The Times, They Are A-Changing

White House ‘secede’ petitions reach 675,000 signatures, 50-state

White House Petition Calls for Stripping Citizenship and Exile for Anyone Who Signs Petition to Secede

DumpDC: State Sovereignty and Secession, Part I

DumpDC: State Sovereignty and Secession, Part II

DumpDC: Keep Moving Folks – Nothing To See Here

NB: petitioning Stalin for autonomy will fail.

That is not the story here.

The real story is, IMHO, the fact that folks are discussing this issue in public and in private, on a scale I never thought I would see.

And know that while I completely grok the WRSA commentariat’s skepticism on this topic, it is noteworthy that Americans may be more familiar with these words than I had previously thought:

…But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security…

Audentes fortuna iuvat.

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  1. As stated, nothing will come of this, other than for those individuals petitioning by adding their names to a .gov website for future reprisals.

    Gov. Rick Perry, who once alluded to secession, now faced with a people who may wish such action, has now backtracked as expected:

    • Prairie fires burn both ways.

    • Agreed.
      However, Master is (and will) whipping us every which
      way from Sunday without the existence of these petitions.

    • Mutant Swarm

      Everyone here who has filled out a Form 4473 is already listed. One less thing to be afraid of, since we can’t undo it.

      The Fed could clean up their balance sheet quite a bit by letting California go.

      • Aesop:

        Cut the ad hominem crap.

        This ain’t your place.

        You are a guest.

        Act like one.

      • You just won the most obnoxious troll award.
        Must be hard sitting down to type all the time
        with a vagina that sore.

        • Battlefield USA

          Now, being a resident of MexiKaliForniKation, I fully understand that it has its share of fruits and nuts, just like… well, the former wannabee confederate states.

          So, just to clear things up in a fair and balanced way, I offer this from a comment I left elsewhere:

          …and the Confederacy would have gone on its merry way, independent and free.

          Independent of D.C. maybe, but free? And what prevents the people’s of the former wannabee confederacy from voting for state representatives that have the balls to tell the feds to take a hike now? Hell, you are voting for your own state representative tyrants now, and you all would be doing the same if you were a confederacy. Either way, you still have trickle down tyrants, and obviously, whether it is federal or local, a tyrant is a tyrant… and the former wannabee confederacy still can’t vote itself freedom locally.

          Parts is parts.


          Okay. So I am probably going to hear… “But the former wannabee confederate states are all red states!”

          OMG! That’s right! Ya’ll voted for… get this… O’Romney! For your freedom! For your liberty! For your… confederacy!


          So you see… this crap that we are the FORMER wannabee Confederate States and we have a stranglehold over everyone else… because… is really just a bunch of childish crap.

          The fact is, there is NOT one State in the Union that has its ducks in a constitutional row. Including the former wannabee confederate states. State after state after state, and the majority therein, keep voting for their own local tyrants just as well as their federal tyrants.

          I’ve been all over the South myself. So no one is fooling me. If MexiKaliForniKation was nuked today, the former wannabee confederate states would still be just as… un-free, and still voting for, not only their own local tyrants, but, as evident in the last election… federal tyrants.

          I know… “But we all voted for O’Romney!”

          Parts is parts.

          • Cassandra (of Troy)

            Battlefield USA/15Nov12@12:37,

            If one looks at the gun laws of NC & compares them w/, say, points north around a certain Bay they have up there, one notices some rather interesting similarities, & if one looks at those NC laws & compares them w/ what’s out here on the lower Left coast well Wonder O’ Wonders, more similarities! But that CAIN’T be true since EVAHBODDIE knows Suthanuhs would NEVAH allow sech Nawthun foolishness in a Fahn Suthun state lak NC now would they? Naw, that’s jus’ abuncha Yankee lies, thassawllitiz!

            Yeah, right. Cue up some Harper Valley P.T.A. while y’all tell me again what didn’t happen when Bev Perdue ran her mouth.

            Cassandra (of Troy)

  2. I don’t know what will come of this, but it does help to show, at least, that secession is not a four letter word.

  3. The second meeting of the South Carolina Nullification Committee will be held soon.

    The approximate constituent people on the committee are at least four legislators, at least one judge, at least one lawyer in private practice, at least one medical doctor, and several others.

