Codrea: Government Report Anticipates Calls For Gun Control In Congress


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  1. Got distracted by margin news item about college bim “selling her virginity for $780,000”. Somehow it all fits together. At any rate…I don’t care what the pimps and whores in Sodom-on-the-Potomac do about “gun control”. If/when the enforcers come to collect any of my weapons, I will kill as many as I can. Stay low, and shoot for the face.

  2. And who is the.leader of the group of marxist in your essay photo ? Frank Lautenberg, D-NJ. He has been and continues to be one of the greatest threats to what is left of freedom in this country. The morons in New Jersey shove this marxist down American throats along with the marxist contingents from Kaleeforneeya and NY state, and 300+ Americans are supposed to bow and scrape and succumb before them. Of course 60+ million Americans re-installed the constitutionally ineligible soetoro-obama back into the West Wing. What were we, who pay attention to the abuse handed us by our elected elite, to expect ?

    Mr. Codrea remarks that it was surprising this action occurred so fast. Why ? The marxist Susan Rice jumped within hours of soetoro-obama’s reinstallment to support the United Nations Small Arms Treaty. This UN support directed by H. Clinton and soetoro-obama themselves.

    Awaken Americans….look to your left, look to your right, cover your six….for there truly are enemies amongst us.


  3. I think its time these scumbags got their “Change” but on our terms, once and for all. America used to know how to deal with communists.

    Yank lll

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “America used to know how to deal with communists.”

      Historically, America’s never been very good in that regard. Our attempts at “dealing with” communists have largely consisted of: (1) welcoming them into the government (with FDR, Truman, etc.); (2) giving them whatever they demand on the international stage (FDR, Truman on China, etc.); (3) negotiate and trade with them (Nixon, Bush I, Clinton, etc.); (4) largely adopting their platform as one’s own (the Democrat party, Green Party, etc.); and (5) fighting them halfheartedly if combat is unavoidable.

      There have been the odd victories – Reagan v. Gorbachev, Afghanistan ’79-’89, Alger Hiss conviction, and the Rosenbergs, but overall….the record ain’t good.

  4. “I can’t imagine anyone over there wants a million Wacos, but with this administration, it’s never safe to assume that common sense plays any great part in their decision process.”
    Ya said mouthful there man.
    Indeed what does motivate these people? Best assume the worst and prepare accordingly as you suggest.

    • Actually, they really and truly DO want a million Wacos.

      Played exactly as Waco I was played in ’93.

      It therefore behooves FreeFor to learn in detail what happened there and not make the same mistakes.


      • The mistake made at Waco was not counter-attacking when they had them reeling…

      • Here is the likely plan;

        Humm same path used by Nixon to politicize marijuana and increase it’s illegality. Who says things don’t come back to haunt us.

        • The StreetSweeper/Striker/USAS ruling was possible because GCA ’68 classed everything over .50 caliber as a Destructive Device, except for shotguns ‘the secretary finds particularly suitable for sporting’ . The then secretary of the treasury Lord (Lloyd) Bentsen ruled the particular guns as DDs and moved them from Title1 of GCA to Title 2. No one I know agrees with that, but the law gave him that power.

          Believe what you want but there is nothing in any law, NFA’34 /GCA’68 /FOPA’86 that gives anyone the power to rule that ANY semiauto guns of whatever configuration can be moved from Title 1 to Title 2 status if they are of .50 caliber or below.

          No executive order can do this, nor bureaucratic regulation without a federal statute being passed to back them.

          All this is, is another item to divert our focus.

          • Miles:

            With respect, you may want to check your basis in recent fact for your ongoing belief in the rule of law.

            The Chrysler bondholders could help you with that.

            As could SCt Justice Roberts with his decision re Obamacare.

            Just sayin’…..

            • CA,

              A ‘rule of law’ discussion would take it’s own article (and they’re out there).
              IMO, there never has been such, short of the Law of the Medes and Persians.

              When we see the dems pulling their usual stunts about new weapons ban laws, it must be realized even those scoundrels understand that any ban or change in status must have some ‘legal’ framework to support it.
              Merely ‘ordering’ a status change to be so won’t hold water and they know it.

