The Patriot Game: On The Tolerance Of Allies – Past, Present, And Future

If you have been at the patriot game over the past several years or longer, you will have witnessed human nature at some of its peacetime worst.










“Con artist!”

“Jew lover!”



et cetera ad nauseum.

Nor do I expect behavior to improve as the noose tightens.

I, too, have poured fuel on such fires from time to time.

But think, for a moment, on what kind of support will be needed as “cold” statism morphs into “hot” tyranny in the coming days, weeks, months, and years.

In the end, does a fleeing freedom fighter really give a tinker’s damn about the politics of one who sincerely offers aid, refuge, and assistance?

In the end, every reader of this blog is going to need a lot more help in being an effective Resistance fighter than you have now.

As you go forward, think of all of the people, now unknown to you, who are sympathetic to your cause and who will lend you support.

– The old lady in the pew ahead of you in church on Sunday.

– The Goth chick with the tattoos, piercings, and adolescent bad attitude who just wants everyone to leave her the eff alone.

– The Fed whose politics have evolved along the same lines that your views deepened and matured over time.

– The single mom who senses that no matter what she does, her kids are going to be slaves.

– The nerdy teenage boy who spends countless hours online reading about the coming catastrophe.

– The crippled old man with the drawer full of unpapered pistols.

– The secretary inside the local stooge palace who knows what kind of people her bosses are.

– The college professor who can point to the stooges on his campus.

– The cousin who doesn’t really understand politics but who lives the creed that “blood counts”.

Note that I am not saying to throw all OPSEC/COMSEC issues to the wind.

Be prudent always.

But what I am urging is that as times become ever more serious, put aside the childish insults and personal vendettas.

Think hard about the 20 Questions and their kin.

Be honest with yourself about what you will need to survive (or to be operationally effective, if survival is not on your list), and how far you really are from that goal.

Build your networks.

Know your neighbors – for good and for bad.

Understand that there are hundreds of thousands of allies who can be educated and recruited to help you resist tyranny.

And if someone chooses a different path of resistance than the one you have selected, wish them luck rather than cursing them.

They may even be right.

Prepare for a very long and very hard war.

You already have more than enough enemies.

And more are on the way.

Try to avoid making more by your imprudent words and deeds.

And I will try to do the same.

UPDATE 0855 EDT 29 OCT 2012: Clarified recap of thesis here.

94 responses to “The Patriot Game: On The Tolerance Of Allies – Past, Present, And Future

  1. Timely, and applies to me as much as anyone.

    Thanks for the dose of sanity.


  2. tree of liberty


  3. alan w. mullenax

    Some are deserving of whatever heat that has been delivered upon them.

    We’re just choosing sides.

      • alan w. mullenax

        Choose wisely Justin. Choose wisely.

        It’s a wacky world. Sometimes things are not what they seem to be.

        Keep in mind that the best will be class A personalities. Not always the easiest to get along with, but certainly the most loyal.

        Just sayin’.

        • Sometimes things are not what they seem to be.

          Don’t I know it.

          I also agree with your comment below…

          You do not need any rat bastard that does not share your ideals and principles

          Choose wisely Justin. Choose wisely.

          The choice was made for me, Alan.

          Many people, under the strain of the way things are heading, choose to cope by expending aggression upon those who would otherwise be their allies.

          It’s like you said. Sometimes things are not what they seem to be.

        • Alan-

          Clarification- I agree with the below statement of yours as far as it applies to broad principles, not as it applies to every detail and idiosyncracy.

          Disagreeing on small or even medium things is fine. Bending over to compromise on big things is vanity and counter-productive.

  4. I’ve thought for a while that there’s too much infighting among the Good Folk. There’ll come a time when we’ll desperately need every ally we can get. Even the most unlikely ones.

    • alan w. mullenax

      No. You do not need any rat bastard that does not share your ideals and priciples. Fuck them. And the horse they rode in on.

      That applies to me if I don’t conform to your ideals and principles. It just means that we’re gonna have to slug it out until one of us cedes or dies. Get it?

      This bullshit of a tent with many differing folk is just that, bullshit.

      Americans, true Americans, are not gonna be able to live with communists, socialists, progressives, islamists, secessionists, or anybody else without a comon thread.

      There, I said it.

      Don’t like it? Fuck you. I don’t care.

      My enemies are great in number. A few more or less ain’t gonna make a difference.

      • “That applies to me if I don’t conform to your ideals and principles. It just means that we’re gonna have to slug it out until one of us cedes or dies. Get it?”

        How could anyone not get it, Alan? That’s all everyone’s been saying for like 5,000 years. Maybe in 5,000 more it’ll be time to change the record, eh?

        • Hey Klein….drive on any USA public roads lately ? Or have you moved to a sovereign utopia ?

          DAN III

          • Utopia? I just do the best I can.

            But sovereignty? Yes, I’ve discovered that. I mean, I REALIZE it. You? Do you figure you’re no longer sovereign because you have agents like Obama, Pelosi and Reid? Odd position, that one.

            Anything else?

            • Jimmie….typical. You forgot to mention scoundrels using the -R after their names like .Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins of Maine. Lyndsey Graham of S. Carolina, Mike Kelly of PA, John McCain of Arizona, Alan West of Florida and other scoundrels who have screwed the sheeple with their bi-partisan mentalities.

              Hey…when you going to create a private toll road you can drive on ? You could charge a toll (tax) to maintain it but hey, that wouldn’t be very sovereign of you.

              DAN III

              • “You forgot to mention scoundrels using the -R after their names…”

                Good point; they’re all scoundrels with very, very rare exception. So now explain why you think another go-round of the same go-round is going to produce something other than scoundrels. I mean, I know you’ll be around to vet all the rulers, but what if you get busy one day?

                And what principles? I like the principles that founded this country too, you know. The thing is, I make a huge distinction between fantasy and reality. You’re living in your mind, confusing the IDEAL of this country with its instantiation, not to mention making up wild charges about others.

