Obama’s Fourth Dimension

Read both Martin McPhillip’s latest essay and John Venlet’s commentary on it.





Benvenuti a Roma.

14 responses to “Obama’s Fourth Dimension

  1. Kevibn J. Kehoe

    Traitorous Sacks of Shit,. Congress give him his bennies and Pension to testify,?

    Put him and the rest up against a wall if they will not do their duty either as the Warriors of the US or Citizens of the Declaration

  2. what is apparent, is not truly “what is”. this circus is:
    1) an attempt at total distraction – has no one noticed that those top democrats who could not care less about clinton/lewinsky have suddenly discovered a new morality? but to what end?

    2) the WH resident has very much alienated many .mil folks – this is a consolidation of power and removal of those deemed unreliable – plus it destabilizes/demoralizes those who care – inside their OODA loop if you will
    waiting for the next shoe

  3. A purge of the top military and intel leadership.
    Why no Comrade Obamavich I was not saying anything subversive….

  4. It should be okay—some reports are saying “likely” Susan Rice may become Secretary of State. That’s some bitch-slappin’ there, and she ain’t the one being bitch-slapped.

  5. Amazing that this can Happen in a Nation of Snipers

  6. The Knight of the Long Knives was much more effective.


    Oh yeah; Hitler’s was too.

    Personally, I don’t have a lot of sympathy for either of these man, who, in spite of their positions, could not exercise self-control above that of a dog.

    Neither is my sympathy extended to this country, which has not even the discernment level of a slug.

    Unfaithful animals do not deserve human leadership positions, but the US got exactly as it wishes and deserves in POTUS.

  7. Semper Fi, 0321

    Nailed that one, dead on.
    Now, will the military commanders see what’s going on and stage a coup, or go down as the slimey political wanabees they really are. Something has to crack really fukn soon or it’s over and the military will find itself unarmed too. All the new alphabet agencies will take over ASAP.

  8. While everyone is watching the Petraeus distraction, what are they really up to?

  9. Daniel K Day

    Here’s another of 0bama’s “dimensions” – teachers at a Marxist conference at Northwestern University, Chicago.

  10. The flames of hell are not hot enough for these traitors! By the way, what’s the punishment for a traitor anyway?

  11. Obama using a Bimbo Eruption to prevent a Franco Eruption. It’ll do him very little good. Our Franco, if there is one, is considerably further down the chain-of-command.

  12. Tripwire, much?


    Or STIX?

    What’s it gonna take people? What else do you need to know?

    Waiting for orders? Authorization?

    What? The? Fuck?

    Over? (as in, it’s….)

  13. Now, that’s more like it!