This Person Was A Leader In The Regime’s Military

Miss Barnhardt tweeted re this WaPo opinion piece over the hols, with the endorsement:

This article unwittingly shows why there should be no women in the military. Remember this for after the collapse.

The machine and its sympathizers cannot win in North America, especially against thoughtful little groups of partisans.

Remember your Mosby:

“It’s not about holding ground. It’s not even about winning for the G. It’s about the perception of not losing.”


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  1. Actually the one way to insure people are porking their brains out is to make sex illegal and provide a supply of de wimmen…huh? I didn’t say that…
    The military… an endless supply line of entertainment and dark humor.

  2. She’s exactly right.

  3. (Miss Barnhardt, I mean)

  4. robroysimmons

    Well its seems plain to me that the Obama cult is perfectly happy to grind our military down to the level of crappy army of internal occupation. Of course there will be some reactionary elements who insist on maintaining a standard that prepares them for dealing with external enemies, but our glorious leader “Our Lord and Savior Barack Obama”, per Jamie Foxx will fritter them away in wars for multi-culturalism.

    • Cassandra (of Troy)


      Your first sentence says exactly why the military (the last bastion of American traditionalism & its attendant value system) is being so aggressively debased & demoralized while a nascent S.S.-style Internal Security Force & its quasi-Red Guard ‘civilian’ auxiliaries like ObamaCorps/similar ad hoc orgs are so busily being created & strengthened. Such an scenario would also explain why the restrictions against induction of hardened criminals (gangstas, bikers, etc.) & deviants (homosexuals, amorals) into the regular armed forces are being systematically removed along w/ the prohibition against females in frontline unit service.

      When that’s finally accomplished, what you have is a nice lil’ Praetorian Guard w/ just enough genuine milpers/LE to keep things operating reasonably efficiently & the crim/perv/female ‘troops’ performing a S.A./Red Guards internal/external enforcer function. In sum, a modern hybrid of the classic tyranny structure: a Romano-Nazi Imperium.

      At least that’s how it appears to me.

      Cassandra (of Troy)

  5. There are plenty of decent, G*d fearing women in the Armed Forces, capable and professional. They do their jobs and don’t expect much in return, but it’s the bitches in heat like this one that get the ink. Women, to me, are like the Spanish. When they are good, they’re great. When they are not good, they are terrible. A lot like the men, and they just tend to look at things differently. I have trained, served with, and trusted, many female soldiers, and I have no doubts of their abilities, or qualities. The thing that got me angry is when they decided, at various times, to go all cow-eyed at me, or others, in order to get what they wanted. I temporarily lost all respect for them, and all women, because of that. I am sure this can be extended the other way, when it happens to a woman vis a vis a man. And of course there will be those who welcome it, of both sexes, since it is part of us, and a very important part indeed. No use denying that it will happen, and no use putting up regs against it. Where this ex-soldier goes wrong,is placing so much emphasis on it, as to elevate it to something that it is not. A little self-control is good, a lot of self control is what makes a professional different from the rest. I can clearly remember when I was young, and a horn dog like the rest, and how difficult it was to curb my urgings, especially at the verboten times, which then seemed like all the time. But I didn’t die, and learned how to stay professional and smart at the same time. It is not easy giving up ones youth to a profession that demands damn near everything you have, but, c’est la guerre. This ex-soldier is carrying the anger from her denial over into the rest of her life, and longingly regretting the lack of fire in her civilian life, wistfully hoping for something like her furtive struggling while in a war zone. Ain’t gonna happen, those times come, and flee. Get used to it. The passions of youth give way to the realization that life is a lot more than sex, and that the joy of sex, and the satisfaction of sex, like life, arrives, matures, and slowly disappears with time. Enjoy it, but do not worship it. The beast with two backs never threw a 60,000 ton steel bridge across the Mississippi River, it just assured there would be strong minds and backs around to do it.

