Life In The Laboratory Of Human Endeavor

The always-provocative Tom Baugh, author of Starving The Monkeys, sends this guest post over the transom:

Lately there has been more than the usual background level of catfighting, even on CA’s recent post about tolerance of potential allies.

I have been the subject of this kind of nonsense, from all corners of the LibertySphere, and I’ve discovered that the best way to handle this kind of distraction is to simply file away the data point and then stick to the plan. If one can be deflected from one’s objectives by something so meaningless, in real terms, as blogger or commenter sniping, then a serious re-evaluation of priorities is in order. For those of you who allow yourselves to get sucked into this crap, stop being victims and start leading, if no one other than yourselves individually or those you can touch.

Speaking of victims, another aspect of this web intrigue is that creating division, or allowing oneself to enjoy the luxury of a sense of victimization, is a form of escape from the reality of the Big Suck in which we find ourselves. Yes, we have all been victimized, as I see it, by the closed dynasty of international bankster thugs, and their lapdog minions, who have, as a class, traditionally victimized the poor and the weak throughout modern history.

I use the energy of this fact to move forward daily. Each time I connect with a like mind, each time I help someone increase their self-sufficiency, each time I find a new resource or idea, or incrementally waken another to reality, to me this is a cosmic FU to those who would enslave us all and pit us against each other for their profit.

However, to use an ethic of victimization as a rallying point for one’s Great Cause is to not see the forest for the trees. One of the great successes of the Georgia PATCON was the explicit refusal to dwell on the suck, but instead to focus on forward progress along any axis in which such progress could be made, however trivial this axis may seem at the time. Contrariwise, those who consistently seek to leverage an incessant theme of victimization may simply be looking for an excuse to fail.

Accordingly, I have encouraged my minions (of which there are exactly none, if anyone is counting), to deny battle on certain Great Causes, if for no other reason than to deny those participants an excuse to fail. If these Great Causes do fail, I prefer that this failure result from some fundamental flaw which we can observe, and then account for during the next effort. And for those of you involved in a Great Cause, stop whining that some blogger somewhere is critical of you or your efforts, stop fantasizing that others will join you in a someday purge of malcontents, when in fact hardly anyone cares about anything but success, and instead use that otherwise wasted energy to move forward toward your objectives.

So, let’s start right here with a simple exercise, using myself as an example. I challenge any of you to vent your spleens in the comments to this thread, or on your own sites as you see fit, as vigorously as you can about anything involving me: my objectives, my techniques, my message, my integrity, my allies or any aspect you care to imagine, however trivial or significant it might be. It matters not whether this critique is valid or not; in this, as in many critiques among ourselves, truth is immaterial. I will not respond to any of these criticisms, bring them up for later digestion, or threaten to sue or shut down anyone, nor delight in fantasizing about how I might marshal my forces to destroy someone’s life or livelihood.

Instead, I will read these criticisms, learn what I can from them, and then continue to make progress toward my objectives unabated. And I will also consider ways in which I might join forces with any of you, even the naysayers, to accomplish objectives upon which we might individually agree. In this sense, then, diversity is an asset.

It’s that easy, folks.

It is really that easy.

Muzzles front.


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  1. Brilliant! The voice of reason.

  2. Instead of being critical of you, I’ll just sweep my own front porch. Better things to do, and all of that. Good luck, old bean.

