Tales Of New America

Please take the time to read all seven (thus far) chapters.

FUSA is dead.

Long live the virtues of the old American republic:

Individual freedom.

Extremely limited government.


Personal responsibility.

Freedom of expression, both religious and political.

Defiance to tyranny, even unto death.

God help us all.


15 responses to “Tales Of New America

  1. Individual Freedom = Life (past), Liberty (present) and the pursuit of happiness (future).
    Limited Government = A Republic (not a democracy ((mob rule)).
    Self Reliance = Born upon the wings (upward movement) of a strictly limited government.
    Personal Responsibility = Rugged individualism, grounded in integrity, who ‘do the right thing’ at all cost.
    Freedom of expression (both religious & political) = A God given right to all citizens of the great American Republic with one exception; that expression SHALL exist subordinate to the Bill Of Rights; an ((exclusive document)). All else is treason (especially ANY contradictions made by the D.O.J:(
    Defiance To Tyranny, even to death = HOW our freedoms were given to US and HOW they WILL be preserved!

    Thanks CA!

  2. 11Fsteve in the desert

    Each person must ask himself or herself,
    1- What exactly is worth fighting for, and if need be, dying for?
    2- What is the limit of transgression that I will absorb, and beyond that line, I will put EVERYTHING at risk to defend?
    Some people will not be able to answer these questions.

    It is a personal decision. It is not one made of kindred mentality or keyboard brotherhood. It is made by cold, rational, measured analysis.
    I would bet the farm that most people, including many who comment on this blog, have not seriously considered Exactly What Their Limit Is, and What They Are REALLY Willing to Sacrifice to defend their core beliefs.

    This is rhetorical and I am NOT looking for an answer or any response to be posted here. It IS something, though, to very seriously consider.

    Note: Always keep in mind that this blog and those like it are monitored by .gov

  3. It’s an excellent series, so far, hope the author keeps up the good work.

  4. Please show me one, just one example, of a government remaining limited over time.

    • Some of the ancients Celts would sacrafice their king after so many years of rule. THATS a term limit!

  5. 11F, We’ll see what happens, When. On the flip side o’ that, my enemies will be afraid to close their eyes at night, and some that do won’t be waking up, and will be minus their scalp. I. do. not. give. a. shit.

  6. David Forward

    This strikes me as nothing more than a sugar coated “Turner Diaries” where a bunch of thugs take control and either execute or banish all with a different skin color or definition of liberty — another words, a new form of Nazism dictating lifestyle, beliefs and racial separation for the sake of “purity” without regard to qualification or potential contribution to liberty.

    When you have a boot on your neck it doesn’t matter if it’s a right or left foot — tyranny reigns supreme. While I’m all for changing our government back to a republic as originally established, I have no interest in establishing a fascist government in it’s place. That’s trading the yoke of communism/socialism/progressivism (all the same) for the oppressive yoke of another “ism,” fascism. Liberty is allowing everyone to lead their lives as they please so long as they don’t harm or hinder the liberty of another. This racist rant presents moving from one losing to another losing proposition — kinda like that “Hope and Changie” thing the Obamanation preaches.

    If this were to take place in reality it would mean to me I’d have to fight oppression on two fronts simultaneously.: against the United Socialist States of America and the United Fascist New America. Hope I have enough ammo and other munitions…

    • “While I’m all for changing our government back to a republic as originally established, I have no interest in establishing a fascist government in it’s place.”

      Any suggestions?

      I have reservations about the methods described similar to your own but…
      the painful truth is, if we really mean to re-establish Liberty as the norm, drive out the rot and take back our nation, these Tales may be very close to Reality. Ask your self if persuasion, organizing, protesting, voting or any of the “peaceful” means would have any effect? How have those methods worked out lately? Those are the means by which the enemies of Liberty have gained influence>power>control.tyranny these last several decades.

      Do we have decades to undo all that? And do we have the indoctrinated, amoral Ideologues, the rabid running dogs and useful idiots to implement such a strategy? Would we want to require such or (shudder!) be such as they? Do we control the means of propaganda, the schools, or any branch of .gov?

      We. Do. Not.

