Wolverines 2012

Were that tea partiers were grabbing their AKs.

Nonetheless, there are literally millions of young Call of Duty players who have not seen Red Dawn in either incarnation.

Use the flick as a teaching opportunity.

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  1. I saw it this weekend, and enjoyed it. It’s a lot more big-budget feeling than the original, but then also not as realistic somehow. It’s conspicuously multicultural: two black kids, some latinos, etc. It is a nice touch that one of the black kids dad is the mayor, and a quisling, though.

    • Jackson, too bad you had to notice the “multi-cultural” thing. Funny, but I just saw them as kids who understand what this country is about and will perhaps hold the candle as they light this country’s future.

      • robroysimmons

        The Obama thugs want you to notice, so I hope in your life instead of scolding someone like Jackson you have screwed up the courage to tell an Obama thug that “multiculturalism” is junk and you don’t care if they call you racist.

        • I am not scolding anyone and, yes, I have told Obamaites that I could care less if someone is pink, purple, or orange. Patriotism is not about color. I’ve been called many things worse than a racist, so their Marxist methods don’t phase me. Sorry if I came across as scolding – it was not intended to be such.

      • Semper Fi, 0321

        I am in a multi-cultural family, and I sure as hell don’t need someone wagging their fukn finger in my face telling me who they think I should be associating with. I can pick and choose my own friends, don’t need some phoney hypocrite doing it for me.
        Do something positive, like helping Chris Rock or Obama learn the path too. Or even better, go door to door in the minority neighborhoods and preach to them, I’ll bet they’re just dying to learn how to love white folks.

        • Semper Fi 0321 re your last comment about you being in a multi-cultural family. if you only knew me, you’d know that I wasn’t making a snide remark. I was engrossed in the movie and its message – I don’t see multi-culturism nor do I see color. I am a strong conservative and, as far as I’m concerned Hollywood, per se (and those like Chris Rock and Jamie Foxx) can fall off the face of the earth. I am a strong (nay adamant) supporter of Allen West, Reverand C.L. Bryant, Mia Love, Kevin Jackson and those like them. Please don’t put words in my mouth. This was not meant as an insult; it was meant as a remark that I see past the ethnicities and judge people by the content of their character, not the color of their skin.

          • Semper Fi, 0321

            Wasn’t picking on you particularly, I despise ALL who like to play PC, and all the comments associated with such.
            I’m white, I live with a black woman, not because I’m supposed to be bridging the racial gap, but because she’s one of the smartest and easy going women I’ve ever met. She hunts and hikes with me, really great companion. Nothing more. On the flip side, I sure don’t care for most of her race, I’ve heard enough comments to know how much they all love whitey and where this integration experiment is headed.
            The whole PC thing will come back to bite most of us in the ass soon, especially the liberals who are sooo connected with their minority roots. Mankind isn’t ready yet to drop all color and see things in neutral tones.
            And back to the movie; you’d be hard pressed to find so many kids all hanging out with multi-cultural mates, that’s going to be the great dividing line soon, no matter what John Lennon said.

  2. I have been pondering the ‘Why Not’ for some time now. If you will pardon me for linking to myself, my answers, direct and tangential, are here ( http://reading-liberty.blogspot.com/2012/11/why-tea-party-does-not-rebel.html ) and here ( http://reading-liberty.blogspot.com/2012/10/patriots-liberty-movement-and-right.html ).

    In short, in order for them to reach for their rifles, they must first confront the reality that reform is a now pipe dream, that their efforts in 2008, 2010, and 2012 were more wasted than worthwhile, that many of the pundits who’ve been promoting their efforts have also been lying to them, and that the thing they’re so proud of loving – to the point of self-definition – does not love them back, never did, and never will. As red pills go, that’s a big one to swallow.

    • There are a LOT of people who have not yet accepted that there will be no voting one’s way out of the current, cascading catastrophe.

      Rush, VDH, Whittle, and Aesop, amongst others.

      Rubio 2016!

