TL Davis: American Fear

TL looks at one of the elephants in the room.

I am less discouraged, if only a little.

I know that there are limited ground forces available to the Regime.

I know that the more the Regime tightens its grip, it has the unintended consequence of recruiting more folks into the front end of the FreeFor funnel.

I know that if people are prudent in their resistance expressions, there will be the ability to live a reasonably normal life – at least for a while.

I know that the vast majority of OpFor’s apparatchiki are soft, scared, and easily stomped — especially as you move further and further back from the spear’s point.

I know that the Evil Ones can be beaten.

Whether or not they will be is another question.

But I know that they can be.


10 responses to “TL Davis: American Fear

  1. robroysimmons

    What passes for an American elite is a great recruitment tool, let them do your work for you. These clowns and grocery clerks are on the hot seat, not FreeFor.

    FreeFor’s plans need to be opaque at this time, generalized plans for devolution of political power, but not an opus that has us debating the great minutae of page 356 of the freedom manifesto.

    And since real world politics is a knife fight may I suggest that an invite is extended to disaffected or just plain curious gooberment employees to partake of the discussion (no its not as sexy as running off to the mountains to train and prep). This will also marginalize the conspiracy obsessed who see a Fedtroll behind every post.

  2. Look at ebay in the last year or two, the medical equipment gray market floodgates have started to open. You can get all sorts of foreign-made new equipment “for veterinary use only” at old Harbor Freight prices. Stainless steel surgical instruments from Pakistan, stainless steel bowls from India. Of course it is not at nice as the German-made stuff which is nearly jewelry, but it also costs 100 times less. Tuning up the rough shape is something you can do at home with sandpaper and a Dremel.

    Type in “x-ray” to ebay as a search term. You can find old American-made General Electric hospital surplus battery-powered mobile x-rays for $2,000, or a Chinese-made one new dental x-ray for $450. How cheap does it have to get before you buy an x-ray for your homeschooling group as an educational toy? You can look at the inside of anything. First we had cheap Russian microscopes. Now we have cheap Chinese dentist office equipment. You world-made-by-hand waterwheel-powered sawmill fans are going to be disappointed to find the world awash in technological goods which support a very high material standard of living.

    Tired of living in economic fear because you’re a middle-manager, a paper pusher, a highly-certified shelf-stocker? Teach yourself a skill that is universally in demand, become a low-end dentist for simple work. You aren’t going to be denied dental repair due to socialized medicine when you or your neighbor can do-it-yourself. Self-taught dental hygienist is an excellent black market sideline.

  3. I am no longer an American. I am a South Carolinian, no longer ruled by that unitarian idea of an American. I am a Southron, a southern nationalist.

    The United States is merely a government.

    If you haven’t seceded in your mind yet, get busy, that’s where it begins.

    • alan w. mullenax

      At least we agree on one thing.

      You “are” no longer and American.

      Doesn’t make you a bad person. Just one to… avoid.

  4. I hope people are organizing.

  5. indyjonesouthere

    A comment on TLs blog by Carter is similar to one I would make. The wave structure for economies is one that many are familiar with and even Austrian economics recognizes the business cycle. Time is on our side as we slide into the depression over the next 4 years. We do not have to change minds as the government will change minds as they stupidly continue to bully and harass the public. Let them continue to piss off more and more people and never willingly comply with a damn thing they mandate. Let them sustain and lord over the ner do wells. Worry about your own food shelves and supplies. And throw a wrench into everything they attempt. Make it expensive for them to continue their march on our liberty. Keep tabs on the local brownshirts and brownshirt organizations. But most of all continue to put aside stuff for tomorrrow. Food, medical items and tools will never be wasted, accrue some in advance for the tomorrows. The government Stasi has spending limits and behavior limits and each will be reached as they lose control.

  6. Man, TL sure has a good set of elephant-vision glasses. They be in the room, and he sees ’em. And he’s right. But I also think you’re right to be less discouraged. I think this is not one of those things that gets worse the longer you look at it. But I could be wrong. I don’t know shit. Just ask my wife!

  7. Another Anon

    Keep in mind OpFor is even more scared than the general public. They know that the multi-cult system they set up depends on spending lots of money and that soon won’t be there.

    One little boom and the entire social edifice could fall apart. Worse, this is not going to be a modern American war fought like the revolution or even CW1. It’ll be a hackfast like the Balkans. Ethnic cleansing is happening right now in California and thats with heavy policing. I suspect Black and Brown (and here in Cali the Armenians) will light right up.

    I can’t imagine what will happen when in not that many years the end game is on. The poor non Whites alone grossly outnumber all possible security forces, throw in FreeFor, the WN’s and all the rest and it a recipe for hell on Earth

    OpFor knows this and they also know that keeping YT (FreeFor and the civilized American working people of every race) in line is not only easier but essential to keeping their resources in play so they can apply force.

    The billions of bullets the USG and men willing to risk networked thugs (you know the type with cousins everywhere perfectly willing to slow kill your family you thought was safe in another state) with no morals will run out fast without constant infusions of cash.

    The problem here is that YT does not want to be kept in line by that lot of anti American , Anti White scum and its slowly coming to a boil. YT will be just as nasty as everyone else, that slow to anger Saxon will cook.

    When that soup cooks, we get a couple of more chances, one to put an end to it, for civility to prevail. This will probably fail. After that the last chance is to fall back to what we can hold. That it.

  8. Aesop, if I may try to condense your thoughts ( or at least clarify mine):
    Tactics is what you do when there is something to do; strategy is what you do when there is nothing to do.
    Right now, is still strategy time.

  9. Speculation on making an inexpensive home-made x-ray machine: start with the biggest picture tube TV you can find, this contains the high voltage DC supply you need to run an x-ray tube. The TV picture tube glass has lead in it to block the x-rays it produces already.

    The collection of Scientific American’s Amateur Scientist columns by Stong is a great resource, it will tell you what kind of high voltage you are trying to produce and what tube to adapt for an x-ray emitter. You can probably check this book out of the library, even if you have to interlibrary-loan it.

    If you move your arm the wrong way and touch high voltage, it can be instantly lethal. Moving your arm the wrong way when you’re holding a car’s steering wheel can be instantly lethal, too, but we don’t freak out about that.

    Some group called the Impossible Project bought a Polaroid factory in Europe, and is making instant print film again. Put the film under the object, no camera is needed. An x-ray image records the shadow of x-ray frequency light rays that pass through an object, and the x-rays pass through the film wrapper too.

    Parents, your children could be learning practical high voltage electronics at home from a retired ham who would be thrilled to teach eager students, or they could be in government school learning how the false god Gaia considers humans to be a cancer. Your call. You don’t have to wait until the end of the school year to pull your children out, you don’t have to do nearly anything teachers say, talk to your local homeschooling legal support group. Maybe you can find an older ham whose wife has died and he’s lonely. Feed him dinner on the nights he teaches, make a friend.