I Wondered Why He Was Lubricating Both Fists

“…I am a firm believer that climate change is real, that it is impacted by human behavior and carbon emissions. And as a consequence, I think we’ve got an obligation to future generations to do something about it…”

Full 14 November presser transcript here.

Hope you have something to put between your jaws as the new Administration begins, comrade.

Got resistance?

20 responses to “I Wondered Why He Was Lubricating Both Fists

  1. I love being in the energy sector.

    Nothing like being a virtual employee of the state.

  2. Larry Elliott

    I’m a firm believer in climate change too. I’m also a firm believer that nature has way more influence over climate than people do or will be able to do in the foreseeable future. The climate was warmer a thousand years ago, with maybe 10% of today’s population.

    The only thing constant about climate is change, but the anthropogenic climate change hucksters only want to control us even more than they currently do by controlling how we use energy and what kind of energy. Anyone who believes that solar panels or windmills are the answer at this time must like living in the dark and cold.

    • Anyone who believes that solar panels or windmills are the answer at this time must like living in the dark and cold.
      By staying on the grid that is exactly what you can expect to happen.
      dark and cold
      I’m pulling out, a little bit at a time.
      By spring my office will be off grid, then onto the rest of the house.
      Because *other people* control the grid, I want out of it.

      Gets pretty cold here in the winter time, cold enough to kill you twice over, and that’s exactly the wrong way to be when other people control your electric, heat, lights, etc.
      I’ll control all aspects of my own life, thank you very much.

  3. The mighty kenyan unbound…good luck to us all.

  4. Mutant Swarm

    350, only because you took 500 first. They’ll do another pump and dump on Facebook to keep the average up, is my guess.

    • Never mind the stock “market”. It isn’t one. NY banksters use HFT to flush FedRes funny money in and out, out and in, then make profits by front-running each others’ trades….insider trading at the speed of light. By now 80% of the ‘market” is HFT scamming. When it goes, it’ll all go…in the blink of an eye.

  5. Don’t forget AEI is complicit, they’ve been holding secret meetings for months with the other think tanks. Now, the plan is to integrate a carbon tax into the ‘solution’ to the fiscal cliff.

  6. Verify for yourself on Wikipedia.
    In the 1970’s it was ‘global cooling’. Uh, that didn’t pan out.
    In the 2000’s it was ‘global warming’. Uh, that didn’t work either.

  7. Northgunner III


    Sounds like more verbal demagoguery by
    a ‘priest of Malthus’ whos belives that the
    Earth must be ‘cleansed’ of ‘the evil of man’
    From Cloward-Piven to genocide in the name
    of ‘Mother Gaia’…thanks but no F’n thanks!!!

    As the character of Capt. Reynolds put it:
    “They think that they can make people ‘better’…
    I do not hold with that..so no more running.
    I aim to misbehave.”

    The only ‘carbon footprint’ he and the rest
    of that ilk should be concerned with is that
    of a righteous boot connecting with their
    thoroughly worthless backsides.

    Yours In Liberty!
    Northgunner III

  8. Archaic, Don. Why would there need to be a reason to tax the sheep?

    • The sheep must be taxed back to the bare ability to eat and sleep in a shelter, or else they might look at who is controlling everything. The Industrial Revolution almost made the middle classes wealthy, so income had to be declared to be all the money received from trading labor or planting a crop. The original income tax that required an Amendment to the US Constitution (is it passed or not is a different discussion) was on the top 1% of the wealthy, and look at it now.

      There is lube??? Praised be. Get some of that to make sure that the bolt slides correctly into battery.


      • Oh, I know why the sheep must be taxed. I was just pointing out that there doesn’t even have to be a pretense of a reason any more. It’s still early so they’re just bitch-slapping right now, and everyone here knows who the bitches are. Personally I never experienced that before, and I’m not fond of it at all.

        • Cassandra (of Troy)

          Jim Klein/16Nov12@10:20,

          “Personally I never experienced that before, and I’m not fond of it at all.”

          And w/ that statement you prove that you’re just another prudish pronvincial in sore need of some vigorously applied worldview expansion via the Ludovico Technique which will, hopefully, git yo myn raht thereby allowing yoh ‘bettahs’ to moh easily tolerate yoh vulgah pwesence. Go now, JK, shed thet etevism & be ‘enlightened’!

          Or else.

          Cassandra (of Troy)

          • LOL. Etevism? I couldn’t figure that one out, but I sure ’nuff know which two words count—“Or else.”

  9. Do a web search for CERN climate change
    T’would seem that those science hating toothless hillbillies, you know – the post-doctorate particle physicists who run the Hadron Supercollider – have found that solar radiation has more effect on the climate than any amount of anthropogenic carbon. But that doesn’t fit in with the Liberal agenda so it gets no attention.

    • solar radiation has more effect on the climate than any amount of anthropogenic carbon

      The sun can make a 70 degree Fahrenheit difference in the temperature in a desert, 100 during the day and freezing at night, in 12 hours. I believe this one factor called the “sun” is so fast and powerful it overwhelms all other factors. We have glacier drilling ice core evidence of 20 ice ages/global warmings happening in the last five million years. Perhaps the ice ages are due to tiny variations in the sun’s output and tiny non-circularities in the Earth’s orbit.

      Plants breath in CO2. Pump CO2 into a greenhouse and the plants will pull it out of the air. Seal the greenhouse airtight and the plants will drown in their waste product, Oxygen. I believe the short-term atmospheric CO2/O2 balance is a dynamic equilibrium between the plants and the animals. Big volcanic eruptions put lots of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere in a short time, which if global warming is correct should produce a permanent increase in CO2 in the atmosphere. They don’t. There was a big eruption about 400,000 years ago, just off the left edge of the timeline in Gore’s movie. Funny, he didn’t talk about it. I believe the carbon caps are an attempt to create a water monopoly empire using the new scarce factor, energy, instead of water. Gore’s legislator father did lawyer work for the coal mines he pretended to regulate, and now Gore speculates in carbon trading credits for the atmosphere he pretends to regulate.

  10. Global warming stopped 16 years ago, reveals Met Office report quietly released… and here is the chart to prove it:


    FEDGOV expansion, power, money, control. The watermelons won’t be satisfied until all us proles are dirt poor, hungry and shivering in the dark.

  11. Kudos, On Target, and correctamundo. Do you think it will be crisis of confidence in the dollar, or a call on the derivatives that does it? I’m betting(hah!) on a combination of the two, happening in about the space of 72hrs or so. Not a prediction of when, but of the time it will take to occur. I’m a believer in your “blink of an eye”, position, I just think a dollar crisis will precede that “blink”, with maybe 72-96 hrs. in between the two. Whilst the derivatives (696 trillion, oy vey) are a monster, the trillions held, but not in circulation inside and outside the US in dollars, with a confidence crisis, would prod that Dow into retirement faster than you can spell HFT. And there are so many things that could cause it, they defy description. The watermelons will slide into obscurity, once they have no monetary cards to hold, and that is the final helpless spot they will bleat from, with all the other socialist fucktards, once the bell tolls.

  12. +30 so far…

  13. “and that is the final helpless spot they will bleat from, with all the other socialist fucktards, once the bell tolls.”

    From your keyboard to God’s Ears.

    Or at last the ears of the willing.