Velociman: The Wild Boar Gambit

Vman gives his version of “local, local, local”.

You can think of it as scouting for further political action, if you prefer.


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  1. indyjonesouthere

    Yea, how about an enviromental impact statement for obama care. That should keep them in fucked up mode for years. If Nancy said we had to read it to see whats in it maybe we have to check out its enviromental impact in congressional hearings. All in favor!

    • Elections. We just had one. The Free Shit Army outvoted the people who work and produce by a substantial margin. “Republican governors”? It is to laugh. All Obama has to do is threaten to withdraw debt-financed federal goodies, and most will fall into line. Cf. Rick Perry: “‘Secession’? Did I say ‘secession’? Oh nonononono…..”. Politics, lawsuits, and all suchlike is a Dead End. An armed, Constitutionalist minority will have to do this all by themselves, with guns, or it will never get done.

      • Aesop….you certainly dismiss those Taliban, Mujahadin, Al Quaida types with disdain. Odd….those ragheads have been targets for over a decade and they’re still killing US invaders and our duped “allies”. Look at the Brits in the ‘stan for more than 80 years….and decades later that history hasn’t taught the Brits nor us anything ….

        “When you’re wounded and left on Afghanistan’s plains,
        And the women come out to cut up what remains,
        Jest roll to your rifle and blow out your brains,
        An’ go to your Gawd like a soldier.”
        – Rudyard Kipling –

        • Aesop…..while you spout the rhetoric… refuse to acknowledge that the invaders are still trying to subjugate the Afghanis. If the Afganis are the ones “rolling” to their rifles then why are Americans still in the ‘stan ? Why are body bags still coming through Dover ? How many hand salutes have you rendered during the playing of TAPS in recent years ?

          Your opinions that US .mil types and bastards with badges will subjugate the domestic population easily in a Enemies Foreign & Domestic Scenario, is filled with fantasy. Those opinions you express are as blind as your support for continuing US involvement in the ‘stan.

          Guess you like others just don’t have a care for history….the Brits in the ‘stan 80+ years and back again because “that was a different time”. The Americans imperializing Iraq and the ‘stan for more years than the Vietnam debacle that gave us 58, 000 dead. Sad.

          So what’s the kill ratio of Afghanis to Americans in the ‘stan Aesop ? Does 10 to 1 justify the death of one more American to you ? How about 100 to 1 or 1,000 to one ? At what point do you acknowledge that tribal warriors with spartan, almost primitive weaponry have stymied the most modern armed forces ever fielded ? Regardless of kill ratio.

          When the Enemies Foreign & Domestic scenario erupts here the kill ratio of regime to Patriot won’t matter. It is coming Aesop, whether an IRA style insurgency or Viet Cong or Taleebahn style… is coming as “voting” has proven, beyond a doubt to be a worthless exercise in futility.

          DAN III

          • “You apparently think pounding one’s bloodied head against a conrete wall without respite proves the weakness of the unmoved wall.”

            Actually, if the function of the wall were to eliminate the head, it would prove its weakness. If you’re going to use wild analogies, try to get the essential attributes straight.

            None of this is your fault, but we’re here because so-called intellectuals have been pulling your kind of bullshit forever and ever.

          • Hahahahah…..Aesop….you make me laugh.

            The IRA never won ? The VC never won ? The Taleebahn never won ? They ALL have won. They killed scores of invaders. Wounded many times more. They cost the central .govs and citizens of the invaders much more money and political distress and political upheaval than the invaders ever imagined. Invaders lives lost. Many more ruined over the decades of war waged by the Afghanis.

            It doesn’t strike me as odd your denying the British loss in the ‘stan after 80+ years of imperialism there. It doesn’t strike me as odd your denying the winning effects of Tet, ’68. It doesn’t strike me as odd, the pull out by US/Allied combatants from Iraq and no declaration of a “win”, and your refusal to recognize such as an American failure.

            It certainly doesn’t surprise me that you refuse to acknowledge the aforementioned insurgencies as successful when you know the mission goal of such is to tie down invaders and cause political and domestic upheavel for said invaders.

