. I figure that if they make any errors, reality will take care of setting it all straight. But as I readily acknowledged over there, it sure is the right idea at the right time.

  13. After reading this whole tread, I see no basis for a discussion for secession, instead, I notice a distinct NEED for a hard core discussion about schitzoid paranoia, and the need to rid people of these defeatist ideas. This thread is filled with sick racism and delusions by individuals who think they can fortel the future. I’ve seen ONE person make a valid statement about the content of the postings here, ONE. And THAT is sad in it’s own right. It also tells me how pathetic the rest of your lives must be. It’s time to grow up people. Time isnt going to stop after the election, no matter who wins, and regardless of the victor there will be those who will be angered and violent. Live with it. And for God’s sake Move out of your Mother’s bacement and get a life! the sky is NOT FALLING!