Presidential Memorandum — National Insider Threat Policy and Minimum Standards for Executive Branch Insider Threat Programs

Welcome to FUSA.

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  1. I was hoping to see Valerie Jarret or Eric Holder in the back of the truck.

  2. Welcome to the OBAMA NATION. Time to purge all those TEA PARTY TROUBLEMAKERS. For the Patriots, WATCH YOUR BACKS.

  3. Alzo, a bit of Hollywood-style mudshark propaganda….over to the right, with shopping bags. These Reds do not miss a beat.

  4. Use any & all means to remove the enemy command and control structure.

  5. That clip pisses me off every time I see it.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. I love it.
    The o considers everyone a threat.

    • Battlefield USA

      The o did not think this up all by his lonesome. You have the DoD, various cloak and dagger agencies, agencies whose sole purpose is to electronically spy on you, and etc., etc., etc., in on it. If O’Romney had been cheated into the presidency, and his handlers told him to do all this… he would.

  7. Also, the perpetrators could be accordingly dealt with like this:

    Minn. man says he ‘fired more shots than I needed’
    By AMY FORLITI | Associated Press – 10 hrs ago.

    LITTLE FALLS, Minn. (AP) — A Minnesota homeowner who shot two unarmed teenagers in the midst of an apparent Thanksgiving Day break-in told authorities he feared they had a weapon, but acknowledged firing “more shots than I needed to” and appeared to take pride in “a good clean finishing shot” for one teen, according to investigators.

    Byron David Smith, 64, was charged Monday with two counts of second-degree murder in a criminal complaint that was chilling for the clinical way investigators said he described the shootings.

    Smith told investigators he shot 18-year-old Haile Kifer several times as she descended a stairway into his basement, and his Mini 14 rifle jammed as he tried to shoot her again after she had tumbled down the steps.

    Though Kifer was “already hurting,” she let out a short laugh, Smith told investigators. He then pulled out his .22-caliber revolver and shot her several times in the chest, according to the complaint.

    “If you’re trying to shoot somebody and they laugh at you, you go again,” Smith told investigators, according to a criminal complaint filed Monday.

    Smith was also charged in the death of Kifer’s cousin, 17-year-old Nicholas Brady.

    Minnesota law allows a homeowner to use deadly force on an intruder if a reasonable person would fear they’re in danger of harm, and Smith told investigators he was afraid the intruders might have a weapon. However, Smith’s actions weren’t justified, Morrison County Sheriff Michel Wetzel said.

    “The law doesn’t permit you to execute somebody once a threat is gone,” he said.

    Smith told investigators he was fearful after several break-ins at his remote home in Little Falls, a central Minnesota town of 8,000 people. The sheriff’s office had only one report of a break-in, on Oct. 27. Smith reported losing thousands of dollars in cash, gold coins, two guns, photo equipment and jewelry.

    Wetzel said that while the shootings happened on Thursday, Smith waited until Friday to report the deaths, explaining that “he didn’t want to trouble us on a holiday.”

    In the complaint, Smith said he was in his basement when he heard a window breaking upstairs, followed by footsteps that eventually approached the basement stairwell. Smith said he fired when Brady came into view from the waist down.

    After the teen fell down the stairs, Smith said he shot him in the face as he lay on the floor.

    “I want him dead,” the complaint quoted Smith telling an investigator.

    Smith said he dragged Brady’s body into his basement workshop, then sat down on his chair. After a few minutes, Kifer began coming down the stairs and he shot her as soon as her hips appeared, he said.

    After shooting her with both the Mini 14 and the .22-caliber revolver, he dragged her next to Brady. With her still gasping for air, he fired a shot under her chin “up into the cranium,” the complaint says.

    “Smith described it as ‘a good clean finishing shot,'” according to the complaint.

    The next day he asked a neighbor to recommend a good lawyer, according to the complaint. He later asked his neighbor to call the police.

    A prosecutor called Smith’s reaction “appalling.”

    “Mr. Smith intentionally killed two teenagers in his home in a manner that goes well beyond self-defense,” Morrison County Attorney Brian Middendorf said after Smith appeared in court Monday morning. Bail was set at $2 million.

