DumpDC: Here Is How To Secede From The Union

Step by step.

Rational people can avoid — perhaps — some of the ugliness that approaches.

Remaining bound hand and foot to a dying, bankrupt, incurably-corrupt Empire is not the way to do that.

Think freedom.


26 responses to “DumpDC: Here Is How To Secede From The Union

  1. alan w. mullenax

    I’ve never said a state can’t go. If one can, there should be no force applied to keep it in the Union.

    That being said, I’ve a couple of questions. Let’s use South Carolina as the example. For the reasons that Russell chose it, our resident secessionist Hines is from there and I myself have a particular affinity for the state.

    Does the state of South Carolina have enough guns to enforce their decision to secede? Does any rational person reading this understand that the Federal government in no way, shape, matter or form is going to allow such a thing. I know those working on this anticipate some sort of collapse to faciltate their actions, but I don’t think that power will be weakened such that such a small state couldn’t be pummeled. Hell, there are enough troops in Fort Jackson
    alone to subdue such a thing.

    Assuming South Carolina becomes independent, what are they gonna do with all the unemployed, EBT card holders and such that are in the state? And there’s a bunch. South Carolina has more manufactured housing than any place I’ve ever been. That’s not indicative of wealth. And these people would vote to cut off their their umbilical cord to the Federal government? They’re just going to remain passive while the secessionist government works out the economic kinks while fighting a second civil war?

    By Russell’s own admission, his FRONA constituion does not guarantee that bad people will not take over and impose their will. South Carolina’s present constitution isn’t good enough? If not, who are the geniuses that will be formulating the new one? Such undertakings were difficult at best a couple hundred years ago when most people were of similar mind. What would such a process be like today with such a diversified population? This ain’t 1860. No group of states enjoy a common culture let alone within a state itself.

    No, secession is not the answer. It is however a good excuse to divert energies to something other than what should be done.

    I do love South Carolina though. I’m gonna need a visa.

    • “…what are they gonna do with all the unemployed, EBT card holders and such that are in the state?”
      They will automatically migrate to the closest area that offers them free stuff, of course.


      “South Carolina has more manufactured housing than any place I’ve ever been. That’s not indicative of wealth.”
      But vast tracts of rental properties is?
      Modular homes are *owned*, indicating equity and stability.

      • alan w. mullenax

        Ever been to South Carolina?

        I owned a home there at one time. Spent three and a half years of my life there as a soldier. Even now, I visit the the state 2-3 times a year.

        What’s your perspective?

        • I PCS’d back to S Carolina in late 1977 from Germany, spent maybe an hour there.
          Drove thru the state several times, thats it.
          I’m in the midwest and modular homes are epidemic around here.
          We’re sort of rare, our house was custom stick built.
          Yes, modular homes are on the low end of the single family market but when they are in the majority it changes the dynamic.

          Rental properties, no matter whether they are modular or not, can be the potential scourge of a community because renters have no vested interest.

          I am an educated, experienced and self employed architectural designer since 1972 specializing in large scale custom homes on islands. Yes, there are a lot of them, more than you might imagine.

          • alan w. mullenax

            Important to understand, I’m not slamming the state. I actually love South Carolina. My point is they don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of standing as an independent nation. I’m reasonably sure that any rational person would agree.

            In 1860, as part of the Confederate States of America, South Carolina would have been totally viable. I say that despite a certain college American history professor with whom I had a knock down drag out argument during class to the contrary.

            However, this is not 1860. There is no block of states with similar interests diametricly opposed to another. Ergo, the idea of an individual state seceeding is just plain stupid.

            It’s really time to understand that bad people have hijacked our Constitution. They need to be dealt with and the document restored to it’s original version. Once accomplished, the secessionist should have no bitch.

            I’m really sorry to know that you are so far away from me.
            I am glad to know a little more about you. It is my earnest desire to meet you in person some day.

    • “Does the state of South Carolina have enough guns to enforce their decision to secede?”

      Probably not, but I’ll bet the people in South Carolina do. That’s not an endorsement of secession (strikes me as more of the same anyway), but it does answer the question. “Could be pummeled” is different than “will be pummeled.” Any place can be nuked; so what?

      “…what are they gonna do with all the unemployed, EBT card holders and such that are in the state?”

      Details, details. More importantly, why do you give a shit?

      “And these people would vote to cut off their their umbilical cord to the Federal government?”

      Who cares? Besides, they’re all movin’ in with Aesop!

      “Such undertakings were difficult at best a couple hundred years ago when most people were of similar mind.”

      But they weren’t; they were EXTREMELY different with regard to religious matters, to name just one, and that was very focal back then.

      That’s WHY they recognized that it’s ONLY the freedom of the INDIVIDUAL that matters.

      Stop overthinking it, please; you know who’s life you care about most. More epistemology—there can NEVER be anything wrong with acknowledging the truth.

      • alan w. mullenax

        Ya know, Klein, I’ve been going out of my way for you.

        • Oh I know, and it hasn’t been easy for you either.

