Barnhardt: You Ready To Get Serious Now? You Ready To Listen?

From Ann Barnhardt:


Now do you understand why I had precious little to say about the “election”?

The results of this election were determined in 2008, including the faux-opposition candidate. You people who have spent the last several months breathlessly agonizing over this, analyzing fake polls and deluding yourselves into believing that this was somehow a legitimate operation are just sad.

You’re like the people in Iraq who supported the opposition candidate to Saddam Hussein for all of those years. Yes, Saddam Hussein held “elections”. Regularly. That is what happened here yesterday. We had a Saddam Hussein “election”.

This can all be summed up in one simple sentence that I have been screaming from the rooftops ever since November of 2008:

These people are NEVER going to walk away.

The Republic was overthrown in a neo-Stalinist putsch four years ago.

Stalinists don’t walk away.


Stalinists don’t hold elections – they put on shows to delude the masses, which they consider to be vermin, into believing that they still have some say and some degree of freedom. And when even that gets tiresome for them, they start slaughtering people. By the tens of millions.

Note that all of the so-called pundits on the so-called “right” are avoiding the issue of massive voter fraud. They’re all just spewing the same nonsense as ever:

The fight has just begun! This is when the real hard work begins! Yay! We’ll show ’em in 2016! Yay!

Meanwhile, here in the land of reality, my inbox is filling with emails from people who are just now realizing that they are probably going to die an unnatural death, and probably within the next several years.

But it’s cool, because Ace put up a recipe thread today. Spit on one’s hands and hoist the black flag, indeed!

So, what to do now? I have several action items for you. These are all re-hash, but I’ll put them together and re-post them because maybe, just maybe, you people are actually ready to listen and do something.


If you are self-employed, stop paying quarterlies and DO NOT FILE next April. Boehner rolled over this morning and announced that the “Republicans” are gung-ho to raise taxes. They can only raise taxes on you if you pay taxes. Don’t pay. DO NOT FILE.

IF YOU ARE NOT SELF-EMPLOYED and your employer withholds your taxes, all you have to do is increase THE NUMBER OF EXEMPTIONS YOU CLAIM. Exemptions are NOT just wife-and-kids. People who make large charitable donations kick up their exemptions, as do people with big mortgages. In theory, there is no maximum to the number of exemptions you can claim, but 9 is considered to be the “normal” maximum. Go to your human resources / payroll department tomorrow and tell them you want to increase your exemptions and thus decrease your withholding as much as possible. Then, next April, DO NOT FILE.

There is exactly ONE non-violent remedy left to you, and that is a tax strike. If you do not do this, you are guaranteeing, and I mean 1000% guaranteeing, that there will be a massive hot war and genocide in the United States within the next decade. Go find a good teenaged boy. Look into his eyes, and then understand that if we do not starve the Putsch Regime in Washington, that boy will almost certainly die in the war.


If you do not now understand that the media is enemy number one of you, your family, this culture and of God; if you do not understand that the media is SATANIC, then you are either terminally stupid or you are hopelessly addicted to the satanic filth, agitporn and lies yourself. Pick up the phone, call the cable or satellite company and TURN THE SHIT OFF NOW.

Oh, and by the way, I found out how much you are paying for each cable channel. It is roughly $0.12 per month per channel. I saw this figure in a recent story about Algore’s Stalinist propaganda channel, Current TV, which they are now trying to sell. Current TV goes into 60 million homes and has annual revenues from their cable and satellite royalties of $86 million. That is $0.12 per subscriber per month. So, you are offering that “pinch of incense” of $0.12 per month (at minimum) for every channel that is included in your cable or satellite package, including the sodomite channel, including MTV, including MSNBC, whether you watch it or not, and even if you block it on your cable box. Your money is still going to these outfits every month, and in doing so you proclaim that “caesar is lord”. St. Polycarp, pray for us.