    Defense attorney Gregory Larson declined comment.

    John Lange, who described himself as Smith’s best friend, said Smith shouldn’t be in jail.

    “You have a right to defend your home,” Lange said. “He’s been through hell.”

    But Liberty Nunn, a Little Falls resident who said she knew Nicholas Brady’s older sister, said Smith could have simply shouted at them to stop. She said she hopes Smith goes to prison “for a very, very long time.”

    “Those are two young lives that were taken,” she said. “It’s just not right.”

    Minnesota sentencing guidelines call for a range of roughly 21 to 30 years in prison for a person convicted of a single second-degree murder count.

    Smith’s brother, Bruce Smith, told the Minneapolis Star Tribune his brother had retired after a career as a security officer with the U.S. State Department.

    Bruce Smith declined to talk to an Associated Press reporter Monday outside his brother’s home. A makeshift barricade blocked the driveway and a board leaning against it bore the spray-painted words “Keep Out.”

    Brady’s sister, Crystal Schaeffel, told the Star Tribune that Kifer had stolen prescription drugs from her home before. Little Falls police records show Crystal Schaeffel reported a theft Aug. 28, but the department said the report was not public because that investigation was continuing and because it named juveniles.

    Schools in Little Falls, about 100 miles northwest of Minneapolis, made counselors available, though classes weren’t in session Monday. In nearby Pillager, where classes were in session, a few students sought help from school counselors and local clergy members available at the school Monday morning, said Superintendent Chuck Arns.

    • It really sucks that the right thing ain’t always teh “legal” thing.
      Crime would plummet if this guy were treated as teh good guy and teh pos punks were held up as getting what they deserve. Anyone bold enough to break into someone’s home is crazy enough to cause grievous bodily harm, dammit.

      • After rereading your opening lime, I get it now. Your point isn’t about those petty criminals!

    • What a pant load of bullshit.
      Mr Security officer did what he should have done EXCEPT he talked to police.
      He should have called them himself and once they got there said simply “they broke in and I shot them, I thought they had a weapon and I was afraid. Now I will not say anymore until I speak to my lawyer.” Dont buy that Law and Order bullshit that you will be in more trouble if you lawyer up and dont tell your side to the cops. This guy was cold and effective and he will likely do time for being good at what he was trained to do.
      The last point about the schools calling out the grief counselors for these two little wannabe thugs is part and parcel of the shit hole this nation has become. Bunch of little pussies.

      • @ Grenadier

        “Mr Security officer did what he should have done EXCEPT he talked to police.”

        This. ^

        There is a YouTube video rolling around that says this exact same thing: NEVER, EVER talk to the cops, about ANYTHING, under ANY circumstances. The video is done by a Professor of Law and also has a long-time detective there as backup… he talks fast, but what he has to say should be engraved in stone somewhere. The video should be required viewing for everyone in the US, especially those of a younger age. The Praetorians are NOT your friends. They will violate your rights at the drop of a hat and lie to your face if it serves their interests. They don’t give a DAMN about you, except to syphon off revenue at gunpoint or pump up their arrest record…

        Here, found it:

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “Mr Security officer did what he should have done EXCEPT he talked to police.”

        Nah, he screwed up a lot. Moving the bodies isn’t good – it alters the scene – makes it look contrived.

        Waiting a day to notify anyone isn’t good either. Again, at the very least, it is going to change perception of the event.

        Firing more than you need to isn’t good – the right to use lethal force is pretty narrowly construed, with good reason – otherwise, if you don’t like your wife, just shoot her while she’s chopping onions. After all, she was armed with a knife. Fireman coming in because there was a fire – he’s got an axe, he’s armed.

        Coup de grace is always bad – that clearly changes it from defense to attack.

        All that said, the kids were dumb. Breaking and entering is *never* a very good idea. They paid their dollar and took their chance, I suppose.

        • Jimmy there is no such thing as “firing more than you need”. You shoot them to the ground and keep shooting till they stop moving.
          None of the rest matters if he had kept his mouth shut. Once they break in they are a threat. The reality is that threat does not end when they are down if they continue to function. If they live they will sue and you can still lose everything. Keep shooting till they stop functioning so only your story can be told. Then keep your yap shut till you get your lawyer to carefully craft your statement to the Kings men.