  3. Hear, hear. And where the heck did I put my black hat? It was here a minute ago.

  4. It had to be said, sorry to say. And those that need to listen won’t hear.

  5. Tom, read your book and I agree with it. Even more so after following these “patriot/liberty blogs” since 2008. I have seen so many squabbles and pissing contests which have lead to dissension and fragmentation of the movement over the past 4 years that I gave up trying to involve myself in the dialogue. If I want to be berated by someone who doesn’t agree with me I have plenty of opportunities in my own locality and even within my own extended family without having to go to some blog to be told I am an idiot, insert the _____, or whatever the catch phrase of the day is. That is unfortunate because a lively, mature and thought provoking debate would benefit the movement but they always seem to devolve into who is the purest or the truest liberty lover or who has the biggest pecker. I’m not saying that happens every time but frequently enough that I have better stuff to do than engage in a circular firing squad with people who SHOULD be allies but who always seem to end up flinging flaming piles of doo back and forth at one another.
    Instead of that I do what I can to become more self-sufficient, learn new skills, prep, train, and push my family, friends, & co-workers to do the same and to “starve the monkeys” every chance that they/I/we get. I at least have control over my life when I do that and I am making a difference, albeit a small one, but at least it is something and I can look in the mirror every day without shame. Unfortunately some in this movement couldn’t see the simple brilliance of your stratagem and they let their egos get in the way. I never saw any of them respond logically to explain why your plan wouldn’t work; I only saw their attempts to attack the messenger while ignoring your message. That’s a sure sign of a little man with a small mind. Instead of attacking you there should have been a lively debate on your strategy which could have possibly even strengthened it and mapped out new ways to implement or improve it. I saw value in it and I chose to implement it which is all anyone had to do, either accept or reject it and then move on. All the pettiness was sickening and my first wakeup call that we had some serious problems amongst ourselves.
    Anyway, your message again today is spot on and hopefully people will pay attention… but then that would require some to check their egos and agree to focus on what unites us and what we all have in common with one another (which is by far the majority) rather than on the minor differences we all have. Even for the larger differences between the Constitutionalists and the Anarcho-capitalists we all share far more in common and should be working together rather than trying to tear each other down as the foundation of both camps is Natural Rights. Who else out there do year hear talking about an individual’s innate and natural right to_____? Absolutely no one, which should tell us all something about who our true friends and enemies really are. So until people learn to check their egos for the good of our posterity I’ll just keep “starving the monkeys” as best I can on my own…and waiting for our own group of control freaks to stop being hypocrites guilty of the very thing that they accuse our politicians of, namely of trying to control others in this movement and then acting like a bunch of babies when someone disagrees with them or challenges them on a particular issue…and hopefully I won’t have to wait so long that it is already too late.

    • Craig Cavanaugh

      Been talking about natural rights for years. Not too many seem to want to listen, and often the discussion, devolved into your “circular firing squad”…

  6. Sound advice. I hope this message is finally understood, accepted and acted upon. If we don’t hang together, we shall; most certainly be hanged separately.

  7. I copied and pasted my response above from Word but unfortunately my paragraph breaks didn’t translate over so please excuse the long run on response. CA, if you can edit the spacing please do so (paragraph break between another. and Instead as well as between ourselves. and Anyway). Thank you!

  8. alan w. mullenax

    Ok I’ll jump.

    You don’t engage much from my observation. We’ve exchanged a post or two (my recollection of that is you do view secession as viable) and I heard you speak at the NC RTC. I’ve read a few things you’ve written but not your book. To date, nothing has captured my attention. I know more than a few people think your whacked (I seem to remember some negative reaction from the crowd in NC). I know your face and I don’t see you as a particularly imposing individual.

    To be honest, I don’t know enough about you to identify you as friend or foe. I do get a little suspicious when you use words like victim and diversity. I do know that I generally don’t cotton to people who use those words in any context. I’m willing to admit I might be whacked as well, but I believe there are key words that help identify friend or foe. For example, I suspected Obama was a communist the first time I heard him speak. Later, I observed his actions and listened closer to his words. Without question, the man is my enemy.

    I hope this helps you brah.

    • Why have you not read the book? If its finances, I believe he said he will make arrangements if you cannot afford it. Also, I heard it was going for a good price online, so you could put it on your kindle if you have one. It convinced me. Please, go and read his book.

      I know who you are, and I know your heart is in the right place. I wish I had the guts to walk up to you in NC and shake your hand, but I was just getting into FreeFor. Some just believe that tactics of the sort that you may advocate will not win the war. Its just a difference of mentalities. I believe there are not enough of like-minded men like yourself, to do what I preceive you would want to do to win the war. That is unless I’ve completely misunderstood you, which isn’t impossible.

      I completely believe that we will all hang seperately, if we don’t do this together. The fact remains that we all serve a purpose in this war. We just differ in opinion on the tactics that will work today. The fact that all of us don’t agree, is a STRENGTH, not a weakness. The fact that we all are trying our own and different way to come about personal and financial freedom again just means it will be harder for them to round up and kill all the freedom minded people when that time comes, and it is coming. Trying to go head long against the State, head to head right now, when it is strong and getting stronger everyday is suicide. It wouldn’t be Thermopylae, either, there is no National State behind us we are holding off for, I firmly believe that today, we ARE surrounded.

      • alan w. mullenax

        I’m sorry we didn’t get to shake hands. I’m actually a warm and friendly human being, quite shy and at times have problems expressing myself. But I’m always up for making contact with like minded individuals where ever I can find them.