              Bentsen used GCA definitions to his advantage. The batboys do it as well.
              Sometimes, we can too.

              IF there was any substance in this to worry about, don’t you think this would have been done YEARS ago? It was nearly accomplished in ’94 and by the grace of god, the dems were stupid enough to allow a 10 year sunset clause. The states that passed AWBs were smart enough NOT to do so.
              But all this was Statutory.

              I’m not saying “Don’t concern yourself”. I am saying. “This method is just another ‘chicken little’ . Keep the focus on the congress and the courts where it needs to be.

              • Don’t disagree with your overall prescription, but would add:

                Keep the focus on the congress and the courts where it needs to be, but don’t lose sight of what an unchecked Executive can do with EOs.

                • I agree, POTUS has extensive power that can be exercised via EOs.
                  Never said otherwise.

                  Remember when Bushie the 1st stopped imports by using ‘sporting purposes’ the GCA introduced to fufill the batboy’s desire to redefine certain guns as ‘non-sporting’?

                  He combined law and executive power for anti-gun purposes.

                  But, if he hadn’t had the GCA to use to back his EO and empower the bureaucracy, it would have gone nowhere.

          • Cassandra (of Troy)


            Isn’t it interesting how after Mosri granted himself dictatorial Constitutional powers the Egyptians riot while Americans, reputedly the most authority suspicious & freedom loving people in history, responded to the same thing repeatedly happening here by bending over, taking the THWACK, then saying “Thank You Sir, May I Have Another?”. Derb’s right, we’ve lost our turbulence, & are going to pay a terrible price for our lassitude. I mean, damn, when the ENGLISH are making a bigger stink (w/o laws & custom to offer at least a modicum of protection) than WE are (who have those advantages in addtn to the means to back them up if need be) something’s very, Very, VERY wrong.

            One wonders what our response would be if the Dutch, Scandi, & Canadian peoples rose up, declared “NO MORE OF THIS STUPID LEFTIST S***!”, & got seriously busy about reversing it. Probably no more than flag festooned mass ‘I LOVE AMERICA!’ rallies led by the biggies on both sides of the political spectrum w/ John Philip Sousa, God Bless America, & Lee Greenwood as theme music.

            We truly do deserve the corkscrewing we’re going to get, & then blame everybody but ourselves for it.

            Cassandra (of Troy)

            • You don’t see the Egyptian street reaction for this, and possibly more, reasons:
              Not too many people really care one way or the other.

              Interesting isn’t it?

  5. Shane Gooseman

    Stuck behind enemy lines in California…but there are plenty of us waiting for them to cross the line. I’d say this attempt is a big line in the sand.

  6. So again what do we plan to do about it?
    Is it to far out of line to publically and frequently respond to these types of legislative floats by saying
    “pass it and we start shooting with our now restricted firearms!”
    Drop the cliche lines about “molon labe” and all that nonsense and spell it out. If you pass this law you are a declaring war and we will respond.

    Is that to in your face for some of the couch commandos and line in the sanders?

    • “So again what do we plan to do about it?”

      Have a media news conference and state that anyone attempting to violate the specific laws of the constitution will be hunted down, captured and jailed, tried and sentenced and all of their property will be confiscated and disposed of.

      State also that any and all attempts to violate the specific laws of the constitution will be considered capital crimes and the minimum sentence is 20 years at lard labor and the maximum is death.

      Further state that Reid, Boxser, Pelosi, Lautenberg, Schumer, etc., etc. are persons of interest for past attempts at violations of the specific laws of the constitution and are currently under 24 hour surveillance and will be instantly arrested upon suspicion of any violations at all.

      Politicians that violate laws have the same authority as all citizens that violate laws.

      • other gun-grabbing peeps of interest: Soros. Gross. Feinstein. Peters…oops. From an ethno-political viewpoint, all I can say is…thank God for Reid and Pelosi.

    • alan w. mullenax

      You sir are becoming more like me with every minute that passes.