          • Jimmy the Saint

            “Jimmy there is no such thing as “firing more than you need”. ”

            As a practical matter, maybe – as a legal matter, that’s definitely not the case.

            “Once they break in they are a threat. The reality is that threat does not end when they are down if they continue to function.”

            Again, as a practical matter, maybe, as a legal matter, it’s definitely not.

            “so only your story can be told.”

            Ask George Zimmerman how well that works. The thing to remember about self-defense shootings is that the community you live in will be critical. That’s where the jury comes from. A jury in Montana might find a full belt of .50 BMG at point blank into a wounded intruder to be reasonable, but a jury in Massachusetts will be a tough sell for much more than a single shot. The DA who might prosecute will also be very aware of what the community’s mindset is.

          • Colorado Pete

            G1, agreed, but if you are on your game, it shouldn’t take more than 3 shots, so less mess to have to explain in court.

        • Jimmy…..but it was Mr. Smith’s HOME !

          Remember the saying….”a man’s home is his castle” ? Those criminals violated Smith’s castle.

          Just more proof that Americans are not free. No different than having a paid off mortgage and refusing to pay tbe property taxes. You, I, we….don’t even have the rigbt to self defense.

          DAN III

      • alan w. mullenax

        I’m noticing a change in you. Subtle, but a definite change.

        Not the same man I shook hands with in Atlanta a couple of years ago.

        If you need me, you call me.

    • Old boy clearly has a few screws loose, but then again, those kids had it coming.

      Moral of the story: get a better gun and repeat after me, “two (or more) to the chest, one (or more) to the head.” Failure drills mean never having to say you’re sorry. No “coup de grace” needed when they’re dead before they hit the ground.

    • Lessons learned:

      1. Don’t trust the cops.
      2. Don’t trust a Mini-14.
      3. Don’t enter one’s home unless invited.
      4. Don’t live in Minnesota. Home invaders got rights don’t cha know ?

      DAN III

  8. Executing burglars after having dropped them is stupid. Telling the Cylons about it is even more so.

  9. This case in MN should be a wake-up call to everyone who owns a firearm for protection. NEVER say ANYTHING to the cops except the mantra: I WAS AFRAID FOR MY LIFE. HE/SHE LOOKED LIKE HE/SHE HAD A GUN(WEAPON). I WANT TO TALK TO A LAWYER. While most LEOs will back a homeowner on burglary-related home-defense shootings, the facts will be reviewed by the county District Attorney. DA’s are, above all, lawyers. If the DA is smart and ethical, he/she will present the case to the county Grand Jury for a review and finding. If the DA is a left-wing gun-hating puke, then the homeowner/victim can be hung out to dry with the full approval of the local “progressive” newspaper/media outlets. Get ahold of the KJV of the Good Book. Go to Luke 11:45-54 and see what Jesus has to say about lawyers.

    • …and we all know that most politicians are… you guessed it… lawyers. Jesus knew whereof He spoke, and His warning then should be studied by all lawyers today, especially those interested in becoming politicians.

  10. Now do you know what all the ammo purchases by DHS were for?
    Those pesky Constitutionalists…

    • alan w. mullenax


      You mean I’m not paranoid after all?

      Praise Jesus!

      I think I’ll leave the punji pits in front of the windows.

      Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

      • Colorado Pete

        Alan, the only thing we should be paranoid about, is whether or not we’re being paranoid ENOUGH….

        • Cassandra (of Troy)

          Colorado Pete/29Nov12@02:07,

          You know it’s well on the way to all gone byebye when things once considered paranoid delusion become prophetic foresight. And the ‘fun’ part is that if I’m reading the trends correctly, we’re getting ready to turn on Israel which is the kickoff for the rilly big shoo John of Patmos wrote about.