            What DOES strike me as odd is your inability to recognize or acknowledge the accurate commentary of folks opposing your thoughts and beliefs. It strikes me as odd that given the economic, domestic and international debacles the American people have been handed by soetoro-obama and his allied marxists, that you STILL believe voting is the answer.

            Aesop….you are no less an ideologue. No historical event or analysis will suit your beliefs. You will dispell every single comment and example opposing your thoughts with your disguised ridicule.

            “When we leave Afghanistan.” When will THAT happen Aesop ? Care to spin that statement after the latest disclosures we’re not leaving any time soon as originally planned ?

            You’re an ideologue.

            DAN III

  2. Some folks really do have too much free time on their hands.

  3. Yup.


    That’s the ticket, Rush.


    • alan w. mullenax


      Most everybody forgets that the Tree of Liberty needs watered from time to time.

      But alas, they do. And there in lies the problem.

  4. We could build a fire,sing a couple of songs…………..

  5. @Aesop – I don’t believe the answer is that simple my friend.
    It’s like the rats in my shop. I can trap/poison and kill the younger one’s but to get the breading pair(s) has been futile (I think I might have won:>)
    Next chance you get read ‘The Battle That Stopped Rome’. IMO one of the best reads out there. Inspiring, insightful and full of hope.
    The occupiers can be stopped. How? I don’t know. But someday there will be an Arminius to step up and lead the way (probably a military leader that is firmly established in the system). Until then, be on the lookout and of good cheer.

  6. I’m always open to alternate solutions. Mine was merely one solution. Holing up and hiding is another. Any other ideas?

  7. “…We’ve lost a few states irrevocably…”
    Yup- about 58 of them.

    • JSW….you’re wrong ! Its 57 not 58 states. 🙂

      Just check the videotape of the illegal soetoro-obama.

  8. An economic crash, IF it happens, could change the whole picture. If you couple that with a major disaster(New Madrid?), then all bets are off. The Leviathan will be hamstrung. Even today in the red states, you will not find enough legislators/governors who will stick their necks out and sue the FEDGOV over obamacare, the EPA, or anything else. This secession movement, however well-intentioned, will die out in a little while.
    Something else that needs to be thought about is the shooting of Congresswoman Giffords. The Black Helicopter follks insist the real target was the judge, who was going to rule against the FEDGOV in a substantial civil suit. So, if an individual or group really gets the ball rolling and sufficiently irritates TPTB, some MK ULTRA mind-numbed geek could show up at someone’s front door with a Glock. Read the book: LEGACY OF ASHES.
    Just keep prepping, watching, waiting, and pick your battles very carefully.

    • Or, maybe the dollar won’t hyperinflate. Maybe it will just smoothly inflate at 15%/year for two decades, which in combination with new means testing for social security/medicare plus the Liverpool Care Pathway to murder old people in the hospital, will keep delivering the checks each month without having to deliver the value which is physically impossible to do.

      What will your preps allow you to do in that case? Will you learn a skill, welding, nursing, computers, which is in demand everywhere? Or are you still attempting to achieve prosperity by voting?

  9. Prairie Fire

    Comparatively, Velociman’s thoughts on what shell-shocked people might do, is a better idea than signing secessionist petitions.

    People who disparage this idea, talk from their individual perches. Some perches, and those who live on them, would better survive the first fed gambit of response, than would others. Some states are in a better position than others are, to counter a fed gambit of withholding … whatever… funds. Where do those federal funds come from, somebody school me, I forgot. Wouldn’t be from the individual States, would it?

    Come to think of it, some states are in a position to withhold a whole lot of coal, oil, and gas to call that silly bluff. Where’s your perch? Good one, bad one? If your perch is bad, plenty of moving advice has already been posted on this site and others more specific.

    All of the individual states are currently in the position of being able to not cut the checks to DC for the federal fuel tax that they are now sending into the maw… but that’s a sidebar. States still do have what fed/gov craves, which is the on-site revenue collection ability, largesse to be sent on to DC. Withhold that, and what happens? A game of wits between statehouses and DC. Poker will be high stakes.

    Velociman’s advice also fulfills Boyd. ‘Nuff said there, provided that a hiring freeze on fed thinkers(?) can be accomplished.

