Homeland Security Uses Local Police to Set Up Surveillance Buffer Zones

From over the transom:

The Buffer Zone Protection Program

It’s to keep you safe.


44 responses to “Homeland Security Uses Local Police to Set Up Surveillance Buffer Zones

  1. This may tie into ‘Trapwire’; another surveillance program for infrastructure and beyond. The water company in question here used to have its own pd; with official NJ police credentials and probably still does. These townies will not be watching the reservoirs 24/7; they’ll be peeking in your bedroom windows.

  2. If information on the location, size, and capability of “buffer zones” were available, wouldn’t it be a target list for enemies of the regime?

    The mention of such zones, and the need of DHS to employ local cops AND LOCAL SECURITY GUARDS (obese $11/hr monkeys in parking lots packing heat but with no legal authority and little training) reveals a lack of DHS capacity.
    As the balloon inflates, it becomes thinner and more translucent. Surface tension increases, revealing defects and providing energy for a dynamic popping sound if it finds a sharp or hot contact, in addition to flight power in a random direction (behind the couch where the dog might eat it).

    After a while (now?), no one with half a brain will work for or with DHS at the wages and conditions they offer. Elite fighters and leaders will find reasons to depart, leaving a bunch of panicking pseudo-cops (psychological rejects from sworn police employment) trying to recall the last contingency briefing. I expect that they will attempt to use starvation and mass-murder on all who are not on their team and a few who are to “try to stay safe”.

    Know your local “buffer zones”. Map and range them.


  3. Remember, not all the local LEO’s will be happy with this. At least a few in each area will be able to funnel info to us.

  4. I live in a town near the towns mentioned in that article. Just about every town is getting new toys – brand-new Dodge Chargers, outfitted with these new surveillance devices. Some towns in Bergen County are stocking up on .mil weapons – full-auto SMGs, assault rifles, etc. When asked by local news outlets why they’re getting this stuff, they claim it’s “to better protect the town’s residents”. A lot of these towns are middle/upper-middle class, low-crime areas – what do they need the serious hardware for?

    • “to better protect the town’s residents”

      Orwellian NewSpeak:
      “to better kill the town’s residents”

      “They can’t lie their way around the truth.”
      –gs, 2012

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Going from historical examples, SMGs and ARs aren’t the best weapons for mass shootings. After a lot of experimentation, both the Nazis and the Soviets found out that reliable sidearms were the way to go. The Soviets favored using single executioners like Blokhin, while the Nazis favored small teams of specialists – the Genickschussspezialisten. Full-auto weapons are really only good if you are pressed for time.

  5. Well, if this story doesn’t help motivate the “lost souls” out there that have doubts about forming a Tribe, nothing will. It’s us against them. Of course, we all know this, but some people just have way too much faith in the system. I really hope that these people will get a clue and separate themselves from the Beast, most ricky-tic.
    I always like to say….we are running out of time right before our eyes.

  6. Dept. of Homeland Security translates pretty well to REICHSSICHERHEITSHAUPTAMT (RSHA) in German. We can now guess what The Mighty Kenyan was talking about when he mentioned a new creature of govt. equal in power to the military. The military’s loyalty is ostensibly to the Constitution, DHS’s loyalty is to the Regime. The SS swore an oath of personal loyalty to The Fuehrer, not to the the Reich, Deutschland, or the Deutsche Volk. One of the powers of the RSHA was the imposition of “Protective Custody”, which meant the deportation into a concentration camp without trial or the possibility of appeal for the victims. Sound like FEMA and some recent E.O.s? See http://www.wsg-hist.uni-linz.ac.at/auschwitz/html/RSHA.html for more info. RSHA = DHS

    • Oh no, anyone will tell you they’re completely different. That was the Fatherland; this is the Homeland.

      That, and we’ve got even more imbeciles who refuse to see.

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  8. “what do they need the serious hardware for?”

    Artificial self-confidence.

  9. Yes, the Oligarchy is frightened. Very frightened. It has good reason to be. The local branch enforcers (a leftist, mestizo County Sheriff and his employees) have an impressive looking, heavily bunkered-in BrandNew HQ…but it’s sitting on a fairly steep hillside, with a cluster of Dept of Ed buildings just above it. A competent mortar team covered by squad of Patriot riflemen (ideally, 6 ARs and 4 .308s) could reduce the place in 10 minutes…that’s if the Deputies haven’t already run away or switched sides.

    • “Yes, the Oligarchy is frightened. Very frightened.”
      They are not.
      You do yourself a disservice.