      No possibility such laws can pass? Quite frankly, I have been amazed at what has been passed, who’s been elected and what the Supreme Court has upheld.
      Ergo, they can pass…. anything.

      For the better part of thirty years I have been considered a nut. Out of my mind, crazy. There was no way this country would do such things.

      You would be amazed at the people who come talk to me now and ask my opinion. They want to know what I’m doing and what they should do. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “I’m comin’ to your house,” in the last year.

      It’s a comin’. Ready or not, it’s a comin’. Even the sheep can feel it. They don’t know what it is. But they can feel it. They don’t know what to do. It’s a comin’.

      • +1 brother!
        I cant wait for the family diners later this week. I want to see how far the mainstreamers in my family circles have moved.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “So again what do we plan to do about it?”

      At some point, “P. O’Neill” (or his equivalent) will start posting messages with the media.

    • GhostSniper and others: OK – who’s going to call the press conference? Who’s going to take point and recite your declaration? Who’s going to enforce it? We’re the only ones on the planet discussing this route – so instead of some mythological spokesman, who’s going to call the media?

      Calling the press conference is a death sentence. Issuing the speech is a death sentence.

      I agree with the tactic, but not one of the people reading this blog would support my wife the day after they kill me.

      Who is going first?


  7. All well and good to say we’ll shoot, but someone has to start. As the old story has it, who will bell the cat? I think once someone does start, the dam will have broken.

  8. Grenadier,

    There are many of us doing the “grey man” thing right now. But when they come to take the guns,it will be game on. There’s quite a few county sheriffs in this position also that will not confiscate guns and will not allow the feds to do so in their jurisdiction either. Get to know these sheriffs. Support them.

    To those who think you can bury your guns (to retrieve later) when they outlaw them, if it’s time to bury them maybe it’s time to use them.

    Molan Labe is indeed appropriate!

    • alan w. mullenax

      Uh, yeah. That grey man thing.

      Dude, you just posted on this blog.

      You might want to reconsider that grey man shit.

      • So ah…. we go over this every so often, but- you *do* know that one can post to the interwebz anonymously…….?
        The tools are out there.

      • Non-Cataphract

        The Grey Man stance might work in theory IF the goons going door to door are only doing so as a pretense to make someone in the upper echelons happy, and don’t really want to bother searching people/don’t care enough about the wishes of TPTB.

        I personally don’t count on that, especially considering how readily the Katrina incident played out.

        If you do feel the need to go the ‘Grey Man’ route, your best bet is to announce your boating accident to the goon squad from behind your closed door, with rifle at the ready just in case. And for God’s sake don’t open the door, they’ll just shove there foot in there and charge you with assault when you try and close it.

        As much as a deathwish this may be, I don’t like the idea of caching weapons because they may be confiscated. If they really are cracking down on honest citizens, then it’s time to let your feelings be known, not burying your goods in the back yard like a dog does with a bone. We aren’t dogs, after all. As Mr. Joseph Martino states in his book: “If it’s time to bury them, it’s past time to dig them up!”

        (Tangent Warning) I suppose it doesn’t help that there are some YouTube personas stating that it is better for you to hand over your weapons then get killed in a lop-sided battle. Given the current state of law-enforcement protocol, even if you don’t hand anything over on the pretense of having lost everything on the boat, then whats to stop them from planting weed or some type of narcotic at your house, or saying that they ‘smell weed’ just to break in there and detain you and strip the place?

        Don’t let them past the threshold. You deserve better than that.

        In the meantime, we will just have to wait and see.

        And it’s the waiting that kills me.

      • Alan, I’m over here laughing my ass off! Right on.

        They get the best hackers in the world when they want to, you can hide behind as many proxies and TOR’s as you want to, but eventually, if they want you, they will get you.

  9. The government will continue to do whatever they want to whomever they want. Molon labe my butt, we’re all under their thumb now and no amount of cliches or threats on a computer screen are going to change any of what’s happening. Unless you have some sort of secret laser-death ray that can take out drones, satellites, field artillery and mechanized infantry of course…Liberty is dead and all the Red Dawn dreams are just that.