  4. A few idiots probably think the petitions could lead to “succession”, but the reality is that this is a very nice brick through Obama’s window. He opened himself up for the smear and now he’s getting it. Massive brand damage on his own website.

    Every man-hour spent on dealing with the fallout of this is a man-hour they aren’t spending doing worse things.

    • In the time you took to post these posts of questionable usefulness one could have signed many petitions and moved on. Which course was more productive?

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  6. Just took a look at the poll numbers and Texas is OVER 95,000 and my little state of Kentucky is over 15,000. Many other states have impressive numbers but the Petition link was NO LONGER on the front page of I had to search for it so it might be getting under someone’s thin skin.

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  8. You know I wasn’t going to sign any of the silly things until the one about deporting anyone who did them. Thought about it then signed all of them.

    I agree people are talking now and that is how things begin.

  9. This–> “petitioning Stalin for autonomy will fail.”

    But, on the other hand the Kulaks didn’t have weapons, training, survival skills, and an “I’ll take them with me, attitude”.

  10. Doesn’t the Bill of Rights guarantee the right of the people to “petition the government for redress of grievances”.? Yes, it does! It really doesn’t get any simpler than that. With their counter-petition the leftists want to punish people for exercising their first Amendment rights.

    Oh, and they think it’s funny, and clever.

    I hate those creepy fascists more every day.

  11. Jimmy the Saint

    “White House Petition Calls for Stripping Citizenship and Exile for Anyone Who Signs Petition to Secede”

    That one will never happen – if citizenship is stripped and the offender exiled, the IRS loses all jurisdiction over them. People would be *flocking* to sign up for that.

    • Yeah I saw that also, yet one would retain citizenship in the state of residence only federal status would be affected freeing us up from all manner of problems. Ah well if only unicorns did exist…

  12. I had an acquaintance mention that all those signers are probably on some big brother watch list. I retorted it does not matter because if you have protested abortion you have been photographed and filed. This is something he has done several times. It was funny watching his family agree with me. Stop being afraid of idiotic lists.

    And yes they data mine for all sorts of reasons to add you to a list. The conversation I had oddly enough was last night, and serves as example.

    If big bad brother was so spooky then most of us here would be gone by now. They can stick their stupid lists. We can make our own list if list scare you so much. Look the enemy in the eye and let it know you are not afraid, and will not be cowed by it’s roaring.

  13. Just exactly WHO put out a petition to deport anyone who signs the secession lists?

  14. Nothing will come of this? What??

    Try not to view the petitions’ for succession as a ‘stand alone event’ patriot.
    TPTB will TRY to ignore this. They just want it to “go away”. Last thing they want is a succession bug buzzing in on their commie day parade (hey, is that like bio warfare?:) If liberty minded People give it no credence then most likely nothing will come of it. Ratchet up on ‘m. NO rest for the wicked till they close their eye’s in death!

    $ Metamorphosis begins one degree at a time.

    Liken it to Ron Paul, if you will. Could he have turned this country around? Maybe, but I doubt it. Too much swine hang’n ’round the trough. But he did start the ball rolling. A great battle was won just from the AWARENESS it brought (aka; battle for the mind). If you disagree just roll over, turn on any news channel and find out who’s controlling who.

    $ Awareness= >gov.control & >gov.control=more freedom.

    The current battle is being fought over the minds of people (TPTB have other strategies for Patriots). Keep the ball rolling. Spread the word; )hush.. hush…don’t tell anyone…somethings afoot…there’s cracks in the levee. Let it marinate deep into the minds of mush. Work to lift the veil off minds cluttered with marxist philosophies and idea’s that are clearly out of bounds with America’s Constitution. There are many wanna be patriots. They are on the fence. They are cowed down. They are silenced. And they are humiliated by the mind control gestapo. Doesn’t that just piss you off? They need that nudge. Seize the moment! Study, learn and PRACTICE The Art of War. Bring it to them and as iron sharpens iron so shall we sharpen each others swords!

    It’s war time friends. Strap on your helmet. Forward to another victory; and

    by God we intend to win!
    $=this is money

  15. Hey! I want to know what’s gonna become of my toothless, banjo playin’ kinfolk? We got rahts too, y’know.

    • Hey Sean! Guess I never saw the need to mention it before but…

      I am a banjo player. Not toothless or drooling though. Been pickin’ since 1962, purty good too, if’n I say so myse’f.

