Muir: Paperwork

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  1. Declaration.

    Not petition.

  2. A million now? Nice.

    A long time ago, the USMC sent me to the Xerox sales school in Leesburg as part of the training for recruiting duty. One of the interesting tidbits was that Bell/ATT did a study on customer satisfaction, and found that for every person who will lodge a complaint about a product or service, another nine or so people are equally unsatisfied but don’t bother telling the vendor about it (politeness, too busy, found something else already, et c., or in some cases, fear).

    So, it is reasonable to assume that as many as ten million people are dissatisfied enough to consider the secession issue to one degree or another. Even a conservative (pun intended) estimate might be between two to four million people.

    Still a small number overall, but here is the fun part. How many people do those two to four million people touch? And one level away, those people? This could grow exponentially in unexpected ways. And each time this bubble touches a “connector” the number takes a huge leap. Or become solidified as the bubble comes at them from different sides.

    Recommended action item of the day: find the connectors around you in meatspace. These are the people who seem to know everyone, such as the owner of the feed store where people hang out all day. Then, help this secession bubble (and other related bubbles often discussed on these sites) touch them. In essence, become the connector for all the connectors you know.

    Remember, in the case of this “product”, secession itself doesn’t even have to happen to have a throttling effect on government excesses. The mere thought of it in the public space is a powerful disincentive as it shows that there is a limit, however ill-defined, to what will be deemed as acceptable. Secession, as with jury nullification, was worth so much to stamp out that it took generations of propaganda and flag pledging to choke these ideas out, and looky looky how fast this one is coming back.

    But if it does happen, well, then, bonus…

    And don’t forget, “Oh, Mr. Connector, have you heard about jury nullification?”


  3. “What’s wrong with these people?” You’re about to find out.

  4. The one problem I see with secession is this: the basic image is “getting away” from the Regime. It’s a fundamentally defensive way of thinking, like Rawls and his “Redoubt”. Confederates played fair defense for 2 years, then moved North in ’63…too late. To win, we will have to utterly destroy the Beltway, Wall StDC globalist corridor of power. That done, other Satanic power centers – ‘FriscoHollywoodMexifornia, fr’instance – will fall relatively easily. All this through early Aggressive, not defensive thought and action. As a loner, my attitude is: Have Gun, Will Travel.

  5. First,get the ball rollin’…

  6. robroysimmons

    It will take an American Spring, but we are no where near that since “CONNEDservatives” are still reactionary and waiting for Reagan redux.

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  8. Always beware conservatives who are desperate not to appear ‘loony’. To paraphrase Rush Limbaugh, if mainstream opinion gives you your sense of self-validaton, then you’ll always be on their planatation. If they made you, they can break you. So gutless faux conservatives will disparage and ridicule secessionists as anachronistic and uncool. Such people are just the left’s poodles. Why would I ever let the left and mainstream opinion decide what I get revere, and what I ridicule. The whole point is to make a symbolic statement to this effect: “I believe that this nation just voted itself into economic and cultural oblivion. I and like-minded people don’t want to travel further down this road. To this end I am willing to consider the possibility, the process, and the necessary steps to accomplish a peaceful secession. I DO NOT place the survival of America above the survival of its democratic principles. In point of fact the Constitution, by precisely defining how the Federal Government could (and has) oversepped its rightful authority, obligates citizens serious about the nation’s first principles to give secession every consideration.”

  9. says that secessionists won’t have to destroy the oligarchy, that the oligarchy will collapse. Remember the USSR in 1989. The dollar cannot remain world reserve currency. Either the bond market will collapse it, or China and the BRIC nations will. Then, once hyperinflation begins, America is over. Stay tuned and prep. Russ Longcore

  10. I take issue with those who say this is comparable to Alec Baldwin promising to emigrate (and then breaking his promise) if Bush won. Those advocating secession are not threatening to abandon their country. They are determined to take their country with them.

  11. bloodyspartan

    Now some of You Fuckers are get-tin It

    Right and Duty, Absolute Right and Absolute Duty , to provide for our children
    We all Know what GOD says about Screwing with the Future and Present of children.

    We have aborted enough, time to Abort D.C and the Boner too. Funny Best Line I ever heard was Rip Torn in Extreme Prejudice.
    Jesus H. Christ., Jack, the Only thing worse than a politician is a Child Molester.

    Am I wrong?
    Ore forefathers knew when you destroy a Man’s Livelihood you destroy the Man and his families future.

    The Declaration is Man’s poor translation of GOD’s Gifts.

    Immutable Unchangeable and Unalienable.

    I live in LK ROnk NY come and get me I am tired of waiting.

    Traitorous Can’t Understand Normal Thinking Sots ALL.