The Chickens Have Had Enough

Too awesome.

UPDATE 1240 EST 16 NOV 2012: A report from a WRSA commenter indicates that the rebellion is spreading. Please watch the video report below (all the way to the end):

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  1. I love it and he should feel completly proud of his little dude. I felt the same way when my wife and I were once having a discussion about dealing with a neighbor that was being a pain. My then 5 year old son said “Dad, you should just shoot him to the ground”. A little tear came to my eye and my wife gave me “one of those looks”.

  2. Bock, bock,bock, bwaaaaack! Chickenmaaaaaaaaaaaan! He’s everywhere, he’s everywhere! Dat da dadda dat dat!

  3. Daniel K Day

    What are those doohickeys on the ducks?

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  5. Prairie Fire

    Nice story there from co.ironwill. His kid (unk age) has obviously not been exposed to public education. Hope that status can continue as the kid grows up, many more little urchins like that kid are needed to pass on the stories (and the torch) as their parents become targets and as their parents win or lose the fight.

  6. If you scroll down on his blog you get an excerpt of TL’s latest. Did this have it’s own thread here? If not, I’m surprised. If it did I missed it.

    The Fight for American Liberty by TL Davis.

  7. That “cows with guns” singer is Garrison Keillor. I don’t know why the youtube link has some other name – maybe that’s the original author. But the voice singing it is definitely Keillor. I sent that exact audio as a MP3 to a hunter friend from the Dakotas back in 2000.

    • There’s probably a dozen copies of that video on Youtube, I just posted the first one that came up on google. If you have a better link, you might give ti to CC so he can make the video in the post go to an upload owned by the actual artist.

  8. I LOVED this little boy’s cartoon. Loved it. Especially the part about tree huggers. The dad should be so proud of this young man. An uncorrupted child who sees the truth in a sea full of lies. Bravo.

  9. Mt Top Patriot

    If a kid can figure tyranny out and have the wisdom to express his concerns through art, where are all the Americans in the Military who took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic?

    There is something inherently very very wrong here.
    What was that oath for?
    If the unquestionable absence of actions involving that oath, the takers of it, is any indication, the dissonance between a child who understands the truth of what protect and defend from enemies of the Constitution is about, and those who are trained, equipped, experienced, “adults”, who accepted pay and duty willingly to do just that, have not, are not, is mind blowing. It is dereliction of not just duty, but of morality, dereliction of the kind of virtue and honor of the highest order.

    A little kid is left to spell out the cold hard truth?

    It is beyond shameful, magnitudes of shame, these men and woman in uniform have forsaken our children. Forsaken an entire system of Liberty and the people who constitute it.

    What of these, for a lack of any better name, traitors good for other than doing the geopolitical dirty work at the bidding of the ruling class money grubbers?

    A bunch of deer hunters and pissed off chickens, and 1 little boy, got their work cut out for them. Because without somebody from the ranks of the Military who got our backs, it is going to be a cold long hard bitter row to hoe towards Liberty.

    God Bless the little guy.
    God Bless his heart.

    We are going to need all appeals to heaven and the blessings we can get.
    That little boy, cause along with a whole lot of chickens who have had enough have been left out with their arses hanging in the wind.

    • Patriot – there are tons of cowards in the top echelon of the US military who value their beloved pensions over the truth. I don’t begrudge their pensions, I loathe their cowardice. Unfortunately IMO the top tier at the pentagon is completely compromised and full of degenerate turds.

      Our nation is being run by psychopaths who would sell their grandma for a nickel if they could get away with it.

      Here’s the thing. If the dollar collapses, the feds stop printing funny money OR we go into full RAHOWA, their pensions are going to be gone anyway.

      Look at what the .gov did to Brandon Raub. If his mother didn’t scream bloody murder on Facebook no one would know he’d been taken to the funny farm.

      • Cassandra (of Troy)

        RE: RAHOWA

        I asked you/your compatriots the following question which went unanswered,:

        If you/similar are adherents to the ‘one drop rule’, exactly what are your plans for the millions of ‘racial mongrels’ who (like me) can’t be readily identified as such?

        Cassandra (of Troy)

  10. Awesome. WRSA was the first site I visited once I got on this side of the great wall (China’s damn firewall) and WRSA never disappoints, Be safe!