Doomed Beyond All Hope of Redemption

Stacy McCain gives the final word on 2012.

Note well that your fellow Americans chose this outcome, as well as the match between Obama and Romney.

Have you seen enough now to know that the mass of those hooples will never awaken to the values of individual freedom, limited government, and religious liberty?

Got tribe?

You’re gonna need ’em.

Local, local, local.

3 responses to “Doomed Beyond All Hope of Redemption

  1. The republicans merely followed a script, written for them by their Masters ;First off, a wealthy draft dodger? Who prides himself on shipping jobs and wealth to Communist China. Who has signed gun bans?
    Then the insults to Ron Pau?
    Get tribe and a BOL away from urban centers.
    It’s too late for PMs, just beans – bulletts and band-aids for me.
    (Plus when I get some chickens, a homebrew set-up)

  2. Hey someone on a mainstream conservative site that actually got the message through their thick skull.
    Wonders never cease.

    Play it again CA

    We’re screwed
    There’s going to be a fight
    Let’s win.

  3. She may be filled with fear and dread, but I’m not. I feel the same way a man does that listens to a lions bellowing and wolves howling at night. When it’s light(time) he knows he has to go out and slay the monsters, lest they slay him and his. And that if he is smart enough, and fast enough, and good enough, he’ll be standing on a rug made of his enemies’ skin, instead of being digested inside his enemy. You eat life, or life eats you.