        Please understand, I didn’t say I wouldn’t read Baugh’s book, it just hasn’t become important enough yet. And quite possibly never will. For you see, my reading of late has become rather exhaustive. At present it concerns only urban combat.

        But should we land in the same AO at the same time, please introduce yourself. And if you have a mind we could have a libation and a cigar and talk about how we might be able to get out of this mess.

        • Fry the Brain is a decent, high-level book. Max Velocity’s books discuss built-up areas as well, with a bit of recent experience to validate it. FWIW.

          • outlawpatriot

            I’ve read “Fry the Brain” about 4 times now and Max’s “Rapid Fire”. I also got a lot out of “Fire in the Streets”. While not as well written as the two aforementioned, I now kinda look at my immediate neighborhood as Hue. A little wire here, some sandbags there, knock out some holes in a few walls, add an overstrength platoon, and viola, I could hold it.

        • Yes Sir, I will not hesitate next time to come up to you and shake your hand. The reading you are doing is important, because I know I do a lot of that sort of reading as well, because I am not classically trained in the military, and I’m playing catch up on tactics. I also find them very interesting.

          With that said, STM is an excellent book, that can teach you how to “get back at the monkeys” now, before things need to come to straight up Kitting-Up, and going live fire.

  9. If anybody is still looking for Davy Crockett or John Wayne to show up, you can stop looking, you are it. We all have to be our own leaders, in our own ways. “Every man be his own officer, and fight like an indian,” paraphrasing a patriot militia leader before the decisive Battle of King’s Mountain in NC in Oct of 1780.

    • alan w. mullenax

      Matt, brah, you gotta know. Please tell me you know.

      Yeah, we’re all captains of our own ship. But, while we may be individuals we damn sure are gonna need men to our left and right. And for those men to be on our left and right, there has to be commonality.

      And please sir, don’t use King’s Mountain as an example of anything if you don’t know the full and complete story. I do. Extensively. I’ve read just about everything about that fight and spent hours on that hill. I know who those men were, their bonds, why they did what they did, and how their actions that day turned the tide in favor of the colonists and our country and freedom. Isolated quotes do not do it justice.

      It also stands as the prime example of what I’m talking about. Something that’s missing in our body now. We admire make belief in movies and books. We forget that real Americans really did it.
      We forget that we are of the same stock. And like Dorothy in the “Wizard of Oz”, we have always had the ability to go home. We just haven’t figured out that all we have to do is click our heels.

      Love your stuff.

  10. “I challenge any of you to vent your spleens in the comments to this thread, or on your own sites as you see fit, as vigorously as you can about anything involving me: my objectives, my techniques, my message, my integrity, my allies or any aspect you care to imagine, however trivial or significant it might be.”

    You have poopy pants.

  11. Dirty Modified

    I, like Allen, have read some of your articles but not your book. I approach it with an “eat the meat and leave the bone” mentality.

    As far as constructive criticism regarding your output, I will lay out what I like and what I don’t like.
    1. Drain the resources of tyranny – Simple and easy to do when a guy thinks about it for more than 5 minutes.
    2. Incorporation – become a company to take advantage of the corporate structure to protect yourself in more ways than just financially (this will become a reality for me here pretty quick).
    3. encouraging folks to come together by overlooking the little things – stuff mom used to say.
    1. Advocating to cozy up to groups like Nation of Islam – the enemy of my enemy is my enemies enemy FULL STOP. anyone that suggests flirting with marxists (as an example) or nation of islam sets off the “this guy is a flaming bag of dog S#@!” Alarm.
    2. Saying you were as hardcore of a constitutionalist as anyone but then you read hologram of liberty in “early 2010” and not only did it change your mind, which would have been a drastic enough of a change to be considered a crisis of conscious by any measure, but by mid 2010 you are giving speeches with a fairly well developed opposite view (by well developed I mean robust, not necessarily good). It takes time to unpack a view that is central to a person that has been rejected. Almost like a recovery time type of thing. It also takes time to think through the issues of a new view that replaces the old. The more central the view to the person, the more traumatic this process will be. You did all this in a couple months? like what 12 weeks? give or take a week or so?

    Think about that… you expect folks to believe you were just like them (majority of pissed patriots) but had an epiphany and now offer a contrarian view…. Hey, it sounds almost like the cozy up to the Nation of Islam strategy applied to threepers. Yeah, just replace the term Nation of Islam with Patrio…. oh my goodness…. Tom, Hey Tom ,buddy, you werent Bullshitting us this whole time were you?
    A sucker born every minute…

    • Again, I must ask, why have you not read the book?