                Speaking of which, why do you knock “the ends justifies the means,” when that’s EXACTLY what you’re offering? According to you, the END of a rights-respecting, limited government justifies pretty much any MEANS, apparently including childish tantrums on the Internet. Even I might go along with such a noble ideal except as I said, I make this huge distinction between fantasy and reality.

              • “You could charge a toll (tax)…”

                Wake up already. If you don’t understand the difference between a toll and a tax, then you need to start over.

                • My Dear Klein, FYI:

                  TOLL, noun. A TAX or fee paid for some liberty or privilege.
                  from Merriam-Webster Dictionary
                  Klein….perhaps you should heed your own advise ?

                  DAN III
                  “There Are Enemies Amongst Us”

                  • That’s great, Dan. Why don’t you look up “moral” and then none of us will have to make any decisions at all?

                    Maybe you didn’t get it. If you don’t understand the difference between paying a toll on a road versus a tax, then you need to start over. Stop evading already and just do it. If you can’t figure it out for yourself, then ask someone for help.

                    • Holy fuck Klein ! I gave you the dictionary definition of the word “toll” and you are still going to sit there behind your keyboard and tell me I’m wrong ! Argue that a toll is not a tax. Good Lord man are you never going to admit your sovereign ass is just damn WRONG ?

                      Klein….you appear to have some kind of mental defect.

                      DAN III
                      “There Are Fools Amongst Us”

      • Brilliantly conceived. America. Population one. President: alan w. mullenax. King of fighters.
        Last battle fought and won over whether ketchup was superior to catsup.

        And here I thought you were at least able to have a form of individualism by choosing your state.
        Not in Mullemerica, where you’re a clone or you’re a dead man.

        • For the record I support the article above. There are millions of people who feel in their bones that the system is rotten.
          Rehab the ones you can.
          Cut the rest loose.

        • Mr. Sixpack….so you decry Mr.Alan but you are accepting of alliances of convenience; the compromising of one’s values for the common good. Read history and you will better understand Mr. Alan’s remarks.

          BTW….how presumptive of you that all Americans denounce the beliefs of Mr. Alan. I for one would gladly be Mr. Alan’s VP in HIS America. And proudly so.

          May I suggest Mr. Sixpack that you brew up some herbal tea, gather up those of your mentality (which is fine) and sing Kumbaya together. Just watch out for the incoming….incoming knife in your back by your fellow herbal tea swillers.

          Kumbaya My Lord….Kumbaya !

          DAN III
          “There Are Enemies Amongst Us”

          • Don’t much care for herbal tea.
            Don’t care much for singing Kumbaya.
            Don’t much care for folks whose answer to those with different thinking is “lets slug it out until one of us cedes or dies.”
            That’s tyrant speak right there, worthy of honest Abe.

      • Alan….the sovereign citizen Jim Klein has challenged you. Don’t mind him. He enjoys the fruits of hard-working taxpayers while he decries public-provided infrastructure such as roads, bridges, sewers and such. If you respond to his hypocrisy you will only end up with a reply from him a mile long. He will have said nothing of substance.

        Jim Klein is one of the sovereign citizen types who sucks off everyones publc contributions while he argues against his paying his fair share.

        Klein will surely respond to me here. But rather than dazzle readers with an attempt at brilliance he will instead baffle them with bullshit.

        So Klein….use any public roads recently ?

        DAN III

        • Where do you get this stuff, Dan? Why don’t you quit guessing? My little company might pay more in local fees than you pay in all your taxes. As far as roads, I can pretty well guarantee that I’ve paid a TON more in fuel taxes lifetime, than you. So who’s the moocher?

          Why do you gripe that I call it as it is? When I was a kid, I was robbed at gunpoint…I gave him the thirty bucks, though I probably wouldn’t today. Why are you defending thieves and extortionists, as if your mind can turn the wrong into the right? The really funny part is that I happen to share the values and ideals with you and Alan mostly. But for some reason, you think it’s wrong that I don’t believe in forcing my neighbor to go along.

          Instead of talking about me so much, why don’t you work on your own principles? Explain to everyone here why your belief in some set of values and ideals is therefore cause to force everyone to go along.

          Gee, what a coincidence—we hear the same thing every hour out of Washington, the State Capitols and the local “ruling bodies.” You’re in some company there. Now defend the principle.

          Newsflash…you can’t make yourself better by trying to make me appear worse. Make yourself better; one life ought to be enough for any of us.

          • I’ve defended my principle with you more times than I care to recall.

            I believe, although, I don’t like them, that minimal, constructive taxation is necessary for infrastructure, as in the roads we drive on. You on the other hand profess the non-payment of any taxation for basic services that .gov entities were created to provide.

            I suggest you stop using the road network and other public systems like the sewers. Then you won’t have to utilize the infrastructure built by thievery and you’ll no longer have to exspouse your hypocrisy.

            Wow….you sovereigns sure like to state one thing and then utilize that which you so vehemently oppose.

            How’s that utopia coming along Jimmie ?

            DAN III

        • Hey Dan, quit it with the statist lingo, “sovereign citizen”. It makes you look bad. Tell me Dan, how can one be sovereign and a citizen at the same time? Either you’re sovereign or you’re not. There are no sovereign citizens, much in the same way there are no sovereign slaves. Stop using the Orwellian Newspeak pimped by these government thugs. That’s part of the problem. Words have meaning.

      • “This bullshit of a tent with many differing folk is just that, bullshit”.

        Alan….I can’t agree with you more. May I add that I often agree with CA’s essays but this one I must differ with him. In essence it appears that CA is calling for our acceptance of “diversity”, a common mantra of the leftists and soetoro-obamites. Diversity = division. It is as you said “BULLSHIT” !

        Look at my remarks earlier in this thread re: Josef Stalin and Yalta. Rather than letting Adolf Hitler conquer the USSR good ol’ marxist FDR decided to ally with the butcher Stalin and his minions for the “common good”.

        On the surface I aconowledge the points made by CA in this essay. They appear to make sense. However, looking at the myriad of historical examples of alliances of convenience, only confirms to me the folly of sleeping with the enemy.