      Wanna try me on that one, AESOP? Yer fables are weak. My banjo kung fu is strong!

      • outlawpatriot

        Hey! I played accordion for many years. Pretty good too. Placed seventh in the Florida State Championships one year and first place playing bass accordion in a symphonette.

        Doesn’t your dick hurt stepping all over it like that with spike shoes?

        • alan w. mullenax

          And owning a Ferrari established what exactly?

          Stomp on it one more time.

          • outlawpatriot

            I won.

            • alan w. mullenax

              Your arrogance and condescending attitude are most amazing considering the company your in.

              Just because you’re Californian doesn’t make you a bad person.

              It really is the arrogance and condescension.

            • Colorado Pete

              Alan, +1
              Aesop, you are a smart guy, and I enjoy reading your viewpoints, but you are not smart enough to merit the level of arrogance, insult, and condescension you regularly dispay. Please learn some humility, and if you can’t master that, at least a little manners.

              You come across like the typical smug arrogant liberal. Maybe it is California after all, since you are probably surrounded by such there, and it’s rubbed off on you, or you’ve adopted it as armor plate. Maybe you should move. It might improve your outlook greatly. I myself found that to be true when I moved from the People’s Republik of NJ to CO.

              Understand I am saying all this in the spirit of increasing the civility of your discourse, not to poke you in the eye with a stick.

              Feel free to prove me correct by delivering your typical smug, very clever, arrogant, insulting, condescending response.
              Or not.

            • Hey, let’s not knock arrogance here. We have plenty to work with, besides that. Justified arrogance is a good thing–okay, Aesop doesn’t quite have that!–albeit not as good as pride. And neither are as good as splendor.

            • alan w. mullenax

              Aesop, fuck off. Do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars.

              I don’t want you in my wire, I don’t want you on my flank, I don’t want you providing cover fire.

              You’re a danger. A danger that can’t be acommodated at this point in time.

              I wish you luck. Just stay the hell away from me. Your kind I definitely have no affinity for.

      • Heard ’em all before.

        You know why they make banjo jokes so simple?

        So fabulous fablists can understand them.

        “When you want genuine music–music that will come right home to you like a bad quarter, suffuse your system like strychnine whisky, go right
        through you like Brandreth’s pills, ramify your whole constitution like the measles, and break out on your hide like the pin-feather pimples on a picked goose,–when you want all this, just smash your piano, and invoke the glory-beaming banjo!”- Mark Twain, San Francisco Dramatic Chronicle, 6/23/1865

        Of course, banjo playing had not then been raised to its present exalted heights. Ever heard Bela Fleck play? Thought not.

        • Then you have excellent taste in fiddlers and fiddling. I am a fiddler myself although I wouldn’t admit it in Natalie’s presence.

          There are a host of banjo players, both traditional and ‘modern’ who put the lie to the image exemplified by the Downs Syndrome kid in Deliverance. We rightly resent the stereotyping. What was that admonition from our host regarding ad hominem?

          To paraphrase a few banjo jokes:

          Whadyacall a storyteller without girlfriend? Homeless.

          How do you get a storyteller off yer porch? Pay him for the pizza.

          Whadaya hear from a storyteller in a three piece suit?

          Not guilty, yer honor!

          • “I repeat politely”

            What a coincidence; that’s just what they do in Congress.

            “that when folks quit planning who to throw out of the lifeboat, and start thinking about ‘us’ instead of ‘me’, the quicker they’ll start creating solutions instead of problems.”

            Contradictory bullshit. If there’s an “us,” there’s a “them.”

            • Sheesh, can’t you write for The New Yorker or something? “Polite discourse”…doesn’t reality mean ANYTHING to you?

              I’ve no idea what an “overdeveloped sense of ‘them'” might mean. I only pointed out that “us” implies a “them,” unless you’re talking about some totality of people, in which case I was going to point out that such is what the commies say too.

              But since you didn’t give me that set-up, I’ll just reiterate that your usage of “us” directly implies a “them.” I don’t know what overdeveloped means, when it comes to facts.

            • “delusional paranoids shouldn’t have access to keyboards,”

              Oh, I hope oughtsix is reading this, cuz this is EXACTLY what I’m talking about. I’m arguing for individualism; you’re arguing for collectivism.