  10. 6 gunner: The Afghani’s have driven the same drone-running, satellite intel possessing, field artillery and mechanized infantry equipped fighting force the-fuck-out-of-their-country, haven’t they? Or am I missing something??

    • You’re are missing that most of “us” don’t wish to bear the burden that the Afghans are willing to bear……………..

      • Cassandra (of Troy)


        Picky, picky, picky, 06, a minor detail & a most denigratingly unpatriotic one at that! You & 6 gunner have a supply of wet blankets you’re trying to get rid of? No joy from you 2, nosirree, just crab/crab/crab.

        And people say I’m depressing.

        Cassandra (of Troy)

        • I hope that’s just another of your attempts at humor, Cass.

          Don’t lump me in with nogunner. What I said there was legitimate… most people in this country and even most of “us” are not eager or prepared to bear the hardships and personal mortality that the Afghans are. We have so much more to lose than they, and a lot less cultural cohesion.

          It is also fair to say, and I believe it, that the line soldiers of the US military are not disposed to kill Americans of any description and certainly not at the pleasure of the current pResident.

  11. This is not a plea for someone to do something stupid.
    There are ways that messages can be passed to the powers that be without exposing yourself to reprecussions.
    For example:
    In the intellegence world there is what is called a “cut out” this is a clean individual used to accomplish a task that would directly link back to the person wanting the task completed if they did it themselves. The cut outs are hired indirectly and have no knowledge of their part in the mission.

    SO we need a cut out.

    Who could we use as a cut out that has the voice the powers that be will listen too? Who would be all too willing to pass a message that the Patriot community is throwing down the glove and saying “you shall not pass”


      • There you go!
        SPLC came to mind because I expected them to put the right amount of “oh my god my hair is on fire” effort into it.

        • Absolutely and for sure that gang of anti-White, ethno-communist $PLC lawyers are going to stand up for the IInd Amendment. I’ll e-mail Heidi Beirich and Mark Potok about it right now. Really. I will. Now, back to reality. Ever seen a pic of their Ala. HQ? Built like a fortress. Almost as if they already know what’s coming. It’s an interesting tac problem, but will be solved by a determined platoon of Patriots.

          • e-mail sent. “Dear Heidi…there’s some gunsels at WesternRifleShooters who would like your help in defending our 2nd Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms.Thanks much.”

            • On Target, your not.
              You missed the whole point of using the SPLC to send the message.
              SO I will spell it out to you.
              Being that they are so quick to point to the “Militia problem” going so far as to call two bubba’s shooting ducks a Militia they would be sure to listen to ANY message sent to them that sounded anywhere close to serious. They would run screaming and whining to the Feds the minute they got a letter cut and pasted from News print that said “Pass this and we start shooting”

              The cut out does not have to be on your side.

          • Nothing that a misappropriated M109A6 couldn’t deal with. Or somebody with Bruce Simpson’s know-how. The technology’s come a long way since Simpson started his little project.

  12. GOA just might be a good choice. If anybody has the opportunity to speak privately with one of the higher-ranking officers (privately, of course) such a message might be good to discuss. It’s worth a try to avoid a shooting war if possible. The worst thing that could happen is nothing and then we’d still be right here, where we are.

  13. Cassandra (of Troy)

    Here’s an interesting twist on the ‘gun control’ theme.:

    Obama Supporters ‘Not Responsible Enough To Own A Firearm’, AZ Gun Store’s Sign Declares

    Effective? Not likely, but it’d be fun to see the reaction if gun shops nationwide adopted that ‘biter bit’ line, announced that they’d use the election precinct maps to identify ‘cheaters’, & applied it to LE/their families.

    Cassandra (of Troy)

  14. Battlefield USA

    When an opponent declares, “I will not come over to your side,” I calmly say, “Your child belongs to us already… What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community.” – Adolf Hitler

    • Cassandra (of Troy)

      Battlefield USA/20Nov12@20:48,

      And w/ that, BUSA, recieve your Nutshell Award from the Intl. Soc. for the Promotion of Pithyness.