      We are left with the last solution enshrined in the BoR as the Second Amendment, the last line of defense for Liberty. Sad but true, we are here because we and previous generations were too busy enjoying the fruits of Liberty to notice its subornation by the patient, calculating, devious, insidious and relentless lies and machinations of the ideological Left, aided and abetted by the narcissistic, the greedy and the power mad.

      Fortunately for the Cause of Liberty, our means are swift, powerful and final. They require only our profound understanding and Will.

  7. From Tale Six:

    “Decadence, passivity, love of comfort, and lack of faith formed a royal road to slavery. “

    Indeed. Our past and present plight.

  8. Got it.

    Thank you.


  9. David Forward


    I agree with you that the rot has to be eliminated as there is no chance that we’ll ever see either honest elections again, or see the large segment of society living off the free government cheese ever voting in a manner other than aimed at the continuation of voting themselves shekels from the public treasury – shekels taken by coercion from individuals with an honest work ethic.

    In fact, I agree with a majority of what the author, Butterworth, has written insofar as the goals and a need for a heavy hand to enforce self-reliance and respect for the liberty of others. The old (but generally ignored today) adage of, “he who doesn’t work, doesn’t eat,” must be a basic understanding of anyone living in the “reclaimed” society – everyone must carry their own weight (without going into voluntary acts of helping others at this time) and not be a burden by relying on others.

    However, this saga is building on a foundation – similar to the infamous “Turner Diaries” – of prejudgment without regard to individual character, but based on supposition or skin color. Just like you don’t amputate a leg because you develop a foot blister and you fear serious infections resulting from an unattended wound, you don’t automatically cut people out of the new society who proclaim liberty and are willing to fight to achieve and maintain it because they have a different skin color, religion or were a registered Democrat under the former regime. You treat the affliction (outline to all what is expected of members of the new society), watch the situation carefully and don’t move to amputate unless an infection appears. By preemptively eliminating people who would swear allegiance to the rules of the new society you may be eliminating talents or skills or strong human character that would greatly benefit the new society. Our enemy is the current corrupt regime, not people just trying to “get along” since there is no viable alternative at this time.

    The carte blanche being handed the governing authorities in this saga is also scary in that while supposedly they are exercising only beneficial, liberty based powers, they hold the life or death of anyone in the society, or those attempting to enter it as new, free citizens in abeyance to their discretion. History is rife with dictators, be they individuals (i.e., Hitler, Mussolini, etc.) or groups (e.g., the Soviets or fictional characters of the “Turner Diaries) who began as beloved and respected leaders striving to truly help their society and slowly became both power hungry and slaves to their own personal prejudices and ended up as iron handed totalitarians eliminating subjects for either ideological or ethnic cleansings.

    I see no advantage, no gain of true individual liberty in trading a communist/socialist regime hell bent on social engineering and redistribution of wealth for one based on fascism which calls the shots insofar as who can attempt to join the new society along with how all must live.

    Before we get to a place where a new society can even be seriously attempted we will fall into massive and violent social chaos as the progressive utopian dreams are revealed as the nightmares they actually are (i.e., Detroit). The country will be split as in this story with the current regime struggling to print enough fiat money and provide a façade of bread and circuses for the faithful. The new society is not going to attract the blood sucking entitlement crowds as new members (there will be no entitlement programs to latch onto), and those in the geographical boundaries of the new society will be looking to self deport to an area where they can continue to lay claim to free government cheese. Those choosing to remain in the new society will rapidly adapt to the new structure or starve, or be forcibly exiled. Members of the entitlement class from outside the new society will not only not try to immigrate to the new society (no entitlements to lap up), they will stay as far away from it as possible. As the old society continues to deteriorate and fail to supply the free cheese you may see the entitlement recipients form plundering tribes of criminals to raid the new society to obtain substance and wealth, but that will happen any way and will end the same as the social chaos that splits the nation into two distinct counties – the self reliant will defeat the raiders through being still armed and determined.

    We don’t need a new government dictating how we live – we’ve had that over a hundred years already.

    • David, I agree in general with most of that, and thanks for the thoughtful reply.

