Two From Velociman

Dragon’s Teeth, Sown

All Teed Up

Well done.

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  1. RE: General Patraues.
    Anyone remember who did the Honey Pot job on the Revveerund J. Jackson? His biographer!

  2. Semper Fi, 0321

    As I keep saying, Denial!
    Everyone wants the easy way out, can’t face the reality that the boat is sinking, so we head to the bar and ignore the water swirling around our feet. That’s where we are today and everyone keeps ordering more drinks, except the bottles are empty. What now?
    Oh, did I mention there’s no life preservers? And the sharks are circling the boat.

  3. I think the Democrats recognized the underlying tribal instincts of the
    blacks and hispanics and played upon that algorithm.
    Whites would be well versed to do the same thing.

  4. Hey, Pete, I just came across this in my email.
    Petitions to allow states to secede. There are a few others, one of which is encouraging blasphemy laws. I flagged it as inappropriate since it is a direct assault on the 1st Amendment. I’d like to push that one as much as possible, Maybe even start my own petition later.
    Please consider posting the link and having folks sign and disseminate teh info if they see fit. The petitions are on teh white house web site and I don’t know if folks will be comfortable putting themselves under that kind of scrutiny, but fuck it, I’m on their radar anyway!
    Follow the links in the article to the white house web site and create an account to sign petitions.
    I don’t know if this belongs in this comments section, but do with it what you will.
    Dan Knowles

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      That should work out real well. Everyone signs the papers, and fedgov just quietly goes along with the whole thing?
      You mean the same folks who are now lying to us every day, ignoring the rule of law, those folks? The ones that tell us we don’t really understand how gov’t works, but they’re showing us how, Chicago style.
      The water’s getting deeper and everybody still wants to play nice, how cute.

      I know, I don’t understand either. I’m just a sarcastic bastard who has to piss on everybody elses parade.

    • Mutant Swarm

      Hell, they could clean up the Federal balance sheet real easy – sell Hawaii to China and allow California to secede.

      BTW, we’re ALL on their radar.

    • Petitions ASKING ?

      How about a Declaration saying goodbye to the assholes in DC ?

      Can you envision the founding fathers ASKING ol’ King George III if he would kindly allow them to depart from the Crown ?

      DAN III

      • Good news, Dan…at least one flaming asshole thinks that’s exactly right.

        Or maybe that’s bad news. Anyway, if they say no, how about if a state offers 20% of its population? They might say yes to that, right?

  5. I dont think anybody really expects to be “allowed” to walk away. Anybody paying attention knows What we’re dealing with. It’s a “first step” towards peaceful secession. I think it’ll make them look hostile and tyrannical when the time to split is met with force. My understanding is we will have tried to do it peacefully and will then have freedom of action.
    And, seriously, don’t let your cynicism alientate yourself from otherwise strong allies. Disagree but don’t insult folks on your side. We’re late in the game and there’s no tellin if you’ll be meeting someone you pissed on, only to find you may not be able to depend o them because of it.

  6. Despite Senator Jefferson Davis’ appeal to the feds, the South was not allowed to walk away. Note the timing of the latest propaganda film on Lincoln, and the creds of the folks who produced this mendacious piece of drivel.

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      Steven Spielberg, the hypocrite gun owner? I understand he is quite the Class 3 collector, but only for certain folks, the rest of us shouldn’t be allowed to own them.

    • JM,

      You must be talking about “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer”
      (Sorry. Couldn’t help myself.)

      Lincoln was a war criminal and deserved what he reaped. Sic semper tyrannis.

  7. Gist of this election: thanks to the ‘net, Republicrats can no longer throw a wet blanket over the HardRight. Romney lost because about 5 million White gunsels went to the ammo store instead of the polling place. Nothing but racial, sectional, and R/L polarization from here on out. Spain…1936.

    • “Spain…1936.”

      I prefer Thermopylae, 480 BC.

      300 men died to the last man and the Persian aggressor was never able to recover from their ignominious defeat and the shed blood of their “Immortals.”

      Please adjust your calculations accordingly. I am .333% of 300.

      How many are the Three Per Cent of how many millions?

      You do the math. Then get busy