      Cassandra (of Troy)

  15. Google –”Gun store to Obama voters: Go away!”

    I’m going to make a point of giving them some business.

    Southwest Shooting Authority – Professional Training. Pinetop, AZ

    • Wouldn’t it be fun to see some leftist POS walk into his store, buy an AR-15, and walk out with a smug look on his face? “Ha ha ha, I bought a rifle from him even though he said he wouldn’t sell to me! Oh…wait a minute…”

      • Cope would have to order grosses of AK’s instead of dozens, and that many more “‘salt wippens” will be in closeds, unused.

        Don’t throw me in that nasty sharp brier patch, ms. feinstein, please.

  16. Southwest Shooting Authority – Cope Reynolds and crew….glock and AK guys. Good folks.

  17. Not to be the guy pissing in the cheerios, because I agree with the sentiment, but even the cut-out option requires guys who are serious about hunting in their AO, right now.

    Draw the line in the sand (as if there haven’t been a thousand already) and they will cross it (as they have every other time) and when no one starts hunting, we are once again dismissed from all relevance, with cause.

    Sorry to say (I truly am sorry to say it) but members of this sector of the blog world can’t get 50 people in a single spot who are ready to go hunting. And when the message is passed to SPLC, and the line is crossed, the bluff called, and one brick gets heaved through a window instead of 50 hunters operating in 50 AOs, we reveal to all of our enemies just how unmotivated this sector is in the big picture.

    Instead of drafting articles of war that will not be enforced, let’s find a way to get those 50 hunters on the line.

    Right this minute every thug gang in America, and even union Local, and probably most old ladies knitting circles, are more capable of putting violence on the streets than is “The Patriot/Liberty Movement”.

    The sooner we face the reality, the sooner we can get to real solutions.


    • Your right. I dont mean this as a hollow gesture. This has to truely be the thing we all agree is the kick off. If we talk the talk we have to be willing to walk the walk. Now that said, war has many phases and we can move through those at will. There is nothing that says we have to start hunting specific game right off the drop. We could decide to remove some of the games habitat first. Make the game expend energy and resources to replace things. Keep the game from moving from place to place easily. All sorts of phases to think on.

      • But do we have 50 who will go, tomorrow? 25? How many will even go out and rearrange non-organic atoms in their AO? I have counted perhaps a half dozen who would go if they *knew* the other five would go. I count, at most, another dozen who would go after watching the first half dozen.

        I *know* we have assets in Florida, Georgia, Texas, Kentucky and one or two other areas that would go in the original 6 – but at this stage of the game wouldn’t they be condemned not only by the Left, by the Fudds, but even by the Vanderboegh camp (no Fort Sumters) and by a vast majority reading these boards who will crawl into their own assholes as soon as the FBI knocks on the door to interview everyone who has been on these boards?

        Most everyone here has drawn a line in the sand at their own front door. “When they come to my house, it’s on!!!” Bleh. These are not people who will choose to go into Harm’s Way and risk what they have, until the risk/reward paradigm drastically shifts.

        I really don’t think I am being pessimistic, but realistic. In addition to the lack of motivation inside our own camp (I consider myself in this camp) to even mock or harass TPTB with stickers or spray paint, I just don’t see any reason for confidence beyond the first few Patriots who would go. Certainly the larger political climate would condemn such actions, not support. The political reality is that the Sons of Liberty today would have nearly zero support from the populace.

        In all sincerity, Grenadier, you’ve seen just as we have all seen, time and again the tough rhetoric goes nowhere. The first 6 guys are literally betting their lives on the people who visit these boards to step off the porch in support. Do you have a litmus test to determine how many are serious and will go, versus those who will continue to talk?

        My calculus says that if I step off the porch, even quietly, I’m on my own, and my wife would live the rest of her life without an ounce of support from this community.


        • K- It is good to see your transition into the action/tribe organization phase.