      • I’ve noticed. It’s sad when they get so close, then take a hard turn down Squirrel Lane.

        Rush used the word ‘lawless’ then didn’t move on to what is so obvious to us, namely that WROL is a two-way street with very scary implications. Whittle seems to have said that electoral politics is now hopeless, and even seems to have said that there is a crunch coming, but also somehow thinks that scrupulous adherence to the law is enough to keep one out of jail. As if the law means a damn thing anymore. His ideas are all interesting – privatized space and privatized universities over the internet and whatnot – but he assumes that the power will stay on and there aren’t Agents actively hunting Redpills.

      • Semper Fi, 0321

        Amazing how many stupid folks are already planning for the 2016 elections, the same old “we’ll win ’em next time” bullshit. 100 more years of this and they might actually wake up, but probably not. But look at all the cool donations they’ll take in, somebody’s winning!

        • I don’t think the Republicans will win another Presidency in our lifetimes. OK, maybe they will if the communists turn the US into total rubble. But short of that, there’s nothing the gutless, spineless Reps can/will do (note the rush to be just like the Demo-communists).
          They can’t even give away free stuff to get votes. The communists will just one-up them on every give away.
          We’re screwed. Nothing left to do but prepare as need be.

      • “But you might lay off the drumbeating for a meltdown.”

        Still don’t get it, huh? Since you spend virtually all of your writing knocking what others are saying, it would seem only courteous–not to mention intellectually honest–to make an effort to understand what they’re saying.

        That you wrote this seemingly in response to CA, makes it all the more absurd. It appears to be a hidden charge that he’s so stupid that he runs the most widely-read blog on these issues, even as he’s working (drumbeating) for a meltdown. That would be pretty stupid. Why don’t you make the charge explicitly?

        You have a marvelous gift of gab; I’m starting to believe it might be because you’re deaf.

        • So many errors, I can’t even get started.

          Here’s a rational human on that ship: “We’re gonna hit an iceberg in 30 minutes. Let’s figure out WTF to do, and fast.”

          Here’s you: “The Captain’s an asshole and so is everyone on deck, and down in steerage too. So let’s find out what everyone feels is best.”

      • Cassandra (of Troy)

        RE: Rubio 2016!

        Thought highly of Marco until he let his pro-amnesty side show, that did it for me. Should the U.S. somehow stay that way despite the best efforts of Emperor Obama/his allies & there’s another ‘election’, Rubio’ll be touted as the next True Cunsurrrrrvatuv Savior who MUST be elected if Our Beloved Uhmurrakuh’s to be SAVED from UTTER DESTRUCTION BY THE LIBRUL LEFT & ANYONE who DOESN’T think so is A FILTHY LIBRUL THAT HATES OUR BELOVED UHMURRAKUH, MONEY, WANTS TO KILL THE UNBORN, & IS A RAYSISSSSSSSS! IOW, the same ol’ lame ol’ BS & woe unto those who dare to disagree w/ such as Gush Bombast, His Majesty Shill O’Righteously, Fawn Hannity, Nanny Coulter, & similar pseudo-luminaries on the Right.

        The sick part’s that it’ll probably work a la Reagan/Bush after Carter & Bush/Bush after Clinton. Makes ya wanna fire up the mega-Weber & cook up some oleander spitted kebabs w/ Cream’s I’m So Glad or Edwin Hawkins’ Oh Happy Day blasting in the background doesn’t it.

        Cassandra (of Troy)

  3. We’ve seen it. Loved a movie for “our side” for once. Too bad the critics are too dense to get the point of the movie; but I trust that won’t dissuade others from going to see it. Have heard all kinds of comments like “too patriotic,” “too much flag waving,” “does not show the thinking of today.” Don’t know where these people are coming from; but perhaps the reason we’re in the situation we are in today is that there are not enough of we Wolverines out there. Semper Fi.