      One caveat: it wasn’t very long ago that I would never have written this: race is a factor in our current difficulties, as is political orientation. Read Takuan Seiyo on the subject for the troublesome but unavoidable reality of this. I’m not so sure as you are about it all shaking out as you predict, not without a great deal of purposeful segregation on our part. As you said, reeducation is not going to work with most of these folks. I am very troubled by this as you are. Rock, meet very hard place.

      White folks are the only group with more guilt than identity. We will have to defend ourselves or be consumed, simply by demographics if not otherwise.

  10. David Forward

    Race is most definitely a major point in the division of America. Thanks to a carefully conceived and executed plan of educational and propaganda indoctrination causing major factions of victim hood, labeling whites as oppressors and minorities –- either ethnic or religious or sex –- as perpetual victims, the far left (communist/socialist/progressive composite now controlling our country) has cobbled together a very effective coalition of victims which has brought them to power and maintains that power relatively easily. In other words, a major percentage of the race problem is a carefully designed and maintained socioeconomic construct of the self anointed intellectual elites in the power structure of the moonbat left –- includes not only those holding political office (by hook or crook), but also the MASTER race BAITERS (e.g., Sharpton, Pfleger, Jackson, etc.) who gain wealth, social status fame and political power by pushing the envelope. Add to that toxic mix the faux intellectuals of both academia and the effete lamestream mass media blindly reinforcing such destructive criminal stupidity.

    Part of that construct has been to successfully label their only opposition party with a snowball’s chance in hell of defeating them at the polls –- Republicans –- as the rich old white man’s club (even though they are as at fault as the Democrats for our current condition as they fear losing their place at the table of power by actually fighting too hard for honesty and liberty –- watch as they will eventually bend over and grab their ankles for the Obamessiah in the “fiscal cliff negotiations” while providing sound bites as to how they stood up to the left…as Reed applies the Vaseline). Besides totally intimidating the neutered Republicans, they have them over a legal barrel prohibiting them (the Republicans) from challenging voter fraud in elections (see: Fellowship of the Minds; http://fellowshipofminds.wordpress.com/2012/11/15/why-the-gop-will-not-do-anything-about-vote-fraud/, take the time to digest the entire article), thus giving the progressive cabal further carte blanch to commit voter fraud in plain sight to maintain power with impunity.

    Within the thesis of that social construct you have the antithesis that will cause it to blow up. When the violent social chaos begins –- I estimate 2 to 5 years from now –- the trigger will be the protected victim class kept in the ghettos either being cut off from, or receiving substantially less than desired, free government cheese. After their local stores and weaker neighbors have been stripped of all food and other wares, the supposed victim class will form bands of marauders to enter the predominately white middle class neighborhoods and communities and take what they either need to survive or believe they “deserve.” This is where much of the separation of the chaff from the wheat –- the undesirables from the desirables — will occur.

    Blacks –- any minority actually –- who have assimilated into the general middle class and live beside, socialize and work with whites will be just as vulnerable to roving black criminal gangs as their white neighbors. They will be viewed as “race traitors, Oreos, etc.” by the black gangs even though they just worked to follow the alleged American dream of freedom to seek happiness and prosperity through hard work and strong character –- an opportunity for the good life as pursued by their middle class white friends and neighbors. They will side and fight with their neighbors out of both survival concerns and the desire to maintain their freedom to pursue their dreams, not the dreams of an authoritarian government. Political correctness will finally be forced into obscurity as it so richly deserves. Realism will carry the day.

    I estimate that the casualties will be in the range of millions before it’s all said and done. The government will initially try to appease the entitlement class (gentle slaps on the wrist in lieu of robust law enforcement) and restrain the middle class being attacked (i.e., disarmament, curfews/martial law). They will soon find out that they are hated by, and targets of both sides. They will seek a cease-fire of sorts as they will find that the battle for the most part will not be a toe-to-toe affair. It will be snipers taking out opposition leaders and advocates, and small guerrilla attacks aimed at destroying key targets such as political or Gestapo (DHS, FBI, TSA, ATF, etc.) leaders and/or assets. While some of the military will ignore their oaths and blindly follow the corrupt regime initially, many more will follow their oaths leaving the military in a quandary as they will never know for sure which way the rifles will be aimed –- at the middle class “insurrectionists,” or the supporters of the corrupt government regime. Meanwhile, the local LEOs will soon back off and tell their governmental masters that since they started the hostilities (through failed socioeconomic policies), they have to finish it –- it’s called survival. The 200,000 + federal “law enforcement agents” will prove to be not enough to face 20+ Million pissed off lovers of liberty following Rule 308.

