AmMerc: Insurgent Logistics



Integrate with your plans.

You can’t shoot/move/communicate without the “stuff” needed to sustain each over time.

Proper prior planning, and all…

It’s the only way to avoid having to eat tofu.

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  1. Logistics = tuna fish + bullets, and I have plenty of both. Excess can be bartered for other needful things. Dead regime enforcers and their supply points can also be a useful source. Friendly civilians, maybe…tho the gubmint will try to “drain the sea” by FEMA-camping as much of the population as it can. Foreign supply, also maybe…Putin and the Chicoms (cf. Brit/French aid to the Confederacy) will be quite happy to see America collapse into Civil War. .

    • Mutant Swarm

      I’ve been told that the Russians work on the prison honor system when it comes to economics. That is, if they give you something, they expect that you will give them something in return (and try to set up the deal so as to be outrageously in their favor). And you had damned well better have it when they ask for it. They are NOT nice people (at least the ones we’d be dealing with).

      Probably the best way to deal with them (or anyone else in the future, for that matter) is to avoid saying “I can get it” and get used to saying “I have it” before making any arrangements.

    • Interesting. Well, where I come from talk of secession or rebellion is part of our Constitutional duty to keep this Republic (or its moldering corpse) from descending into utter tyranny. Where we are in that process is arguable, but that we ARE in that process is simply not up for debate.

      HOWEVER, where I come from, making deals with the Communist Chinese or Russians is treason and talk of such is sedition. Pure and simple.

      Just because FDR sold us out to Stalin doesn’t make it right to do the same thing in this day and age. A deal with the Devil is always written in blood and when that bill comes due it always ends in agony and flame.

      • Logistics are logistics.

        In other words, ammo, medicine, arms, fuel, clothing, food, and so forth are apolitical — literally without politics.

        Look to the terms of the deal, not to the stuff itself.

        If NKVD Commissar Smersh wants to give you arms, be wary — and plan how to kill him and get the goods yourself.

        If gunrunner Captain Butler proposes a straight-up deal for .50 BMG APIT in exchange for small gold, attend to your security and proceed.

        Ditto with Senor Rodriguez, Comrade Chen, or Colonel-General Idi Mambozo.

        • Maybe so…but when is business not just business? If I’m buying my Class V from Senor Rodriguez or Mr. Chen of the local asian organized crime ring, then yeah, it’s probably just business. But if I’m buying from Comrade Chen or Col. Rodriquez I’ve gotta ask myself…what is this guy’s angle? A representative of a foreign government or military may be in it because he is corrupt and just wants the cash to supplement his meager pay and subsidize his appetite for booze and hookers, or (maybe both) he has a more sinister angle that may end up costing me dearly in the end.

          I’d trust a criminal over a foreign gov or mil flunky any day. But only as far as I could throw him. He’d sell me out to the Feds just as quickly as he’d make a deal with me. Just business, nothing personal.

  2. “TOFU”! Don’t know if I could align myself with no tofu-eatin’ candy-asses!

  3. +1 on civilian “round-up” (for their safety) and “vetting” of loose/remaining civilians as reliable supporters of the PTB.

    The Auxiliary is going to have to be even more sneaky than fighting groups because they will be the interface to the OpFor and OpFor support systems. A huge hazard for them is being accused of helping the other side, by both sides. Going along to get along is going to be a required appearance, regardless of actual sentiment.

    They won’t be called “concentration camps” but that’s what they will be. Populations will indeed be concentrated into a small area for easier control. They won’t be “Working To Death” Camps like I.G. Farbin factory, or “Assembly Line Killing Plant” as PrisonPlanet describes, but folks who are not sturdy will fade away due to neglect and shortage. See Boer War for how well CC’s work against morale and re-supply of domestic fielded forces (very well) especially when news of disease in the camps and mortality rates gets out.

    If the US Army had used Boer War tactics on Afghanistan, we would own it now, and be calling for US Citizen settlers to get some free land. The Soviet way was to skip camps (feeding costs money, and might result in bad pictures) and level villages (what village?), allowing survivors to walk to Pakistan (causing a problem inside of Pakistan). We could have done that, too, but for a stupid plan to make Jihadists into 18th Century European Reformation Personal Liberty Democrats without killing them first.

    I see civilians in the fUSA achieving a status similar to that of German civilians in early 1945. Not good. Being a diversified-crop farm worker/owner is the best insurance of continued eating (even with reduced rations).


  4. Another Anon

    I knows its meant as an expression but don’t knock tofu as a food source. Its cheap ($1.50 a package here in the sticks ) versatile, stores well in the fridge and has lot of healthy calories .

    I doubt a soybean farmer would have any trouble making it at home or for sale.

    As to the task at hand, if it goes pear shaped. Certainly (if the soldiers obey and they may not and Junta instead) OPFOR might try Boer tactics but its harder than you might think.

    The Boers were agrarian and small in number. SA is also pretty flat and England was far enough away from reprisal attacks. OPFOR and everything they care about is right here and FREEFOR can and will meet fire with fire.

    Hope we learned something from the Jews back in Nazi Germany yes? Do not be disarmed and if they go after your kids, well. You figure it out.