        In the future Alan….don’t hold back 🙂

        DAN III
        “There Are Enemies Amongst Us”

        • Clearly, I missed my target, so let me shoot again.

          Take a sheet of paper.

          On it, draw four columns – the one on the left being 2x the width of the other three.

          Label the three smaller columns “+”, “-“, and “?”

          + = known ally

          – = known foe

          ? = unknown status

          List (metaphorically, at least) ALL of your friends, family, and associates in the larger left-hand column.

          For each entry, assign a value: +, -, or ?

          For the unknown/? entires, consider how to determine accurately whether each is a + or -.

          For those + entries, determine how they might fit into your plans for a 30-year resistance all across the force continuum.

          Does that make the attempted point of the essay more clear?

          • CA,

            I think the premise was very clear to begin with.
            Anyone who is not already actively working on tribe, combat skills, homestead skills, or primitive engineering skills is done, anyway we look at it. These are the folks who prefer mental masturbation exercises over philosophy, politics, dogma, history and our differences. They will still be bitching, backstabbing and knee capping when the balloon goes up.
            Don’t waste time on them.

            Ally List w/ multiple channels for contact- check
            Target lists (local, regional) -check
            Asset packages allocated- check.
            Preps in place and backed up- check
            Tribe rally points set- check
            S2 robust and active- check
            Waiting for the music to stop- pending

            I did not take the essay to be advocating “sleeping with the enemy”,
            or any such thing. I took it as a an admonition to not BURN BRIDGES when they may prove useful later.

            example- The Amish and Mennonites in our AO are religious collectivists.
            Should I forbid barter with them, deny my tribe access to their unparallelled homesteading expertise, or simply consider them enemies?
            I think not. Each case is unique to an AO, Tribe, unit and situation.

            Anyone who plays hard a fast rules with alliances (other than the obvious anti-liberty extremists= Communists, Jihadis, etc) will find themselves quickly isolated, quarantined and eliminated.

            Just a heads up for all the talkers…

            • Cassandra (of Troy)


              That’s exactly what I got the first time w/ the second iteration merely being a bare bones version. The Amish/Mennonites/similar get a pass from me because they’re not demanding that others bend to their will, at least not the ones I’ve met which I admit are few, they’ve generally always been at minimum cordial & that’s all I ask from anyone. One thing about them is that if you see one of their girls/women who looks good you know that it’s not due to cosmetics/apparel, she really IS easy on the eyes & doesn’t need gilding just like a Monet or Renoir or Rembrandt doesn’t need an ostentatious frame to be properly appreciated.

              GAD that’s refreshing!

              Cassandra (of Troy)

          • CA….I pretty much agree with the basic substance of what you wrote. As always you write pretty interesting essays; thought provoking.

            My counter to your essay was the most specific example of FDR aligning the USA with one of the most despicable murderers of all times….Josef Stalin and his USSR. While Hitler was thumping western Poland Uncle Joe was taking the eastern half with the western Allies approval. Perhaps FDR used a chart such as you recommend to determine the murderous, communist regime of Stalin was more palatable than Hitler’s brand of socialism ?

            The ends justifies the means, eh ?

            BTW….great blog. Your efforts and hard work here amaze me. Thanks for the forum you provide.

            DAN III

            • The rape of Poland in ’39 was inexcusable, as was the gang rape of Eastern Europe in ’45.

              I never ever advocated making common cause with rapists. Rapists, like all enemies, should be dealt with according to one’s reason, logic, common sense, and historical experience.

              But what I do want to encourage is for folks to make efforts to ally with previously-unknown folks where doing so makes sense.

              See Mosby’s prior words about network building.

              Thanks for the kind words.

          • alan w. mullenax

            Jesus H. Christ Peter! Thirty years? You do understand that that is ridiculous?

            I don’t have thirty years son. You sons of bitches gota c,ome around right now. I’ll be long gone in thirty years as will my compatriots.

            And when we’re gone, there won’t be a snowball’s chance in hell.

            • I don’t have thirty years either. We’re only a few years apart.

              That’s why helping the young ones in our tribes is so important.

              Old SOBs, having accepted their mortality, make better planners and better fighters.

              Loss of illusions will help with that.

          • I only need 2 columns.
            Me, and everyone else.

      • Alan, you do realize the Founders were secessionists, right? Were they real Americans?

        • Hey Chris….instead of denigrate and ridicule with your effort to ask questions of posters like a teacher does students, perhaps you could make comment pro or con on the original essay ?

          Words have meaning and not necessarily by your definition of them.

          Now….I challenge you to make comment for or against, agree or disagree and why.

          Your ridiculous sharpshooting has “zero” value.

          DAN III

      • Cassandra (of Troy)

        alan w. mullenax/28Oct12@18:42,

        “That applies……Get it?”

        Not necessarily, awm, as the other option’s I go one way & you go the other. I’m on one side of the mountain/valley, you’re on the other, & we leave each other alone as much as possible & if we have to interact we keep it to a minimum & remain civil for the duration. You can glare at me all you want & I’ll likely do the same, but we keep our respective cool, finish our biz & then, like rational adults, depart. If one of mine decides to go stupid rest assured that he/she will be severely & immediately upbraided (up to/including summary execution) & I expect the same from you/everyone else regarding yours/theirs. Nobody has to like nobody else, we just have to get along generally so that we can get ahead generally. Seems simple enough to me.

        “Americans……comon thread.”

        On the 3 categories of Reds you listed (& I assume you include violent Klanners/skins/’peckerwoods’/similar) we agree, they’re proven threats & as such come under the jurisdiction of Modified Golden Rule, i.e., Doing Unto Them BEFORE They Do Unto You. By Islamists I infer you mean the practioners of ‘outer jihad’/religious domination by physical violence as opposed to those who practice ‘inner jihad’/spiritual improvement by domination of one’s ‘dark side’ as per the Christian & Buddhist models. If that’s the case, we again agree, if otoh what you mean is a blanket condemnation of all Muslims violent or not we disagree but I hope not disagreeably.