  6. Both the Army and Marine Corps have received their marching orders to begin integration of combat arms (including infantry, but no word yet on Special Operations Forces…one can only assume that is next) starting with junior officers and then proceeding with enlisted females. The Marines have already sent two female Marine 2nd Lieutenants to their Infantry Officers Course. Naturally they quickly washed out. The Army is next with plans to send a few hand-picked West Point amazons through the Infantry Basic Officer Leaders Course and subsequently to Ranger School (used by the Army as a finishing school for brand new Infantry lieutenants). My assumption is the Army experiment will be equally unsuccessful, whereupon the two ground Services will be castigated by SecDef and CJCS for not doing it right and a new class of females will be sent through Marine IOC and Army IBOLC/Ranger School after the courses have been properly gender-normed to the point that females will graduate at an attrition level commensurate with (or better than) the current rate for men.

    Predictably, the combat effectiveness of the portion of the two Services that actually fights for a living will decline in lock-step with the success of the ongoing social experimentation that the US military has become.

    Equally as predictable, the demand for birth control and abortion services in these formerly all-male bastions of the two ground Services will also reflect the success of the co-ed integration experiment.

    • Cassandra (of Troy)


      When the full integration of females & homosexuals is close to being accomplished we should know very quickly what the deal between the mil & FreeFor will be, same for LE as the forces that’re debauching the mil are also doing their thing there. It’s going to be interesting to see how the Law of Unintended Consequences will manifest itself in those areas as time goes on.

      Very interesting.

      Cassandra (of Troy)

  7. I thought military rules were at least in part about personal discipline, especially in officers, even though no specific reason could be imagined for the rule. As an enlisted person in the barracks, I never saw the reason for rolling my socks up in little balls in my wall locker, when my war bag was always packed with the proper number of socks all balled up.

    • Cassandra (of Troy)


      I’m still trying to figure out what squishbrain thought razor creased BDUs & spit-shined boots would also be spiffy for the field. The short hair & shaving (to a certain point) makes military sense, but that other was just screwy as it blatantly defeats the entire purpose of blending w/ the surroundings. But then I still don’t understand why we’ve kept the M9, still use the M16/5.56 system, & got rid of handy items like the Bazooka & M-72 w/o replacing it w/ something like the RPG.

      And then there’s that whole M2A1-2 & M9-7 Zippo thing……

      Cassandra (of Troy)

  8. If Miss B. is so opposed to women fighting in the military, why the pose in dress and high heel pumps with her cute pink gun, in an obvious attempt at being sexy and ‘military’ at the same time?

    If she is truly such an opposer of Islam, why does she malign the women who are out there providing close air support, giving medical treatment to, and otherwise supporting the guys on the pointy end of the spear? Most of those women sacrifice and work hard; some of them have lost limbs or worse.

    If you complain about the women out actually doing the hard thing can you perhaps justify your own lack of action (glamour shots aside)? If anyone thinks a real battle is coming, best to put aside such foolishness (and foolish people) now. In a gunfight I would rather have one woman on my side that lived in combat boots and did the hard thing that 100 barking poodles in high heels with pink AR’s.

  9. Yeah….Congress has been fucking us for over two centuries.

  10. Wasatch Ghost

    So how did I as an E-5/E-6 keep myself from cheating on my girlfriend/wife during my 1st, 2nd and 3rd deployment? I simply love my wife more than myself. Truly disgusting article.

    • Well said Wasatch Ghost. It is not opportunity that makes a man sin, it is his heart.

    • Cassandra (of Troy)

      Wasatch Ghost/26Nov12@16:29,

      Ausgezeichnet, WG, y MUY magnifico! More’s the pity such isn’t the norm for BOTH sides of that equation.

      Cassandra (of Troy)

  11. Lt. Hotpants said: “Five years of abstinence is enough to make anyone crazy.”

    The solipsism of the female mind at work. Careful darlin, the hampster just might spin itself to death.

    • Colorado Pete

      Been celibate for longer stretches than that, but then, I’m certifiable….

      • Cassandra (of Troy)

        Colorado Pete/27Nov12@00:14,

        Ditto para mi, CP, circumstances required abstention despite some serious (think Sofia Vergara in miniature) temptation. I’m just not fond of infection, involuntary matrimony, nor participating in a ‘Bad Man Jose’ thing. Same situational disinterest was reprised in Chinatown/SF w/ a Nancy Kwan twin & in the South where the temptress would’ve made Jessica Simpson look positively masculine in comparison. Then there was that East Bay Leslie Uggams clone w/ 3 VERY protective, VERY big, VERY mean brothers.

