Codrea: Public Interest Law Firm Files Brief On Holder Case As GOP ‘Negotiates’

Not with a bang, but with a whimper?

Darrell Issa could not be reached for comment.

8 responses to “Codrea: Public Interest Law Firm Files Brief On Holder Case As GOP ‘Negotiates’

  1. Larry Elliott

    Rule of law, what rule of law?

  2. alan w. mullenax

    Big deal.

    Ain’t going anywhere.

    The last nail is about to be driven into the coffin top.

    What is it that you do not understand?

  3. Jimmy the Saint

    Was there ever any doubt that the GOP would fold? It’s what they do.

  4. Once Holder had been found in Contempt of Congress, Issa could have used the Capitol Police to arrest Holder and jail him for a full year…sweat the names “Obama” and “Soros” out of him re Gunwalker. Instead, he did nothing. Why? Because the Dems have enough on Issa to frogmarch him out of town as well. Maybe 10% of the House and a half-dozen Senators are honest Patriots at this point. The rest are treasonous crooks. I live for the day when we can speak to them all in a language they can understand.

  5. I’d really love to know what it is Holder, Jarrett, et al, have on the Republican leadership. Boehner and Issa must have some truly f-d up skeletons in their closets to roll over the way they do so predictably every time it seems they have the Administration by the short hairs.

    Or maybe they’re just bought and paid for. Or more likely, both.

  6. theelectorretards

    SPARKLIES BOYS… SPARKLIES. It was then as it is now.

    Bill Nye

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      Give ’em some credit Bill, at least they put on a show like they’re trying. But we all knew what the result would be anyway.
      And for those fukn stupid hard line Republicans out there, exactly WHEN will you come to the realization that BOTH parties work hand in hand and laugh at you for the dumb fools that you are? They play their voter base like a worn out fiddle, and still you dance to the party tune. Oh never mind, most of you will never get it, it’s too ingrained to change, isn’t it?

      • Actually, a lot of HardRight “Republicans” stopped “dancing to the Party tune” on 6th November. We went to the gun shop instead of the polling booth. That’s why gun-grabber Mittinz lost to an incumbent down 10 million votes from his ’08 total, and came in 2 million votes short of McCain’s total. You just won’t hear about it from Ann Coulter and the rest of the FoxTards who thought they could put this corporate-socialist, neoCon putz over on us. Stop worrying about the GOP. With the Brown Tide now having overrun Florida, it’s finished as a national party. Hoist by it’s own cheap labor-insourcing sword. And with the collapse of the Republicrats, more and more Whites will turn toward secession…and the gun.