What’s Happening?

Go and read Bracken’s “Coup” piece again.

Now assume that the real-life version of his protagonist and her boss have just been granted another four years in which to continue their “fundamental transformation” efforts.

Wouldn’t it be prudent to consider next steps just in case this piece isn’t simply fiction?

What will you do if Google/Blogger pulled Codrea, Vanderboegh, and every other FreeFor scribe off their platform as “inappropriate content”?

Same question for Mosby, LF, and the rest of the WordPress-based operations, including this place?

Do you have hard copy of everything you need?

Do you have good contact info for like-minded folks in your area?

Have you stepped out and actually met folks within your one-half-gas-tank range of operations?

If not, do you have a plan to do so?

Tempus fugit, campers.

And the Evil Ones are “opposed” politically by a bunch of squishes, many of whom are compromised.

If they are going after big fish like the DCI, you can bet that there’s a plan to squash the roaches.

The roach survives by not being where the shoe is coming down.

Think hard on this stuff.




36 responses to “What’s Happening?

  1. “Have you stepped out and actually met folks within your one-half-gas-tank range of operations?”

    Yes. And it’s startlingly disappointing. Either people are flat out lying or are incredibly stupid, I suspect the latter. Even here in Ruralville it seems almost everyone has their mind completely encased in everything but the important stuff.

    SmartPhones are now the drug of choice for the 21st century, replacing the 20th century drug, the TV. It is not possible anymore to not step off your property and not see hordes of automatrons staring blindly and stupidly at their new addiction. Truly, they are easily led to their own demise.

    The only long term solution that I can find to a sense of liberty in this country is vast extinction of the virus that is plaguing the whole. The cancer must be eviscerated before it kills the entire body and you along with it. As you know, cancer only does one thing, it grows, and it grows, until it finally takes over the whole entity, and all of it ultimately fails.

    • >SmartPhones are now the drug of choice for the 21st century, replacing the 20th century drug, the TV. It is not possible anymore to not step off your property and not see hordes of automatrons staring blindly and stupidly at their new addiction.

      Smartphones are just ubiquitous computers with Internet access. So this sounds a lot like “get off my lawn”. I do agree there is a bread-and-circus factor with sites like Facebook.

  2. I have the same feeling about my a.o. No one seems to care and those who will listen are more concerned with their nfl team than they are with the future of their childrens nation. Are we doomed? The magic 8 ball points to yes.

  3. Time’s gonna come when a 56k modem is going to come in handy.

  4. I hear you, man. I’m in greensboro, NC. jsw1108@msn.com if you are anywhere close.

  5. Hickory Stonewall

    working two thumbs and unable to clasp their hands in prayer… sad!

  6. I’m with Ghostsniper. Most of the people I meet in the rural areas are on the “check”, foodstamps, WIC, some sort of gubmint aid. They ain’t going to say jack unless the EBT card stops working. I can see them now with that poor pitiful me look like who dat? If I even do talk about preps it’s I don’t have the money or this is the USA, that won’t happen here! Riiiiight.

    I can’t tell you how many business owners I’ve talked to have had to fire lazy asses that either were preoccupied with their phone OR just lazy. The majority of the working people who actually own land and have things are the older crowd. It took me many months to find a good worker to help me around my country home remodel. He’s a good kid and a hard worker. We pay him a decent wage and he appreciates it.

    The cell phone crowd is something else. I’m surprised someone hasn’t posted a video on YT where some jackass is talking on his phone during a funeral. They’re completely mesmerized by their phone, their little text messages, etc.

    Only 3% of the population get it. The rest, I’m at the point now where I don’t care. I don’t have the time or energy to educate people anymore. They just laugh at me and call me crazy or a conspiracy theorist. And it makes me a target for theft. So I keep my mouth shut and keep my preps to myself.

    Most of my family don’t get it and it’s sad because many of them are older and not in good health, they’ll be the first in the line of casualties if food and water are gone.

    Right now it’s my husband and I and a few close friends, that’s about it.

    • aryangoddess: You’re right. Most, even in my neck of the woods, do not care. And the ones that do care are the clueless, elderly Dead Elephants who are still Tea Partying and buying the Sean Hannity swill about: “working harder” for the next mid-term election. Life is a vale of tears.

  7. CA – that is exactly why I added the print button on my blog. IMHO it’s not a possibility but an eventuality. And it’ll be done without a bill passing or an executive order being signed. Nope something more like a backroom deal with Corporate Execs using either blackmail or some form of incentive. Carrot or stick the end result will be the same.