        Good thing my money hunger’s stronger than the carnal!

        Cassandra (of Troy)

  12. I spent most of my adult life in uniform, starting with the Reagan Army… my first Platoon Sergeant was a Nam vet. 3 tours. As was my 1st Sergeant. Soldiers walking around in the old O.D. green fatigues was still a common sight. I made sure to befriend him (my platoon Sergeant), and he taught me every dirty trick he knew about warfighting. He also taught me what it meant to be a soldier.

    If that dates me, then so be it.

    Then, starting with Emperor Bush I, I could see the rot starting… all the fine work done to build up the military after Nam was being undone… drawdown after drawdown.. Then Gulf I, when we realized we didn’t have enough manpower and started taking everyone… even those big ole buscuit-eating fatboys from the National Guard.

    Then came the Clinton Army… I really don’t want to talk about that… just that the writing on the wall started.

    Then came Emperor Bush II. I finally understood the writing on the wall and realized it was all over when I was handed my first “Army Values Card”. I needed the Army to tell me what values I needed to have? After all I had been through? Then came rumors, then confirmation, of a mysterious something called a “Stress Card”. When I was in boot, back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, if you have a problem with someone, even one of the Drills, off came the BDU shirts and you went behind the barracks to have it out. Whoever came back, won. The loser went to the medics, if he had to. And then the matter was dropped.

    But this “Stress Card” thing? Whose stupid fucking idea was THIS?? Your Drill is yelling at you because you fucked something up, and poor you, you just can’t take it… so instead of dealing with it like a fucking MAN, or even crying about it, you hold up your “Stress Card” and you get a free Time Out.

    Good lord…

    As I was leaving the military, I heard more rumors, then confirmed in the Army Times- Everyone was to start wearing berets. An SF unit near where I was stationed started wearing patrol caps exclusively, in protest, instead of their much-deserved beret.

    I can only say that I am glad I am out of the military. There would be no place for me in it anymore…

    And to the whore wearing a uniform: If you don’t like rules, regulations, tradition, discipline or honor, or if you can’t keep your britches up and control yourself, then find another line of fucking work…

    Perhaps pole dancer or porn star might be more to your liking.

  13. Combine that with forming special bonds with comrades who promise to do whatever it takes to ensure your safe return home, including sacrificing their life for yours. What do you think happens?

    The urge to conceive children with partners who have demonstrated they care, the urge to protect those children, and the willingness and skill to do it. De-facto marriage. Stuff conservatives say they are for. I think these conservatives want solders to be disposable terminator machines unafraid to die for the politician of the hour, because the soldiers have no longer-term plans or biological urges for family protection. Portraying women as cardboard cutout whores, not someone you bond with and marry and build a life with, is a great way to extend the time young men’s heads spend in the adolescent crazy risk-taking disposable extra males phase before they get serious about procreating.

    I agree that most women can’t compete with most men in strength-oriented tasks, of which drone flying is not one.

    • Congrats! Prime example of deflection and conflation.

      Now go get a pat on your widdle head from the PuffHos.

  14. In the spring of 1977 a new First Sargent descended on Delta Company, 54th Engineer Battalion, Wildflecken, Germany. In his first formation Top Harris stepped right up and said, “All you married motherfuckers can go ahead and pack your shit. There’s no room in my army for you people. I’m gonna put every last one of you back in the world. There are only soldiers in my army.” And he was right.

    We were in the hot zone, 3 clicks from the east german border and guarding and patrolling it was our game, 24 hours a day everyday.
    Then there were the field exercises, mostly in the winter, always called at 3am on a Saturday or worse. The last ones in were the married guys, sleeping in their goose down beds in off post houses after a shot of leg. They were always holding everyone else up. The rest of us, the single guys, the soldiers, the worker bee’s, the linedogs, had to pull their slack. all. the. time. And Top Harris knew it and knew it was wrong and set out to eliminate it. We’re all the same except when we’re not and married doods had it made.