    For Aesop: I do track your drift as you bring it on down to local. At that point, you go full bore hoggish with your metaphor. Not necessary. To bring it down to reducto ad absurdum (pardon my bad Latin), it’s all a neighborhood fight. Do you intend to win, or just observe and comment at the end?

    As the county attorney here has said when he taught college a generation back: “The folks out in [the very outlying communities here] tend to solve their own problems, and I prosecute the winner of the knife fight.”

    I’d like the rest of my life to go that way, and will work to accomplish that.

  10. Jimmy the Saint

    Regarding the picture: Cocaine’s a hell of a drug!

  11. Velocidood thinks that when the recess bully takes your lunch money, complaining to the principal is the solution.

    Everybody is looking for an easy way out.
    Hint: There ain’t an easy way out of a violent confrontation, and make no mistake, this gov’t is all about violence right from jumpstreet.

    Nope, talking about it ain’t gonna do it.
    The recess bully is genetically flawed, cannot be repaired and is not deserving of more than 1 second of anyone’s time.

    The recess bully’s must have their heads blown clean off.
    All of them.

    Post notice publicly that in 30 days all politicians remaining in office will be beheaded, gutted and the remains strung through the trees – then do it.

    THAT is what it takes.
    Anything less is whistling past (your) graveyard…..

  12. “You’ve already amassed enough cow chips for a pretty good bonfire.”

    I’d think you’d be busy enough defending your own genius plan—we’re gonna vote our way out of this. That which got us into it, will get us out of it. Gee, any logical problem with that? Besides, wasn’t there an election recently? Did you find the results ambiguous?

    • Jim, for many, politics is like religion.
      They can only see so far, and there their thinking stops.
      Most unfortunate.

      It ain’t the gov’t, its the people that enable it.
      The votists. They are the cancer.
      If there were no enablers there’d be no gov’t.
      Just a coupla recess bully’s stumbling around with their heads blowed off.

    • alan w. mullenax

      Uh huh.

    • “Stop getting hung up on the box score of the last game, and look how empty the stands are.”

      No, thanks. You look at that enough for the both of us. You missed your time by 120 years—you could’ve yapped endlessly about how horseless carriages are impossible.

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      Aren’t you about out of fables yet?

  13. Haven’t told any yet, but I’m pretty sick of hearing the one about how people so disorganized that if laid end to end, they’d point in all directions, and unable to fill the bleachers at a sandlot baseball game are yet going to miraculously rise up, coalesce, pull leadership out of their underpants, strategize, and prevail in a continent-wide decades long insurgency. Apparently the Magic Eight Ball told them they would, because John Wayne and NASCAR.

    If 1/10th of 1% of those on the intarwebz “itchin’ fer a throw-down” could put down the crackpipe and switch to decaf, it would be a vast improvement. But apparently the only thing science has found more habituating than crack cocaine is Walter Mitty fantasizing.

    • I guess you don’t know much about NASCAR either. What’s with you, anyway? What, you think the only power people have is when they go to vote for their rulers?

      Here’s another newsflash for you—that’s one of the rare times when they DON’T have any power. Alright, they may not understand that, but why the hell don’t you?

      • “If you really believed voting was irrelevant,”

        Irrelevant? Why no, I don’t believe that. I think voting has a heckuva lot to do with where we are. What I wrote was that people don’t have power when they vote, unlike when they buy NASCAR collectibles.

        You see, if they don’t buy Jeff Gordon’s stuff, then the factories will stop making them. But no matter which way they vote, at least these days, they’re gonna be screwed. And if once a generation a guy comes along who doesn’t intend to screw them, like say Ron Paul, he won’t even make a ripple in the ocean.

        Lemme know when (if) you get it. A fuse doesn’t have much power either, but it can be relevant too.

        “then the next rational choice would have been to put the keyboard down and go hide in a cave, because who in hell cares what other people say?”

        You must not get out much. The political system is not about other people saying anything. If that were all it is, then none of us would be reading this blog, would we?

        “So clearly you don’t believe what you’re scattering on the rosebushes.”

