If You Don’t Have Your Copy Yet

You really should order at least one each:

Martino: Resistance To Tyranny

Spungin: Neither Predator Nor Prey


15 responses to “If You Don’t Have Your Copy Yet

  1. Thanks Pete, you told me to read Molon Labe, now I’m in WY, what next? Sounds like that old curse: may you live in interesting times. Kidding.

  2. Bought a copy of Mark’s book several years ago. I’ve been encouraging folks to deal with checkpoints in the way his book deals with them, when they become prevalent in their area. I’ve heard they have become pretty common in Californica.

    I’ll check out Martino’s book now.

  3. Mutant Swarm

    Anybody else get a blank page when they click on the link to buy “Resistance To Tryanny?”

  4. ‘Neither Predator Nor Prey’ is a great novel & for $20 it’s affordable enough to give a copy to a nephew, a grandson, etc , a gift to a friend for the Holidays. I usually donate a copy to my local Friends of the NRA Banquet and my State’s 2A Association’s yearly fundraiser. The author, Mark Spungin, is also President of the Wyoming State Shooters Association.
    Now I’ll buy Martino’s book.

  5. Got Marks’ book several years ago also, read through it several times a year. The one that gets written two years into the Slam will be even more interesting. About Mark, when I sent for the book, I sent a few dollars extra for postage, etc. He sent the book, and refunded the extra money. Made me realize how a little honesty and integrity are so important.

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      I used to shoot NRA Highpower in Lander WY with Mark and his wife Bev. Mark ran the shoot and Bev competed, he also set up the NG range in Guernsey WY, one of the best ranges in the country. Mark is a US Army Vietnam vet and retired NG. They’re both very warm and wonderful people.

  6. Hmmmm…EBT crash Friday…

  7. I’ve had web site problems. I’m trying to get the link fixed. Regardless of the link, I hope you’ll buy my book, and I recommend that you get it from Amazon. That’s where the link will lead when I get it fixed. Joseph P. Martino

    • Mutant Swarm

      Thanks, Joseph. I got it from Amazon.

    • Bought your book. Read it in one sitting, then put it on the shelf for several months. Took it down a few days ago and started reading it again, only more slowly this time. It’s good… very good. I’d recommend it to anyone who asks.

  8. I assume everyone here has read the canon:
    “Unintended Consequences”
    Bracken’s “Enemies Foreign and Domestic” trilogy. Plus his new non-fiction anthology, only $1 on Amazon for e-readers.
    Boston T. Party’s “Molon Labe” “Boston’s Gun Bible” and “Hologram of Liberty”
    I liked “The Black Arrow” by Vin Suprynowicz, along with the non-fiction “Send in the Waco Killers” and “The Ballad or Carl Drega”.
    Another less known, but worthwhile series is “Middle America” by Anthony Lewis. About the secession of Wyoming and Montana.

  9. Oh, and well some may object to it’s harsh race-realist perspective, Tom Chittum’s “Civil War II” really is a must read, just to understand the concept of multi-ethnic empires and how they come apart. If anyone really thinks the lines in the next conflict will be based mostly on voter registration they should read this book. Lots of examples from history both distant and recent.

  10. If I knew how to crash that system, it would happen in a heartbeat. Tired of supporting the loafers.

  11. Add my thumbs up for both books. Spungin offers a “how to” for numerous cases and situations FreeFor may find themselves facing. It’s a very useful starter playbook. Martino covers the surface of a large number of areas. Each chapter has massive follow-on resources at the end. These firehoses of info will take you as deep as you want to go into each topic.