Russell Means: Renegade, Patriot, Freedom Fighter

Will Grigg eulogizes Russell Means.

This time, we get to play the Indians.

Requiescat in pace.

5 responses to “Russell Means: Renegade, Patriot, Freedom Fighter

  1. I talked to a black acquaintance once and told him that now all of us, black and white where going to be treated the same, enemies of the state/establishment, and we would be bean bagged, water hosed and treated as enemies, he agreed.
    R.J. Rushdooney, a reformed missionary to the Indians understood this well. This ain’t gonna be fun.
    BTW, those with weight issues and pain may want to go to for some help. I was a vegetarian and swimmer/weightlifter when I got addicted to wheat through the disinformation campaign that was underway in the very late 70’s, eighties, and I can tell you it is very hard to believe what has been done. Much needs to be done and I will be doing the anti wheat and Paleo thing until I am useful again. Sadly may have to get the ceramic hip relined, dang thing is going loose and squeaking. Bummer.
    WayneB III

  2. indyjonesouthere

    Russell has quite a few ytube videos that are worth watching. My favorite is one in which he says that we’re all on the reservation now. Russell has escaped the Gulag.

  3. I thought he was excellent in “Last of the Mohicans” and I wish he had made more movies.

    Here he is about to deliver the coup-d’grace to his rival with his oversized battle tomahawk:

  4. A great interview with Mr. Means.

    one and a half hours of education of where we the people are today.

    Welcome to the reservation, America.

  5. Cassandra (of Troy)

    I supported both the Black Panthers & the A.I.M. in their early days as their positions seemed not only fair but also just, my support disappeared when both went not only virulently racist (“Death To The White Man!”) but hardcore Red as well (“Death To The Capitalist Insect!”) & in the case of the BP parasitically criminal. That seems to be the way things eventually go most of the time, & the debasement & perversion of our lil’ North American experiment shows that we’re not immune to the effects of some historical currents. But then that’s what happens when the whole ‘warts & all’ unbleached story isn’t presented, & people refuse to restrain themselves & practice positive discrimination.

    And people wonder why God first unleashed The Flood to cull humanity & thereafter adopted Mencken’s “Give the people what they want, & give it to ’em good & hard” aphorism secure in the knowledge that humanity would ‘forget to remember’ the ‘be careful what you wish for’ part & pull their own pin.

    The Jews aren’t the only ones who are “stiff necked”, are they.

    Cassandra (of Troy)