        Same for ‘secessionists’ to a point, after all, we did that w/ England for what WE considered good reasons, so how can you in good conscience condemn others who use the same rationale as the Founders? And I don’t mean for the ‘reasons’ expressed by such as ‘aryangoddess’/similar, that to me is silliness as it excludes too many reasonably decent-genuinely fine folks which there’s too damned few of to squander. Imo, one of the greatest things about this country is that anyone can be an American if they really want it bad enough & unless I’m mistaken that’s what you meant by ‘common thread’, i.e., the deep & permanent personal incorporation of the founding principles as the base on which to build (like the Poles/Scots/Serbs/Germans/Italians/some American ‘Indians’/some Asians/some Latinos/some black Africans/etc.) while also keeping some of the culture of ‘the old country’. I do, however, wish that the AmerMex would quit screwing around & pick ONE day as the Official Mexican Independence Day & go w/ that one. The one where they finally ousted the Euros has always seemed the obvious one to me, the rest are just ‘celebrations’ of recurring internecine squabbles. But that’s just my ‘gringo’ opinion.

        Cassandra (of Troy)

        • “Nobody has to like nobody else, we just have to get along generally so that we can get ahead generally.”


          • Cassandra (of Troy)

            Concerned American/30Oct12@15:35,

            Thank you sir.

            That particular bit’s a variation of what Josey Wales said to Ten Bears & is something I heard 20yrs before that movie came out, subsequently incorporated into my ethos, & have been practicing regularly since. Fighting a prairie/forest fire or fending off an attack by hostiles doesn’t require one to be on a friendly basis w/ those who come to help, that they come (& then depart unbidden & w/o incurring obligation when the party’s over) is the important thing. This, however, is conditional along the line of the cure being worse the disease & to prevent such one must be aware of one’s neighbors & also be prepared to deal w/ the consequences of acceptence/refusal of aid.

            When I lived in the South I worked alongside a TV who referred to ‘herself’ as Miss Venus LaTushy for about 2yrs, & excepting for one attempt (grabbing a handful of my thigh, & at work no less!) at seeing if I would be a potential playmate (which was answered by the tip of a quite sharp 6″ Bowie underneath ‘her’ chin) we arrived at an understanding regarding ‘her’ misreading of my sexual orientation/proclivities & proceeded to have a pretty good time doing our jobs & causing consternation among the other (mainly ‘white’ trash) employees. The look on their faces when Miss Venus wolf whistled me & I winked back was priceless, & when ‘she’ showed up wearing a hairnet atop pink/light blue/lavender foam curlers, OY VEY!

            The point is that ‘she’ didn’t make any more moves on me, I didn’t have to get fatal w/ ‘her’, we had fun freaking out the ‘nice, God fearin’ ‘ folks, & discovered that excluding sexual partner selection we had much in common in many areas. And the kicker is that Miss Venus happened to be black! I’d have no problem w/ ‘her’ living next door (even though I strongly oppose ‘her’ sexuality) since ‘she’ didn’t go after kids/adolescents, didn’t force ‘herself’ on others who didn’t swing like ‘she’ did or get pi**y w/ anti-‘gays’, refused to play the race card unlike many other blacks who worked there, & wasn’t offended in the slightest about our not socializing after hours.

            Great ‘gal’, Miss Venus, a dual example of how to get along w/ people that despise you (as long as they don’t go violent) while not taking non-agression as acceptance. Sounds rather ‘Christian’ to me.

            Cassandra (of Troy)

    • Mr. Sebastian….I would offer you a bit of history to consider. The USA cast it’s principles aside in 1941, to ally ourselves against Adolf Hitler’s Germany, the murderous Soviet Union and its henchman, Josef Stalin. Stalin who was responsible for the murder of 10s of millions of his own countryman.

      In 1945 at the Yalta Conference FDR agreed with Winston Churchill to hand over eastern Europe, with the conclusion of the war, to the communist regime of Josef Stalin’s USSR. The good ol’ USA willfully enslaved millions of citizens of other nations to Josef Stalin and in essence agreed at Yalta to the commencement of 44 year old Cold War. Why ? Because we needed to support our ally, the murderous, tyrannical Josef Stalin and his Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

      Mr. Sebastian and readers….DO NOT forsake nor forget the lessons of history. You only have to open your eyes and minds, learn from history and apply those lessons to today, wisely.

      DAN III
      “There Are Enemies Amongst Us”

      • Underground Carpenter

        Dan 3,

        “The USA cast it’s principles aside”
        “The good ol’ USA willfully enslaved millions”

        Whenever you speak of many minds as if they were one mind, you are in danger of talking rubbish. Only A person can hold a principle or cast it aside, and only A person can decide to enslave another. I try not to let an accident of geography influence my thinking.

        Oh, and how could FDR and Churchill “hand over” something they didn’t own? Those two criminals were certainly not representing my grandparents.


        • Dave….you and Jim Klein should get together. Your attempt to make argument against me by using word definitions is lame, almost childish.

          YOU tell ME and the readers here how the USA didn’t hand over eastern Europe to Stalin. You READ history and the Yalta conference agreements amongst the superpowers of 1945.

          Your grandpappy was most likely an FDR collectivist much like my parents. They could have cared less about Yalta.

          Wake up and smell the coffee (Hawaiian of course) or your sovereign citizen, herbal tea. You may learn something.

          DAN III

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Yeah – in one sense, WWII was a cosmic joke, at least in Europe. The Allies went to war to save Poland from the Nazis, and in the end, just handed them over to the Soviets.

  5. Top shelf.

  6. Prairie Fire

    Nice take on the problem before us.

  7. If someone is advocating a tyrannical position from the comfort of their couch, then I don’t know how I could trust them to hide me when the shooting starts and there would be real consequences.

  8. I’m here in Montana, AKA: God’s Country. I’ just siing the Warrior song: “This may be just a good day to die.

    • Cassandra (of Troy)


      Wyoming (excluding the deadlands of the south/east) is God’s Country, Montana & the eastern/southern parts of Idaho are its annexes. Re-orient your viewpoint accordingly.

      Thank you.