  8. GhostSniper: I agree the only hope is to cull the herd, one way or another.

    And our enemies have the same solution in mind. I do not plan to make it easy for them.


  9. Jubal Hershaw as a role model comes to mind…

  10. I stopped and read more of the 100+ comments there, to see what was said down the road. Yeeeash, didn’t know there were so many defeatists and people who don’t know which way to go, if any. Got a new name for them, Baugh included, although I don’t know if he commented there, just remember what he said last. Obfuscards. Not really a put down name, just what I call people that don’t seem to land anywhere in particular, and when they do land, or obfuscate, you still don’t know what they mean or believe. Any how, I do know where I stand, and what I mean, and despite the ever present threat of death or disappearance, I’m still there. I used to wonder at how many people there were to tell me and others how wrong we were, and that we didn’t believe “right”(witness the flak 0321 had to take recently), and that all our ideas were doomed to failure. The people that do that, thrive on squashing the hope of anyone who appears to have a plan. Then, they insert their own high minded horseshit, and declare all of it unattainable, well because, because. I think they are the establishments hacks and plants, sent here to obfuscate all that happens, whenever it happens, as much as they can, just like in Matts’ little story. Matt is not only a master story teller, he sees right through this crap like a laser. It ain’t just a story, it’s today and tomorrow, and prophecy.

  11. “Have you stepped out and actually met folks within your one-half-gas-tank range of operations?”

    Yes. And it’s startlingly disappointing. Either people are flat out lying or are incredibly stupid, I suspect the latter. Even here in Ruralville it seems almost everyone has their mind completely encased in everything but the important stuff.
    Ditto here. Time to hunker down and keep to myself and not advertise the fact that I have preps. This dopes don’t get it and likely never will.

    As to Claire’s idea of having someone make copies of the important info; seems like a good way to get some virus or corrupting thing into your computer. I would like to have a lot of the material on disk or flash-drive but do not have the tech skills to do it. Fortunately, I have been expecting societal break-down for quite a long time. I have a fairly good collection of hard copy books and such. It will have to get me through.

  12. ““Have you stepped out and actually met folks within your one-half-gas-tank range of operations?”

    Yes. And it’s startlingly disappointing. Either people are flat out lying or are incredibly stupid, I suspect the latter. Even here in Ruralville it seems almost everyone has their mind completely encased in everything but the important stuff.”

    Folks that’s a reality of the times we live in. A precious few are tuned into reality right now, some will get it in the near future, some will get it eventually, and some will never get it at all. Reach and work with the ones you can as you go along. As they realize just how bad shit is bring them into the fold. The ones that never do? There’s going to come a point only your can determine when you have to cut slingload and give up on them. Because at some point in the future cousin Lenny is going to be more of a liability than an asset. And we’re all going to have our share of cousin Lenny’s to deal with.

  13. Yeah Ive talked to em which is why I dont do that any longer.

  14. Hard copy of everything you need? A 7′ tall book case? How to put your training materials in one place?

    If electricity is spotty, but still around, this works. If you can charge batteries, this works. All you need is a barely running laptop or desktop. Hard drive isn’t really needed. Barring “physics just stops working”, like that inane TV show, you’re there. Not only does it not hurt you if the internet isn’t there, it might be better if whatever platform you read this on isn’t attached to the ‘net.

    • An interesting thing about SOME of the smartphones that everyone is busy denigrating – some of them (like the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Samsung Note 2, just for starters) have the capability to put data on a 64GB SD card that is removable. Download all of your prep materials to one of these and then protect it well. If you’re smart, do it twice or 3 times, and update it every month or so. The best part: these phones are powered by a mini-USB charger. This is important because there is an amazing stove out there that can simultaneously cook your food or heat water AND charge your USB device, without any fuel other than twigs or small sticks, so you don’t need the grid to be up. http://biolitestove.com/campstove/camp-overview/features/ FYI, I’m in no way connected with any seller or marketer of the phones or the stove. I’m getting both before the end of the year, and I will be storing a bunch of survival information on a wide variety of subjects on that SD chip. Note that 64 GB is more than 13 CDs full of information, and there’s currently one on sale at Amazon for under $60 with free shipping.

  15. Jimmy the Saint

    “Have you stepped out and actually met folks within your one-half-gas-tank range of operations?”

    Yes. Most are nice enough, decent enough folks, but they’re not really interested in liberty. They’re mostly content with the things they have, and while they agree things could be better run, they’re not really willing to risk upsetting the apple cart.

