In Lieu Of Some Holiday Nonsense Gift

Consider helping these folks.

I am.

3 responses to “In Lieu Of Some Holiday Nonsense Gift

  1. No comments since last night? That’s a bummer. I posted it via Michael.
    I have been back many times since 1992 and this is indeed true. For instance, children of the VNCH weren’t allowed to attend school, but finally in 1981 this was changed and my wife finally entered grade school at nine years of age. I have met many veterans and it brings tears to your eyes to think of their betrayal.

  2. Colorado Pete

    It may be simply because ‘charity begins in the home’, and a lot of us are so broke we can’t even prep for our own families as much as we’d like (or at all), so, sending $ overseas is out of the picture for many. Even though we may think it a worthy cause.