Deeper and Broader

The Executive Order.

Speculation thereon.

You make the call.

Even if completely BAU, the new EO demonstrates how deep and broad the FedGov police state plans to penetrate into the institutions of the FUSA.

Alea iacta est.

7 responses to “Deeper and Broader


    When you go to the Executive Order website make sure you notice the advert on the rightside that shows the black husband and white wife infographic.

    • It would be “hateful and racist” to notice that propaganda. Of course that particular propaganda is rampant in the mainstream media.

  2. “It’s a big fucking club……….and you ain’t in it”
    George Carlin

  3. Very Strange timing. Right in the middle of an election why promulgate this order? In 10 days it would be even stranger if he loses, but somewhat more business as usual if he wins. So it seems perhaps he’s worried he isn’t going to win and really wanted this in place after the election.

    I have thought for a long time that the period between the election and the inauguration is one that is fraught with danger for our Republic in the event Barry Hussein Soretro loses.

    Given that this is ominous.

  4. So when we hear the outcries against this illegal use of Executive Orders by the illegal barry hussein barak soetoro obama ? When will those good, constitutional-abiding saviors of the American way, John McCain, Allen West, Lyndsey Graham and fill in the name your favorite congressman here: _______________ stand on the floor of their respective chambers and announce a bill impeaching AND arresting the illegal soetoro-obama ? NEVER !

    If you believe for a moment there are ANY good, elected/re-elected public servants serving you, then you sir/madam are delusional.

    “There Are Enemies Amongst Us”

  5. Simon Jester

    What does it mean when the POTUS declares that he’s creating a group to:
    “… maximize the Federal Government’s ability to develop local partnerships in the United States to support homeland security priorities”

    The following federal agencies are expressly named (with my notations of their specialties) to the “steering committee”.

    Department – Specialties
    Department of State – Dealing with external political entities
    Department of the Treasury – Taxes and Obamacare collection agency
    Department of Defense – Posse Comitatus violation?
    Department of Justice – Head Federal police agency
    Department of the Interior – National Parks?
    Department of Agriculture – Farmers and food production
    Department of Commerce – Business relationships
    Department of Labor – Unions and general workforce
    Department of Health and Human Services – Welfare recipients
    Department of Housing and Urban Development – Slums and federal housing
    Department of Transportation – Planes, trains, automobiles and highways
    Department of Energy – Power plants and power transmission
    Department of Education – Teachers and educational content
    Department of Veterans Affairs – Veteran Monitoring and control as potential combatants
    Department of Homeland Security – Pedophiles and pecker grabbers, now practicing highway checkpoints
    Office of the Director of National Intelligence – CIA, NSA NRO?
    Environmental Protection Agency – Darter snails and other endangered species?
    Small Business Administration – Business loans money distribution to federally approved businesses
    Federal Bureau of Investigation – SWAT/HRT teams, undercover and other “LEO” assets

    Ask yourself, what type of government entity would have need of the above agencies given their history and political orientation.

    The undeclared war on us has taken a major escalation and they’ve pushed all of their chips into the “pot”. How good is your intel on your local EFAD groups? How good is your intel on your neighbors?

  6. Aren’t items (c) i through xix the recent recipients of all that .40HP?