    Given that I live in the Democratic People’s Republic of Calimexico, there are more than a few barking lunatics, but not really that many overall. The people certainly tend to the statist side of things, but committed ideologues are pretty uncommon. On the whole, they can’t be described as allies (at least not politically), but they aren’t quite enemies, either. The fault lines for violence in Southern California are primarily going to be racial, not political, so their reliability in a crisis might actually be better than might otherwise be expected.

    • “The fault lines for violence in Southern California are primarily going to be racial, not political, so their reliability in a crisis might actually be better than might otherwise be expected.”

      Jimmy, we’ve had our disagreements in the far past but this ain’t one of ’em.
      And Californcatia isn’t the only locale where that is likely true. Self interest trumps all in a crunch.

      Support the self interest of your neighbors.

  16. Semper Fi, 0321

    Same thing I’ve been saying all along too. Everybody I go somewhere with has to constantly check their phone and try to kill us in the process. They’re just rolling phone booths. 58 yr old guy I was with this afternoon in the back country had to stop on every hill and text or check mail, no service in the valleys. Drove me out of my damn mind. Carpenters I work with leave you holding up the end of a beam while they answer their phone!
    The first thing we can hope for is an EMP, after that you will have everyone’s full and undivided attention. They will be totally clueless what to do without their life support system. But again, if they’re no smarter than that, maybe culling the herds isn’t so bad. Bottom line, it will never get better, no matter how much you hope or wish it to be. They’re getting dumber and more worthless by the year. The more goodies in the phone, the worse it gets.
    Folks, the key to survival is KISS. Learn to live and survive like they did 100 yrs ago, you’ll make it. If it takes batteries or a chip, it won’t work when you need it the most. And that applies to scopes and binoculars too.

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      KISS= keep it simple, stupid

    • SemperFI – an EMP might not be that far off really. Our earth’s magnetosphere is thinning. Any sunspots that are super strong could knock out the entire planet’s power grid. My grandma used to tell me stories that her ancestors told her of the Carrington Solar Flare in 1859.

      I believe it’s solar flares and other magnetic happenings that is causing our weird weather, not climate change.

      Grandma told me as a kid this could happen in my lifetime. I think she may be right. That is why I’m purchasing items that do not need electricity. Have you ever heard of the Firefox book series? We bought one at a local garage sale this weekend for $1. It has valuable information.

      There is a good YT video about flowerpot refrigeration. Where you can cool items in a clay flower pot. Once I find a large pot I will try it.

      • Semper Fi, 0321

        Thanks, I’ve been into buckskinning since 1974, been building custom flintlocks since ’77 and know several folks featured in the Foxfire books. My entire adult life has revolved around ancient arts and self reliance. Lived in teepees and built log homes for many years too. Roughing it is a way of life for me, and always another adventure around the corner.
        BTW, I’ve used a clay butter pot for yrs too, keeps the butter cool but not too hard.

  17. KPN 3% I guarantee you there are no viruses on the CD3WD files or the Extras I put together. That is why I am hosting/seeding the files. So I KNOW there is nothing hinky going on with them. And I can’t carry my library with me if I had to B.O. it is too large and it would take up room in the truck or the trailer I could use for other things. But I have most of it on back up drives that I can just grab if I need to. And the back ups fit on my key chain to go everywhere I go. If you want to know more or have any questions drop a comment on the project page and I will answer any question you might have.

    Mark / GreyLocke

  18. Things are crystallizing nicely. Thanks to this election, the Republicrats are finished as national party, and every day more and more White Rightists understand its bullets not ballots. At least a dozen states edging toward secession. Screw the pessimism, it’s the Best of Times.The future’s so bright…I gotta wear shades.

  19. When WRSA, Codrea, Mike, Mosby websites disappear– will that be a “go signal” to go on the offensive, or will you all just take it as a sign to hunker down and stfu?

    Edmund Burke astutely noted, “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

    What does it mean, to say you’ll resist?

    The resistance that does nothing but plan to hide, is not resisting; and is indistinguishable from serfs.

    • Failure to Plan
      is Planning to Fail

    • Colorado Pete

      Only thing I can think of that makes sense to me: When the fed.gov starts ordering me to do/not do things I find impossible to comply with, I will a) not comply, and b) make it publicly and loudly clear to the local police that if they attempt to enforce said law (come after me, or even anyone else for non-compliance) that ‘we’ the public their boss, will fire and remove both any officers enforcing, and the police chief as well, by citizen’s arrest at gunpoint, and that nothing short of divine intervention will stop this, including any resistance on their part.