    There were no females in our unit but they were on post and they had it made too. I saw them make rank faster than anyone else and I saw other things too. I watched the social experiment unfold. I can only imagine how derogatory it is now 35 years later.

    Maybe this is why the army no longer wins wars.
    It isn’t about wars or winning them anymore, its just another facet of making a country socialist. The best way of doing this is to promote everything that is NOT a soldier.

  15. Ghostsniper, I was married, with two children, in Germany, for three years. I was on hair trigger alert, even when there wasn’t one going on, and it was me that woke the platoon, in the barracks. I lived in barracks for nine months till the family got in country, then in quarters. Mechanized Infantry. I made it my business to know about alerts before they happened, my platoon, my company, my battalion. I was always first up, first armed, first out that gate, and first on FTX, first on deployment to our areas, and first cleaned up, ready for redeployment, and on special assignment. My guys on guard duty in the cantonment area looked more strac than anyone else ever did, and set the standard for appearance and conduct. I saw my family so seldom I had their names written on a cheat sheet so I wouldn’t be embarrassed when I met them again. I lived, breathed, ate, slept, and was ARMY the whole tour. I told my wife and kids if the SHTF, they could make their way best they could, I was going to be killing Russians. Spare me your jealous, “shot of leg” routine. I got two divorces that say I was lot better soldier than a husband and father, but that was my choice. So before you hand that routine off to the next person, walk a mile in my moccasins, and recognize that that SGM, whoever he was, was full of shit, and a lousy soldier. You don’t get good discipline, or soldiering, from people you deliberately write off, because they’re married. Being a married soldier means more responsibility, not more slack. I lived it.

    • Sean, you were the exception, then. My experiences in Germany in the mid- 80’s were very similar to ghostsniper’s – the married guys got all the breaks. They pulled very little guard duty – especially on weekends or nights or holidays. They flaunted the fact they never had to stand barracks inspections or all night GI parties. On alerts, they were the last ones in. Let’s not even get into all the extra money they got. A married E-4 would get twice the pay as a single E-4 when adding in COLA and BAQ, etc.

      Sad thing is, I saw few marriages survive. So many guy’s wives hit the clubs as soon as their husbands went to the field, it was staggering. One E-5 got cuckolded so bad by his wife doing nearly an entire company, he was given a general discharge because of her actions.

      Getting back on topic, the women I saw in the Army were all a bunch of whores. I met several nice girls when they first arrived, but it was only a matter of months before that sweetness was gone. The smart ones made money off it, but most didn’t. There was one Lt. Hotpants who was great for morale. When she was Officer of the Day, whoever was on guard duty in the motor pool was going to get screwed – and not in an Army way.

      But now with the fags being allowed to share their foxholes, why not put a split tail in every foxhole? After all, fair is fair.

  16. Given that my beloved USMC now sees itself as domestic cops (given recent press about combined operations on these shores), and probably the same attitude has spread throughout the other “services”, shouldn’t we be encouraging the commissioning/inducting of hotties (and others) at an accelerating pace? Think about it.

    Long game, my friends. And if that is what the public wants, well, then nudgy, nudgy, pushy, pushy.

    • No worries, Tom. The impending return to a peacetime, garrison mentality and all the attendant Mickey Mouse bullshit that goes along with it coupled with the accelerating Obamanization and other social experimentation (repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell; full integration of women into combat arms; endless touchy feely nonsense such as “Resilience Training”, etc, etc., ad nauseum) means that the real warriors are headed for the door.

  17. alan w. mullenax

    It all started with VOLAR. I saw the last draftees get out and the beginning of the downward slide. That was 40 years ago. It has to be really screwed up now.

    I was also around for the initial assignment of women into MOS’s outside the traditional WAC. Just the dumbest idea to come down the pike.

    Oh, wait. Now they let boys who like boys in. And foreign nationals. And Muslims. And gangbangers. And…

    I’m gonna stop now. I think I’m getting ill.

