You Can’t Fix A Corpse

Vox Day updates this 2004 column with the 2012 situation.


As naive as their effort may appear to be, these folks are, from an orientation perspective, on the right track.

Or you can keep trying to resuscitate a cadaver.

Your call.

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  1. alan w. mullenax

    Paging Mr. Hines. Paging Mr. Hines. Mr. Pat Hines.

    Where you at bro? Surely you can’t let this pass without comment.

    The legislatures of these states have asked on bended knee to depart. Right?
    The citizens of these states are all on board with forming their own country. Right?

    These states are prepared to withdraw their senators and congressmen by a specific date. Right?

    These states have armed men willing to repel any federal attempt to keep them in the union. Right?


    Please. Don’t waste my time.

  2. Thank you.

    Yes this is naive. Yet it does make a statement.

  3. Alan,

    Shouldn’t you be addressing this to Russell Longcore at DumpDC, as well? I went to his site, and he _does_ mention a group in Texas pushing for secession, but I saw no mention of the White House web site reporting numerous (was it ten?) states petitioning for secession.

    Is it not quite interesting to see the White House telling people they need to register on their site if they wish to add their names to the petition?

  4. The list of states, so far.

    Texas is well ahead with 54,000 signatures as of midnight, I expect them to achieve over 100,000 signatures no later than the 14th, over 200,000 by their closing date. There’s a 30 day window to obtain 25,000 signatures for each state’s petition. The window varies, depending on when it was originated, most close between 7 and 10 December.

    While this is collective begging for something we don’t need permission to do, the favorable exposure is enormous.

  5. Mutant Swarm

    “Texas is well ahead with 54,000 signatures as of midnight, I expect them to achieve over 100,000 signatures no later than the 14th, over 200,000 by their closing date. There’s a 30 day window to obtain 25,000 signatures for each state’s petition. The window varies, depending on when it was originated, most close between 7 and 10 December.”

    And we all know that the White House will count them accurately.

  6. Fucking retarded,
    We are a disfunctional family with an abusive Husband. He will never let you go without beating the living shit out of you. You have made excuse after excuse for him for years and now you are going to ask for a restraining order to protect yourself from him. Let me know how that peice of paper works out for you….

  7. Neither the League of the South nor the Southern National Congress is involved with these petitions, we did not initiate any of them. They were put up by individuals, as far as we know, who were not part of any particular group. That there may be a group involved is possible, but we have no knowledge of that.

    My position, both personal and as an member of the Board of Governors of the SNC, is to make people aware of the petitions without taking a position on them at variance with the statement below.

    I don’t consider these petitions as wrong, however the official position of the Southern National Congress is as follows:

    “The American political world is abuzz the last few days with talk of secession. We have no doubt that this is because of frustrations over the re-election of Obama as president of the yankee empire.

    There have been several petitions begun in a number of States through the u.s. government’s website. In those petitions, the language begs permission from the u.s. regime for secession. They begin as
    follows. “Peacefully grant the State of ___ to withdraw from the United States of America and create its own NEW government.”

    We have a couple of fundamental problems with this at the threshold.

    First, begging permission from the federal government to do what a free and sovereign State may, and can, do by right is to take the position of a slave begging his master pretty please. Free men do not need permission to exercise their sovereignty. They simply do it. Period. Therefore, we reject such language for the slavish example of imperial brainwashing that it is. And, of course, the feds will ignore, downplay, and/or denigrate these petition efforts the first chance they get, and we seriously doubt that the yankee empire will suddenly ‘see the error of its ways’ and voluntarily dismember itself.

    Second, the States in question do not need to form new governments. Every one of them already has a perfectly legitimate and competent government residing and operating in their respective State capitals as I write this. Therefore, such a notion as forming a new government for their States is absurd. Perhaps they were implying the formation of a new general government for a new confederation of States, under a new constitution for that confederation. If that was the meaning, it should have been made clearer, and that is a concept that the SNC fully supports.

    We think that it is certainly good for the cause of Southern independence that people are openly talking about secession now, and that some are actively pursuing it, albeit in the wrong way. At the very least, it propels the subject into the political mainstream to a greater degree than we’ve seen since 1860, and that is a good thing.

    However, the SNC suggests that the correct way, the fundamentally Southern/American way, to pursue this objective is through the only political entities that may rightfully do so – our States. Therefore, we suggest that you petition your Governor, Attorney General, and State Senators and Representatives to call for a convention of the People of your State for the purpose of debating and ratifying an ordinance of secession from the united States of America. This is the path that should be taken by free men. Act boldly, and live as free men once again.”

    Secession is a process, we are engaged in that process.

    • alan w. mullenax

      League of the South.

      God, I love the sound of that.

      Restore the Constitution.

      I love the sound of that too.

      Unfortunately they both suffer from a common problem. Not enough committed men with guns willing to stand for what they believe in.

  8. There is that.
    The battered women situations tend to end with lots of blood and brusies.

  9. As of 0450, 14 November 2012, the petitions for secession signatures reached these numbers for the states I’m monitoring.

    Louisiana – 32,511
    Alabama -25,935
    North Carolina – 25,121
    Texas – 93,886
    Montana -11,352
    Georgia – 26,647
    South Carolina – 19,322
    Florida – 28,091
    Tennessee – 25,743
    Missouri – 15,875
    Mississippi – 15,076

    To qualify for an official response, the petitions must have 25,000 signatures within a 30 day window of their creation on the web site. Most of the states above have three weeks remaining.

    • outlawpatriot

      Any idea what that “official” response will be?

      • Jimmy the Saint

        My scrying bowl indicates a 3-word response – the first and last of which are “Go” and “Yourselves”. The Obamessiah does not concern himself with petitions from the peasantry, unfortunately.

  10. Jimmy the Saint

    “Or you can keep trying to resuscitate a cadaver.”

    Can’t remember where it’s from, but it reminds me of the line “At some point, it stops being CPR and becomes necrophilia”