Barnhardt: The ‘New Economy’ Is Going To Implode, In 8 Parts

From Ann Barnhardt:


Here it is. Here is the link to the workbook in PDF.

Part One Topics:
Systemic Counterparty Risk
Money is a Fungible Proxy for Your Very Humanity
All Currencies are Fiat
The Gold Standard is Not Necessary

Part Two Topics:
The Gold Standard is Not Necessary Continued
WE Are the Gold
The Morality and Economically Essential Nature of Interest
The Real Problem in Banking System: Unbacked Unsecured Lending
Bank Balance Sheet Exercise

Part Three Topics:
Sample Bank Balance Sheet Continued
The Lie of FDIC Deposit Insurance

Part Four Topics:
One Dollar of Capital Banking Paradigm
Denninger Axiom & Chart — Debt and GDP Change since 1980
The Debt Cycle — A Snake Eating Its Tail
Intelligent People Must Reassert Themselves as the Leaders of Society
The Rule of Law and Justice Must Be Reasserted

Part Five Topics:
Wealth Transfer: European Context
Wealth Transfer: U.S. Context
The Bribing Set-up of the Underclass by the Regime in
Preparation for Mass Slaughter
Secession Dynamics
Credit Default Swaps

Part Six Topics:
Credit Default Swaps Continued
Repos and Reverse Repos
Why are These Exotic Products Being Traded So Widely?
Review of 90 Day T-Bill Rates 2007-2012

Part Seven Topics:
WHO is doing these exotic and risky derivatives?
Review of top banks’ assets versus derivatives exposure
High Frequency Trading Scope & Solution
U.S. Government Unfunded Liabilities
The destructive nature of non-catastrophic insurance
Lies from Politicians

Part Eight Topics
More Lies From Lying Politicians
The Impossibility of Financial Planning Products and “Returns”
Why Inflating Debt Away is Impossible
The New Financial Objective: Holding Wealth Together and Minimizing LOSSES
There is Nowhere to Run
The Need to Position Into Physical Commodities
Quo Vadis? Where Are You Going?

Thank you, Miss B.

And I hope that some, if not all, of the happy campers here will help her should she need it in the coming catastrophe.


29 responses to “Barnhardt: The ‘New Economy’ Is Going To Implode, In 8 Parts

  1. indyjonesouthere

    Having watched all 8 parts, there is nothing in here that isn’t useful to anyone. There is no escape and this will tell you why. Prepare, and get family and friends to prepare. Those that do not prepare will not see the other side, enough of those who do prepare will not see the other side.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Those that do not prepare will not see the other side, enough of those who do prepare will not see the other side.”

      If you’re fucked either way, you might just as well party and enjoy the collapse.

  2. Ann,
    Most Ron Paul supporters advocate what Ron Paul advocates — That being free market “competing currencies”. They would serve as a check on one another. Some may be gold, some silver, some wheat bushels. Some even backed by labor. Or a combination there of. This is the only way to keep a handle on currencies. You know mans heart is evil, there are two things that will serve as a check — The Bible and competing currencies. That is Ron Paul’s position in a nut shell.

  3. outlawpatriot

    You’re in the wrong place.

  4. “Normally I try and rely on facts and logic”
    You should have continued this policy as it would have saved you from a foolish reputation.

  5. Also admit to not yet having watched her validictory, But I will, if I can keep my eyes off that tie she’s wearing. What’s WITH that? Hope Uncle Sugar takes it away from her before the incarceration.

  6. Ann Barnhardt is one brave soul. She puts more than just her money where her mouth is. She has put her life on the line. I wish her well in her tax strike. I watched every minute of her 8-pt. video. Watch it. You might learn something! God bless you, Ann. TrueTexan

  7. Aesop, I have read nearly everything you have posted lately, both here and at AM’s, wherever. And I have agreed with 90% or more of everything you’ve said. You sound to me like the voice of intelligent reason.

    But you’re way round the bend on this one. Yes, Ann’s demeanor is hard to take sometimes but publicly, repeatedly and courageously putting one’s very life on the line to say the things no one else will say is, to say the least, a very invigorating experience. What many of us do here cannot begin to compare….

    I dunno what some psychobitch did to you in the past (and I’ve been there myself) but try to let it go long enough to learn what Ann is giving us. She’s passionate because she sees so truly… what she knows is scary, even to her. The reality we are facing is more terrible to her because so much more immediate and devastating…. in exquisite detail. And she hates the authors of our demise all the more for her deep understanding of the arrogance, deceit, subtlety and pure evil of their methods. She is motivated by a very high moral imperative as well, whether or not one agrees with it in every detail.

    Don’t reject the best intel because you’re put off by the messenger.

    • I agree she has always put me off by her looks, too wild eyed. Then again I am not looking to court her, so, who cares.

      I am not against her message. Her point is her message. It is not what she looks like, and to be honest I am amazed she does not join a convent before the .gov gets her. She could be better service praying for all our salvation than fighting off the animals behind bars. She already lead by example.

    • alan w. mullenax

      You ring a few warning bells for me.

    • “Didn’t say I rejected the message”

      Sure you did. You couldn’t get past the second “rant.” So how do you know what sh has to offer?

      I’m not trying to start a pissing contest, nor chastise you for your perception of Ann’s affect. I just think that she offer’s perspective, clarity of analysis, depth of understanding and moral outrage of a high order, all of which we ignore to our peril.