        • I dont disagree with what you are saying here at all. I make every effort to continue to embarass the Front Porch Patriot. We cant really worry about them. Because they are who they are we can only plan for the actions of the small few around us who will move. If everyone is waiting for the fight and just unwilling to start it then once it gets going they have no excuse.

    • Gee Mr K you canceled your “in your face” proclamation in the Capitol building originally slated and planned for 3 NOV 12. You let that great idea of yours wither and die on the vine. I could see it coming. You stopped all references to the 3 NOV event in the early spring.

      “Next Time We’ll Come Armed”. Remember that ill-fated war cry you flushed into the Potomac ?

      “Next Time We’ll a! Come Armed ” …..hehehehehehe. Yeah, right.

      DAN III

      • Dan: I have been patient and polite with you, and I am done now. Yes, I changed the date of a symbolic event that had the support of a few dozen people, and many of those were coming up with reasons why they would not attend. It would have been another worthless circle-jerk on the steps of the Capitol.

        I shifted gears from another weak symbolic event to tangible, strategic action that is getting real work done, has the active participation of more than 200 Patriots in this community, and is bringing new blood into our community every single day. We are building Tribe and building real networks to others in this community that will be essential when the balloon goes up.

        Don’t like it? Fuck you. Get off my ass. Focus on real solutions and stop finding fault in everyone else’s efforts. You are becoming part of the problem, not the solution.

        Last time: Back up off my ass and fuck you.


      • alan w. mullenax

        Ya know, Dan, I like ya. I do.

        Best to leave Sam alone.

        If for no other reason than he is the only one that has/is accomplishing a motherfucking thing.

        There are other reasons. But just acknowledge that one.

        Your friend,


  18. Another Anon

    Kerodin is right. The key here is to come up with you know an actual idea of what US reform would be like and how this society you want would work. hands on, Hands off whatever . You need a real plan .
    Mostly all I hear is rugged individualist BS and carping.

    In other words mouth noise. And yes I suppose something could set off a few 3% people and they each get a hundred heads. So what?
    10000 of them could take a 10 heads each and it would still fail.

    The patriot movement isn’t El Sendero Luminoso ( The Shining Path) and they can’t advance a popular war to get peace.That won’t build a society at all. They have to lead.

    before you even start that its a 2 part problem

    Job one IMO for wannabe patriots is “how do I rule”

    Job two is “who do I rule.”

    Give y’all a hint, the Founding Fathers has a model they could barely just barely agree on and it failed . We don’t have a fraction of the gifts that they do. we don’t have farms to spare, a young fertile White population, natives to take land from, great leaders or even work for people to do.

    We are a mature, technologically adept highly automated society in decay and can’t roll the clock back to simpler times,

    . So until you take an assessment , build a shadow plan and can tell all the retirees on Social Security, all the poor on low wages and food stamps and the mass of just plain folks, how you can do it better,
    how the new Constitution is going to put food on the table and how your currency won’t be as Worthless as a Continental and how you can deal with the myriad of of A-Holes like the drug gangs and Los Zetas and La Raza and the Black Panthers if you keep that land they occupy, you cannot win.

    Best you can manage is a war of reduction and politics like nature abhors a vacuum. You won’t get to fill it.

    Now as to who. There are a number with some basic idea, Arctic Patriot, Laguna Beach Fogey (and his alleged Provision Restoration Government) Russell D. Longcore (from Dump DC) with his FRONA , Southern Nationalists and of course various White Nationalist types (there are Black and Hispanic ones as well but they’ll oppose for the most part)

    That leads us to Job two

    Simply, none of these ideologies are remotely compatible with one another.

    This means either the various facets of the movements fight one another giving OpFor the win, agree on a compromise Constitution (hint the old one won’t do the job) or split the union up (I get this land, you get that)

    Choose wisely.

    Now if FreeFor can get through one and two, at that point they can start thinking about how to get what they want. That last bit, which seems so challenging is the easy bit and it might even be possible to win without a fight.

    • “Job one IMO for wannabe patriots is “how do I rule”

      “Job two is “who do I rule.”

      Let me be the first to say that I do not wish to rule nor to be ruled by anyone.

