Praxis: Exercise In Tech Savvy

Read and do, please.

Thanks to Cato the American for this work.

10 responses to “Praxis: Exercise In Tech Savvy

  1. alan w. mullenax

    *Eyes glazing over.*

    Except for the PT.

  2. you guys are usig TOR, right?

    and why does Denninger not allow TOR users to anonymously read his blog?
    Why does he need the IPs of every visitor? hmmmm

  3. Semper Fi, 0321

    Don’t work for me. Every time I’ve tried to download Tor it jams my computer up. And I keep mine very clean with very little info on hard drive, you techies can have it.
    Makes no sense to me anyway. When the shit goes down, Tor won’t save you, or your computer.

  4. I’m already on about a thousand different shit lists.
    If they start kicking in doors I’ll be one of the first to go, unless I’ve departed prior.
    I’m aready “in”.
    I won’t waste a single minute hiding from monsters, real or imagined just so that some other man can take my place in the grave or the gulag.

    Who here can say that their tracks are covered?

    Thanks all the same for the offer of guidance and the time spent putting it on paper but (with respect) I’ll pass.

    • Do you think soldiers should wear dull Earth tones and hide behind cover, or wear red coats and stand in square formations in the open?

      Where a cheap advantage exists, take it.

  5. TOR will not save you? No it will not. Odds are your current net ID is well known enough to TPTB. What TOR will do is allow you to create a new net ID with no obvious connection to your current one. You can then begin to have the types of conversations that we need to have but cant have in the open.
    TOR is another tool in the box.
    Yes it can be a little tech heavy and you may not be able to get it working on your own, but the odds are you know someone who can get it working. Find a guy to be your Comm guy and let them set it up for you.

  6. *sigh*

    Over a year of trying to bring the horse to water – I’m still willing to teach classes to whoever wants to show up.
    Still the same arguments: I’m already on a list, technology fails, the NSA is everywhere… Heard it.

    On a related technological note – if you’re on the fence about getting into radio – check out the contact distances here: – AFAIK these are sub-100W transmitters.

  7. Semper Fi, 0321

    I’m so far out in the boonies, the first thing to go here will be internet service anyway. Winds get heavy and we lose wireless service. No point for me.