Get out, get out, get out. Close every brokerage account without exception. When my economic presentation is posted within the next few days, you will clearly see why. Pull your bank accounts down to the bare minimum. Buy gold and silver. Keep some Federal Reserve Notes on hand. Pay off debt and hold clear title to as much as you possibly can. Start liquidating your stuff now if, like me, you are going to eventually lose your home, which should actually be in play for almost everyone except the very wealthy who don’t need to generate any income (and thus pay no taxes) to survive and and simply live off of their existing wealth. Anyone who generates income and declares a tax strike should start preparing now to have their home and the contents of their home seized. Thus, get rid of everything now so that there is nothing for them to seize.


Find cash-only doctors (general practitioners) operating in your area and establish a relationship with them now. Once you find a cash-only G.P., get a list of cash-only surgeons and surgery centers.

If you live anywhere near Oklahoma City, there is already an outstanding cash-only surgery center in your back yard. CLICK HERE TO BEHOLD THE FUTURE OF MEDICINE.


I’ll just give you an example so you know what I mean. I found out that when you don’t file with the IRS, what they do is “subpoena” your bank statements from your bank, and then they simply go in and add up all of the credits in your bank account and IGNORE ALL OF THE DEBITS. No expenses are recognized whatsoever. Every dollar “in” is considered to be pure, fully-taxable income.

Sounds horrible, right? Especially if you are a business owner like me, right?

So, how do I make this work for me? Simple. I’m going to get some cash deposited into the bank in a quantity that I am prepared to lose, and then I am going to login to my online banking interface and sit here all blessed day and transfer that quantity of money between my bank accounts. I’m hoping to “generate” “income” in the form of credit entries on my bank statements into the eight figures.

In theory, if I had enough of a cash base, I could literally offset the entire national debt by “generating income” for the IRS in this way. But, I’ll just target an eight-figure “taxable” income for 2012. Heh.

See what I’m getting at here?

You don’t cower.


If those rat bastards want to play, I’m their huckleberry.

Say when.

77 responses to “Barnhardt: You Ready To Get Serious Now? You Ready To Listen?

  1. I would say pay the minimal amounts on your debts. Go off radar as much as possible. Move any bank accounts to a local credit union.
    And it’s too late for PM’s, turn them into things you can eat or barter with.
    If you are a vet, see the VA docs to get as much ‘free stuff’ as you can.
    And absolutely, establish a fall back position in a rural area.

  2. Another way to get around these economic fascists is by bartering. Barter your skills, barter your services. But, keep an eye out for snitches. Now that Barry is back in, his Orcs and minions will be legion.

  3. I got your back huckleberry!!

  4. And the point of going to jail is what?

    There is a way to beat the taxman at his own game and jabbing a pointy stick in his eye is not in the recipe. His stick is bigger and pointier than yours. Knowing that, is the first step of understanding.

    I guess it all depends on what your long range goal is.
    Mine, for 29 years of self employment, was to keep as much of my coin as possible, and not once was I ever audited.

    I don’t suggest anyone follow me as the path is fraught with horror and risk.
    But if being right is paramount you must stop the thieves anyway that you can.

    Having said all of that, income taxation is not about money for the state for they just print more when they need it. They don’t need your money.

    They want your obedience, and attacking your ass pocket is the most direct and efficient way of doing so. I know this for a fact. They require your obedience.

    In 1992 the irs claimed I owed them $9k but I did not. They threatened me and my wife but my wife files separately. They called my wife at her job and illegally threatened her, she called their bluff. They called her again and the irs rep asked my wife if her and I are still married. When my wife answered in the affirmative the rep asked, “How can you remain married to a man that is trying to wreck your life?”. My wife hung up in tears and moments later quit her job and became self employed.

    I have seen the evil side of the irs and the gov’t at large and it is fiercely ugly and terrible. The individual people that work there. They prompt you to kill them outright, all of them. All are evil to the core. They are a cancer on society, a horrid virus, and need eviscerating any way possible, right out in the open daylight or in the privacy of darkness, they need to be gone, all of them.

    • “…Having said all of that, income taxation is not about money for the state for they just print more when they need it. They don’t need your money…”

      Can you please repeat this, for as long as is necesssary, so that all will get the point?

      • A coorollary objective is to eliminate dignity and privacy in every aspect of our lives by monitoring all financial assets, commercial and personal transactions, and property use, thereby supporting ZOG’s various mass behavioral manipulation schemes, such as WH advisor Cass Sunstein’s “patriarchal libertarianism.” The reporting mandates are as egregious as the theft itself.