      They will be reminded of whom their boss really is, and just how greatly their bosses outnumber them, and just how pissed their bosses are, and what their oath really means, and where the authority in their badge originates, and told of the punishment to expect if they violate their oath and turn on their bosses, and that they will be watched by us 24/7. Punishment to be enforced with our arresting them followed by confinement in a secure and confidential location, incommunicado, until their termination of employment is effected. Or, bullets when necessary if they resist with their weapons, their call, and made to understand that NOTHING they do will prevent their removal.

      And told that conversely, we will support THEM (if you threaten with a stick, you should also offer a carrot), if they stand down and tell the Feds to do their own enforcement. The local Chief/Sheriff will certainly be leaned on by the Feds or the state.gov, but may show a spine if the locals offer to help prevent any Fed punitive acts against the local LEO’s. The help has to be real, as in a few hundred (or even dozen) committed citizen riflemen who aren’t afraid to close to within Molotov-tossing distance of armed/armored vehicles. And shoot to kill, and risk getting killed.

      All this needs to be told to their faces, and publicly, so everyone knows what the score is. They need to make a choice as to where their allegiance lies. Best way to do this is with a town meeting of citizens & cops, so it would require a bunch of like-minds to attend, to put some teeth behind it. Local, local, local. Do I have a bunch of them lined up? Nope, not yet.

      Would the cops consider arresting anyone who told them the above to their faces? Sure. Puts me right in the crosshairs. Since I would probably be the big mouth telling them (if I don’t lose my nerve), I’d have to make sure some ‘events’ would be set in motion in case they scarfed me up. Said events would be alluded to as part of the spiel.

      Be-all end-all answer? No, but it’s all I can think of that I can do. It’s local, might get local heat off our town’s necks, might embolden some fellow neighbors to pitch in. If the Chief tells me to get stuffed, well, they were warned, and punishment commences. If word spreads to other towns/counties, it could cause more to do the same, which becomes a big problem for certain folks. They are few in number, can’t be everywhere at once, and can easily be outnumbered wherever they show their faces. When the order-givers in DC are simply ignored by everyone in the red counties, I think that’s worth something. The state.gov can be treated the same way, though it would be a much larger undertaking. Local, first.

      If anyone has a better idea (short of shooting them all at once), I’m all ears.

  20. Something everyones been to afraid to discuss in the past.
    Let us make an assumption that this is indeed the tripwire.

    What then?

    Without getting too specific what actions would be taken?
    Would you follow the Rommel doctrine and “find something and kill it”.
    Would you first attempt to link up physically with fellow tribe in your area at a preasigned Rally point
    Would you do the same but with a digital rally point, assuming specific sites are pulled but the overall internet is still up and functioning in some way.
    Would you hit a ham net and check in that way?

    How would we do it?

  21. Need backup com plan for info.

    Also need to know if/when people get rounded up.

    Denying coms is one thing.
    Disappearing prominent voices is another.

    Need resilient com methods beyond internet- for general info, as well as a ‘health and welfare ping’ (plus distress signal), and also for strategic coms (considerations for Rommel’s Guidance).

    If WRSA is silenced, then what?
    If CA is disappeared?
    If numerous folks are disappeared?

    • I think we need to cover a few basics and have a plan for multiple possibilities.

      • W/heldbyrequest

        Pony Express comes to mind. If electronic comms is shut down and one has neither land-line nor cell line, Pony Express seems to be about the only remaining viable alternative, slow as it is. Or word of mouth- but how reliable can that be considered that the vast majority (of us) really has no idea what the vast majority (of us) look or sound like?
        Not trying to be a smart ass here, so please, don’t take it that way. But for the life of me (and it may well be my life), I really cannot come up with much better.
        Imagine, if we will: each of us watches the evening news on CBS (gotta have cable/satellite for others) and there’s a particular ‘advertisement’ set up as a go-code. All who see it know what it means, where it is directing and what it is directing, ‘who’ is disappeariing…
        But the Pony Express seems more reliable… well, if postage doesn’t go much higher.
        (SN is meant to be humorous, so please don’t flame me. :-D)

        • Semper Fi, 0321

          BTW, All those guys charging their cell phones with camp stoves will keep us informed, they’ll still have power to run them… sorry, LMFAO!

  22. Bracken’s “Coup” piece from a few days ago: 2000 bloggers disappear, and even then it takes time for people to realize they are gone. What if it’s done more slowly (the proper way to cook frogs) over a few months?

    How do we know if/when?
    How do your tribe alert the larger community?