      “And yes I suppose something could set off a few 3% people and they each get a hundred heads. So what?
      10000 of them could take a 10 heads each and it would still fail.”

      Really? Opfor loses 1,000,000 (it’s 100, not 10) of it’s top and mid level functionaries and we fail? How will they function at all? Few will want those jobs and those that will be forced by necessity or base motives will be less capable than their predecessors… and looking for accommodations likely to keep them alive. And there is always the option of a repeat performance.

      If you meant to say that we “fail” at producing the next functional society through that tactic, I can only say that one must begin at the beginning. Making an example such as that will put a damper on the aspirations of the other obstructionists you mentioned.

      • Another Anon

        I share the lack of interest in ruling or being ruled but in case it escaped you, this is a different world than most of us grew up in and if someone decent, FreeFor doesn’t take charge, someone much worse will.

        You might, maybe be able defeat OPFOR by a means of a war of reduction but y’all aren’t the only ones out there. They aren’t even the worst threat FreeFor would face.

        You see a war of reduction (or one hundred heads) creates a hollowed out state with no concentration of power. Individual cells can certainly kill bad guys or disrupt a group of bad guys but they can’t stop swarms of information asymmetric well organized ones.

        Read about the drug war in Mexico for the gory details and a repeat of this stateside would be much much worse.

        There are countless well organized religious groups, violent gangs (some like the Los Zetas much scarier than FreeFor) ethnic groups, leftist groups. crime syndicates all of whom would gladly take over and many of whom will cheerfully enslave or kill you.

        They can play the game as well as you and many of them are not limited by anything passing for a conscience.

        If you don’t have some means to deal with the tens of millions of these A-Holes you lose before you start.

        Getting there means knowing your limits and knowing what you want. It means from the moment the metaphorical trigger is pulled till either all the A-Holes are dead or dispersed , you have to fight.

        Thats not a small few years war but a grueling Balkans style slog if you overreach.

        Now as the the people who gasp in horror about collectivism, grow up.

        Leadership and ruling do not mean totalitarian tyranny. It means having the ability to make a Constitutionally limited system of government work both locally and federally.

        This means taxing and spending, it means police, roads, bridges, infrastructure , courts schools (at the local level at least) , maybe some means of provision for the poor ( if only to keep the A-Holes from filling in and using them against you) dealing with toxic waste , national defense. In other words all the stuff no one in the alleged movement wants to do.

        As much as I appreciate the myth of the rugged individual militias , thats not how this country was formed . We lost until we used an organized army

        After it was founded we put down rebellions, used the military to take land we wanted and did a lot of things with tax revenue from tariff.

        In other words, lead and ruled.

      • Cassandra (of Troy)


        “Let me be……anyone.”

        Second that. Last I heard, the only person who may’ve had the qualificatons to rule humanity was croaked over 2 millenia ago & is reputed to be making a re-appearence when certain conditions are met. Until that time, or until everyone adopts then practices the advice given by that personage or its equivalent from the similarly august, things’re near certain to keep on their current degenerative path. But then that trend fulfills the requirements for that personage’s return which, interestingly enough, simultaneously verifies the ‘past is prologue/the more things change the more they stay the same’ observations rather handily. And besides, it’s the job of the ‘women’ to straighten things out as they’re the ONLY ones who can do so w/o making things even worse like ‘men’ consistently do.

        At least that’s what I’m told is the case, by them.

        “If you meant to say……the beginning.”

        Are you perhaps suggesting some form of ‘completion backward’ approach which, uim, is how the Founders did it?

        Cassandra (of Troy)

  19. “Job one IMO for wannabe patriots is ‘how do I rule’

    “Job two is ‘who do I rule.’


    “Now if FreeFor can get through one and two, at that point they can start thinking about how to get what they want.”

    Gee, that sounds eerily familiar. Did you come up with that yourself?

  20. On this day- We give thanks for WRSA.
    Thank You.

    • Very kind — and you all should know that you are the reason we stay on the air.

      Be safe, hug your families, and harden your spirits.