  4. robroysimmons

    FTR Milius the director of the original disliked it, thought the enemy should have been Mexicans. My personal take on it is that Left should not be allowed a monopoly on violence as a political tool. The movie has captions of our idiot in chief and a couple of henchthings blathering nonsense and then the NORKs come along and promise “fairness” thru the use of violence, so one can imagine Obama our “lord and savior” thinking he can deal with these people.

    All in all I learned from the movie is that violence is a practical political tool and that the Left has the monopoly on it and that needs to be corrected. Aesop Beck can go back to crying with the ladies.

    • robroysimmons

      Leftists making a neighborhood unlivable via violence then excusing it then passing around the D marked ballot, its productive from their view. Then they use “hate crime” laws and the violence of the state as well, but since we are all against hate on the connedservative side I expect you to lecture me Mr. Beck that we should not hate. Semper Fi Mac

      And may I thank the owners of this site for your good works.

  5. I saw the original RED DAWN. It was one of the most emotionally draining movies I’ve ever seen. I thought it was very good. I was dubious about the remake, since my experience with remakes is that they’re never as good as the original. However, we were visiting our daughters for Thanksgiving, and our two sons-in-law wanted to see it. I went with them. I wasn’t disappointed. It’s a great action movie. It didn’t affect me as strongly as the original, but I liked it.

    I wonder why they named it RED DAWN, since that invites comparison with the original. I think it could have stood on its own, without the “remake” implication.

    Yes, there are holes in the plot. Where did they get the full-auto guns? Where did they get all the explosives they used? Where did they get all the ammo they expended? Partisans, without a logistics tail, can’t afford to expend ammo at that rate. Despite these plot holes, I think it’s worth seeing.

  6. 1. The new Red dawn was supposed to feature the Chinese as the invaders. The producers were “encouraged” to drop that idea with the ludicrous substitution of the norks. One doesn’t need to be but ordinarily aware of the political realities to guess where that came from.

    Still, if it’s as this writer says it is, and I do hope so, then good on us all. I’ll go see it asap.

    2. The indie film Grey State (trailer below) suggests a much more realistic portrayal of the near future possibilities:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gy7FVXERKFE (or google grey state trailer)

    I put some money into this. Got the T shirt and autographed poster to prove it! It’s low budget but very well done and gritty as Hell. I hope they can get it out there, and that it’s as good as can be.

    3. “Aesop Beck can go back to crying with the ladies.”


    • Yes, the “red” in Red Dawn should have been our own federal government after a dollar collapse. That would not only be much more plausible, but in all reality – probable.

  7. Linda,

    I consider the whole “color blind” ideology misguided and part of the failure mode of the USA. Let’s start with who believes it. White people have been force fed it, but in a weird way. You will sometimes hear from the same liberal both “race is a social construct” and “you have white privilege” The same people who claim race isn’t real want to organize society around it.

    But race does exist, sorry. It’s pretty basic. I don’t agree with the idea of strict determinism. Race doesn’t determine everything about you. But neither do I believe in the blank slate theory. “It’s all about culture”.

    The black race, regardless of the nature vs. nurture source of their disfunctional behavior, has caused endless problems for the white race in America. If I could go back in time I would assassinate every slave trader and slave ship captain I could to help keep America from having the original sin of slavery and the original problem of blacks in America.

    Blacks are racist and don’t bother to hide it. I have never called a black person “nigger”, not once in my 50+ years, many of which have been spent in very black places like Detroit and Brooklyn. OTOH I have been called “white boy”, “cracker”, ‘woodpecker” “pink motherfucker” “honky” “whitey” and more by blacks. Sometimes in anger over some imagined wrong, sometimes just cause thats’ how they talk, but most often as a cheap provocation: to lord my relative powerless in name-calling over me.

    As a group blacks are directly responsible for a hugely disproportionate amount of crime, and much of the crime is black-on-white. Blacks have defacto created no-go spaces for whites all over the USA. Detroit, which was a beautiful city circa 1950 was destroyed by black thugs, black gangs, black disfunctional welfare idiots, and corrupt black politicians. It’s dead now, which is sad because I can’t go to the places I did as a child, or visit the buildings my grandfather and great uncles built.

