AmMerc: ‘Conspiracy Theory’? Or Connecting The Dots?


It’s just right-wing paranoia.

[/sarc off]

9 responses to “AmMerc: ‘Conspiracy Theory’? Or Connecting The Dots?

  1. The last American war IS being fought against its own people, today. We’re just in the touchy feely part of it.

  2. Know thy enemy, it is among us, disguised as the reptiles do

  3. Mutant Swarm

    Don’t forget about these little schmucks:

    Obama’s Youth Corps

    Anybody else here think that these little shits have participated in/organized at least one flash mob apiece?

    I’d like to see the looks on their faces when these Obama jungen meet some of the people who post here.

    • My professional opinion is that all I would have to do is chuck a 9-banger at them and one half of them would shoot the other half as they all soiled their pants trying to unass themselves from the area.

  4. Cassandra (of Troy)

    Mutant Swarm, Miles/26Oct12,

    Don’t make the mistake of discounting the abilities of the opposition because some are mouthy posturing punka**es, there’re those who actually are what most pretend to be & have made their bones not just on the street but also in authentic war zones courtesy of Uncle Sugar’s Redemption Through Service Program for Misguided & Wayward Youth. Lotta folks have been ambient temped by ‘snotnosed kids’, cops & Nam vets in the audience can testify to such occurrences.

    Remember the lesson taught by William H. McCarty, Jr. & his successors los ninos sicarios.

    Cassandra (of Troy)

  5. We all understand, that mostly the powers that be are monitoring the IP addresses of all visitors to sites like these. Just a warning regarding what we “say” here and elsewhere. I generaly am a lurker. But I agree with most I read. Remember. All internet traffic is monitored. All email is monitored. All cell phone conversations can be recovered with a court order going back 2 years. Loose lips and all that.

  6. Roger that, Papa Tom, but I don’t give a shit. Those bastards want me, those bastards come and get me, and I ain’t holding back nothing. I ain’t kiddin’, either.

    • Plus one.
      At worst they kill me. More likely they have to feed me and guard me for x many years, sapping resources.
      Either way I have family that will suddenly become very “motivated”.
      They can’t win in Afghanistan for the same reasons they can’t win here.
      Every casualty creates two more aggressors.
      Unless of course we all hide in our basements, keep our mouths shut and wait for the inevitable. Then they win by default.