ZeroGov: John Boyd and Patterns of Conflict – Post-Modern Strategy Deficit Disorder in the Green-on-Blue Violence in Afghanistan

Bill Buppert synthesizes.

And for the doubters, the same military/political/corporate machine that has been defeated in both Iraq and Afghanistan will be coming to wax your freedom-loving ass over the next decade.

Seems like a rigorous study of those two .gov/.mil debacles would be very helpful in effecting a threefer.

Unless someone has a better way of defeating the machine?

7 responses to “ZeroGov: John Boyd and Patterns of Conflict – Post-Modern Strategy Deficit Disorder in the Green-on-Blue Violence in Afghanistan

  1. Don’t like to get overconfident, but our “leadership” is inbred, nepotistic, pampered, overly entitled and is way more self-confident than its performance and abilities rate. They have a lot of money, though.
    Money can buy skills.
    Money can’t buy true patriotism and love of liberty,though.

  2. I think the biggest reason that “military/political/corporate machine that has been defeated in both Iraq and Afghanistan” was defeated was the ROE. The whole thing was conducted so it wouldn’t be construed as rich white people beating up on poor brown people. Our guys almost had to be shot before they could take action.

    They will not think that way about us.


    “News reports say the soldier crossed the DMZ and surrendered, saying he fatally shot his platoon and squad leaders before defecting.”

    Welcome home, says I. Hopefully we can expect much of the same.

  4. ROE too stringent? If that were the case, the Afghans and Iraqis would all be happily bumbling along…alive. But the amount of civilian casualties is tremendous along with the use of the word militant applied to every adult male killed whether a cobbler or innocent bystander. The soldiers can hide behind the same twisted notion of “officer safety” that kills and maims so many Americans at home. If only the ROE were stricter for cops.
    So the claim is that if the soldiers could kill more people that would break the resistance? History indicates otherwise.

    Since FREEFOR is concerned about the coming Baracalypse or whatever nightmare the Feds have in store for us, a less stringent ROE on the part of the indigenous US occupiers would break FREEFOR and turn them into willing homo sovieticus supplicants?

    What most don’t seem to understand is that killing and brutality visited upon the occupied stiffen resistance not lessen it. The military part of the solution set is only part of it.

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  7. robroysimmons

    I doubt the leftist vermin have heard of Boyd, but that doesn’t mean they lack guile, far from it. I doubt the Obama admin gave a fig about the AfPak surge, except make the stoopid right beg for it so they take partial responsibility along with Obama.

    And now the stupid right is stuck in the Orient phase per usual, spinning their wheels in the “Cultural Traditions” mud pit waiting for the Taliban to put on top hats and board the battleship to sign the surrender docs. Anyone who doesn’t believe this should have to listen to a tape loop of Hannity for the rest of their lives.