The Bracken Anthology

From “bleeding-edge dystopian thriller” author Matthew Bracken:

The Bracken Anthology of essays and short stories is now available on Kindle for just a buck.

Get it here.

And no, you don’t need to buy a Kindle.

You can download free reading apps for whatever computer/device you’re looking at now.


[h/t WoG]

As always, hard copy is the only form that can’t be pulled from servers or e-readers.

They have to burn each hard copy, one by one.

Just like you.

16 responses to “The Bracken Anthology

  1. More Kindle information. We own one of the small black and white screen Kindle machines, it’s hardly used any longer.

    The reason for that is we have an iPad and a new MacBook Pro lap top with Kindle software installed. Amazon has each of the three registered on their web site under our account. We can move the books among the three devices effortlessly, the software keeps up with the page on which you’re reading across all of the platforms. Additionally there are free books available from Amazon and other sources that can be installed in your Kindle library and they’re visible in your library as well.

    All in all, it’s pretty slick. As long as you have electricity, which most of us will have, come what may.

  2. I only put the anthology together to give folks another option for saving them. The essays are also available on my website on the Links page. Most of the links take you to my essay permalinks on WRSA. Feel free to copy and paste the essays into new documents and save them on your machines. Remember, what Kindle delivers wirelessly, Kindle can un-deliver the same way.

  3. You can go to this link for excerpts of his works, they’re free.

  4. They have to burn each hard copy, one by one.

    Just like you.

    Too true, CA.

  5. Matthew Bracken’s essays are outstanding.

  6. That photo is awesome btw. I’ve quoted Mr Bracken today in my recapitulation of Benghazi. Guess I should change the picture I used :

  7. greetings, I am looking for any information the audience of this blog may have on terrestrial drones. I live in rural southwestern Colorado and I am pretty damn sure some kind of surveillance drone has been snooping around the neighborhood. This was brought to my attention by my neighbor who first saw tracks in her driveway Sunday night. So far 5 households within a mile or so of us have the witnessed the same thing, a single-track line about as wide as a bike track coming in from the road into everyone’s yard and round our property. Whatever its is it is highly maneuverable, very small and very dense by the tracks left. I know some of you will think I am crazy or trying to mis or dis inform but I and my neighbor have pictures and maps of what we have seen. Anybody know of an all terrain drone small enough to fit under a down spout or though the bars of closed fence?

    • Joe,
      That could be anything really. It could be local LEO or the Feds it could be some hobbist with his own RC drone. I would suggest getting together with some of the locals who have not been visited by this track and covertly setting up trail cams on the approaches to the properties. You should catch the thing on digital video odds are in the wee hours of the night.That will give you some intel on how to deal with the intruder.

  8. Tree of Liberty

    Hey Matt, I’ve been thinking about getting into sailing recently but don’t know a thing about boats on the ocean. If I may ask how does one go about learning how to navigate and maneuver a sailboat big enough to cross the Atlantic and possibly the Pacific, a sailor’s school? Are there places that will train you if you work for them afterwards like truck driving companies?
    Thanks in advance if you respond

  9. “Remember, what Kindle delivers wirelessly, Kindle can un-deliver the same way.”

    Exactamundo. DRM hell. Maybe they just send you an updated version with some things edited out? Or in.

  10. Bought it. But Bracken is worth more than a buck. Thanks for heads-up on Bracken essays, etc.


  11. Tree of Liberty, start your quest at the local public library. Head to the stack in the “sports” section for sailing. Skip all of the books on racing sailboats, and drag home a half dozen on cruising, written about voyages, or about cruising boats, etc. After you have read them, you will know if this is something to pursue or to pass on. The skills are pretty easy to learn, and if you take sailing classes on small boats (under 20′) then you can sail anything. In fact, bigger sailboats are easier to sail than small ones. Bigger winches take care of bigger rope/line loads, but everything happens more slowly and with momentum on the bigger boats. Only when you are docking are big boats harder to handle. Even if you don’t buy a sailboat, it’s a good survival skill, in case you are ever near a marina when TSHTF.

  12. I would like to see the venom spewing anti-Constitutionalist who wants to deport all those who exercise their right to succeed meet up with the guy in this picture. Someday…

  13. Matt and I go way back. we both got kicked off ‘Free Republic (dot) Com.
    Oh well -I’m in good company