    As the fighting slowly recedes the division of the country will take place –- the existing corrupt regime will hold on to a large segment of the country, which will include the chaff, the entitlement/victim classes. They will continue their futile efforts to provide a “bread and circuses” appeasement society until their ability to rob the producers and/or borrow wealth falls to the wayside…then it’s game over. By that time I imagine that there will be multiple “territories” formed across the continent.

    As the “New America,” the first of the split offs forms and takes territory, 99% of the chaff will be eliminated from the wheat. The vast majority of the victim/entitlement class will intentionally avoid the “New America” territories as if it were the plague –- there won’t be an entitlement program available to leech off — and those that attempt the criminal life of taking (if they haven’t already learned from the original violence leading up to the establishment of the New America!) will find that such activity is suicidal. The so-called “race problem” will dissolve in the New America” as there will be no political class actively trying to maintain it for political power in a true environment of liberty and individual responsibility.

    Those who migrate to, or stay within the New America if already a resident, will know the political environment, including self-reliance and responsibility. Most of those who wish to migrate will have earned the right just like their neighbors in standing up to and fighting the mongrel hordes in a life or death struggle. Anyone, regardless of identifiable demographic, if trash -– black, brown, red, yellow or white –- who doesn’t hold up their end of the social contract they asked to become a part of will soon be exposed and, in one way or another (depending on the nature and severity), swiftly dealt with. There will be no discrimination enforced by law (i.e., no affirmative action) nor forced integration. Various segments, whether segregated or integrated will naturally form with the understanding that freedom of association, live and let live, will be an overriding societal theme.

    That’s why I don’t believe it would be advantageous, but actually very counter-productive to rely on preconceived notions/evaluations by a central authoritarian (fascist) governing individual or group. If we’re going to fight for freedom, let’s encourage and embrace true freedom.

  11. None of that is news to me. I’ve sweat my own psychic and intellectual blood over these matters for fifty years as I watched my country founder and decay.

    And none of it is as facile as you seem to think and no one, no one, can predict the outcome. It is tragic that the demoncrats have made it their life’s work to create a new “plantation” (self contained reliable voting bloc) for the blacks, and anyone else who would fall for it. The fact is though, the blacks did fall for it and keep buying into it because they like being the victim and getting the “free” stuff. If you think that the social and moral character of “the black community” is simply the result of connivance and manipulation by white and some black politicians, what does that say about blacks? They are as they are because they keep believing that they can’t gt ahead without white demo pols “helping” them And need I mention the gangsta culture, rap “music”, misogyny, violence, drugs, disproportionate crime… in spite of fifty years of preferential treatment and subsidies of all kinds and a massive effort by reasonable and decent white folks to make things right and treat all equally.

    MLK was right… judge by the content of character. That’s all I’m doing.

    So very sorry, I truly am, but I have had to alter my lifelong view, literally taught at my Mother’s knee, that all people are “equal.” In this country, we are, were, supposed to be equal before the law. The Founders never supposed that all ‘persons’ are actually, functionally equal in talent or ability, and no sane observer can now still believe that.

    Your solution seems to be that we let the great die off take care of the problem of dysfunctional and irredeemable folks. That will likely happen anyway and I highly doubt we could prevent it which leads me to ask: how is this different, morally, than establishing the defense and preservation of the values and systems we know to be the foundations of civilization? The higher morality, by far, is the latter. Helter skelter just won’t cut it.

    “Anyone who clings to the historically untrue—and thoroughly immoral—doctrine that, ‘violence never settles anything’ I would advise to conjure the ghosts of Napoleon Bonaparte and the Duke of Wellington and let them debate it. The ghost of Hitler could referee, and the jury might well be the Dodo, the Great Auk and the Passenger Pigeon. Violence, naked force, has settled more issues in history than has any other factor, and the contrary opinion is wishful thinking at its worst. Breeds that forget this basic truth have always paid for it with their lives and freedom.”
    – Colonel DuBois, Starship Troopers by Robert Heinlein