              So they “shouldn’t have access,” huh? And how do you propose to accomplish this oh-so-rational act? See, that’s the point—you CAN’T accomplish it except by physically preventing access to the keyboards, either by restraining the person, or by threatening him with either caging or killing.

              Okay, this is just about keyboards, but the PRINCIPLE runs across ALL aspects of our lives. You take yourself as another “expert,” just like all the yahoos in Washington and everywhere else, who think their sensibility is justification for FORCING other people to do as they wish. Neither your IQ nor your admirable skill at writing can EVER justify that, period.

              THAT’S the issue under dispute, and it’s ALWAYS the issue under dispute. You say control everything sensibly. I say it’s wrong to control volitional creatures—that it’s treating a thing as it is not.

              If rational men wish to be free, then irrational men must be free too. All that matters is that nobody abridge the volition of another. Reality will take care of eliminating the severely irrational, as they won’t be able to survive without the subsidies that they’ve been getting for a century. Think about it—what’ll that leave?

            • I don’t know, Aesop. They’re knocking me for rambling, and rightfully so, but that was a lot of words to say, “Sorry, Jim; I didn’t mean what I wrote.”

          • “When I stop hearing them about California, then I’ll lay off the toothless banjo-playing kinfolks.”

            You’re so defensive about California…. For a guy as proud of his iconoclasm, erudition, logic, debate skilz, wit, scorn, arrogance, vaunted superiority, etfukncetera, you sure are touchy about a little thing like accidents of birth/geography…….

            I tried to reach out a little just above but I’m through with that. G’ahead, insult me to your wizened heart’s content and go do anatomically impossible thing to yourself. Or improve your manners and tone.


            • Oh, and the best way to get a mule’s attention is to hit him between the eyes with a two by four.

              • @ Aesop, below:

                It’s not musical instruments I’m “touchy” about, and you damned well know it.

                It’s your insistence on your own superiority, and your supercilious, scornful, sneering attitude toward any slightest whiff of disagreement with your lofty pronouncements. Might as well mention your withering and oh so witty dismissal and debasement of of your inferiors hereabouts.

                Intelligence is a terrible thing to abuse.

          • “….start thinking about “us” instead of “me”….”

            Silly bitch.
            That’s what started the whole thing.
            If you’d been paying attention you’d see there are very few *me’s* anymore. Everybody wants to be an *us*.

            • > “….start thinking about “us” instead of “me”….”
              > ========================
              > Silly bitch.
              > That’s what started the whole thing.

              Well done…that’s all of recorded history in six words, in all relevant principle. Everything else is mere detail.

  16. Fuck Obongo, Fuck Perry, and Fuck this shit! I signed the petition, and they should make their fucking move and be damned! It’s always a good day to die.

  17. Michael Downing

    I for one am just glad that secession has reached the point of open discussion. I no longer feel like the crazy uncle at the family reunion although some say I had best become comfortable with whom I am. As to getting on some list by putting your name on one of these petitions all I can say is if you are fed up enough to sign then you are probably already on a list already. As to future reprisals then so be it. Let them come as it is past the time to say enough is enough. May we address the list of grievances with TPTB and resolve this one way or another in my lifetime so future generations will know we finally drew a line in the sand…

  18. I went to sign my states petition, and it said I already signed it, but I have not been there before. Is this a ploy to limit any more from signing???

  19. Just a matter of time (even if years). While I don’t think that the outcome of an election is sufficient justification, nor, as Russ says, is petitioning the correct route for secession, the fact that 2/3 of a million people have this on their mind enough to sign such petitions in such a short time is a HUGE pebble to drop into a political pond. These ripples will continue to move outward in unpredictable ways.

    Be ready to help those ripples along, my friends. As I have often said, this movement won’t actually gain significant momentum until the .gov checks run dry (meaning, when they aren’t negotiable for anything of real value at any rate of exchange). When that happens, the world will be a different place overnight like the flipping of a switch (including the international implications when foreign aid starts trending toward zero).

    The most important thing any of us can do when that switch flips is to be ready to adopt a mentoring role for those people around us who will be stumbling about in a daze. We not only have to teach people how to fish, we have to teach them that such a thing is even possible …


    • We not only have to teach people how to fish, we have to teach them that such a thing is even possible …


      • outlawpatriot

        Quote of the year.

