Barnhardt: They Are Preparing To “Postpone” The Election

From Ann Barnhardt:


Not a joke.

FEMA is moving on this as we speak. [WRSA editor’s note: Note well that it is FEMA in the lead, and not the Federal Election Commission]

They are saying 10 days to restore electricity, and since most voting is done not on a paper ballot but on an electric machine, they very well could get the elections “postponed”.

Read the whole article, but the last two paragraphs are especially chilling:

However, the report theorizes that presidential emergency power could be used to delay an election — specifically, if “attacks, disruptions and destruction are so severe and so dangerous in certain localities, particularly in crowded urban areas, that the President under a rule of necessity may look to protect the public safety by federalizing State national guard and restricting movement and activities in such areas which would obviously affect the ability to conduct an election at those sites.”

Congress could also theoretically step in and pass a law or give that power to the president, the report says. Courts have typically left it up to Congress to set election procedures.

32 responses to “Barnhardt: They Are Preparing To “Postpone” The Election

  1. As a committed southern secessionist, this would play right into our hands.

    Let them postpone, we love it.

    • The Southern states are ready, willing, and able to vote, aren’t they?


      • We’re already working with a number of state legislators on nullification and interposition. A suspension of the US part of the election, which won’t stop the state elections at all, would galvanize enough fence sitters to begin the process.

        That’s what happened in 1860 here. Robert Barnwell Rhett had worked tirelessly on secession for nearly 30 years before it happened. The US election of 1860 was the catalyst that moved enough to the secession camp.

        As for the questioner below, I won’t be dealing with that person because he’s simply not knowledgeable enough to ask a competent question, the question he does ask isn’t intended to acquire that competency.

        • alan w. mullenax

          Mebbe Pat. Mebbe.
          I’ll be watchin’ ya bro.
          Oh, and that Texas thing? Anybody can put up a web site.

    • alan w. mullenax

      Jesus, I just gotta ask. How does this play in to your hands?

      That secessionist infrastucture in place? All 20-30 of you guys ready to assume your ruling positions? South Carolina got all the docs ready to go? Senators and Congressmen coming home?

      Don’t get me wrong. To postpone the election would be grounds for shoot ’em up as far as I’m concerned.

      But if they do, you ain’t seceedin’ and nobody is gonna be shootin’.

      As of the moment, nobody has the balls.

  2. What a smokin’ load of BS. He wants to stall until he can repair his image.

  3. They dont even have to postpone it.
    Without sufficent electricity the need to result to paper ballots will present itself.
    Back to the days of “hanging chads” and “voter intent”.
    Back to the courts where Obama’s last line of defense resides.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Back to the days of “hanging chads” and “voter intent”.”

      No need – just do like they did in Minnesota with the Coleman/Franken election: find a bunch of ballots in the trunk of a car.

  4. I understand that this is possible. However, who will control it? AND, I DON’T TRUST DEMOCRATS AND THEIR HISTORY OF VOTER FRAUD!!

    I don’t trust nobama either!

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  6. Great idea! We’ve seen what a great fuckin job FEMA’s done with anything this last decade +.
    And they don’t have all the info yet,like the bengazi debacle,huh?!?
    Man o man! WTF?


  7. How about the gubment investing in some generators to power up those voting precincts. They already have them. They’re selling then as war surplus. Then we have all the people willing and able to ‘lend’ their generator to the ‘gubment’ for a very small fee, say $200.00, so the voting goes on. A couple of volunteers, one dem and one repub to man the gasoline refil and we have a simple solution. Handled locally no doubt.
    I say it goes on. No delays. Headaches, yes, but no delays. Delays will cause many more headaches and outright civil unrest.

  8. This would be really interesting. Recall that the leftists all claimed that Bush was going to postpone or cancel the elections in the 00’s, and now it really might happen. Would they be supportive of Obama doing this? Would the mainstream right – Fox News / Weekly Standard / National Review types all nod along: yes, yes.

    So that would leave it to Freepers, Threepers and Patriots to stand in opposition to this. Would they?

    What legitimacy would Obama have if he won a postponed election. Kind of like extending a football game by five minutes when your team is behind 28-21 there are sure to be howls of outrage after the fact of an Obama win, even if the same people failed to loudly complain when the postponement was in the delivery stage.

    Obama uses a pretext to give him more time to recover his lead in an election he is now trailing in. Which in turn gives others a pretext to wake up and smell the coffee and get off the couch?

    Reminds me of this fragment of an old Sex Pistol’s song, Holiday in the Sun:

    Sensurround sound in a two inch wall
    Well i was waiting for the Communist call
    I I didn’t ask for sunshine and i got
    World war three i’m looking over the wall
    And they’re looking at me
    Now i got a reason, now i got a reason
    Now i got a reason and i’m still waiting
    Now i got a reason, now i got a reason to be waiting
    the Berlin wall

  9. While Pinkie and the Brain are preparing to take over the world…………Remember that man proposes, and G*d disposes. South Carolina votes, Nay.

