Hipsters On Food Stamps

H/t to Maggies for these snapshots of a burgeoning demographic:

Hipsters on Food Stamps, Part I

Hipsters on Food Stamps, Part II


…It’s a simple thesis and no one wants to hear it: hipsters may lack drive, but the world they live in wasn’t set up by them, it was set up by their parents, i.e. the Dumbest Generation Of Narcissists In The History Of The World, the ones who magnified the importance and cost of college without having any idea of what should be its purpose, let alone its content…

Question for the commentariat:

Potential recruits, fertilizer, long-pork-jerky source, or other?

Highest/best use, and all that.

Talk amongst yourselves.

17 responses to “Hipsters On Food Stamps

  1. Long-Pig…….mmmm…delicious…….

  2. Most are fertilizer, some will end up as sandbags. Some will be the fodder of the fed.gov. ALL are useful idiots.

    • The food cards will lead to the FEMA camp, and the only way they’ll get out is by joining the Red Guards. Absent air support, they’ll be useful target practice.

  3. The solution is an ounce of lead at 1000 yds all day long until your trigger finger falls off. There are more of them than there are of you.

    • Yeah but they have a tendancy to shroud themselves in clothing made from highly flamable “natural fibers” so once you get one set on fire they will spread it around to large groups. It gets better if you get one soaked in all that sandlewood oil, they will light up like a grease fire.

      • Colorado Pete

        Aha. Useful for off-the-grid heat and light!
        Now work their presence into your grid-crash scenario as fall-back preps for those suburbanites.
        G1, you’re a genius!!

        • I cant claim total credit for the concept. We came up with it at the Patcom.
          “bio fuel”

  4. Some can be reached through creative use of cognitive dissonance, those who can think, and there are some.

  5. 2 words: trade meat

  6. Very simple. Change careers. Go to a community college and learn to be a CNA, LVN, Phrmacy Tech, Phlebotomist, auto mechanic, or plumber.. Get your food handlers card and be a fry cook or a bartender. The one thing my college education gave me(Class of ’69) was the ability to express myself on paper. That has opened more doors for me than the actual BA. These “Hipsters” are lazy, spoiled brats and totally clueless. They will indeed be swept aside.

  7. Those guard dogs aren’t going to feed themselves…

  8. Fertilizer. The’re mostly full of shit anyway.

  9. The phrase “evolutionary dead-end” comes to mind.

    Homo Sapiens Hipsterus – An organism that has become obsolete through failure to obtain any of the basic skills needed for day to day survival, failed to reproduce in numbers sufficient to at least maintain the current population, has no defensive characteristics and has voluntarily abdicated its position in the food chain as the apex predator.

  10. Larry Elliott

    These educated fools and their equally foolish and likely equally educated parents have never jobs where they had so soil their precious little hands or work up a sweat. To them “work” is sitting somewhere contemplating truly important things like what to wear or where to go to be seen or how they’re going to make huge piles of money, but which they can’t because a degree in Mayan art, or some other esoterica is totally useless to 99.999% of people who are hiring people to work. The idea that they should sell shoes or anything else to earn their own way is so far beneath them that they’d never consider it.

    Ben Franklin was right, make them miserable in their poverty. Then they’d maybe get a job and discover what work is.

  11. biolgical mine clearning device, single use

    • Cassandra (of Troy)


      The females could be used as active/passive rape bait, the males for the purpose you suggested or for other martial ones. If one has access to certain recreational pharmaceuticals, the subject/s could be suitably wazzed out then weaponized as the Japanese/Sovs/V.C. did & time/expertise permitting might even be conditioned thru fear induction to happily carry out said mission. Another venue’s that shown in the original Red Dawn w/ Toni/Jennifer Grey or a variation on that theme but that won’t be discussed here as per OpSec.

      Cassandra (of Troy)