      • Cassandra (of Troy)


        Here I go w/ another gadfly question,:

        And what does one do w/ those who simply look at you blankly & ask “Why would I want to do that?”. You know you’ll get more than a few of those given the surfeit of ‘grasshoppers’ currently infesting the country.

        Cassandra (of Troy)

    • Exactly. When a “huge pebble” drops like this one, you can either let it wash over you and hope you surface, or you can surf the wave.

      We southern nationalists in the League of the South and the Southern National Congress already had our surf boards waxed and ready.

  20. I’m starting to think that #47 is a gift to US. He’s bringing things to a point that Romney could not of.

  21. If there’s a plot, it might be be the Enemy to ferret out trouble makers….

    The anti petition is just to stimulate greater response.

    Any one thought to question why such petitions appear on the White House site? As if they would invite such? Maybe they did and are now embarrassed at the numbers.

    I don’t know but I agree that the only good to come from this is if we exploit it… brushfires in the public square.

  22. Duel of the Petitions. Soon we’ll be dueling by other means. Several months ago, at ZH & on other threads, I predicted a Fort Sumter-type event w/in 90 days of Abe’s, I mean Barack”s 2nd term inaug. May have been pessimistic. We’ll see. Whatever the time frame, the parasites will not let the host walk away peacefully.

  23. Battlefield USA

    When the hearts and minds start leaning your way… take advantage of it. Take it your arms like a new born baby and feed it.

    You gun-ho’s are not going to win this by bullets alone.

  24. I was talking with some young people today at the university. Their solutions to the major issues facing this country can be summed up in this statement that was actually repeated quite often:

    “If everyone would put aside their differences and just be kinder to each other, we could become a great country again.”

    I would have laughed were it not so sad.

  25. Someone commented on a HuffPo article on these petitions that if the US government’s military installations in Texas were closed it would collapse economically. The plain truth is that, except for the immediate areas around the bases, Texas wouldn’t even notice they were gone.

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  27. Another article from The Fireeater.

    The election demographics demonstrate what I’ve know for over a decade, that the so-called United States aren’t united at all, and have never been a real nation.

    The south is a nation.

    We’re leaving.

  28. Cassandra (of Troy)

    alan w. mullenax/16Nov12@12:53,

    “Just because you’re Californian doesn’t make you a bad person.”

    UMBRAGE, you Buffettised peninsular bounder! Wickedly have you besmirched the deplorable reputation of we Prunepickers & thereby bid others deem us not debased, debauched, & depraved, yea, your ill founded remark threateneth the raising of us in the Land of Fruits & Nuts up to mere parity w/ those craven inhabiting the well named IL & mayhap even unto the stuttering doltish of NYNJMADEMDCT. Revoke your vile accusation of decent demeanor forthwith, ye tanned cad of riotously hued architecture, & challenge no more our hard earned putrescence!

    Cassandra (of Troy)

    • alan w. mullenax

      You’re fucking with me right?

      English God damn it! Just plain english.

      Thank you in advance.

      • Cassandra (of Troy)

        alan w. mullenax/17Nov12@22:21,

        “You’re f*****g with me right?”

        Nay, sir, I do not, despite the allure your claim of irresistible masculine beauty might kindle.

        “English God damn it! Just plain English.”

        That was English, pseudo-Shakespearian to be exact, but if you indeed prefer the straight up version here ’tis.:

        W/ that statement you deflate the bad rep of many of us out here in the P.D.R.C. which may just give others the fatally silly idea that we’re all really a bunch of punka***s who can be taken out w/ little problem, that’s fine for those who do fit that description but for many of us who manifestly aren’t that way it causes what some may see as unnecessary extinctions of idiots w/ too much a** & not enough sense. Now I don’t mind killing s***heads, in fact I find it rather relaxing & look at it as a service to humanity by removing their ability to further foul an already too turbid gene pool.

        And I’m not joking, not one damned bit, really. One thing that screws up such endeavors is that to ensure future tranquility one must be thorough, & that means the rest of the jerk’s relations (& often acquaintances) must also be included in the extermination tally & that kind of sequential death tends to generally freak the s*** out of people & gets official kibitzers involved thus resulting in needless carnage. Another bad thing is that such activities hasten the activation of the ‘gunfighter’s rule’ & its unfortunate ending. Hassles galore, y para nada. Verstehen sie jetzt, Senor Mullenax?