  18. There will be a big downturn in quality now guys. Those of you who saw Carter take over know, or were there for Clinton, like I was. Some of the decent short timers stuck out a few years to get their retirement, but for the most part there was a mass exodus. All that was left were the shitbirds amd then nubs, the non-useful beings, and through time in rank they got promoted to where they should have never been.

    You could taste it in the air in 93. I couldn’t freakin believe how fast it went to hell, just the overall “feeling” went sour. Some of the old, old salts told me this was exactly what happened when Carter took over. So I got the hell out at the end of my 6 and am still glad for it.

  19. Dream Act anyone? Our legions will be composed of (apparently) illegals, homosexuals and aspiring pole dancers.

  20. This time, I find absolutely everything with which to agree, Aesop, I am happy to say.

  21. These straw man arguments are apologies for slavery, with you being the slavemasters. You’ll remember a couple months back when you claimed that joining any militia was your last free choice, producing instant full subjugation to Communism and redistribution of your preps however the maximum leader wanted.

    No humans should be slaves, and this includes soldiers. The soldier should be free to quit their job and walk away from the foxhole in the middle of a battle, the same as any employee. Any soldier who is actually defending liberty would be killing slavemasters who try to forcibly detain “deserters”, or forcibly impose their rules and conditions about who may have sex. Employees do not work 24x7x365. Anyone who is told his behavior is controlled by work rules 24x7x365, because their entire life is spent in a workplace, is a slave.

    If a manager favors a subordinate because of a sex relationship, they are subject to being fired for lousy managerial judgement. This ordinary workplace error has an ordinary workplace solution.

    Maslow’s hierarchy put the need for sex, not affection and love, but sex, on the same level of necessity as eating, breathing, and excretion. (The wikipedia Maslow Hierarchy chart doesn’t list sex, dig deeper.) One brainwashing technique stares the human of sleep, and they make bad decisions as a result because their brains don’t work right in that unnatural, perverted state. Another brainwashing technique starves the human of sex. That is why most religion is puritanical about sex — we use the name of a religious group, the Puritans, as a word to mean denying sex. The military is full of homoeroticism because of the unavailability of normal community social relations with females that support the selection of female sex partners.

    “Full time solder”, itself, no matter who does it, is a standing army, is a slave, is a perversion, is the problem, itself. Politics is the extension of war by other means. The original quote got it backwards.

    • Utter hogwash.

      Regardless of the conditions of enlistment, whether contracted or not, there is this thing called “discipline” without which a military unit cannot function properly.

      What you describe is not a military organization, or even a voluntary militia, it is a frat house at best and a mob at worst.

      A voluntary organization that exists on the basis of free association is a two-way street. Normally there are rules of conduct which exist as a condition of that association. If you can’t follow the rules, you are free to leave, and if you won’t leave, the organization will ask you (or force if it comes to that) to leave.

      Someone with the lack of self-discipline described in your post is an unlikely candidate for any military organization, whether professional or militia.

      If sex is so all consuming for someone, there are other more suitable occupations they should pursue.

  22. I don’t think it’s possible to “choose” to “sell yourself into slavery”. These two ideas are opposites of each other, and saying they can both be true at the same time is a contradiction. Another set of words for the same idea is “consent of the governed”: if it’s government, your consent is not considered; if it’s consent, it’s voluntary and not government.

    • “I don’t think it’s possible to “choose” to “sell yourself into slavery”. “

      Of course it is. People actually, you know, VOTE for it.

      “Another set of words for the same idea is “consent of the governed”:”

      Please reread the original intent of the Founders… all of it- DoI, BoR, Fedr. Papers, anti Fedr. Papers, and some actual history. Try to understand the concepts before trashing them. That weak and self absorbed people have allowed democracy to replace the Republic in no way invalidates the concept of a Representative Republic, in which active participation by a vigilant and aware people does not amount to voluntary slavery:

      Selling votes and Liberty for the false hope of cradle to grave irresponsibility does. That’s democracy, not limited SELF government.

    • Cassandra (of Troy)


      Do yourself a favor & research a practice known as indentured servitude, Anon, then afterward come back & see if your statement still holds up.

      Cassandra (of Troy)