Introduction To Combat Tracking – Part I

Michael Yon sends.

Another chapter to follow soon.

6 responses to “Introduction To Combat Tracking – Part I

  1. Following sign is the easiest part of tracking to teach and to learn. Crawling around inside the cranium of the one you’re tracking is the hardest, and the most thrilling, part of following sign there is. Nothing like it.

  2. As an Instructor in Visual Tracking, I can tell you that there is a lot more to it than just reading it in a book. Getting proper instruction and getting out there and applying it as it is an a perishable

    • What resources would you recommend for such training?

      • Ground time is the best teacher, would highly recommend Kearney’s “Tracking:A Blueprint for Learning How”. If close enough I’d be willing to teach a beginners class. I would advise those interested to be proficient in land navigation with map and compass.

  3. CA, when I clicked that link, my anti virus denied access with a trojan detected warning.