    • Ann won’t go to jail. If she denies their legitimacy to tax her, why would she accept their legitimacy to jail her?

      • She’ll go. It’s the smart move at this point. Sooner or later, if they don’t kill her, we’ll break her out. But she’s wrong about the election. It was extremely significant. The Kenyan was DOWN 10 million votes from ’08, yet the Grand Old Pedophiles STILL could not win. Why? Because 10-20 million Libertarians and Hardright gunsels have finally seen thru the GOP and – thanx to the ‘net – can no longer be neo-conned into voting for corporate -socialists (Bush, Dole, Bush, Bush, McCain, Romney). With the Brown Tide now drowning the Whites in Florida, the Republicans are finished as a national party. That’s all very good. Except for the gubmint employees, Whites now have no place to go but further and further to the Right.

    • Why didn’t you hunt down the IRS POS who threatened you wife and killed him ? Why not ?

      DAN III

      • The call was from a large building filled with gov’t thugs in Atlanta, I was in southwest Florida.

        Do the math, choose your battles.

        They wanted money so I gave them money, though I knew they were wrong, 3 years later they gave it back.

  5. We know the election was pre-determined and fake because, well Because Ann Says So!

    That’s a world changing charge she makes, and to back it up she offers what evidence exactly??


    If I did believe that the election was a show piece then something big would change in how I look at the world. Where is the proof?

    OK, forget the proof, where is the detailed accusation? What mechanism was used? According to the stats Obama won by about 2 million votes. Where were they injected. Is every state and every county in on this decpetion, or just the Swing State? Pray tell, madam. We’re “avoiding the issue of massive voter fraud”. OK. I’m asking, show my your charges.

    Be specific. Please don’t site the individual crackpots in Berkeley who voted twice. Yes we know there is a bit of mischief hiding there, but millions and millions of votes, in precisely the right places have to have been fixed for your theory to be correct.

    Meanwhile, I’ll go start a fight with the IRS, cancel my health insurance and create fake bank records.

    That’s the ticket!

    • “….Obama won by about 2 million votes….”
      It was 498,715 votes, less than 1% of the total.
      What a mandate.

      52,524,449 for Obama
      52,025,784 for Romney

    • Well look real hard at who the Repub’s put at the top of the ticket.
      A draft dodger, who has shipped jobs, wealth, technology, and helped Make Communist China into a international power house. And PRC is not our friends!
      I could over look that he belongs to money and sex cult, who will commit murder if it suits them……
      But the insults to Ron Paul were over the top.
      Face it, Mittens is a stooge, albeit a very wealthy one.

      • “…. who has shipped jobs, wealth, technology,….”

        Well, yeah, and you would too if it prevented the gov’t from stealing even more of your wealth.

        People that write negatively about people that try to avoid theft should just keep their retarded mouths shut.

    • “If I did believe that the election was a show piece then something big would change in how I look at the world.”

      I gotta know, if you don’t mind sharing. What would be the big change in how you looked at the world, in such a scenario?

  6. Many people ask “How was the election fixed. Nobody has an answer. Was there voter fraud ? of course, probably on both sides. They are just better at it then our side.
    To really drop out you have to be self employed and work for cash only. Well no not true, you can take a check from a private party for say “Handyman” work just don’t deposit it in your account. Go to their bank and cash it. If it’s for work that they can’t use for a deduction there would be no trail back to you. And if there was it would be for that one tiny bit of money. I’ve worked as an independent contractor for private parties and done well. You don’t have to charge as much for your labor if your not giving the tax man 30 % of it. Sure your not putting any in SS but for most of you it won’t be there when you arrive at their door.
    PM? not for me. Well there are some PM’s I collect. bullets, primers, powder, extra brass, magazines and any non papered weapon I can afford and justify the need for.
    Yard sale tools like shovels and saws, axes anything of value that I can sell or barter down the road.

    A storage shed full of good tools , A reloading room full of equipment and components, All these things are as much of a 401K as anything else and it’s under your control. Try getting your 401K.