      With all respect and affinity,


      • alan w. mullenax


        Might be time to start losing the respect and affinity.

        Just sayin’.


        • Beginning to think you’re right, Alan. about the current topic, I mean.

          I’ve thought you were right many other times on other matters as well. MHeh! Especially your, “Patience, Hell. Let’s go kill something.”

          There’s sentiment I can resonate with, although not a presently advisable tactic, perhaps.

      • Citations to those more thoughtful and less predigested sources of info, please.

        • Pretty weak citations, bro.

          Especially for someone who doesn’t suffer fools gladly, by self – description.

        • I agree CA that list of sources explains everything.
          Did notice there is not one point raised by Ann that was countered, well a blind man could see through this..

          • So exactly what’s the gripe, Aesop?

            If these are all obvious facts and she’s getting through to some people who don’t yet understand them, for whatever reason, then what could possibly be wrong with that? Are you saying that those people would be better off not knowing those facts until someone whose STYLE meets your approval, clues them in? What exactly ARE you saying?

  8. You go girl! Amazing how naked truth freaks folks out, isn’t it?
    P.S. That pink gun of yours absolutely cracks me up. S’pose they”ll be all the rage for this year’s Christmas giving?

  9. Big Bad Wolf

    Ann made some great points in this series — she really breaks it down. I never thought about 0% interest this way but she demonstrates the ramifications and it slapped me right in the face. Even if the interest is raised slightly above 0% now, the consequences will be other-worldly, yet the rates MUST rise, this is a mathematical certainty. Ann has balls, and my support. Not long now folks….

  10. Ann comes across as hysterical…yes she does…but we all had to go through that phase in our early years as ‘truthers’, ‘conspiracy theorists’ and such….cognitive dissonance is a bitch…she will grow out of it…you just need to see these things in perspective…see the big picture of life….we have a limited time on Earth anyway, just try to do the right thing and let the dice fall…victory is assured in the end anyway, as per scriptures..
    …or …just get on a plane if you can’t take it anymore..
    Plenty of countries in the East that could use an English teacher…or a close facsimile of one..

    i ALSO Know a little m bit about Insanity, Conscious versus subconscious.
    Short and Long, Logic Ego, EMotions. THE womans faith in Men and Society is gone only her faith in the LORD remains.
    See her home, they will take it and all she owns, you tell me who would remain calm in that situation.

    I know because they are trying to make me pay the same bills again.
    Killed my mom and all I have left is a couple buckets of casting lead.

    Good thiing for the EPA though.

    P.S. Eggball eyes are also a medical sign, for Instance excessive IOdine.
    Thats’ probably not it though Iodine has been deliberately removed to make us sickly, Give em the Bromide and Flouride though.

  12. ILoveSnagglepuss

    Just my 2 cents worth: (a) Ann is a devout, traditionalist Catholic. Pls go to her website and check-out her recent video and commentary on the French genocide at the Vendee. Among the points she makes is that originally the “tie” was developed as a symbol of Christ on the Cross; she wears a tie proudly in honor of the Vendee. Besides, she likes ties. BTW: From what I understand, a lot of women in the Western US love the western tie — Temple Grandon always wears one — and it is well integrated into women’s western fashion. Does anyone have a problem with that? If no, then pls lay off the tie. (b) Like the Cassandra character in the play Agamemnon (Aeschylus), Ann sees into the future and the catastrophic effect our present monetary system will have on society. Think she’s over-reacting? How have people reacted in the after-math of some of the most recent weather-caused catastrophes? What is going on in the Northeast right now after Hurricane Sandy? If there is an economic collapse — a true, genuine collapse of the magnitude Ann describes — how will people, the vast majority of whom have never known want and have no idea how they get their sustenance, respond? You think Ann is wild-eyed? Look at some of the pictures of people in Long Island and Staten Island. Get past what you don’t find particularly appealing about Ann’s presentment and listen to what she has to say. And have the humility to accept that you may actually learn something.

  13. Walt_Hutchens

    I was gett’n frustrated there for a while, but ILoveSnaggle finally made the key points: (1) If you don’t believe that economic deprivation will tear society apart, then look at the Northeast, now, (when there’s still plenty of money and ‘stuff’ only there’s a temporary distribution problem). And (2) Stop firing at the messenger; listen to her message with an open mind.

    It’s real, folks. “The impossible, stops.” Much of what we’re doing now is impossible. Some big part of it will stop on Obama’s watch. And half or more of all blog responders will be SO surprised and silent.

  14. indyjonesouthere

    Ann is a modern Joan of Arc, but I’m afraid that like Joan there will be many more than willing to betray her. I wish her the best. And each of us should prepare and instruct to the best of our abilities.

    • Yes, she is. And when she burns for our lack of will and courage, woe will be unto us.

      If that’s a little too metaphysical for any of you, think canary in a coal mine.

      And she knows it. And she does what she does in spite of it. She is both prophet and EXAMPLE.

      Might make anyone a little bug eyed.

  15. I disagree with her assertion that gold is a fiat currency. She doesn’t get the definition of fiat currency correct. Yes, the society as a whole may have once decided to use gold/precious metals in lieu of barter, but it wasn’t done at the barrel of gun (i.e. like the government does now with their toilet paper).

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