    • Cassandra (of Troy)


      Indeed, & afterward. A valuable forum/resource as has been repeatedly proven. CA’s impressive equanimity’s a trait which, sadly, is possessed by very few in this line of endeavor, myself included. And no, CA, I’m not smoothing you, just expressing appreciation & gratitude.

      Do you perchance have a physiology that produces the organic equivalent of diazepam, alcohol, & THC?

      Cassandra (of Troy)

  21. What seems odd to me is that people seem to only want to take action when they think the holy 2nd amendment is being attacked. Is that the only right that makes us feel like men? What about all of the other rights and liberties that have been taken from us.
    They feel up our wives and children in the airports, indoctrinate our children in the schools, steal money from the fruits of our labor to feed, house and insure the scum that keep electing the the politicians that continue to enslave us…….. Ad nauseam……….

    • Cassandra (of Troy)

      Mike M./22Nov12@19:57,

      The 2A represents the ‘Popeye’ threshold for many which, as you point out, is entirely too narrow a focus as the violation of any part of the BoR is a violation of the rest since (UIM) they were intended to be complementary. Thing is, more & more of the 2A side’s understanding the holistic nature of the BoR as are more than a few of the other Amendment’s devotees w/ Nat Hentoff being one example. Alan Dershowitz, however, is an example of the type who while loudly & regularly claiming to hold Hentoff’s view acts opposite to his claims & will use all of his talents to deny/justify same.

      A shame that events (& egos) are disallowing the realization of what Nat/his philosophical counterparts figured out.

      Cassandra (of Troy)

  22. Battlefield USA

    It’s not going to be a revolution. It’s not going to be a civil war. It is going to be a frikkin slaughterhouse. So now I can imagine why the government created COG, built underground bunkers, spending BILLIONS on foodstuff and arms/ammo… after we have culled ourselves, the mop up should be a piece of cake.

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      Exactly what I’ve been thinking too. Way too many fed cars and other strange doin’s around Jackson Hole,WY, home of many elitists, including former head of the world bank. More than likely same, same in Sun Valley ID, Aspen CO, Whitefish MT, and other places. Not hard to set up enclaves for the rich, ride it out for a few yrs with Xe guarding the few roads in. When the smoke clears, begins the tax rape all over again. My question is; how large will their buffer zones be, no man’s land? (Helicopter kill zones?)

    • Cassandra (of Troy)

      Semper Fi, 0321/23Nov12@16:53,

      If the Imperium digs itself in deep enough to effectively prevent extraction, why not use the method shown in the 80s Twilight Zone Shelter Skelter segment? An elegant solution to that problem, imo, as it’s simple, cost-effective, stimulates the local economy, & ends the threat.

      A 4fer!

      Cassandra (of Troy)

  23. “The second overwhelming problem is that a significant number of the Imaginary FreeFor Brigade see the Constitution as the problem, without the slightest whiff of an idea that to hordes of people, such an outlook makes them indistinguishable from the current regime.”

    What a coincidence; that’s exactly what the others see of them.

    “Hordes” indeed. Anyone who doesn’t understand by now that the battle has ALWAYS been individualism versus collectivism, might as well raise that white flag now. Hey, at least they’ll have you to pound insults into those of us who think our lives are worth it.

    • “No Jim, only *you* see people in favor of the Constitution as identical to those who are currently butt-raping it.”

      I thought you were going to be gentlemanly enough to allow me to speak for myself. Was that really too much to ask?

      No, I clearly see the difference to which you allude. That’s why you don’t see me deriding either “Constitutionalists” or “Restorationists.” I know what they want, and I know they want it because of their decency. Yes, I see various flaws in their premises, so I know they won’t get what they want, decent though it may be.

      Meanwhile, you’re deriding everyone without a lick of consideration for what they’re saying. If the best you’ve got is misrepresenting others, and making fun of your silly misrepresentations, then all the writing skill in the world can’t make up for it…as everyone here has witnessed.

      You’re looking the wrong way, bud. Go buy a mirror.

  24. Yes, gun control in a country where citizens make AK’s out of shovels. Good luck with that.