    I don’t agree with Ann on everything but when shes right shes right.
    Take back control of as much of your life as possible, Stop letting the leeches in DC suck you dry.

    • “Go to their bank and cash it.”

      I dare you to do that, go ahead, just try it.

      Speak of what you *know* not what you wish.

      • People cash the check at the signer’s bank all the time, my friend. Especially the Free Shit Army because they have to rush to make an installment payment on something before they close or they get repoed. But seriously, I know contractors that have done this for years.

      • Uh GS I do speak of what I know, you might try that yourself.

        • I’ve dealt with hundreds of banks for many years and for the past 10 or so ALL of them have require you to have an account at their bank in order to cash a check.

          Yes, I am an expert.

          • Been cashing checks for years at the same boss’s bank….. no account required.

          • Not so. I do it all the time. A check is instruction to your fiduciary (the bank, contracted to act as your agent) to release some of your money to whomever you specify, and the bank must comply by law. Their “policy” is irrelevant.

            • “A check is instruction to your fiduciary (the bank, contracted to act as your agent) to release some of your money to whomever you specify, and the bank must comply by law.”

              Yes and no. The first part is right, and nearly all banks will cash good checks written by one of their account holders. But these days, the vast majority will charge you for that service if you don’t have an account there yourself.

              Believe it or not, they are NOT required to cash a check, even a good one drawn on their own bank…even at the home branch of the account and even with the signature card on the premises. I also believed this was the law (that they were required to) most of my life, but at one point I checked directly with the Federal Reserve (because of the damn charges). Technically they are required to “make good” on a check drawn on their bank, but only through the ACH system. While nearly all banks WILL cash such a check, they are not required by law to do that. In the words of the Fed person, “It’s technically a service they offer but are not required to.” This is why they can, and do, get away with charging for this “service.”

              I have reason to believe that’s accurate. If anyone’s got an actual cite to the contrary, I’m interested.

              • Something changed in 2000 and the banks in southwest Florida where I was living at the time stopped cashing checks entirely unless you had an account with them. I have done hundreds of *cash deals* since then and because I was not able to cash them at the payers bank and wouldn’t dare cash it at my own I started patronizing a check cashing facility. Yes, there is a penalty but it is far less than the gov’t tax burden.

                Just last week, here in Ruralville, I tried to cash a check my wife had written to me and her bank (Fifth/Third) would not cash it because I didn’t have an account there.

          • Did those banks require you to deposit the proceeds of the check in your account or would they hand over the cash directly?

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      HB, most of these folks won’t listen, they can’t imagine being your own person and not worshipping at the alter of the party god. Most are still straight line Repubs, pay their NRA dues and will not attempt to free their minds or pocket books. Anything you suggest to free themselves from fedgov they have to negate as idiocy on your part, they’re brainwashed and scared, can’t fix that! They enjoy paying higher taxes and insurance, makes them feel good about their patriotism, you know, doing their part to keep this nation stable.
      I quit the IRS game in ’05, file my 1040 every yr with $0 straight down the line. Closed my bank acct several yrs ago, deal in cash only and refuse to buy more insurance than needed to keep my cars on the road. Use the VA for all my medical, tell them to kiss my ass when they tell me to buy additional insurance, WTF, over. WHY?
      And yes, bottom line on all this, subservience to the state. How far can they make you bend over and still not do anything about it? Well, as we’re seeing, pretty fukn far. It’s getting painful, and still nobody’s fighting back.

      • SF you are right. Nothing more to add to that! I to use VA and I to am a former Marine so I say Semper Fidelis to you Brother.

        • Semper Fi, 0321

          Former 1/9, 2nd Recon and 4th Tanks 72-83. Oooorah, brother.

          • 0351 106’s 3/7 and 2/5 .. The few the Proud! now there is a band of Brothers.

            • Semper Fi, 0321

              0351,0321,1811,2111, served as a Mule driver when I got to Camp Schwab. Transferred to S-2 Scouts later, those 106’s were awesome, weren’t they? Never forget pushing the firing button and getting hit with concussion from both sides! Now that make a great yard ornament today.