      • Frightened might be too strong a word. Perhaps “concerned” is a better word for fedgov commanders who can not absolutely know who of their underlings will kill their countrymen en mass (and for what reasons/authorizations). Uncertainty bothers leaders of big systems.

        After it starts, they will know and take action against those who don’t/won’t. Full-speed-ahead. Then, it’s summer of 1939, and the clock is ticking. The job has to be done and the frontiers secured before significant domestic resistance can be mounted.

        A couple days ago, the “coupon-free DTV box” failed and GF is d-t’ing from the idiot box. The silence is golden. I’m not going to buy a TV or a tuner, since the monitor works fine to play DVD’s. It’s almost time to suggest a weekend practice power loss. It’s barely hat weather in pdx until December, so it’s not like anyone will be cold (gas stove and hot water).


        • I’ve been trying for 3 years to get my wife to cancel the satellite TV as we rarely use it. But she is hesitant to let go of what she considers an anchor. It took 5 years of my nagging before she finally got rid of the landline phone even though it was rarely used, but now it is gone, and the monthly bill. We have 2 dvd players and a bunch of old 50’s and 60’s tv series shows we watch at suppertime. Just got the 1st 2 seasons of Gunsmoke in last week and the 1st 2 seasons of The Fugitive were ordered from amazon yesterday. Direct TV keeps adding more and more channels to their line up but I keep seeing less and less that interests me. The whole thing is inundated with those retarded “reality” shows. srsly, I just don’t get it, and never have. Past time to cut that thing loose as far as I’m concerned. I understand you completely about the DTV box. FWIW, there’s free crt TV’s on craigslist all the time. I put 3 big ones on there a couple months ago and nobody wanted them so they were carted to the recycler.

          • Semper Fi, 0321

            Same here, quit the cable racket 3-4 yrs ago, watch old TV series now. $8-15 a season on amazon.

      • Proof: the frantic, incessant gun-grabbing efforts. And equally incessant anti-Right smear-jobs via Hollywood and the rest of the MSM. The Oligarchs know they are running a Ponzi; and they know it is going to crumble around them. For all their current wealth and power, I’d much rather be one of us than one of them. When the ratchet next slips on the Wheel of History, they will be crushed.

        • They do what they do not out of fear but an incessant desire to control everyone and everything. If you fear something you will try to stay away from it. If you want to control something you study it and make small moves to manipulate it, then become more aggressive as you learn more about it. Surveillance is their method of learning about you, as they learn more they become more aggressive in how they control you.

          It’s all about control.

          • Colorado Pete

            On the other hand, fear (or at least worry) can still enter into the equation.
            But control and ideological fanaticism are the main drivers.
            Let’s keep watching our six….

        • Colorado Pete

          StukaPilot (Mr. Rudel??)
          The elite won’t be crushed, they have their own escape routes and plenty of $$ to execute. Their underlings and dependent-class hangers-on will get caught under the wheel. The elites will be on their private jets out of the country along with as much of their loot as they can arrange.

          Unless we can catch them by surprise first….

          • Semper Fi, 0321

            The element of surprise, and a few feet of hemp. What a great idea, except for facing a platoon of Xe warriors. But there will be many small fry thieves and traitors who won’t get away. Think local!

          • It’s a small planet, and no one gets out of here alive. Including them. Right now Bush ’43 is sitting on his estate in Paraguay hoisting a tall cold one and having a good horse laugh at the rest of us. Eventually, those of us who survive will have a conversation with his kind and those who pull the wires on them.

  10. The quislings will get a quisling’s reward. Even their current “allies” in the poorly educated voting public will be coming for them in good time (they’ll come first). Soon, very very soon.

    • Good point.
      Those that have the most to lose, the 47+%, will be the first to attack the empire. That’s why they need those 400mil .40’s. It has been proven a gov’t employee requires 70 bullets for each person it kills, do the math. Do they have enough ammo?

  11. Ghostsniper….
    I respectfully disagree. While the elitists may pleasure themselves in the bathroom with thoughts of Nazi camps and Soviet gulags, what really keeps them up at night are visions of Mussolini, and Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu.

  12. “Nope.
    It’s me against you.
    Bring it.”
    You against me? Am I missing something here?

    • Yes, you are missing something here, something I have pointed out time and time again on this board.

      You said: “It’s us against them.”
      Well, yeah, that’s a given.

      From my perspective it is me against everybody else.
      Almost nobody can be trusted with few exceptions.
      I personally don’t know anyone I would trust with my life, I am alone.

      If you define *them* as everyone else out there, than I am in agreement, but I suspect that is not what you meant.

