SK: With Democracy For All And Freedom For None

Mob rule.

Gives anarchy a bad name, eh what?

I know — we can vote on it.

That will make it all better.

9 responses to “SK: With Democracy For All And Freedom For None

  1. I can neither add to, nor certainly detract from, anything in that article. As usual, Daniel shines the merciless light of his intellect into the dark corners of socialism and islam. Not to mention the Two Parties… pardon the redundancy.

    Why do so many continue to think that these cockroaches can’t be exterminated?

    (For those frozen in meme, that is a rhetorical question. I do not want to traipse through your labored lists of limits and lamentations, so please don’t c&p the usual.)

    • Exterminate who? All the Moslems, Barnhardt-style? But that would require an Orwellian Forever War, a National Security State, and a take-down of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Oh, wait…..

      • “Enemies… domestic,” is who.

        You know, “a National Security State.”

        And I guess you don’t comprehend “rhetorical question” or the rest of my last, parenthetical graph.

  2. Dark corners of Islam? Tens of thousands of Moslems are out in the streets of Cairo, protesting Morsi’s power-grab. Not so in Amerikwa, despite it’s one-Party state and fake elections.

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      one-Party state and fake elections? Are you implying the voters wasted their time? Can’t be, we’re the greatest nation on earth, Democracy works! Besides, they showed it all on TV, even saw the _______ National Convention too. They can’t be faking it.
      Sadly, even when it all caves in, don’t think for a second you can educate them about why it happened, they’ll never believe you. It’s easier to believe the myth.

  3. You mean the unwashed masses of unemployed Egyptian youth who have nothing better to do than protest? How’s that worked out so far?

    • Another Anon

      At least they are bloody trying. maybe it will work, maybe it won’t. Maybe its even a crud ideology and its not about liberty at all.It doesn’t matter, they are fighting for freedom, to be governed by their own jerks and are willing to suffer for it.

      Wholly admirable, win or lose.

      • So much wrong and contradictory there.

        Fighting for the “freedom” to be tyrannized by their choice?

        Wholly admirable?

        Please. Might wanna think that a little further along……….

  4. Admire them all you want. In the end it will be no more effective than if they had done nothing. If there is any change it will come from the barrel of a gun.