  10. No where in the US code is there a provision for postponing the election…nor has it ever been done. Load your magazines boys.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “No where in the US code is there a provision for postponing the election”

      The provision is Article II, Section 1, Clause 4 of the Constitution: “The Congress may determine the Time of [choosing] the Electors, and the Day on which they shall give their Votes; which Day shall be the same throughout the United States.”

      Congress can set presidential election day as it sees fit – it just has to be the same day for every state and territory.

  11. They can try. This hurricane was an act of God and if the Democrats want to challenge Him, they will lose.

  12. I can see them postponing it in sections of New Yawk, but so what!? That is just one state. There are no grounds for some national fiat suspending the entire election. And, if Barry does go ahead and do it, do you think any of the Dead Elephants are going do anything but whine? Crying John may cry, but there will be no calls for impeachment or anything else.
    And, as far as South Carolina is concerned, I can only repeat the comment made in a newspaper prior to the War for Southern Independence: SOUTH CAROLINA. TOO SMALL TO BE A COUNTRY, TOO LARGE TO BE A LUNATIC ASYLUM. Secession indeed!

  13. California Midwesterner

    Elections have never been postponed in US history.
    However, someone has theorized or suggested that the then-current President would use a natural or man-made (i.e. terrorism, mass crime, or simple accident like the NE outages a few years ago) disaster to suspend or delay an election. To date, they’ve all been wrong.

    I take this with a grain of salt. Remember that the Left was worked up about this under W, and it never happened then, despite almost identical rhetoric on their side.

    If wrong, I’ll gladly eat my share of crow…but if I’m wrong, we’ll be a little busy dealing with a Constitutional crisis and possibly other unrest as well.

  14. Ain’t gonna happen. Just Politico having orgasms thinking how they can get their man reelected. Considering how fast Obama is sinking in any believable measure of the voters’ mood, though, I bet he’d prefer the vote was today. Have you ever seen a more desperate campaign, throwing up everything they can to sway any one? Comparing voting to sex? Zombie kids singing the words of 20 retarded bumper stickers? Who do they think they’ll sway with this?

    Voting is largely a state controlled matter. Sandy didn’t affect 80% of the country, so Texas, Missouri or Nevada sure don’t care. In most places, voting has been going on for weeks, if not all of October. The most they could do is delay the final counts so a few places could get their votes held and counted.

    • Bingo!

      It’s the Dems letting their “tingles” for the Teleprompter Jesus get the better of them.

      Here are two firm predictions —

      The election will not be postponed. At best, NYC might be affected, but even that is no sure thing.

      However, IF the election is postponed (with the necessary active connivance of the Republicans in the House, mind you), then I also predict this: the American people will swallow whatever excuse is provided, as “necessary” given the “unprecedented” storm (thanks Global Warming), and they won’t do sh*t.


  15. America population is too brainwashed and comfortable to react, exception will be made on present company of course ,historically is only a very small number who start the revolution ,just study past revolutions and you will see the truth of it,no more that 20 people within the right framework can do things impossible to imagine now.

  16. Postponing the election for a week or two will bring us up to November 15th which is the next hearing date on the Benghazi massacre. Obama can not risk that one. No way it is getting postponed….

  17. Yes, but the details of the postponement would vary state by state. Many states have constitutional provisions or statutes that detail their ability to suspend or reschedule an election in the event of an emergency. For instance, a section of the election law in Maryland (which is being hit heavily by Sandy) allows the governor to postpone an election or specify alternate voting locations when issuing an emergency proclamation, and it allows the state election board to “petition a circuit court to take any action the court considers necessary to provide a remedy that is in the public interest and protects the integrity of the electoral process” in the event of extraordinary circumstances that don’t constitute a state of emergency.

  18. Something strikes me as funny about discussing the integrity of politicians. I didn’t double check my source on this but could we just call it fair if Mitt steals the electronic votes and Obama steals the paper ones?

    There are much more subtle ways to rig an election.

  19. Didn’t I see Obama on the teewee in his super special “this is totally an emegency” potus jacket?
    Just like the ones they wear on the big screen whenever an asteroid is about to plummet to earth or aliens invade?
    Any delay, hand in hand with the photo ops that feature Obama handing out food aid to starving New York sewer rats would be a bonus for the Dems.

  20. I’m waiting for Obama to start passing out $2,000 ETB cards. Or maybe the Chinese won’t lend us the money.
    But one thing is certain, the PTB won’t alllow any disaster to go to waste.

  21. When you own both horses in a horse race, you really don’t care which one wins. Your big concern is to not let the crowd think you rigged it. There will always be shenanigans, but a suspension of the appearance of freedom? Not a chance. The show must go on.

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  23. I think this story has a pretty good discussion of legal methods of election postponement and why that’s unlikely.

    The most likely lawful method would be for the US Congress to postpone, and the election date is too close for that to happen.