      Cassandra (of Troy)

      • And there are no ‘ugly women’ hereabouts!
        And when this world gets too crazy, I put on Andre Rieu’s Hallejuah.
        Makes the world better again.

        • Cassandra (of Troy)


          “And there are no ‘ugly women’ hereabouts!”

          Then I take it you’re well away from UMT/Missoula, a.k.a. “Berkeley in the Bowl”, & therefore don’t regularly encounter the ‘enlightened ladies’ replete w/ hairy legs & matching armpits, their pseudo-male sycophants, & similar examples of Leftist detritus. Now my question is,: What does your version of Sasquatch think about those ‘people’ flitting about its sylvan redoubt?

          “And when……better again.”

          Edwin Hawkins Singers/Oh Happy Day, Godspell’s Day By Day, & Norman Greenbaum’s Spirit In The Sky have a similar effect on me, but then so does Grieg’s In The Hall Of The Mountain King, Rush’s Xanadu, Bizet’s March of the Toreadors, King Crimson’s In The Court Of The Crimson King, Man of Constant Sorrow/O Brother Where Art Thou?, Hendrix’s 1983, the main title from Out of Africa, Eric Johnson’s Ah Via Musicom & Trademark, The Outlaws’ Green Grass & High Tides, & last but most certainly not least: Wagner’s The Ride of the Valkyries.

          How’s that for a relaxation playlist?

          Cassandra (of Troy)

          • I thought I was the only guy in the world who liked “Hall of the Mountain King”. And I’m in Missoula, where there are no ugly women,just a shortage of alcohol.
            While doing my OOAD, I checked out a little town, north of here, called Eureka. nice little town, but they have a problem. Several years ago, a prevert, set up a photo studio, and had hidden cameras in the dressing room. It was found out, a search warrant was served, and reportidly, evidence was found showing the suspect was trafficing internationaly in kiddie porn. The guy was arrested and booked, but was never brought to trial or any kind of plea bargin made….
            90% of the townsfolk believe a huge bribe was made to courts – DA – police, but everyone is say anything.
            So when the SHTF, I’l make the FSA heads that way. Any town that won’t proctect their child can be ……….

  9. The noose tightening article was great until the author suggested that the only way to solve the problem was through socialism. What an idiot. He would be monitored and tyrannized more in that circumstance.

    • Philip@0621 come on now, join me….

      “Kumbaya My ) Lord, Kumbaya….”

      Phil….can I have a cup of that herbal tea ? Yumm.

      Kumbaya Philip, Kumbaya.

      DAN III

      • Instead of reading and understanding what CA said, twice, Dan has decided to double down on the stupid. At least you’re consistent, Danny.

        • Mr. Peter….odd I totally understand CA’s essay. But because there is an element I disagree with, as I explained with more intelligence than you just expressed, I appreciate your description of me as “stupid”.

          Perhaps you can provide something more to digest than calling others “stupid” ?

          But thanks for your input. It lends creedence to CAs essay and supports my alternative thoughts.

          DAN III
          “There Are Enemies Amongst Us”

          • Really? Could’ve fooled me. CA’s post clearly stated that we should look for possible allies in areas that we might otherwise discount/ignore. You have been busy insulting and name-calling anyone who doesn’t march in lockstep with your particular view of things. Let me know how that works out for you when it gets interesting.

            • Mr. Peter….I understood CA’s essay and I offered a very specific piece of history as a counter to his thoughts. It was most specific, on an international scale, of what happens when one sleeps with the devil. What happened with WW II western allies vs Stalin and the USSR applies at the lowest levels as expressed in the.aforementioned essay.

              Like I wrote to you….how about coming up with a.substantive argument other than the name-calling you accused me of ? “Stupid”….that came from YOUR keyboard insulting me !

              Damn right I don’t agree with the Kumbaya mentality. Damn right I oppose those who don’t think like me especially when the opposing thoughts run counter to common sense and the history of past “alliances of conveniences”.

              So taking a page from Mr. Alan’s playbook….you can step to the devil Mr. Peter. I don’t give a Rat’s Ass what you believe about me. Fact of the matter is I’m correct in my counter-argument and history bears me out.

              If you feel insulted good. That was not my intent. But I’m glad I got your attention. Maybe now you’ll express something counter to my historical alternative expressed above.

              In the meantime perhaps you can gather up all your friends and foes alike. See if they will pursue the common cause you gathered them for. Then offer them a chorus of “Kumbaya” and instead of the herbal tea a pitcher of Kool-Aid may be more appropriate for you to swill with them.

              DAN III
              “There Are Enemies Amongst Us”

  10. Uh, I hope THIS doesn’t start a flamer on me, but I would gladly serve as assistant or in some subordinate capacity for just about all of you, as I think your leadership and other skills would probably be pretty good. Does that help? CA, it’s like you opened up a can of angry worms here. Any way, I recognize that I could be of help to someones’ operation, in some capacity. I have that one unique talent needed to get the job done. I can follow orders. And please, don’t get the idea that I’ll follow ANY orders. You know what I’m talking about. From 0321, to AP, to Dan III, to CA, to whoever, ceptin’ a few of them folks what don’t like Jews. I’m the nigga behind the triggah.

  11. Battlefield USA

    Ya know, there was a reason why G-d told the Jews not to mingle with the peoples and nations around them, and in most cases, to put the sword to them. Of course, their are always the Rahabs.

  12. Bob Dylan took the melody and adapted lyrics to american perspective:

    It’s a good start, but the next verse is to be written about those who gather here, methinks.

  13. Another Anon

    The issues in the movement here are ones best dealt with before the fit hits the shan

    #1 Looks can be deceiving. The issue to look for is what the Commies called political reliability. So yeah the OP’s point is sound, its not tats or the surface stuff that matters but a persons POV that counts.

    #2 The patriots with the same basic views can work together and even win together since they can compromise on an ideology. However that does not include a lot of people you might think are allies, the sovereign citizens,White nationalists , secessionists and various others may dislike OpFor as much as you but they will never allow you to legitimately govern them. They are not part of your movement and may not be able to be part of your polity. The enemy of my enemy is my enemies enemy not my friend

    #3 You are surrounded by these groups and many ethnic groups, gangs and other “tribes” and many equal or exceed you in numbers. If there was a fight and they are in it and win, they will be just as good and smart and talented as you. Thus you can’t afford to coerce them into living by your rules since you won’t have the power to do it.

