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7 responses to “OPSEC

  1. Best gift I’ve seen!

  2. Thanks for the link. Sharing it.

  3. Why on earth would she latch onto this peice of bumper sticker logic used by thugs to try to intimidate witnesses and victims so they can get away with rape, robbery, and murder? OPSEC is one thing, but what’s next, a rap video about all of her hos and bitches?

  4. Are you kidding me? I saw both of those videos before they were even posted here. So what? I asked why she latched onto a saying that has been used for over a decade by thugs and murderers to intimidate good people. That saying has nothing to do with collectivists or their intelligence operations or goals and everything to do with mafia style intimidation by thugs. It’s spray painted on city walls near the sites of recent gang murders ro remind people who live nearby of who really runs their lives and of the reason they live behind bars even while in their own homes. She should be ashamed of using it, regardless of the content of the book, it’s stated purpose, or the reality of collectivist’s goals.

    • Would you be happier with “Counter Intel Ops For The Patriot”?


      • Absolutely. Then we wouldn’t be using a phrase used by people who murder 10 yr old girls on their way to school to further intimidate and threaten the community they terrorize. We wouldn’t be drawing parallels between ourselves and them. We have nothing in common.