    In the face of all this the propaganda arm of the left is constantly putting me, the white man, down. I can’t dance. I can’t jump. I can’t fuck. I’m uncool, I’m clueless. Some black guy is the righteous smart one who should lead us all. Before Obama there were 50 black presidents in Hollywood. Morgan Freeman nearly made a career out of it.

    But you know in the real world it just ain’t so. So we are fed lies. Lies like “a bunch of blacks will side with you when you try to undo leftism’. LIke hell they will.

    Now that we have our real black president we can see that he’s racist as hell. Almost all his policies end up benefiting blacks at the expense of whites. Confiscate and redistribute is good for blacks, in general, despite the few anomalies like Oprah and Michael Jordan. Who are the 30 million uninsured? Are they disproportionately “people of color”, “single moms”, “disabled” people?

    So when I see that now even the (Hollywood version of) white resistance has to have a multi-culti face, hell yes I notice. I notice it and I resent it.

    If the shooting ever comes to America, the need for it will be to peel off an evil leftist beast. The beast was built for the benefit of blacks, it was built with their non-coerced volunteer labor, it was cast with their votes, freely given. As a group, at an astounding 97%, they are working to fashion the chains that will bind me and my children. I try not to pre-judge people, but if you are black 19.5 out 20 chances are you like Obama. (And you liked Clinton and Gore and Kerry just about as much). Coercive collectivism is the ideology of Black America. Full stop.

    Oh, yeah, I’m sick of black conservatives, as a class, too. How many of them ended up supporting Obama. Colin Powell did. Obama got elected to his first national post because self-hating whites found another black guy to run against him, Alan Keyes. How clever. Only he was a fake too, who put race head of ideology. One of his conservative proposals was that blacks be excused from paying income taxes to repay them for slavery. Armstrong Williams – went for Obama.

    So race blind is stupid. We whites need to be racially aware, and realistic. We need to note that the other races, our rivals, are explicitly pro-their race, and work with other “minorities” to enact policies that are anti-white. “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white” is a mantra designed to describe reality. I faced official government mandated discrimination. My kids did, too, in their college admissions. My grand kids will too.

    Enough’s enough. Take you color blind ideology and choke on it. I’ve puked it up and won’t be trying to digest that crap ever again.

    • robroysimmons

      Jackson you probably should have just said, “anti-racism is nothing more than anti-white.” Linda will have to overcome the taboos and think for herself, now she is just going to quibble the facts with you and still think white guilt is penance and eliminating the white out of the “social construct” will lead to some utopia. Anyway the welfare state is built upon the lies of the Blank Slate Theory, its all going to crash anyway.

  8. 1st paragraph: Haven’t you heard? Vaseline is passe. Thought you’d have figured that out by now. No wonder you’re so sore all the time.

    2nd parascreed: I wasn’t guessing, just pointing, and no one here needs you to demonstrate your remarkably firm grasp of the obvious… not like it wasn’t blabbed all over the web.

    “But it was still fun to watch.”

    Odd for a democratic peacemaker, pragmatic violence denier such as yourself to enjoy graphic depictions of violence, especially those involving the defense of Liberty.


  9. There were far too many explosives to have been explained by one Nork HumVee. But why beat this to death? It was a fun movie. Just don’t take it as a field manual.

  10. Have worked with a local tea party group; most attend for the entertainment; fewer for the concepts, one of a hundred might be considering the gravity of our situation and what is really coming.
    I have failed

  11. What is coming, will not be stopped by elections, protests or harsh language. IF you are not prepared, If you are not willing to defend your life and the lives of your family and friends with whatever means necessary, you will die. Buckle up kiddies, ’cause this ride is about to get real bumpy.

  12. Cassandra (of Troy)

    See the following.:

    Before Red Dawn, There Was a Shadow on the Land

    Cassandra (of Troy)