    #4 Your reach cannot exceed your grasp. It may simply be impossible for FreeFor to control CONUS. It might be worth considering a backup goal of having an area where enough people agree with you that you can prevent political changes that deviate to far from what you want either both against another insurgency or by any electoral process you set.

    #5 Don’t assume you’ll get a total implosion that will enable a broad win. The US fiscal situation at home is crap but many nations have gotten through much worse and its entirely possible that a few fiscal tricks or remonetization or any of a dozen other things might buy OpFor a lot of time. You may have a system with widespread poverty, high crime and unrest against a weakened state but thats not the same as a vacuum.

    #6 Two words, Military Junta. we are overdo and the sentiment is out there. Thats a different scenario than many think to prepare for.

  14. alan w. mullenax

    Wow! That was a moment, yes?

    Let’s dial back a little shall we?

    I’m a simple man. Probably a little too shallow in thinking atnd not necessarily adept at getting my true feelings across. Hence my two ex-wives and not married now. Couple that with a type A personality and… well, all of you should know me by now.

    Let me be clear. No team is successful unless all members are of one mind with common goals, beliefs, principles, etc. All it takes is one, just one member of contrary mind to fuck it up for the entire team.

    Ponder if you will what a Navy SEAL team or an Army Green Beret A team would do if they were to encounter a contrary motherfucker. His ass would be surely gone. Their training is such that they weed out the contrary motherfuckers. Contrary motherfuckers are a danger. Contrary motherfuckers can get you killed. No quarter should ever be given to contrary motherfuckers.

    Those of you that know me know how I view this country, it’s history, it’s founders, it’s documents, etc. Old school I know, but I’m old and I was raised that way. God, country, Mom, apple pie, baseball,
    To my way of thinking, anybody who doesn’t think similarly is a contrary motherfucker. And further, in my opinion, we have way too many contrary motherfuckers. Collecting contrary motherfuckers has be elevated to an artform. So much so that we elected a contrary motherfucker for President.

    I’ve developed some very hard feelings for contrary motherfuckers. I’m not interested in what assistance they may be. They are not of like mind. They are a danger. They can get you killed.

    • Alan,

      Although I am disagreeing with you on some points here, please hear me out, as I am not being contrary for no reason.

      Some of the best soldiers I ever served with/led were very, very contrary.

      Three of them went on to SFAS and Group; one is still in, the other two tripled their incomes as private security types. Another one was an SF NCO who went to OCS, and I served with him when he was an 2LT; he is currently a Major at a SOC training unit. Yet another officer was a Canadian, a giant of a man with Ranger Reg’t and Canadian .mil time. A more contrary and competent officer never walked the earth.

      Sometimes, you roll with what you have. Often, there is no choice

      A team is not completely about unity; it is about accepting and dealing with weaknesses and strengths. Leverage. Counterbalance.

      Yes, some people don’t cut it.

      I had to help “outprocess” a few joes for various reasons. Very rarely was it because they were contrary…

      Fat / Physically unfit? Yup. Two.
      Moral turpitude? Yup. More than once. This is all about trust.
      Lack of motivation? Yup. Some people get through basic and just quit.

      The “contrary” ones are nothing other than a leadership challenge, for the “leader” both in title, and for the others on the team itself.

      I know we might disagree on this, but it is what I have experienced.

      Alan, what if this is a long war/struggle? Are you willing to sacrifice long-term progress for short term “do something”?

      It is possible that the soldiers in this struggle are still, as of yet, uncrated.

      I see too much impatience, all around.


      • Semper Fi, 0321

        I think I understand what alan means though. I’m contrary, so’s he. But when it comes to a common cause, we all have to be in it for the good of the group.
        I have several friends here that I’ve hunted and hiked with. But they’re not vets. Never had to work with others. Ask them a question and they ignore you. When I ask if you’re OK or what direction you’re going, I want a fukn answer, right now! Those people are contrary to me, they won’t fit into a team because everything is about them, they think they’re too cool to offer up an answer or opinion. They don’t want to be in a team because no one is on their level. Those are the ones that won’t go anywhere with me, because I can’t trust them to speak up, or back up the team. They’re too busy in their own little world, not that of the team and here and now! I see them as lone wolves, with no teeth.

        • This is all just too simple. Alan’s exactly right, but he’s ignoring context. Even if those guys weren’t lone wolves, Semper Fi, they’d be no good because of the absence of focus on the mission. Certain things, like focus and quick response, are essential.

          Obviously teamwork is everything when it comes to what the team is doing. You can’t have a right fielder playing over in left and so on. And let’s not forget that lives–tons and tons of them, and not only soldiers–are on the line here. One guy can’t wonder whether the next guy will be there.

          Alan’s error is this—“To my way of thinking, anybody who doesn’t think similarly is a contrary motherfucker.” Uh, no…that’s not right. It’s right in the context of the mission IF orders have come from on up, but it’s NOT right in the context of life. Anyone can believe any ol’ thing they want, as long as they keep their paws off the next guy. THIS is the American way and THIS is what “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness” MEAN.

          Period. Just read the documents; the First Amendment alone should do. Alan has made the critical mistake of our time…he has supplanted the means for the end. This is a good thing IN THE CONTEXT of a particular mission, for in that context the mission is everything.

          No doubt Dan will now explain how life is really about taxes, tariffs and roads, but there too I’d say a bit of context is missing. The Founders weren’t looking for someone to rule their pioneer lives; they were looking to throw off the chains they had. Sounds like a mission to me.

          • No Klein….not going to waste time with you. I’ve presented enough reasonable comments to you regarding the economic protections afforded a country through tariffs. I’ve presented the readers here with tbe obvious historical facts that “sleeping with the enemy” is just cutting one’s throat.

            I consider you a simple asshole Klein. Nothing special..just a simple, sovereign asshole.