    • Well..No you are not an expert! A bank has no choice in cashing a check written by an account holder at that bank. The can and do make you show ID, The can and do require your thumb print on the check. BUT they have to case it. period.
      I’ve dealt with banks for the past 50+ years from coast to coast and Border to Border plus AK.
      So I’ll finish my part of this by saying. “I” never had a problem cashing a persons check at THEIR bank. ever…You may have I don’t know… I haven’t and that’s what I’ve been saying all along..” I ” haven’t. YMMV
      nuff said.

      • “A bank has no choice in cashing a check written by an account holder at that bank.”

        Look, if you’ve got a cite, then set it out. My experience is the same as yours…I’ve never even heard of a bank refusing to cash a good check. I was speaking of the law and regs on the matter. Nor did I claim to be an expert, but I do believe the Fed rep is. As I requested, if you’ve got something to the contrary, I for one am very interested.

        • BTW, it wouldn’t surprise me if these days there are separate rules concerning paychecks, this being a Worker’s Paradise and all, but I haven’t heard of that. In any event, the best evidence so far, at least to me, are the words directly from the Fed.

    • Ahhh the old Mechanical Mules!loved em but man you best have a driver worth his salt coz they would roll on a side hill faster then a basket ball.
      Watched one roll once the crew bailed but the gun couldn’t talk about twisted tubes!
      I wanted to transfer to the Ontos but realized their crew was the same as mine and they had 6 guns to clean whereas we had one. lol
      They sent a lot of them to mountain ski patrols areas for avalanche work. Not sure what they fired in them. Just something I read.

      • Semper Fi, 0321

        There’s an old 106 mount next to the highway on Teton Pass WY, hole with a steel plate cover, used it for blowing up cornices that became too dangerous. HE rounds more than likely.
        I think the new ones are for pussies, giant air cannons!

        • I doubt they used real HE rounds I think it was more the boom effect to start the break up…but I don’t know. I loved them but of course I can’t hear now…lol

  8. Ghostsniper:

    CNN has these numbers for the vote total right now:

    OBAMA: 60,773,506
    ROMNEY 57,879,045
    DIFFERENCE 2,894,461.

    In round numbers about 3 million of 120 million cast, or 2.5%

    Where are your numbers from? Maybe you got those before they had finished counting the West Coast, midnight Tuesday or earlier.

  9. bpfreebuckeye

    “O” won 6 of the 88 counties in Ohio by a total of 497,000 votes… Cleveland, Columbus, Toledo, & Akron f*cked us all

  10. I had to laugh at this because it is close to how I lived for most of my life and everyone called me crazy, a radical or worse. What took you so long to figure it out? Welcome to the land of the free!
    After my time in service I dropped out of the game feeling that I had earned my citizenship in the republic. I made conscious decision that I was going to live my life my way and as free as possible. This was over 25 years ago.
    Since then I have never had the same bank account for more than 6 months, I never had a credit card,haven’t owned TV in so many years I can’t remember. I moved frequently and traveled light. I paid with cash. I drive an old car that I fix mostly myself. I work at jobs with my hands making things or building things that folks needed, Never wear suit or go to an office. Educated myself and my children.
    I never got rich or even close to wealthy but I have known freedom unlike most people I meet. I have seen all of the country and a lot of the world, when I could I lived in the woods as close to nature as I could get. I owe no one any debt, I have committed no crimes, I only pay taxes when I get “real job” and then not much.
    At 50 I am healthy, happy and still free.I do not plan to retire, I plan to do what I need to do until I can’t do it anymore then get the hell out of the way.
    Point is, that when you’ve finally had enough, and are willing walk the walk and talk the talk you too can live free. To me Freedom has been has been a choice not a gift or something given by any lawmaker. I simply refused to compromise my belief in personal freedom, never ever ever. If it all falls apart tomorrow I will die a free man. Now is the time the time is now. What are you waiting for?

    • Glenn, Bless you. You are right. I have done pretty much the same my whole adult life. Raised and educated two happy, smart, self-sufficient kids, worked and played as I saw fit, don’t have regrets other than maybe wishing I had started out this way sooner, and wouldn’t trade with anyone I’ve ever met. Being sovereign means taking personal responsibility for your life. Simple, even if not always easy, and damn well worth it, in my opinion.