      • Dirty Modified

        Long work hours, school, offspring, developing load data, fixing stuff around the house, being a husband, learning to store food, screwing some stuff up and therefore redoing it, trying to melt off more weight. Trying somehow to figure out where scant p.t. time gets fit in, praying, Studying scripture, prepping for another little one, and keeping up with relevant blogs cuts into most of my time.

        I am not opposed to reading it, but can say with a straight face, I do not have time as there are other things that take priority. I am behind the 8 ball regarding my learning curve on most of the stuff guys around here are well versed in. I am not trained nor knowledgeable about the most fundamental things. I have been spending nearly all extra time I have into fixing that problem. It takes time.

        • Dirty Modified-

          Then you are improving your situation. Good for you!

          This is crucial, and one of the most basic tenants of the STM philosophy.

          When you are in a position to do so, you help like-minded people, cutting the monkeys out of the picture.

          That is STM in a nutshell, IMO. All the other extraneous subjects, controversies, and differences of opinion don’t change or invalidate this concept.


  12. Semper Fi, 0321

    Yes, I yell at people, some hate me. But I’m trying to get them to think for themselves, not follow a herd mentality, which still seems to be the easy way out. There’s still enough of the Marine NCO in me that I have to yell to get peoples attention. I also know that we can speak softly and communicate, but some just can’t hear too well. Quoting famous patriots and spouting off with political dogma and not living up to those same quotes is fukn lame, yet I see it here every day.
    Not saying I won’t do it again, but I’ll try to be a little nicer to the slow learners, I know this isn’t boot camp, but for some, it’s coming up sooner than they think.
    From a former Recon Marine, thanks, Sir. And Semper Fidelis.

    • I agree, and would add. The only time you should see everyone holding hands and getting along is when we’re headed up steep terrain with heavy packs, trying to sneak into a position.

      There’s too much of this “get along” shit in society and it’s poison. They’ve trained these kids to suppress themselves and to ostrasize anyone who speaks up.

  13. Tom, Dirty Modified raises a question that I didn’t have, or know about, or I could say I’m confused about. What’s this stuff about the Moslems being allies? True, not true, convoluted, what? Just a question, not a critique, and I’d rather hear it from you, rather than second hand. Respectfully yours, Sean.

    • What’s this stuff about the Moslems being allies?

      In the last ten years there have been about twenty Moslems who have been willing to attack Americans in America, those were the 9/11 airplane hijackers. Moslem terrorism groups in America are so scarce the FBI has to invent them for makework.

      So when you say “Moslems” you need to specify WHICH Moslems you mean, the twenty who were terrorists or the one billion who weren’t. It doesn’t matter if they like my values or lifestyle. If they aren’t over here attacking me that’s the functional definition of peaceful.

    • Dirty Modified

      It appears that Tom hasn’t had the chance to reply yet, so I will let him say his peace but for the time being I will add a bit more info that you may or may not find useful.

      If he has written an article mentioning NoI I am not fully sure. I have read a number of his articles but his place is not on my normal web rounds. I hit him up occasionally.

      I do specifically recall him mentioning the idea of playing with other groups that are fundamentally opposed to our principles such as the NoI (nation of islam) in an email to Mike Vanderbough that was made public.

      About two years ago there was nearly a full on bongo party going on in the comments sections of the blogs where everyone was pissed about everyone else. It was during that brawl that Mike (right, wrong, or indifferent) made those emails public.

      It is entirely possible that Tom writes about it in other places, again I am not sure.


  15. There’s a difference between “you’re effed up because of X and here’s how to fix X” and “you’re an just arsehole because I say so”.

    Constructive criticism (even expressed harshly) is WAY different than just destructive crap. Handholding creeps me out, as does speech codes and other totalitarian shit.

    You guys know that and practice it.

    For those with purely bilious destructive urges, there’s a world of badness out there in the meatspace upon which you can vent your anger.

    All I ask is that when you’re in in this place, you think more as a skills and knowledge trainer (see SF0321’s ref above to the “slow kids”). There’s a lot of smarts and experience in the commentariat here; please share those valuable assets.


  16. Swami Rabbitima

    I think where we go wrong is in thinking that there’s “only one path” to bring back what was lost/change what was wrong. My gut is telling me that there’s going to be as many paths to that as there are people. So I’m not going to disparage Kerodin’s path, or Baugh’s path – “any chair in a bar fight” as the saying goes. I’m going to keep my mouth firmly closed, my eyes and ears wide open, and try to suss out what will work in my area.