            DAN III

        • “I want a fukn answer, right now!”
          That is a very powerful sentence you made right there and most people cannot grasp it. And ya know what, you’ll search in vain to fill that space, I know, I’ve been there, many times. I was an EMT for a spell but bailed because the associated hardships are unbearable and the whole industry has suffered for it. The first thing upon arriving at the scene is to eliminate the distractions and they are many. When I need an answer I need it NOW, not when someone is done with their hissy fit or whatever. I won’t have it. Its my way or the highway.

          Having associated with thousands of people over the past 30 years in all capacities I am thoroughly convinced that almost nobody is capable of performing under extreme duress, at least nowhere even close to my requirements, so I go it alone. And that includes my wife of almost 3 decades. She’ll shape up instantly and get in line or be left behind, its that damn simple.

        • alan w. mullenax

          Uh- huh.


          And a fuckin’ Marine. 🙂

          How’d you get so smart Marine? Was it your Daddy? Your Momma? How?

      • alan w. mullenax

        Remember, I did eight years in the Army. Before you I’m sure. And at a time when drugs and racial tensions were the norm. You have no idea of some of the crap I dealt with. I’m sure that stuff is what made me get out.

        Listen brother, if we’re gonna sit on our hands and let the thing collapse rather than step up and try to prevent it then we’ve missed what we as Americans have been charged with.

        Impatient? Damn skippy. Thirty years? We got to the moon in nine. And threw the British out in a like amount time. The only thing that’s different is the number of contrary individuals that need to get out of the way. Voluntarily for involuntarily.

        We’re responsible Justin. You, me and every other swinging Richard here. Unfortunately, too many contrary individuals. Too many willing to push this off on another generation. A generation not educated or prepared to resist.

        Guys like you and me may have to answer for this some day. Because we knew and failed to act.

        • This bears repeating:

          “We’re responsible Justin. You, me and every other swinging Richard here. Unfortunately, too many contrary individuals. Too many willing to push this off on another generation. A generation not educated or prepared to resist.”

          “Guys like you and me may have to answer for this some day. Because we knew and failed to act.”

          That, my friends, is TRUTH. And it applies to each and every one of us.

    • Cassandra (of Troy)

      alan w. mullenax/29Oct12@18:32,

      Pardon my impertinence, awm, but by ‘contrary’ do you perhaps mean pi**y/immature/juvenile/narcissistic/unnecessarily disputatious which is (unless I’m mistaken) the definition AP & SF 0321 are offering? If not, you self-excluded as you’re not only a contrary cuss, but cantankerous, crotchety, & ornery as well. Within certain limits, I like that in a person, gives them character imo, kinda like the old prospector w/ his burro or Slim Pickens, a hard a** until they get to know you but once they decide you’re okay they’re some of the best people on Earth as long as you hold up your end.

      Cassandra (of Troy)

      • alan w. mullenax

        Mmm…. Guilty as charged.

        But, if you tell anybody I’m gonna be very upset.

        • Cassandra (of Troy)

          alan w. mullenax/30Oct12@17:03,


          Roger Wilcox, awm, said info’s now NTK/8th Level encrypted.

          @ 18:23,

          “I thought……ya know?”

          Only if said women are like Valeria & Zula or Gail & Miho/Sin City, anyone lesser would likely find such unapologetic masculinity unattractive.

          Until their tender tuchis needs saving, that is.

          Cassandra (of Troy)

      • alan w. mullenax

        I thought a little more about it. That image of the prospector and the burro, Slim Pickens…. While quite possibly appropo, I would prefer to be thought of more along the lines of Conan , thank you.

        Might help with the chicks, ya know?

  15. So beautifully written. As I prep, I continue to tell those I love in my religious community about what’s coming. And some of them are waking up!!!!

  16. Cassandra (of Troy)


    Based on the first list I’ve been accused of being #2/5/8/12 by various people at various times which is a testament to deliberately myopic reflexivity, seems to be a lot of that assumption w/o inquiry mentality going around. Not good, for FreeFor, the ’cause’, or much else imo. As for the second list, #3 (which includes the vast majority of LE/similar ‘sheepdog’ personality types) is the only one that’s likely to garner the fisheye from me as such have proven to be both short & long term threats to my person. The rest I’ve no problem w/ & could co-exist alongside them untroubled, as long as they remain cool that is, that’s pretty much my only demand of anyone. If someone dislikes ‘whites’/non-‘whites’/’straights’/homosexuals/Fords/Chevys/ARs/AKs/males/females/babies/kids/teens/goats/chickens/dogs/cats/Harleys/Jap bikes/marrieds/shack-ups/singles/semi-auto handguns/SA or DA or DAO revolvers/etc., AFAIC that’s their right as long as ALL resolve to co-exist w/ others who differ w/ them to the maximum peacefully allowed extent. You don’t have to do anything else other than physically (& to a large extent in public verbally) observe The Golden Rule.

    At home you can say what you want about whatever/whoever you want for as long as you want & (imo) it’s NOBODY’S BUSINESS if the neighbors aren’t actually disturbed (as opposed to ‘offended’) by the ranting being done, close the flippin’ window/s &/or door/s & yammer away! If my neighbor likes to wander around nude I expect him/her to do so discreetly both in/outdoors by use of the appropriate screening materials, I’ll likewise reign in my love of LOUD tunes w/ either headphones or mucho insulation. OTOH, if my neighbor/s should have a FTW attitude my first reaction’s to try peaceful means to resolve the dispute & if that fails I’ve no problem w/ killing everyone immediately involved & anyone else (relatives, friends, associates) who wants to dive in.

    Reds/similar dictatorial types are exempted from my personal ‘live & let live’ creed, their urge to impose their will on others is too strong for them to resist attempting thus making activation of the Modified Golden Rule mandatory. Genuine sexual predators, genuine infant/kid abusers, robbers, arrogant thieves, & a few other behavioral categories also automatically get the chop from me. Cruel maybe, but sometimes that’s the only way to deal w/ some situations.

    Would that it were otherwise, but it ain’t, so there you are.