    • Colorado Pete

      Is that your name, or location? I once saw my only look at the northern lights in a town by that name. Gorgeous country all around. I aim to revisit one day.

  11. O won the urban enclaves and that is the genius of the Democrat machine. Cities are the seedbed and garden of collectivism so the Ds leverage the advantage. The business of voter fraud is silly because in the larger context, all votes presume your neighbor is your property and the majority gets the spoils…at gunpoint. What a country!

  12. I would propose marriage to Ann but I think she is hiding a big pair of balls under her skirt. Still madly in love with her though. Wake up America, we need a couple million more like Ann if we are going to rebuild this nation and return her to godliness and glory.

  13. Pierce Kilkenny

    Miss Barnhardt,
    Without being to forward, I just adore you. You are taking a stand others will deride and belittle because your challenge is too great and fearsome to them.Such never become Leaders nor worthy of emulation. It is true you are actually joining a small group of people who already live without supporting a corrupt, evil State. Liberty is hard won in our current State, but individuals and families are successfully living free of their clutches and you already feel the joy within as you realize you are disentangling from a corrupt State. Life will steadily improve despite all the naysayers shaking their heads at you.

  14. The government doesn’t need your tax money to operate. The government gets its money by printing it, in amounts that dwarf the taxes received; that’s what the huge deficit is, it means the printing dwarfs the tax receipts. The government wants your tax money so that you don’t have it to operate. The income tax was started in 1913 because the industrial revolution was going to make the entire middle class independently wealthy, and then the middle class would no longer allow politicians to be royalty.

    There are no real human difficulties with nature anymore. There is no human-caused climate change that requires a reduction in burning fossil fuels. What happened to all that water that is claimed to have melted off the continental ice shelves, is it levitating? If the sea level didn’t rise noticeably in the last twenty years than the ice didn’t melt, and AGW is all lies. There is no peak energy problem. North America has a 200 year reserve of coal which can be turned into gasoline for existing engines, and the Thorium in that coal is a 2,000 year reserve of nuclear energy. There is no crop failure, serious crop disease, serious crop predator bug or animal, serious drought, or human plague disease outbreak. There is no military enemy massing armies on the border. Islam is not building a fleet of ocean-crossing landing craft with the industrialized economy they don’t have. Space aliens have not landed. There is no reason other than American voters, which may include you to prevent you from being independently wealthy and not needing to work very much.

    • “….industrial revolution was going to make the entire middle class….”
      ….dependent upon it.

      Employment, working for one boss, is the most dangerous thing you can do while residing in a society. It chains you to a single source with the loop right around your neck and your wallet. When that chain gets yanked, you dance. When it snaps you cry.

      Working for one employer is the equivalent to placing all your financial eggs in one basket and then asking an asshole to carry it. BLAM! The asshole drops it and you’re finances are now scrambled.

      Further, the whole idea of working for $X per hour is so demeaning as to be impossible for me to get my head around even though I too worked that way in my youth, long ago. I mean really, per hour? LOL It is so childish.

      If that isn’t insulting enough, your employer has agreed to steal a certain amount of your hourly earnings and give it to someone else. How can you trust someone like that? Oh, thats right, he’s just doing his job.

      The best thing you can do is stop working like a slave and start working like a free man. Do what you do now, or do something different, but do it for yourself, become a free agent. Control ALL of your time, ALL of your money, and take this world on full force with all the rights and responsibilities built right into it.

      Its impossible to be free when you behave like a slave.


  15. A little tie in with the “Urban enclave”.
    You are spot on that is exactly how he got his votes. Now ask yourself this question in that context and in the context of insurgent strategy.

    Why would the military and police forces of the Fed try to control anything outside of those urban enclaves?
    If your strategy involves hiding in the woods or a vast rural area how would that strategy allow for the use of more kinetic solutions to what they preceive as a problem?
    Why would people inside of those urban enclaves care if the military was dropping bombs on radical rural terrorists 200 miles away in flyover country?

    • alan w. mullenax

      That’s exactly my thought.

      Those in the rural areas are not gonna be problem free. They’re just gonna have different problems.