          When it’s all over, we’ll have a drink together. I just hope we’re not the only two left.

          • alan w. mullenax

            I certainly hope that we can sit down soon. Before any nastiness.

            I’d feel a lot better.

  2. If Aesop lives in Texas, or any one of another 12-20 States, he will be seceding whether he likes it or not. Of course, he’s welcome to try seceding from the secession. I myself plan on a a 1-man secession from southern Mexifornia.

    • No one gets to make me a member of their group.
      Politicians ASSume I am a member of their “Controlled Slave Society” but they are wrong.

      Nobody has the right to assault others and if it requires 150,000,000 defensive kills to prove that point then so be it.

      • alan w. mullenax

        Why does it have to be “defensive”?

        • “Why does it have to be “defensive”?”

          You know why; you just don’t wanna appear soft for admitting it. And no, it’s got nothing to do with what a scumbag deserves or doesn’t.

          It’s all about who you want to be. Everything always is.

          • alan w. mullenax

            Oh, it has nothing to do with who I want to be.

            I know exactly who the fuck I am.

            And that really is what scares me.

    • That’s exactly what I plan to do.
      Because right now I do not know anyone else that is capable of keeping up.
      That may change after TSHTF, at least I hope so.
      There is no way in hell I will choose lessers just because.
      That ain’t my style and never has been.

  3. If we are to learn anything from the past it must be that large events have small beginnings. First people begin to think on it, then to speak openly.

    There are always those who mock and ridicule new ideas, it is the one way to know you are on the right path.

  4. “The primary myth is that attempting a secession is the work of rational people. Once you swallow that whale, getting a tuna sandwich of details down is child’s play, as a cursory glace at the linkage demonstrates.”

    Uh huh. But what about the poor 310 million people who don’t have access to your mind to tell them what’s rational?

    “..if it was so helpless, actual secession would look like simply walking away.”

    Wow, a true conditional. Antecedent affirmed. In this context, that’s what “bankrupt” means.

    “As a fall back plan, best wishes on gnawing through those chains.”

    Shocker, another bullshit analogy that misses the essential attributes. People who chain themselves (as by following the sort of thinking you provides us hourly) can also unchain themselves.

  5. If my home state decides it wants to walk away then I will back that play. My ancestors did it and we lost everything so maybe we can get it right this time. I do not however see that coming to fruition. Alan lays it out pretty well for SC and I dont think my state is much different nor any other. The operative point being the Fed will not allow it to happen without a fight. If the feeling was mutual then there would be no lost blood but this thing is like the mob once you get made there is only one way out.
    The idea of secession is interesting and floating it on a national scale has given us an idea of the number of people who would be open to the idea of independance but thats it. Think of it as a conversation starter and a feeler for those in your circles.

    • alan w. mullenax

      We have our documents, our history, our culture, our nation, our God and our warts.

      I ain’t givin’ it up. Just ain’t.

      Secession is a dead end proposal in this day and age. In 1860? No, definitely not. But we lost.

      It’s important not to lose this war.

      Not rallying around our common heritage invites defeat.

      • Not rallying around our common heritage invites defeat.

        I couldn’t agree more. And “our nation” currently holds 100 million aliens who piss on our common heritage. If secession is not viable, you’ve got 100 million problems.

  6. WordPress has a message saying the blog has been suspended for violation of service agreement terms. It’s always seemed moderate in its rhetoric, especially considering the subject. Wonder why the got zotted? Wonder if WRSA will be next – it’s WordPress too!

  7. I see wordpress now says, “This blog has been archived or suspended for a violation of our Terms of Service.”

  8. I read the “Terms of Service”. Here is the only one that I saw that might have caused the service to be disrupted: “◦the Content is not pornographic, does not contain threats or incite violence, and does not violate the privacy or publicity rights of any third party;”

    Is saying you want to secede, even peacefully, which is all DumpDC ever did that I recal, a threat to incite violence. Liberals actually might say yes. It’s the same logic they use vis-a-vis Islam: because you know they are violent if you say something that will likely make them mad you are inciting them to violence. Using that logic, because freedom lovers know that FedGov is a viscious beast that attacks freedom lovers continually the act of pointing that out, or suggesting we seperate from them is actually an incitement to violence.

    We know they are violent, we must silently submit to avoid setting them off. It’s the standard that Libs want for Islam, perhaps it’s how they will crack down on blogs they don’t like too.

    Anybody have snail-mail for DumpDC? It’s scary that when these things go down the arcives disapear from online too. WordPress, acccording to lore, is supposed to be the “good” blogging service, that tolerates more forthright speach. What I find amazing is I’m sure that people advocating for the overthrow of say Egypt were allowed to continue, they were regarded as heros by CNN and other MSM outlets. Someone doing the same thing here, only advocating for peaceful seperation is censored hard.

    It would be interesting to get Dump DC’s side of the story and post it here.

    It would be good to get your own URL so that you can’t be erradicated that easily. If you owned WRS.net or any variation of it I think you’d be harder to silence.