Towards More Effective Violence

AmMerc replies to Oleg.

Like any tactic, the ability to deliver accurate rifle fire is moot without the will to use that skill.

Deterrence has failed, people.

Conflict will follow.

Denial will kill.

Ready on the right?

UPDATE 1815 EDT 28 OCTOBER 2012: See also AmMerc’s latest.

13 responses to “Towards More Effective Violence

  1. alan w. mullenax

    Spent the day at the range. Did a little snap shooting with the AR at fifty and off hand at a hundred. Mostly
    worked with the AR10 though. Re-zeroed at 250. Finished up with head shots (6 inch box) at 100 and 200. Threw 4 rounds for the whole day.

    Shot a pistol match yesterday. Shot balls out for practice. Fucked up a little. Certainly won’t place first but I bet I will be in the top 3-5.

    While I like Oleg and appreciate his work, he’s beginning to piss me off.

  2. robroysimmons

    Both authors are conflating the clean cut kids of today’s US military for ThugFor of the future. I suggest Matt Bracken’s version of what the Opfor would look like over the misrepresentation of those debating how its “Deer Hunters vs 101st Abn.”

  3. Semper Fi, 0321

    Dropped a 600 lb. bull elk yesterday with a .375 H&H at 100 yds. Bang, flop! With meat in the freezer, I can now play with the rest of my toys, all of which I’m very proficient with. Can’t say the same for lots of hunters, they shoot until their rifle runs dry. They don’t pick their shots well, lot’s of wounded animals die without being retrieved. Owning a gun does not make one a sniper. Or give you big brass balls either.
    Has anyone ever questioned the validity of the 20 million hunters number? Hunting numbers keep dropping, every generation loses more hunters to the greenies and vegans.
    Until this all blows up, we don’t even know who’ll shoot, who goes home or who fights, moot argument.

    • As much as we all love the “forest warrior” ideology there will be a whole lot more movin’ and shakin’ in the big city.
      Even the loonies in the boonies will be better off putting holes in Sheriff Roscoe from the outskirts of Hicksville.
      I don’t care how familiar I am with the terrain and my rifle. Cat and mouse with G.I.s in an area with 100ft visibility is not my idea of boxing clever.

  4. I didn’t really have the time to read Oleg’s reply or go into that entire debate so if I am seeing things his way or not I don’t know. At any rate I can agree with the idea that there is a cult of marksmanship. It is most prevalent in the pistol crowd but its very present in the rifle world as well. While on the range we strive to create the smallest groups that we can. We reason this as if we can achieve small groups on the range we can achieve small groups in the field.
    This is complete bullshit.
    If your training on the range is always from the bench and always on a nice and sunny day then you are not even close to game conditions. The mechanics and fundamentals can be tested here but its still not the same. It is akin to the Baseball player in a batting cage. The pitching machine always throws the same pitches consistently every time. He does the work because the conditioning of the muscles is needed but its not the same thing at all as a balls out breaking ball that drops right in front of him at 86mph when he was sitting on fastball. At the least you need to be hitting the range when its 50 degrees and raining.
    Our resident combat vets can attest to the conditions on the two way range. I have never seen it but I am smart enough to know that what I do on the 100 yard line is nothing like it. I do however make a point to test myself in those suboptimal conditions and shoot in the cold wet and crappy weather.
    Don’t get me wrong this is hard to accomplish. Most RSO would shit a metric fuckload if they saw the kind of things we actually need to be doing. You need to find a private range and get to work there. Its not about being reckless its just the real world is a 360 degree range.
    So given that, you need to expect that your marksmanship will not be the same in these conditions. You will be moving and shooting from whatever position you can get in. Just as in a self defense situation, you may not even see your sites or see you enemy for that matter.
    If you can train closer to this situation then you will get a better idea of how well you can shoot in those conditions.
    My position is that for the average FREEFOR what is more important is to teach them how to run the gun properly. Make sure they know how to do mag changes and control their muzzle and trigger finger. They need the basic fundamentals of shooting yes but its more important to make sure they are not dangerous to themselves and their fellow fighters. If you can trust them to not shoot their own balls off then you can begin to run them through team tactics and small unit tactics. The shooting will improve as they grow more familiar and as you have time to work with them. Its not however the primary concern.

    • alan w. mullenax

      You need to come and shoot with me sometime.

      • Would love to bro.
        Maybe after the beginning of the year I can put something together with CA for a local training day or something like that.

  5. Even running in place for a minute at port arms, then dropping to prone to put 10 rounds downrange would make a big difference. At the very least, it might make people realize that they’re not even close to where they need to be.

    It’s even more fun with a gas mask on…

    • alan w. mullenax

      I get laughed at when I wear mine.

      • Semper Fi, 0321

        At least you have one. Better to have one and not need it,………!
        Went thru NBC school in ’75, swore I’d never be without a mask, carry one in every vehicle still.

        • alan w. mullenax

          Back when I was a lad and a staff sergeant in the United States Army I was giv en a direct order by a Lieutenant Colonel to take my ass in to the gas chamber.

          I was short 90 days, been gassed at least half a dozen times, and was in no mood to endure the over concentration those chemical bastards always set up.

          As I lay choking and slobbering nexy to the base of a tree, I swore to God that the next bastard to gas me would die a horrible death.

          I keep a mask with my basic gear just in case some rat bastard tries to gas me.

          Should that day ever come, that dumb son of a bitch is gonna reap the wild wind. I hate being gassed.

          After I kill the bastard, I’m gonna take the time to cut off his genitals and stuff them in his mouth.

          I hate to be gassed. It makes me irritable.

  6. Cassandra (of Troy)

    RE: The illustration

    I was taught that the ears are the most consistent aim reference points for rear & side shots w/ the tops being the main PoI indicators. The front PoI wasn’t the one indicated but is instead 1/2-1″ above the center of the browline, while not a classic CNS shutdown shot it’s nonetheless a relatively easier/surer one to make in a distance scenario, according to my tutors. Another PoI rp is the area from the collarbone/breastbone dip to the Adam’s Apple, again not an instant non-reflex drop but it too is relatively easier/simpler & does the job required.

    Cassandra (of Troy)