    Also the logistics of mass imprisonment of an uncooperative population is harder than you think. We don’t have the manpower to even try it in Afghanistan . It has 35 million people , is mountainous and women and children would be expended anyway. They aren’t like the Boers. We’d need basically the entire young population of the US to try.

    I agree they might try it on FreeFor which it should be prepared for but its a complex multi racial battle space not Boer War 2 or even ACW 1 revisited

    I’d advice in fact its important to have a a lot more disaster preparedness so you don’t end up voluntarily in a FEMA camp like those poor schlubs in NOLA or New Jersey or wherever.

    As for country folks, go read Mao (its a free PDF anyway) and study his revolution. Seriously I know the guy is a totalitarian Commie. He won and his situation (control of the countryside) has things applicable to the current one.

    And yes we can control the countryside. As Charles Schultz put it
    “The hand that controls the supper dish rules the world”

    Last by the time it goes really south, we might not have the manpower to do anything since the US will be as hollow as Mexico. A small recession is enough to start pushing the US to an end game. I can’t imagine whats going to happen if things don’t get better fast.

    • alan w. mullenax

      The woman has educated me on sprouts. Different kinds. Sunflower, mixed bean, wheat grass, etc.

      All grown in a room with minimal effort and equipment.

      One can live off this stuff.

      I’m working on the details.

        • outlawpatriot

 These folks are local for me.

          I’m thinking it’s a pretty good idea. They grow quickly and are very nutritious.

          I would also be able to actually put that Botany degree of mine to work. 🙂

      • Easy, and some of the healthiest stuff you can eat.

        I used to make my own tofu from whole soybeans and liked it. It is so much better fresh than even a few days old, but it is time consuming. Unfortunately for me personally, it causes me voluminous gaseous emissions of a non containable, socially unacceptable type! Very good and easily digestible protein for most folks though.

      • Colorado Pete

        +1, just found out about them. Good stuff.

      • Another Anon

        Do so. Medicine is short supply right now. Food may be next.


        And note you can get farther with few bullets and lots of food than the reverse. Also having spare food can buy loyalty. If FreeFor can help provide food and security in times of crisis they can buy a lot of good will. Just having people unwilling to rat you out for a penny is of great value.

        We can learn a lot from such diverse sources as the Golden Dawn, drug dealers (who buy loyalty with charity and fear and have all kind of alternative channels to move goods and people and acquire things in short supply or which are restricted by fiat such as pain medicine and weapons) Hippies and heck as I have often heard if you want to see the future go watch the B Movie “Prayer of the Rollerboys” . I did.

        Minus the genocidal ideology, we can learn a ton from the eponymous gang. So do’s , some don’t’s . Its only a movie but its a smart one. Oh and ignore the Japan uber alles , hey it was 1991 and the Japanese helped pay for it (no kidding)

        As for sprouts, I grew up on these. They aren’t tasty, being actually kind of flavorless, but are easy to grow and highly nutritious. They make a great backup food source for say non fighters allowing more calorie rich foods to be reallocated if needed.

        No one will think anything of someone getting the stuff needed.

        Hippies also learned about making your own yogurt (I grew up on homemade yogurt as well) and a lot of other survival on a budget tricks.

        Learn them.

        As the Archdruid John Micheal Greer put it “collapse now and avoid the rush.”

        Than if a fight happens, every penny you don’t need for food and shelter and such is another penny for the fight.

  5. “Amateurs talk about tactics, but professionals study logistics.”

    –Gen. Robert H. Barrow, USMC (Commandant of the Marine Corps) noted in 1980

  6. Another Anon

    I have to disagree with you on the food issue Aesop. Its not so much hostile action by OpFor that worries me but the brittleness of our economic and food systems.

    Right now as of today there 46 million and change, about 1 in 5 persons on foodstamps (source HuffPo)

    This doesn’t include all kind of people whose government benefits and jobs no longer matter and those who would be caught up in the collapse.

    Thats a lot of hungry people and a titanic security and logistical nightmare for OpFor and FreeFor alike. Any person missing meals is ripe for subversion by any power promising a meal, us , them, whoever.Trust me in a wide spread hunger situation, your best friends will sell you out for government cheese and for a second food box will sharpen the impaling pole.

    I’d say the fit hits the shan as many as 200 million people maybe more will be at risk. Thats staggering and functionally about half the population of Europe in WW1 give or take at severe risk.

    Nothing stops OpFor from trying a holodomor on restive cities either. The military might not like it but its not like they could actually stop it if enough troops remain loyal to them to stop blowback.

    Also more than a few cities are dependent on very fragile infrastructure to get food too and fro. It would not be difficult for OpFor to disrupt this (and no I will not suggest ways or means) and use it as a false flag.

    Heck I wouldn’t put it past facets of “FreeFor” note the scare quotes from doing it either. Not every person who allegedly wants the same things has the same ethics.

    Having means to make sure at loyal people eat and enough to pay off others is very good idea.

    This kind of thing can be just a few extra bags of flour and yeast or old veggies and big tureens of soup. So long as its calories and nutrition, its all good.

    Bullets are good, Bandages are fine but Beans you need every single day. Make sure you can get them. Lots of them because if you only have a plan to handle FreeFor people you’ll have a Pyhrric victory at best