SHTF School: Drugs During Long Term Survival Situations (Part I: Alcohol)

Selco looks at self-medication during the Bad Times.

Think hard about drug issues in your tribe.

From yourself outward.

What happens when the stuff ain’t around?

And what happens when it is all around?


Manage it.

5 responses to “SHTF School: Drugs During Long Term Survival Situations (Part I: Alcohol)

  1. Most liklry preaching to the chior but here in NC we’ve been dealing with it for a long time. Here’s great place to get started- E85 gas is mostly alcohol (85%) so why not make your own? Plenty of info on how it’s done out there- Here’s just one- Then of course there is the ubiquitous permit from the PTB, if you give a damn-“The application is completed by a person (applicant) who would like to establish a plant to produce, process, and store, and use or distribute distilled spirits to be used exclusively for fuel purposes under 26 U.S.C. 5181. Distilled spirits means only ethanol or ethyl alcohol.”

  2. Yep. It doesn’t really seem like a big deal until you get a list of all the meds your tribe members need to function from day to day. When I saw our list it blew my mind. Reality sank in.

  3. Large bottles of cheap vodka come in handy for barter. Vodka can also be used to steep herbs in to make tinctures. If you need to preserve some fresh-killed game meat or fresh-caught fish, a solution of vodka, white vinegar and salt will do the trick, if you cannot get it canned. Even if you do not drink alcohol, it is and will be a valuable commodiity to any preppers inventory.

    • Non-Cataphract

      I agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Johnson’s comment. Liquor can be strictly utilitarian in a WROL situation. It can act as a disinfectant to one degree, a painkiller if enough is ingested, a means of barter or bribe, and helps ‘lighten the mood’ among people if the time comes for such a thing (also I hear that some of that cheaper Vodka can function as a light solvent. Hope you have a strong stomach lining!). If you can offer a distraught man a swig of strong spirits, there’s likely a good chance he’ll open up to you. A good way to score potential allies perhaps?

      Or enemies, in the worst case. What you don’t want is every damn raging alcoholic desperate for a fix to descend upon your AO in hopes of whetting his whistle, even if he has to murder a few people to do so. Desperate people do desperate things.

      Regardless, I feel that the benefits quite heavily outweigh the risks. I don’t have the fortitude for liquor, but regardless I keep a bottle in each of my bug-out-bags as a contingency. Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

      As an aside, If you do plan on stocking up on cheap vodka, consider investing in a cheap Brita filter. Apparently running the cheap stuff through a filter three or four times helps mellow it out quite substantially.

      • Mr. Non-Cataphract: Thank you for the heads-up about the Brita filter. I shall invest in one. One addendum: cigarettes. Even if you do not smoke, having a carton(s) of Camels or Luckies around is good for barter. Also, if you have ever watched the movie STALAG 17, it will give you a good idea what you can do with a lit non-filter cigarette stuffed into a book of matches.