  17. Makes sense to me Swami, as do most of the comments here. Bill, I didn’t log in to leave a comment at your pingback, so here it is…
    Yeah well, this sentence is the tipoff that they’re talking bunk—“Behaviorism claims that consciousness is neither a definite nor a usable concept.” Skinner might be a good one for raising a pack of dogs, but for people he’s well off the mark. Thank goodness.

    Consciousness not a usable concept? Really now…what did they use to come up with that?

  18. I cannot find means nor justification of aligning with Islam in any form. I cannot simply discount 1400 years of history and the actions that defined that nemesis.

    Otherwise… Your message so far, Tom, contains no tinder to ignite a brush fire in the mind, something we all unfortunately forget constantly.

    Dusty old quotes do get tiresome don’t they? Paine. Locke, Jefferson, all thought and spoke for themselves, at least you seem to understand that very important point.

    Hats off to you for seeking your own path but it is not mine at this time.

  19. Our South Carolina Nullification Committee will be meeting again to finalize the Nullification Bill for introduction in our state legislature.

    I think this is an exciting time to be alive and involved in obtaining our freedom and liberty.

    • Now that is direct action worthy of those who would poke a finger in the eye eye of a tyrant. May you be able to avoid the counter jab.

  20. It appears that Texas is moving in the right direction too. I applaud their activities.

  21. I found your book hard to read. I read a lot, I don’t think I’m hyper critical. It just seemed to get wrapped up around it self and the main points were very hard to tease out of it. I think you could use a better editor if you set about writing another book.

    The more difficult the material the more it benefis from a simple style. A simpler style (short declarative sentences, etc.) would have made the material more accessable.

    The author of this blog and AP both write so simply you don’t notice they are writing. Like Hemmingway.

  22. Moslem attacks on the West go way beyond 9/11. First 9/11 attack, London Subway bombing, cartoon riots, Bali nightclub bombing, Heathrow airport attacks, shoe bomber, under-pants bomber, Maj. Nadal army shootings, the ‘grenade in the tent” attack, Buenos Aires synagoge bombing, muder of Van Gogh, murder of Pim Fortean, attempted murder of Danish cartoonist, etc. etc.

    It’s a lot more than 20 guys and one lucky attack.

    And if you consider places like the outer suburbs of France and Malmo and perhaps Dearborn and Hamtramick, Michigan you have a situaiton where Moslem bantustans are being built up that are no-go zones for Whites and/or Christians.

    • I think you all know I’m a retired cop from California. I still a little investigating ifthe case is interesting or I need a few bucks for who knows what. This said: On Sept. 30th, 2010, I took a flight from San Francisco to Washington, D.C.
      While on said flight, I ordered a ‘snack pack’, cost a whole seven bucks.
      It contained a Metal Can of albacore tuna with a Metal ‘pull off lid’.
      ME: WTF
      So I had a chat with the cheif stewardess: Her repsonce: Relax sir, there no terrorists or aircraft involved in 9-11, just holograms and edited videos. My husband works for – – -, do you think he’dlet me do this job if there were any danger? (she is indeed a beautiful lady)
      Yet, Ihad to give up a 40 year old P-38 can opener before I could board that flight.
      As a young deputy working corrections I saw what a man could do with a metal lid like that.
      And when I tried to share what I learned on Free Republic dot com, Jim robinson kicked me off. but then John and his father take in over $300,000 every year off that so-called patriotic site.
      If you care to know more, youtube has a site called “September Clues”.
      As always follow the money.

  23. I said attacks in America. Nadal counts, maybe, did he do it because that’s what he wanted or because he was nuts and about to be deployed? What objective did he achieve? It seemed like he was known to be flaky and allowed to continue for years to stay PC. When “your side” keeps problem people around after they’re detected I think most of the blame should go to “your side”. Was that military base hierarchy really on your side?

    The clothing-item bombers got psych evals because they were so ineffective they seemed mentally ill. How come we haven’t caught thousands of spies or soldiers in America who are effective and sane; a Muslim James Bond, a squad of Muslim commandos?

    Lots of places in Michigan big cities have been no-go places for Whites for decades, but that’s done by American blacks and we don’t count that as a foreign invasion. Maybe the Muslim aspect you speak of in Michigan is incidental.

  24. Might as well post before the Election since after I’ll be going gray whomever wins.
    Get right with the Lord, hug your kids tight & when the time comes, destroy the enemy & all traces of their wretched existence.