Through A Glass Darkly

Remus gazes into the mist:

…A real opposition would likely be a resistance movement, ultraorthodox and non-confrontational. Imagine the Zealots informed by 4GW rather than ghost dancers. Just as no one rang a bell and announced the economic collapse had begun, so there would be no declaration a genuine resistance was underway, in fact, its existence would be in doubt until the era was over, by intent all around. Their doings would be put down as terrorism, not without cause, just as the Zealots had the Sicarii. If it materializes, a genuine resistance would eventually dominate substantial territory and conduct themselves as a parallel, legitimate government functioning as state agencies and public utilities do now, all but forcing the regime into the role of an invading or occupation force.

The press is an appendage to the permanent government. Accept it as such. Nonetheless, should a resistance arise assume there is covert understanding to be had from their reportage. Weigh carefully: deaths or disappearances of key figures, catastrophic failures of infrastructure, implausible ‘routine’ military exercises, unlikely retirements and sudden resignations at high levels of government, weird prohibitions and outlier regulations, serial transportation mishaps or any similar occurence that happens over and over, headline news recast or retracted or abandoned in the days following the event, shortages of common items, or the like.

Life will be all the more unpleasant because panicky politicians direct the response of the police and military, and do it badly. This plays into the hands of a resistance. Asymmetrical warfare relies on big, bureaucratic opponents grossly overreacting and expending itself in the doing. Think of this when you see video of high-dollar helicopters firing $70,000 Hellfire anti-armor missiles at single riflemen in Afghanistan. Add the cost of flying and maintaining a helicopter, supporting the air crew, supporting and equipping the ground crew, and the bill for transporting all this to Afghanistan. Compare it to the cost of putting an Afghan rifleman in the field and you have the logic of asymmetrical warfare. The rifleman bleeds on the battlefield, the other bleeds figuratively but massively, continuously and uncontrollably.

The manic excesses of the “war on terrorism” would be intensified, tipping ever more Americans into true rebellion. They know it, it’s an accepted side effect. This is usually talked about in political terms but the practical downside is significant. Americans are a well armed people even aside from firearms. For instance, critical nodes are known most intimately by those who install and maintain them, and it’s easier to get thermite or microcircuitry in Minneapolis than in Mogadishu. If much of the populace were to participate in small ways the cumulative effect would unhinge the establishment. DC would go full retard if countermeasures produced no lasting results. Imagine a thermostat where the “on” and “off” setting is the same. The furnace it controls cycles itself to destruction while accomplishing nothing.

So says 4GW theory anyway…

Read the whole thing.

And remember JFK’s comment.

11 responses to “Through A Glass Darkly

  1. Various modes of revolt now underway – some symbolic, some substantial – and eventually a catalytic event (economic collapse—->Martial Law, another Ruby Ridge, etc.) will pull them all together. I see from some of the secession sites, for instance, that the “Yankee flag” has begun disappearing at numerous points South. Symbolic. But significant.

  2. Pretty cool……

  3. robroysimmons

    As long as you meanies do not drop the high tension electrical wires which supply my comfy suburb with the elecricity needed to power my 42′” high def TV, or to keep the infrastructure operating for the Obama voter life support cacoon things will be okay and you can sign all the petitions you want.

    • lines are too easy to replace/repair. Go for the substation transformers. all of them. all at once.

      • They’ve been working on replacing a couple of high tension towers not far from here for about 4 months, with about a month more to go according to the signs

      • Cassandra (of Troy)


        Substations can be fortified relatively easily, while HTL insulators in remote locations are by their nature susceptible to both randomly repetitious & full-on ToT acts w/ the sheer size of the country & the necessity of a reliable power supply to maintain social cohesion working in favor of such tactics. Note the unfortunate events in both post-Katrina LA & the ‘civilized’ post-Sandy N/E, the govt’s Cold War studies about chaos causation due to foreign instigated power grid failure, then ponder on their relationship to Yamamoto’s comment about the conquest of America. To prevent either the ‘death from a 1000 cuts’ or ‘Corleone baptismal’ scenarios would likely require the ChiComms ground forces, the tech abilities of the U.S./U.K./Europe/Russia/Israel, & also the whole hearted co-operation of the majority of Americans, i.e., a total ‘N.W.O./World Govt’ takeover.

        While not an impossibility, the previous measures would de facto destroy the U.S.’s socio-economic viability thereby validating the ‘cure is worse than the disease’ observation. But then there’s Murphy to consider, & you know what a character he is.

        Cassandra (of Troy)

    • Cassandra (of Troy)


      That’s a perfect example of the mentality of the majority of Americans generally & those on the ‘Right’ in particular as in,: Make trouble, but nothing too serious. And that shows how sadly, damnably correct Derbyshire was/is about the dearth of ‘turbulence’.

      Cassandra (of Troy)

  4. Good thoughts from Remus. Thanks for that.

  5. Colorado Pete

    Chuckled when I saw his reference to “Seldom Seen Smith”. For those of you who don’t recognize it, read Edward Abbey’s “The Monkey Wrench Gang”.