GoV: Why We Are Afraid – A 1400-Year Secret

Watch the video above, or read the verbatim transcript from Gates of Vienna.

Imagine a totalitarian alliance between the Western Left and the resurgent forces (soft and hard) of Islam.

Add the evolved Russian and Chinese Communist empires, acting via realpolitik in their own interest.

Stir in globalist crony capitalism.

Now stand in front of those collectivists as an advocate for individual freedom, limited government, and religious liberty.

Good luck.

15 responses to “GoV: Why We Are Afraid – A 1400-Year Secret

  1. Read the mans book, and definitely something to know and learn from. These slop artists from the desert are less than nothing to me. Death to Islam.

  2. Chinese Blessing/curse: ” May you live in interesting times”.
    and we are truly blessed …. or cursed.

  3. “Now stand in front of those collectivists as an advocate for individual freedom, limited government, and religious liberty.”

    Of course.
    I am not the first and won’t be the last to fight and/or die for what I believe in. I will not be ruled.

  4. Jimmy the Saint

    Islam won’t share power forever. Ultimately, the collectivists will get theirs from the Islamists.

    • Cassandra (of Troy)

      Jimmy the Saint/30Oct12@16:15,

      Given the similarity of viewpoint & methodology, it wouldn’t surprise me to see leftists pseudo-convert to Islam in order to have ‘holy sanction’ for their actions thus providing more troops for their real cause of domination. The thing is, as you note, whether the Left’s new allies will be properly deceived long enough for them to eventually be subverted. It’d be interesting to observe (from a suitably safe spot) such a contest & find out which scorpion prevails. After that, of course, the victor/its allies/sycophants/families would be exterminated & its lands/other valuables would be confiscated. ‘Spoils of war’/recompense for aggravation caused/suchlike.

      Cassandra (of Troy)

      Per Mare
      Per Terras

  5. Prairie Fire

    What was it that the American plains Indians supposedly said when faced with this sort of problem? Was it, “It is a good day to die?” That was probably before the phrase “Game On!” appeared. “Game On!” is more appropriate.

  6. How did it happen the formerly brave Americans are trembling in fear from bunch of medieval peasants/goat herders? Why did you become such cowards? The islamists cannot take your freedom, only you yourselves can surrender it to your own government and that’s exactly what you have been doing lately. It’s a pity – this used to be a great country…

    • Cassandra (of Troy)


      Do not make the mistake of assuming civility toward/respect for other’s religious/political beliefs to be reticence about conflict. The Nazis & Japanese made such an error & paid a terrible price, the RussComms almost did, & given the increasing level of barely restrained anger toward the Left & their Jihadi counterparts it wouldn’t be too surprising to see an incident committed by either resulting in a general (& very bloody) backlash against both that may spread beyond those particular offenders as per the Law of Unintended Consequences.

      As an old saying goes,: It is not wise to anger the Dragon & be all that it sees.

      Cassandra (of Troy)

  7. Where now are those we regularly suffer here who insist that Islam is
    merely a distraction meant to deflect our attention from the activities of the “real” enemy?

    We have many more than one enemy and they are NOT in cahoots. Other than, you know, as servants of The Enemy.

    All evil succeeds only through the inaction of good men.

    • Plausible enemies have industrialized high-tech economies to produce lots of war supplies, and the fundamentalist-type Muslims don’t have that and don’t want it. Can you imagine a Muslim Rosie the Riveter? Perhaps once they were formidable in war but they aren’t today. As Fred Reed says, in the last hundred years Christans have won all those wars.

      What I take from the transcript is that the winners write history after they’ve sacrificed the peasants, and the winners didn’t want you to know about all the failures of their mighty governments to protect, nor all the robbing and enslaving the winners did.

      • Ahh, there you are…

        I guess the far history of islam is unconvincing to you, or you failed to read the transcript or take their meaning. Likewise, I suppose you find their current behavior reasonable and of no concern. Studied the demographic debacle currently playing out in Europe? Aware of the expansion into sub Saharan Africa with the usual atrocities?

        And, as to this:

        “Plausible enemies have industrialized high-tech economies to produce lots of war supplies, and the fundamentalist-type Muslims don’t have that and don’t want it.”

        Do you deny that Iran is developing nuclear weapons capability? Or that Pakistan already has nukes? Goat herders in Afghanistan may not care about high tech but their rulers do. They don’t have to “produce lots of war supplies,” as they have no intention to conduct war on our terms. They don’t have to. They want you dead. Understand islam. Read the koran. They are willing to die in service to the islamic imperative that the whole world must submit to islam

        “As Fred Reed says, in the last hundred years Christians have won all those wars.”

        Really? “Fred says,” huh? What have we “won” lately? Ten years in A-stan and what have ya got? We’re getting out with nothing to show for it and it’s back to the old ways as soon as we leave. Same for Iraq. We could have “won” but we don’t have the will. .. and that was the point of the whole lecture you apparently didn’t read or understand.

    • Cassandra (of Troy)


      “We have……good men.”

      Indeed, & the title of Booker T & the MG’s last hit is getting louder & louder & waking up an ever bigger audience as things wind down. And many of the awakened have little/no problem w/ giving as they’ve been getting. As I’ve been saying for over 30 yrs,: The biggest mistake anyone can make is to get Americans pi**ed off at the same thing at the same time & give them a hunger for your destruction.

      Just ask the ‘Indians’, the Nazis, & the Imperial Japanese.

      Cassandra (of Troy)

  8. We have become soft.
    We have become complacent.
    We have outlived the memory of hardship and struggle.
    We have forgotten why evil must be fought before it gains a foothold.
    We have ignored reality, but soon we will be unable to ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.
    (present company excluded)

    • Colorado Pete

      +1 Joe.
      Harden your minds, bodies, and hearts.
      Prepare in all ways as best you can. Pray for the best but prep for the worst…