      And you ain’t never gonna take back the country until you take back the cities.

      • What kind of food, clothing, shelter do the cities produce? Are American cities just parasites doing service industry busywork? If they’re a net drain you don’t have to liberate them to win. Used to be the politicial division was between farms in the country and factories in the city. Now there aren’t any more factories in the city, except for hospitals.

        • I didnt say you have to liberate them, in fact your point is very valid in convincing those that live in suburbia that they dont need the city. Thats where the fight is. The powers that be are well entrenched in the cities and they will do every thing they can to convince the suburbanites that the radical rural terrorists are out to get them by cutting off their food and their resources. The people in suburbia will have no problem accepting extreamly violent means of taking care of those rural terrorists. thats the battle ground as it is. It should be a strategic goal of FREEFOR to convince suburbia that it NEEDS rural america much more than Urban america.

          • It should be a strategic goal of FREEFOR to convince suburbia that it NEEDS rural america much more than Urban america.




            F’ing A.

          • Suburbia: the worse tradeoffs of any mainstream housing situation in America. You have “land”, but you can’t garden on it or build on it or run a business on it. You can’t put up an eight foot opaque fence around it to keep the burglars and eyeballs out. That “land” is a cost to you forever, you have to mow it but you can’t use it. You have a “house”, but it’s too small and you don’t have enough spare rooms or porch or mudroom. It’s too small to store enough stuff, and your in-storage stuff ends up at the U-store-it where other people can inspect it for political incorrectness. It has too few rooms to house a friend’s family for a few months, or grandma for a decade. It’s too small to have a permanently-set-up mechanical hobby in conditioned space, pleasant to use year-round, with a separate entrance to keep the dirt out of the living quarters. Because you can’t do anything real with your hands in this space, you tend to watch TV instead. Suburbia limits your actions, and that limit channels your mind to reduces the size of your life. “Wonder what’s on TV? Gosh that guy making motorcycles has developed a side business or better career with the skills he’s developed. Too bad it’s impossible for me to do that in suburbia, and it will remain out of reach my entire life because I will never leave suburbia, the perfect American dream!” Suburbia is a prison to keep white-collar slaves in a white-collar slave mindset.

    • I do believe the ‘elites’ want the Earth’s population down to about 500,000,000 total.
      To that end, they will throw the ‘useless eaters’ under the bus. As we saw in Bengazi, they have no loyalty to their subordinates.
      And as a member of my cop union PAC (committee), I attenned functions /parties of both major Parties. The Democrats have nothing but contempt for persons of color, union members,honest people, the working classes, at all levels of their org. The Republicans, only when they reach higher levels (US Senators) do you find that atttitude.

      (And none of them should talk politics when they are under the influence of alcohol LOL)

    • That’s why the cities have to be made uninhabitable. Don’t fret, the denizens will do the heavy lifting for you. All that has to be done is the power, water, motor T of food and goods going in need to be interrupted. Social gravity will do the rest.

      • I drove OTR commerical trucks for 3 months. one would not believe how our food supply. In late summer, i’mhauling carrots from Bakersield, CA, to Maine.
        And not some fancy organic either, just ‘Bunny Luv’ brand.
        And I’m a old fart: Anyone else remember the food distribution Patty Hearst’s kidnappers, the SLA, demanded for her release?
        Wow… you don’t want to be nearany urban area when the ballon goes up.

  16. I don’t think Barnhardt will willingly go to jail. If she denies the legitimacy of this government to take her, why would she accept their legitimacy to jail her? She’ll go underground.

    • mackrel snapper

      I imagine she will go out in a blaze of glory. And I hope in 200 years, she’s cannonized.

      • Colorado Pete

        Mac, that’s “canonized” (as a saint). “Cannonized” is what might cause that “blaze of glory”.

        Sorry buddy but I’m anal-retentive speller and saw too many mis-spelled words on the net today….and the above just struck a chord in context.

  17. alan w. mullenax

    I’m cool with all of it and I think it would be effective. I’m good to go for anything that ramps up the fight. But I will not hang my ass out alone. I will not be fodder for you fuckers to discuss while I’m dead or in prison. Just won’t.