      Let me put a laserbeam point on it.
      Your best friend will sell you out.
      Your wife will sell you out.
      Your kids will sell you out.
      Your mother will sell you out.
      Everybody and anybody will sell out anybody and everybody else if they are propositioned properly.

      “Your enemies are few, your potential enemies are many.”
      –gs, 2012

      • Mutant Swarm

        “Everybody and anybody will sell out anybody and everybody else if they are propositioned properly.”

        The Mexican drug cartels call their version of this “plata o plomo (‘silver or lead’).” Either take our silver or get a bullet.

  13. ghostsniper, when I said it was “us against them”, that’s exactly what I meant, “them” being TPTB. If good ‘ol boy sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane wants to lick their boots, then he can be included as one of “them”.
    I’m truly sorry that you feel like you can’t trust a living soul, but in the real world it just don’t work that way. At least it doesn’t in my world. I’m surrounded by people I can trust, and people that I would not have to worry about hauling ass when the bubble bursts.
    Having said that, what matters to each of us, including you, is to do what you feel like you need to do to stay alive. Period.

    • You’re both right. Ghostsniper holds the trump in that we ARE each alone, as a matter of simple, ontological fact. But as far as “teams” and such, Chef is right that there are people worthy of trust.

      The thing is, anyone can be gotten to. There’s always blackmail and even torture, and it’s not like the Bad Guys have boundaries or anything. That, plus effectively infinite resources, make a very tough challenge. Happily, wits are the most important thing in defeating challenges and the Bad Guys are woefully short on that. The problem is that when wits lead good men to fight, it’s going to be very, very ugly. Always was and always will be. Oh well; not much point in getting antsy about gravity either…the only point in a fight is to WIN.

      • Semper Fi, 0321

        Something I’ve learned over time, the ones that act so tough, even appear to be real tough, will roll over in a moment if they think the IRS might audit them. Scared absolutely blind fukn witless over a letter from the IRS. Now what do you think they’ll do when somebody actually shows up and flashes a badge? These are not people who you want working with you or knowing anything about you. A quick interview with folks will teach you a lot about how tough they really are, besides prying their cold dead fingers…….

        • It’s not the audit, it’s how they manipulate the circumstances to your disadvantage. They flat out lie, then make you hire a $100k lawyer to defend yourself. Most people do not believe such things occur, they can’t even get their head around the concept. They think such things only happen to wealthy people and large corporations. They never hear about the little guys, the people that can’t even scrape up $10k. There are thousands of victims each year. People that are NOT scared shitless about the IRS letter are the ones to keep your eye on for they know not what confronts them and when it does they throw everybody under the bus.

    • The look on your face, when you see one of your trusted allies *turning* on you because they threatened him in a way he never imagined, will be a Kodak moment.

      I’ve been there, I’ve seen that look.
      I know what it will do to a persons mind.

      • Colorado Pete

        The less ‘stuff’ you have – house, fat bank account, etc., the less dire the IRS can threaten you. If you have nothing to sieze….but then, they find ways…garnishing your income, arresting you, etc.

        If things get that bad in the kinds of situations we’re talking about, threats like that ought to be responded to with action….by then, it might ‘be time’.

        • That’s the direction I think this thing is going.
          There will never be a big showdown in the field over yonder.
          It will come on your front door step, one person at a time.
          It may start as a document in the mail requiring you to report to a certain location at a certain time. If you report, they will have you. If you do not report they will come to you, and they will have you.

          • “It will come on your front door step, one person at a time…and they will have you.”

            Damn, I wish I could find you wrong about something.

          • Colorado Pete

            And this constitutes warning which you can use to your advantage. If they’re smart they’ll just kick in your door at 3:00 AM and throw in the flash-bang.

    • Trust needs to be earned, not freely given.
      I knew people I could trust my life with when I was in the army, but that was a long time ago. In civilian life I know no one like that. That doesn’t mean it can’t happen, it can. But it has to be earned.

  14. Local police, this is Homeland Security, do you read me, over? Slight electronic crackling. Local police, this is Homeland Security, over. Distant popping noises, and smoky horizons, when looking out window-slit. Why the hell don’t they answer? Begins to notice red laser point on necktie, roughly midway between throat and stomach………………………….

    • Right, Sean.

      I’d a lot rather fight the local popo than some SuperGoonFedSquad.mil.gov.

      There aren’t enough of THEM and when they run out of the junior varsity, they’ll be run out of town . Numbers. We got ’em, they don’t.That is, IF we’re who we say we are.

      Those that are looking only to make a last stand at their doorstep, to wait for a summons to “appear” (surrender) might want to consider prior arrangements.