        If you get nothing else, get this. I ALWAYS believe what I write. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t write it; duh. It should be obvious, even to you, that I don’t write to make friends.

        Meanwhile many of us still await the day when you give a clue about you and your beliefs, instead of incessantly ranting about everyone else.

        There is a you there, isn’t there?

        • Well Jimmy….I have to agree with your comments here. Your thoughts on “voting” reflect mine.

          DAN III

      • Violence is ultimately the only way to end a conflict brought by a determined opponent, but all violence is not voting. Voting is violence for the purpose of aggression, self-defense is violence for the purpose of peace. Some readers will be convinced by these arguments to do self-defense, not vote. It does matter what other people think AND the end goal of talking is not necessarily the influence of a vote.

    • “I’m pretty sick of hearing the one about how people so disorganized that if laid end to end, they’d point in all directions, and unable to fill the bleachers at a sandlot baseball game…”

      You really don’t get it, do you? And yet you seem so bright.

      EVERY bleacher at EVERY baseball game is jammed full of the people who count, and it’s an unfathomable number of people…and they’re just like the readers and writers here. Who the hell do you think has kept this country going…Joe Biden? Harry Reid? John Boehner?

      And apparently you don’t get this either…

      “If 1/10th of 1% of those on the intarwebz ‘itchin’ fer a throw-down’ could put down the crackpipe…”

      As usual, you got it exactly backwards. Go take a look at the hit counts here, or other blogs like it. Then count the number of tri-testicular tough guys who are “itchin’ fer a throw-down.” THERE’S your “1/10 of 1/%;” the other 99.9% are looking for no such thing. THAT’S why they’re discussing the hell-hole that the politicians you defend have created; THAT’S why they vote; THAT’S why they’re busy talking about the Constitution and Restoration and Secession.

      They’re trying to PREVENT that which you pretend they want, and what you EVADE that your claptrap advice has created. You don’t know NASCAR, you don’t know baseball and you don’t even understand what’s going on here. In a nutshell, you don’t know America and you sure as shit don’t know Americans.

      So maybe STFU and try to LEARN. You’ve obviously got a good mind, so in whose service would you like to put it? I’d suggest your own, and you can’t possibly be served by the foolishness you’ve so far demonstrated.

      • Damn Jimmy….we have more in common than I realized. Good comments you post. At least to me tbey make good, reasonable sense.

        DAN III

      • Gee Aesop… your long list of socialist countries you forgot to mention your own and it’s birth by musket fire on 19 April 1776. Amongst those of us who have an appreciation for American history and its lesson, 19 April is known as Patriot’s Day.

        19 April 1776.

        DAN III

      • “Refresh my memory: whichb politicians did I defend?”

        More Aesop logic–go vote, but don’t vote for any politicians.

        “I thought it had rather more to do with him getting across the finish line ahead of the other drivers, but I defer to your expertise.”

        Your first smart move. The factories don’t care who wins or loses, just how many units they sell. To the degree there’s a correlation, they care. Did you forget? That was the point—the buyers have the power.

        “If you can’t come up with a better solution to crappy choices on any ticket than grabbing your squirrel rifle, maybe voting is too strenuous a contest.”

        I guess it would be, if that were the case. When you want to address actual living humans, please do get back to me. Your fantasies about men made of straw in your mind, aren’t interesting at all.

        “Throwing bombs at it doesn’t get rid of it, it just gets it all over everyone, so the tactic is generally discouraged.”

        Hearing straw fantasies a second time, is even less interesting. In fact, the most interesting thing about your comment here is your confession that you’ve got nothing to say. So in the end, we do agree about something.

        And just in case you forgot, or maybe your scroll bar isn’t working, this is what I had to say…

        “They’re trying to PREVENT that which you pretend they want, and what you EVADE that your claptrap advice has created.”

        Or, you could just take your straw fantasies and assume that reality is the opposite.

        • “And the buyers have minimal power.”

          Anyone who would write this is well beyond the possibility of comprehension. Even I didn’t imagine you were this far off the planet, so thanks for clarifying the matter.

          You’re still a fine writer, though; what a waste.

        • “And the buyers have minimal power.”