    Quit paying taxes? Great. No problem. Gotta be a lot of us though. Individuals in the past that have done that got their asses handed to them. If a sizeable number were to do it and the pull the trigger on anyone coming to enforce, then we got something. But that means I gotta come to you in need and you to me. How many are willing? Don’t be shy. Step up. I’m in if you are.

    I don’t have a 401k or any investments. Easy.

    Cancel my SAT. Uh, dunno. I like my History Channel, NatGeo, Military Channel, and the Food Network. You guys would have to get real serious.

    Bank accounts? Always minimal. No problem.

    Cancel my health insurance? Not right now. Still paid for by the company for the most part. But I will swear to you that the second anybody tells me I gotta, cancelled.

    Act more aggressively and offensively? Gee Ann, I don’t know. I like to think of myself as a laid back kinda guy. But I’ll work on it for you. 😉

    • I think announcing yourself as a tax protestor without solid legal cover is as dumb as wearing a red coat and standing in a square formation. Get a better accountant, reduce your tax liability legally with a mainstream approach. The idea is to win and live your life unmolested, not to “reform” government by chastizing it with the sacrifice of your life. “The Navy has no place for good losers! The Navy needs tough sons of bitches who can go out there and win!” — Admiral Jonas H. Ingram

      • Semper Fi, 0321

        Spoken as a true coward. Ever tried it? I mean growing some balls and doing something on your own, without a lawyer or consultant to back you up. Didn’t think so.

        • Of course I haven’t tried it; where there is cover available, I’ll use it. Yes, humans have an instinctual drive to stand up in the clear and scream their defiance at the enemy while jumping up and down like monkeys. Consider this: it takes more self-control to consistently resist that urge for a lifetime, than to indulge it. Effectiveness may outwardly look like cowardice.

          • Semper Fi, 0321

            I have relatives like you. I’m constantly amazed they look like men, without gonads. That makes them a modern metro sexual or a eunuch, either way, disgusting. They don’t have anything inside them to even understand that they are responsible for the welfare of their wife and child, instead , they rely on a cell phone to call for help. So you’re saying because you are so smart, you’re superior to a jumping monkey that would kick your sorry ass up one side and down the other? I appreciate intelligence, but lack of balls, no.

            • What are the benefits to the US middle class from anything done by the US army in the Middle East in the last fifty years? None. It wasn’t even a colonial grab of resources like Smedly Butler complained about. It is just a dead weight loss for the middle class, a condition necessary for military contractors to receive taxes, for politicians to be important, and to keep the middle class in the rat race.

              Enlisted men have been pouring their bodies into that meat grinder since forever. You do not win when you expose yourself to roar defiance at the enemy. Don’t respond to that bait. Resist the impulse, and win.

    • There are different tripwires. My 2: when they come for the guns and/or when the ObamaCare “tell us about your health insurance” form arrives. It gets ripped into a thousand pieces, and down the toilet. If/when the Health Care Police arrive, I will shoot them.

  18. Anonymous: “The government gets its money by printing it, in amounts that dwarf the taxes received;” Well not exactly. The deficit is about 40% of the budget. That means 60% of the budget is paid for with taxes. You high level point is valid: taxes ain’t the only game in town for FedGov to get money. But the printing doesn’t “dwarf” the tax revenue, it’s smaller. For now.

    • “That means 60% of the budget is paid for with taxes.”

      Only a small percentage of that is from income tax.
      There are hundreds of other taxes at all levels of gov’t, local to federal, that dwarf the income tax.

      It ain’t about the money, its about control.

      You reside in a money driven society and he who controls the money controls the people that live there.

      ALL freedomists need to think long and hard about that and how to get 100% control over the resources they require to live.

      They ain’t gonna shoot ya, they ain’t gonna jail ya, they are gonna control ya.

      They already have 47% in their control, are you gonna be one of them?
      Or maybe you already are.

      You were born with a brain and its past time to start using it.

    • You shouldn’t use the government’s numbers. Count the real deficit, which is $200 trilion to make SS/medicare pay off as promised.

  19. alan w. mullenax

    Doc Holiday in the video….

    I can do that.

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