Porretto: The Climax

Fran gives a big-picture sitrep.

Note especially well the comments by Martin McPhillips, author of Corpse in Armor.

There is no fate but what we make.


3 responses to “Porretto: The Climax

  1. Interesting and interesting to read commenter, Butterworth also.
    Why would anyone serve in the U.S. Military now?

  2. If anyone remembers ” The Resister ” voice of the Special Forces Underground of the 1980’s, long after Barry, J.L.A. Davidson had
    penned an article that prophesies just what we have now.

    General officers fast tracked far beyond their warrior abilities and
    predicated on their willingness to go along with the political forces
    who brought them to the Rubicon.

    We have yet to see any of them throw away their career in the moral certainty that they are doing the right thing. They instead face the screen
    with a grimace that betrays their complicity in the coverup.

    Washington, Lee, spin in their graves.

  3. The military has been fast-tracking officers beyond their warrior abilities for a long time. I saw it at Benning’s School for Boys in 1970, and again in the Army Reserves in the ’80’s. By then, the females were fully integrated into combat-support units and the halfway good-looking ones made rank on their backs.
    The big question for anyone getting ready for the big domestic dance is this: How can we use this corruption and incompetence to our advantage? Think about it.