          So, CP, you up for hitting a UFO hot spot & hijacking a saucer or 3? Mars is looking more & more appealing……

          Cassandra (of Troy)

  11. Unfortunately, some comments need to tune into reality. The act of breaking into and invading a home, physically violating a peaceful individuals God given right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is a threatening and deadly act, regardless of whether a lethal mechanical weapon is seen.
    A waste to die such a brutal and horrible death at seventeen and
    However, you reap what you sow.
    “Smith said he dragged Brady’s body into his basement workshop, then sat down on his chair. After a few minutes, Kifer began coming down the stairs and he shot her as soon as her hips appeared, he said.”
    So, after hearing multiple gunshots, hits and a body falling down some stairs, a pause and a single gunshot, you decide to go where your partner went; knowing that he did not have a pistol or rifle and could not be the source of the shooting.
    Moreover, if it were me, I would assume that someone else coming down into my basement after that was coming for revenge or fucking insane.
    Either way, you are a lethal threat to me for no other reason than your being
    a dangerous criminal or a dangerous psychopath; you are a lethal threat to me, therefore I am a lethal defensive threat to you.

    • CM….methinks if one could see the juvenile records of tbe invaders one would find they were not pillars of the community.

  12. To JM: Don’t even say what you propose (except for the lawyer part), it cannot help. Listen to Prof Duane. and

    • Mr. Dombro: Point taken. But, state law clearly outlines the case for justifiable homicide by a citizen. The law clearly states that imminent fear of death or great bodily injury to yourself or another is legal reason enough to shoot. I was a peace officer for thirty years on SoCal. I saw this happen alot.

      • JM….the law “clearly states”. To whom ? To cops ? To lawyers ?

        You folks with badges always want to cite “the law”. When were you in a law library last ? There is one’s “clearly” stated “law”. Rows and rows and rows of it. Categorized in volume after volume of legalese written in a language foreign to most citizens with common sense. Then the scumbag .gov attorney gets one in court and suddenly he defines the law to suit his needs. Twisting words, definitions and skewering the English language enough to justify himself and “win” a conviction. In turn the attorney in the black robe nods his head in agreement.

        The law “clearly states”. Bullshit !

        DAN III

        • Cassandra (of Troy)

          DAN III/30Nov12@03:53,

          “The law “clearly states”. Bulls**t!”

          Rather handily makes the case for jury nullification, doesn’t it.

          Cassandra (of Troy)

  13. Follow the Four S’s. You can never go wrong.

    • Cassandra (of Troy)

      B Woodman/28Nov12@06:54,

      Unless there’s a chrome shop nearby where one can avail oneself of an opportune nitric tank, but should one be fortunate enough to have an appropriately deep or especially turbulent & rocky body of water handy then it’s Konkrete Keds time! The ‘classics’ never lose their charm, there is however something to be said for the chop table/chipper/dump then crusher method.

      Cassandra (of Troy)

        • Cassandra (of Troy)


          True, but the bad part’s the racket they make when the chow wagon arrives. A benefit of the 3d method is that it renders most of the package into small enough bits to be used as chum should there be a reasonably sized body of inhabited water handy, or lacking that a fish farm’s quite suitable as a substitute & the swishing sound of the excited fingerlings isn’t usually loud enough to arouse the interest of kibitzers. What’s better is if one has access to the following,:

          Mix the detritus in w/ an appropriate amount of dry dog food, air or artificially dry the product, run it thru the grinder again & VOILA: Ready made animal or fish food! It can also be packed, shipped, & then distributed in remote locations as critter food & if it’s inspected all that’s seen is dry animal food.

          According to what I’ve been told, of course.

          Cassandra (of Troy)

  14. Yeah….nice thoughts. But the unconstitutional, illegal soetoro-obama was VOTED back in by the “people”. You got a problem with that Aesop ?

    Odd….you argued vehemently a few essays back about how voting is the only solution and the ONLY remedy to removal of political scoundrels. Now you make derogatory references to the illegal soetoro-obama your beloved voting gave birth to….AGAIN.

    You’ve just provide argument as to why voting doesn’t.

    And the taxpayer-funded games and vacations begin.

    P.S. It never ceases to amaze me how you folks continue to give the illegal soetoro-obama your respect by calling him “President”. Bastard belongs in Leavenworth.