    Cassandra (of Troy)

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  19. With the exception of Jim Klein, every single one of you is freakin’ nuts. You’re trying live out some romanticized view of 1775 with your ideals and beliefs. What makes you think that your ideals and beliefs are what every one should follow? We already have a demagogue in the White House. You guys should hook up with Kerodin and his ilk and build a little castle in Idaho.

    • alan w. mullenax

      This from a guy named Folly. 😉

    • Why don’t you read the original essay and the first 15-20 replies to said essay ?

      Since you seem to believe Jim Klein’s mentality and reasoning is so accurate, I can dismiss you as being no less foolish as Klein.

      DAN III

    • I don’t think they’re nuts. They’re just taught, that’s all. And they learned. They learned that there are “higher causes” than their own lives. It’s the oldest con going.

      How else are you gonna get a guy to put his life on the line for oil and poppies? Simple, tell him it’s for something else…always the “higher cause,” while the so-called elites line their pockets with more loot than we can even imagine. It’s ALWAYS about the money.

      How often is it written in these parts, “Let’s put aside ego.” How often is that written EVERYWHERE?

      Well no, let’s not put it aside this trip.

      “Life” doesn’t mean “survival,” though that’s a big part of it. Things are as they are, and life for a human means LIFE AS A HUMAN. So it doesn’t mean, “I live and you don’t.” It means, “We both live, and live AS HUMANS.” Liberty and freedom are just about being who we are…being WHAT we are. A man defends his life–which means his liberty–because he wants to LIVE, and live AS A MAN.

      Aw shit, this was all covered in the Declaration of Independence. But as always, the con was moved in and so instead of those principles, we have the usual “higher cause,” where the individual’s life was somehow supplanted by the very thing which was supposedly created to protect it. Classic inversion, classic con.

      Dan doesn’t even know that he offered the highest insult possible to me. It wasn’t “asshole” or even his earlier “flaming asshole.” It was the implication that I’m inaccurate about something. If that were actually the case, I’d want to know so that I could correct it. But it turns out that Dan, in spite of being correct about so many things, just makes up stuff about people with whom he disagrees. So TL is a “neocon” and I’m a supporter of Chicoms and the sinking of our money into Israel, even though I explicitly wrote against both of those, and very clearly to boot. So until he offers a fact that I’ve got wrong, I stand by every word I write, and I’ve done so for the roughly 20,000 posts and comments I’ve written in my time. If I were to offer a non-fact, I’d want to retract it just as quickly as possible, and that’s what I’ve always done.

      As far as the Citadel, that’s exactly what I think like-minded people ought to do, if that’s what they want to do. That’s the whole point to me…people ought to BUILD and say “Fuck off” to those who want to destroy. The goal isn’t to out-destroy them; the goal is to live a life. To victoriously defend against those who would stop that, a man has to think he’s worth it. That’s my message to anyone who’ll listen—you are! Or maybe these days, I should say, “You could be.”

      Humans are good learners. Most people think they’re just not as good as this, or not as good as that. Supposedly we’re created in God’s image, but somehow Sin runs through our blood. Well, sin doesn’t run through my blood and truth be told, it doesn’t through most people’s when they’re free to live as they wish. The whole thing is just a giant con, and the Information Age can set us free. High time, already.

      So that’s what I’ve got to say about this. Lots of people hate me, and always have, just for telling the truth. Well, it’s too late in the day now, and I’m not about to change.

      And for the record, right now I’ve no idea who “Folly” is. I think I’m with Alan on this, and would be more flattered if the handle were “Wisdom” or something! Still, I appreciate the sentiment and thanks for noticing.

      • Well written.
        Ask not what your government can do for you.
        Ask not what you can do for your government.
        Do what you choose for yourself and leave everybody else the hell out of the equation.
        Otherwise you can be damn skippy your government will find something worth you dying for, and it’ll be one of their own that pockets the proceeds.
        That, however, is too painful to truly grasp for most of those that have sacrificed so much for war machine.

        • Ha, ain’t that the truth…they’ll always find something for YOU to die for. While they eat shrimp cocktails, yet.

          Still, I’m no lone wolf, or at least I don’t want to be. I don’t leave everyone else out of the equation, but I much prefer those who think they’re worth something. I mean…if they don’t, why should I?

    • alan w. mullenax

      Jim and/or Dan, do you guys actually know each other? You know, been in the same room together, something like that.

    • Cassandra (of Troy)


      “With the exception…… in Idaho.”

      Excuse you? Elaborate on where my comment contains what you listed, if you can that is.

      Cassandra (of Troy)

  20. Klein…you tried to Chastise me telling me a toll is not a tax. I gave you the dictionary definition of toll and that a toll IS defined as a TAX ! Your reply ? I and Merriam-Websters dictionary are both wrong. Jim Klein is always right.

    Yep bub….you are are wrong many, many times and you are most certainly a flaming asshole. Unbelievably so. There just is no way to describe your asininity.


  21. alan w. mullenax

    Jim my friend, can I be honest with ya?

    I’d prefer only one. I’d settle for twelve assuming they recognize our Constitution and the “American” culture.

    Seven billion? You have to understand son that there is no way in hell we could reach consensus. We would be hard pressed with twelve.

    As to you and Dan, I want to party with you guys.

    • “As to you and Dan, I want to party with you guys.”

      Alan, I don’t even wanna tell you the last time I heard that line. We were both much, much younger and I’m sure she was much, much prettier.

  22. “Seven billion? You have to understand son that there is no way in hell we could reach consensus. We would be hard pressed with twelve.”

    Have Dan go to the dictionary and look up “clue,” cuz that’s what that is. It’s a clue that consensus isn’t the answer.

    “There just is no way to describe your asininity.”

    You keep working on it, Dan. Think how proud you’ll be if you ever get there.

    As you noted, a toll is “a tax OR FEE PAID…” So please let me know when you’ve figured out the difference between paying a fee to use someone else’s property, versus a tax imposed.

    Maybe you didn’t know, but I’m always talking about the thing being talked about, not how it’s being talked about.