          In the spirit of amicability, I’ll give you a free tip: Don’t go into business.

  14. Aesop….I often agree with you. But elections ? You mean elections that offer up the status quo ? Elections that conspire to keep good people out of office ? Elections that only offer up the pre-selected, ruling elite, local, state or national ruling elite….you mean those kinds of elections ?

    As Mr. Mullenax reminded you below….the Tree of Liberty needs watered with the blood of tyrants.

    I wonder how many times the voters on Lexington Green pulled the voting lever before they decided it was time to pull the hammer.

    Aesop….with respect to you….you are all wet on this one.

    • Aesop….here, let me counter your definition with another…..TYRANNY. Tryanny is the unrestrained or arbitrary exercise of power. This is exactly what is going on right before one’s eyes. Voting got us here as we have an illegal, unconstitutional TYRANT occupying the West Wing for 4 more years because of “voting”. The unconstitutional illegal does whatever he wants via appointed henchmen like Eric “Fast & Furious” Holder and his ruling from the West Wing with illegal Executive Orders while our Reichstag does nothing to counter soetoro-obama. THAT Aesop is TYRANNY !

      So while you appear to disdain history and it’s lessons I will offer you this ijistorical and intellectual tidbit from a Founding Father in reference to voting:

      “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.”
      — Ben Franklin —

      DAN III

      • “When one side loses two elections against the least qualifed and demonstrably most incompetent applicant to the office in the nation’s history, I think that means the twice-losing side sucks at running good candidates.”

        ENOUGH ALREADY! Don’t you even read what you write? Are you so busy with your crazy analogies and your flowery metaphors, that you don’t even GLANCE at what you write?

        Just look at yourself, here. The WINNER is “the least qualified and demonstrably most incompetent applicant in the nation’s history.” Right, exactly right and by a country mile.

        So what do you blame it on? “I think that means the twice-losing side sucks at running good candidates.”

        Really? Is that it? Didn’t you just write that the WINNER was the “demonstrably most incompetent candidate in the nation’s history”? Doesn’t that mean that the LOSER was NOT “the most incompetent candidate in the nation’s history”?

        Why yes, it does. It means EXACTLY that. So the “most incompetent candidate” WON and the “not most incompetent candidate” LOST. Am I going too fast for you?

        So why in the world would you put the cause off to, “the twice-losing side sucks at running good candidates”? You just said they ran the better candidate, being not the most incompetent in history, and yet he lost anyway.

        Gee, that sounds like a clue. Why yes, it is. It’s a clue that running the better candidate MEANS NOTHING. Further, it means SOMETHING ELSE IS WRONG. Well sure…something else MUST be wrong, since “the most incompetent candidate in history” won…not just once, but twice for crissakes.

        So would you please wake the fuck up and stop spewing all these crazy contradictions? And maybe give up the wild and fanciful analogies too. They’re beautiful to read, but not only do they lack substance for failing to focus on essential attributes, they tend to end up concluding precisely the WRONG conclusion, just as this silly comment of yours did here.

        • “The disconnect with you is that you look at the results, and assume 100% turnout,”

          The disconnect with you is that you always look inside your head instead of out at reality. 100% of the vote did turn out. That’s how elections work here, no matter how you fancy them in your head.

          OTOH if everyone took your advice and didn’t vote for any politicians (since supposedly you don’t defend any), then you could have 100% turnout and no votes.

          I’m sure that’s a lovely planet you’re on; I hope you’ll forgive me for having no desire to visit.

      • Here I’ll ask you again after you conveniently dismissed the question by ignoring it earlier:

        How many times did the men standing on Lexington Green, 19 APR 1776, pull the voting lever before they decided to pull back the hammer ?

        Those men fired the shots heard “round the world” and gave birth to the once constitutional republic….the United States of America. No longer constitutional. No longer a republic. Thanks to the compromised “voting” you believe in so much.

        So….answer the question posed you twice now.

        DAN III

        • Excuse my typo re: Lexington Green. That date for true Patriots is 1775 not 1776 as I earlier typed. I wouldn’t want to distract you Aesop from answering the question and whining I posted the wrong date.

          DAN III

  15. Or naysaying.