        Thank you for your attention, & accept my apologies for any unintenional consternation &/or misapprehension my occasionally grandiosely florid verbiage may cause.

        Cassandra (of Troy)

  29. Clearly you have huge gaps in your knowledge base when it comes to the secession process.

    I don’t have the time, nor the desire to school you or anyone else here that has zero knowledge despite my multiple postings of references on this blog. In addition to what I’ve posted, there’s DumpDC’s and Tom Baugh’s postings. You could ice the knowledge cake with John Robb.

    So, you’re just going to have to hide and watch.

  30. alan w. mullenax

    If this has something to do with California….

    Lived there for a while. In Aneheim. Down the street from Disneyland. My oldest and dearest friends live in California.

    While we admit states to the Union, we should also have the means to throw them out.

    California should be thrown out. Socialist piece of crap entity. It contributes to the fucking up of everything that is right and good with this country.

    • I’ll gladly take back Ellie May. Mmmm Hmmmmm.

      Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein, Gray Davis and Jerry Brown are native Californians, yes? All the unionist, la raza bullshit was imported from where? Oklahoma? Kentucky? The most “progressive” universities in the country are the fault of who, Jethro Beaudine?

      Do you really think a few oakies are responsible for your state’s devolution into socialism and economic ruin?

      (Hint: Those are merely rhetorical questions. Don’t bother answering… because you can’t.)

      Alan is exercised about California because of what it has become. Those native Californians who allowed this to happen are exercised and defensive because they allowed it.

      I don’t want California thrown out… I want it reclaimed.

      So, get busy, Aesop, and cease the utterly fruitless and actually self defeating internecine equivalent of wordvirtualpaintball.

      • “Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein, Gray Davis and Jerry Brown are native Californians, yes?”

        Rookies. Send ’em to Michigan; they won’t even get noticed.

      • Cassandra (of Troy)


        Donna Douglas/Doris Smith weren’t bad a’tall, & an actual Southern Belle from LA unlike the second most famous one (Catherine Bach/Daisy Duke) who’s really from OH & is GerMexican to boot! If you haven’t seen her lately don’t try, time/tide haven’t been kind. And btw, it’s ‘Okies’ not ‘Oakies’, 06, only ignorant Eastern vantzim/similar creatures use that term but since you’re just a Cave State troglodyte I shouldn’t be too surprised at the gaffe.

        RE: a.w.m. vs the P.D.R.C.

        I wonder if he’s aware of how much Mizurunz (as opposed to ‘Mizzurians’) would like to shove StL across the river into IL & KC over into KS & straighten MO out, just as we’d dearly love to split Cal in 2 w/ Santa Rosa/Sac/the Bay Area/Stockton/Modesto down I-5 to the Cal/Mex line being Western Cal (which when you think about the population is hilarious) & the rest (w/ the possible exception of points north/west of say, Live Oak) being Eastern Cal. Seems there’s a lot of that sentiment going around nationwide, excluding the ‘solid South’ that is, where EVAHBODDY is jus’ wun big heppy SUHTHUN famly unsullid bah thuh cohsnuss of thuh rayest uv the so-cawld U.S. & untaintud bah the Godluss munnehgrubbin Yankee Bahbehruns up nawth & all those Hippeh Commahnuss Puhvuhts in Calluhfohnyuh.

        How sad it is that we all can’t be as wonderful as they are in Dixie, pardon ME, DIXIE, really makes the point of ‘American by birth, SOUTHERN by the Grace of God’ all the more achingly poignant for the rest of us.

        Cassandra (of Troy)

        • Stereotype, much?

          Your gift of colloquial gab is likewise wearing a bit thin, Cass, sorta like your blahblahbalh/similar convention.

          Wonderful phonetic spelling to indicate phony dialect though….

          • Cassandra (of Troy)


            “Stereotype much?”

            Only when I deem it necessary & sparingly even then, as well you know. I expected that you’d to get my meaning, apparently I was mistaken.

            “Your gift of……convention.”

            The first is used as a clarifier for those who may not be acquainted w/ Foghorn Leghorn, gives them the flavor of the pompous Southern blowhard using its own vernacular. The second’s shorthand I use to avoid the trap of multiple (& frequently superfluous) commas which result in disjointed sentences & schizoid paragraphs, such was how I was taught in elementary school by a woman who was a stickler for propriety & had few reservations against the corrective use of a ruler to emphasize her resolution for adherence to her view of acceptable written English. The military’s also responsible for my use of that form as they also do such regularly &, along w/ their proclivity for acronyms some of which are examples of true bizarrity, is something I’ve adopted to keep content as brief as possible.

            Your & others displeasure w/ the tedium of that style is unfortunate &, imo, can only be satisfactorily prevented by your & their omission of my comments from your & their review. A simple solution & easily accomplished!

            “Wonderful phonetic spelling to indicate phony dialect though….”

            I try, but in striving for authenticity I occasionally make mistakes in spelling, such are the perils inherent in attempting to accurately convey the tone of spoken language in written form.

            Cassandra (of Troy)

      • Cassandra (of Troy)


        Ease up, Aesop old sport, & enjoy the schadenfreude resulting from our ‘bettahs’ in the rest of the country getting a good stiff dose of what they’ve been doing to us for lo these many decades. The lefty Jews are having fits over Leftist Jewish outfits like J Street (which are largely composed of the former’s lovingly Leftism indoctrinated kinder) who’ve affiliated themselves w/ pro-‘Palestinian’ groups, los Mexicanos en del Norte are vigorously pursuing the same dispossession/re-population agenda nationally they are here & it’s putting a serious kink in not only the ‘bleck cuhmmuneteh’ but also among the multi-culti ‘white’ Leftys who’ve aided/abetted Paco & Maria/et al’s invasion, the ‘moderate’ Muslim ‘refugees’ beloved/supported by the ‘compassionate’ Left are turning out to be just as extremist as those they left behind, & the Bruhthus/Sistuhs are exposing THEIR racism & exporting their ‘street culture’ to areas where the ‘nice’ people live/work/play & giving the latter a VERY rude physical/political/legal update to their thinking.

        Note the shock, listen to the howls, then smile Cheshirely at those who castigate us for being “weak & stupid people who let their state go down the tubes” & claim that “WE won’t allow THAT to happen HERE” even though it indeed is happening.

        Cassandra (of Troy)

    • Cassandra (of Troy)

      alan w. mullenax/17Nov12@22:31,

      “While we admit…them out.”

      Agreed, but then look at what you’d have afterward as the problem isn’t necessarily all inclusive. NY for example, is just beautiful up north, PA & MA are also gorgeous away from their respective pestholes of ‘civilization’ & so it is w/ MI/MT/WY/CO/NM/WA/OR/CA/etc. Butchering the country to remove the defilers is in my view like torching your house to get rid of termites/roaches/ants, effective yes, but ultimately counter-productive. I used to get into discussions w/ a guy who held that the entirety of Europe (including the U.K. & Ireland) should be glassed, from the far eastern coast of Russia to 12 miles west off the Irish one nothing but smoking irradiated rubble, & there was nothing I could say that’d change his mind. Nope, that continent’s tainted beyond all hope & thus must be ‘cleansed’ by atomic fires & to hell w/ the beautiful countryside/the wonderful art & architecture of its cities/the natural resources/etc/etc. Uh uh, post the ‘EVERYTHING MUST GO!’ sign, turn the keys, & after things cool off take possession/re-build. Same for Canada, but w/ tactical/low-yield items to keep contamination of our turf to a minimum.

      A bit drastic, wouldn’t you say? That’s what you’re proposing.


      And what of the states I mentioned previously along w/ DE/CT/MD/MN/WI/IL/IN/OH/IA/FL/LA/HI, scorched earth all the way just like w/ Europe & Canada, gotta make sure ya know, right? While I truly believe in thoroughness & so have no problem w/ ‘Mongol behavior’, I also believe that if the situation doesn’t require an Arclight approach then why do it, for ego gratification/’Because I can’? Were I in command & did that I’d expect my subordinates to put me down as I’d surely do such to my commander, loyalty/combat record notwithstanding. Sherman did the right thing militarily in the South & the hypocritical caterwauls about ‘morality’ are just that, I sure don’t remember any squawks from Southerners about Old Hickory’s treatment of the Cherokee/other tribes or Sherman’s later destruction of the plains tribes w/ the same tactics he used to get to Savannah.

      I understand your anger & share it, a.w., as mine’s similar toward many of the aforementioned states who, btw, are halfway responsible for the ‘Golden State’ becoming the People’s Democratic Republic of California/P.D.R.C. That doesn’t mean that I ignore OUR complicity in that transformation & have written on same previously. WE, just like the rest of America, bear some responsibility for what happened & before others chime in about us they should perhaps review Romans 3:23 & Matthew 7:3-5 to avoid fulfilling Lincoln’s aphorism regarding self-exposing fools.

      Cassandra (of Troy)

  31. Cassandra (of Troy)


    “That was an anti-California screed……”

    Au contraire, Aesop, ’twas not what you contend. Just some (on my part) good natured joshing in a pseudo-Classic tone. After living in the South & receiving more than a little serious anti-Cal ‘hospitality’ from some of its native residents, there’s not much that’ll rile me. Recall the bar scene exchange in Big Jake between 2 guys/Pat Wayne & its end, that’s what almost happened on several occasions but when they realized that,

    A) ‘That hippie’ isn’t reacting to our insults,
    B) There’s something REALLY wrong here, &
    C) Oh God, we’re about to get kilt,

    relative sanity returned & they departed as fast as decorum would allow. A shame, that, ah well.

    My general rule is as long as there’s no verbal/physical threat to my person people can say/do what they want, but if that threshold’s crossed according to MY standards (which are largely those of the mid/late 19th century West) unrestricted war begins NOW. You leave others alone & have the right to expect likewise, & if that expectation’s maliciously violated then whoever did so gets what they get. That’s part of the cultural code I grew up in, & until it’s invalidated I’ll stay w/ it. Another thing is what if they’re right, like if someone says your mom’s a b***h & she actually is how can you go off on them, & if she isn’t, why bother disputing the opinion of idiots? Remember what not only Patrick Henry said about truth but The Good Book also in John 8:32, then note that neither mentioned anything about the experience being enjoyable.

    It’s rather simple really, & quite civilized imo.

    Cassandra (of Troy)

    • “My general rule is as long as there’s no verbal/physical threat to my person people can say/do what they want, but if that threshold’s crossed according to MY standards (which are largely those of the mid/late 19th century West) unrestricted war begins NOW. You leave others alone & have the right to expect likewise, & if that expectation’s maliciously violated then whoever did so gets what they get.”

      Box it and ship it! Call it a “Constitution” and everyone should be happy.

      • Cassandra (of Troy)

        Jim Klein/20Nov12@13:28,

        Never happen, in part or whole, JK, since such requires people to be psychologically & physically tougher than they want to be. The problem isn’t ability, it’s desire, & despite their vehement claims to the contrary most people are actually quite happy being sanctimonious, hypocritical, frivolous, & stupidly impulsive while expecting no real penalty for that behavior. Childish yes, eventually suicidal of course, but SFW?

        And when the bill comes due as it ALWAYS does, they’ll stamp their angwy widdew feet & scream about how WRONGWRONGWRONG that is & how WEELYWEELYWEEEELY BAD people are for not saving them then squall about being told what to do.

        Thanx anyway for the accolade, I do appreciate it.

        Cassandra (of Troy)

      • Box it and ship it! Call it a “Constitution” and everyone should be happy.

        Maybe half of “everyone.” Maybe.

  32. Cassandra (of Troy)


    A correction of your ‘Southern’,:

    “No you ain’t either!” should be “No you ain’t Neither!” w/ the idiosyncratic addtn of ‘gonna do it’ on the end. Another version is “You ain’t gonna do that neither!” & also “You ain’t not gonna do that neither!”. Amend your lexicon accordingly, Aesop old man, remember what you were taught in elementary English class about proper usage.

    Re: The South’s ‘Negro Problem’

    Mayhap Pat/similar are considering a resurrection of the ‘Back To Africa Movement’, then/now I believe in it as a great answer to the anguish of ‘the bleck cuhmunnehteh trapped in the Hells of Nawth Uhmerruhkuh’ & one w/ historical precedent. Strange how after word got out about how genuinely horrific things are in black ruled countries in ‘Mother Africa’, interest in re-patriation kinda withered & the squalls for a ‘Black Homelan in Uhmerruhkuh’ increased. How capricious coincidence be, & fickle its affection.

    Cassandra (of Troy)