Porretto: Principles And Politics

Thoughtful musings from Fran.

Understand that there is no relief convoy en route.

You and those who would respond in your area to a 2 am call are all that you have.

Plan the strategy, operations, and tactics from that basis.

And keep in mind always the principles for which you will fight, kill, and die.


27 responses to “Porretto: Principles And Politics

  1. “….would be tolerable as “labor-saving devices.”
    There ya go, Governance is derived by laziness.
    Lazy asses want other people to do what they are too lazy to do themselves and make everyone else pay for it.

    Just as Nikoley said:

    “This is a crucial thing to understand, and it’s at the root of why most limited-government “libertarians” have no choice but to accept the very premises every commie on the planet uses, and ultimately, when pushed to it, will soon enough start arguing just like a commie.

    It’s inevitable.

    The root of the problem is laziness and dishonesty, both a product of two of the basest human emotions/motivations: fear and greed. To state it another way: humanity involves, most simply, the conscious and principled discipline and control of fear and greed, which one has no choice but to experience as a higher biological organism.

    A good way to think about how the non-human homo sapiens respond to fear and greed is that they seek to hoard profits and spread losses. The chief motivation is laziness and chief tool to satisfy all is dishonesty. The interesting thing about dishonesty — self, other directed, and institutionalized — is that the better one is at it (the more dishonest) the less detectable and more powerful it is.

    What’s interesting about laziness is how hard people work at not producing tradeable values. Consider a bum on the exit ramp day in, day out. I’ve seen some of them work their asses off at begging in the hot, cold, and rain for years on end. How much easier it would be to work at a job?

    It’s the labor theory of value. The lazy look to a world where raw physical activity, disconnected from any other requirements, is of paramount value.

    To look at it in its plainest form, there are those advocating that some fears are just too great not to force others to pay for general anesthesia, and the argument turns on which anesthesia and in what dosage is most “efficient” and “useful.” Hey, maybe we can “privatize” the production and delivery of it, which still doesn’t address the root laziness, dishonesty, individual responsibility or accountability.

    Then there are those, “the nouveaux ancaps,” who rightfully understand that you can’t hold consistently to individualist principle and advocate any degree of state coercion, but have failed to understand that the state is an effect of a deeper problem (as outlined above). They think that you have to win friends and influence people by trying to explain that life would be so much better without the state.

    But you can’t truly understand anarchism until you accept that it doesn’t matter what society “would be like” without the state. It’s not the issue. The issue is that nobody has any right to chain me to their fears or satisfy their greed at my involuntary expense and anyone who thinks otherwise, even just a little tiny bit can just go fuck right off and there’s simply no kind way to put that.”

  2. Damn, if I remember Pogo, and I do, I ‘m a damned dinosaur who doesn’t yet realize he is extinct.

  3. indyjonesouthere

    Adams always had it right when he said the Constitution was for a moral and religious people. A living, breathing Constitution is for a society ruled by lawyers and psychopaths. There is nothing to restrain evil men from interpreting any document to meet their approval and that is what we have, interpretations based on interpretations until it has no connection to the original meaning. Read the book Original Meanings and you will find you can not get from original meaning to what we have without corrupt and amoral leadership. And we have retarded media personalities like “tingles” mathews who want to approve who our rulers shall be. Screw the ruling elite, monkeywrench the system until there is nothing for them to steal or manipulate. Prepare your family and yourself.

  4. i have been a patriot my whole life served 22 yrs in the military
    i believe in freedom of all men … no matter their skin color.. those that cry for racial separation to have liberty are no better then the clowns ruling us now.. are there some people of color that are unfit for liberty do to their actions .. yes .. but who died and gave us the power to deciedewho should be able to have freedom and who doesnt..
    we are fighting a system not a race of people…i served with many people of color and they are just as freedom wanting patriots as any on the blogs… judge each man by his character not the color of his skin.. i will fight for all men to have freedom

    • You just haven’t been paying attention for a very long time.

    • denny, when TSHTF, go to any predominate ethnic neighborhood like downtown L.A., Chicago, Detroit and tell the blacks and hispanics how much you believe in the freedom of all men. Your mistake, is that you are confusing liberty, with choice. Yep… everyone has a right to choose. And here we are. And I am pretty sure they will choose to abuse your body. While there are blacks and hispanics who understand liberty, they are the exception, not the rule. You need to get over your idea of brotherly world without borders utopia. Did they have group hugs when you were in school?

    • are there some people of color that are unfit for liberty do to their actions .. yes

      15% of the population accounts for 60% of the violent crime in this country. Thanks for playing.

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      If you spent 22 yrs in the military, then you saw first hand how the racism works. Stop preaching this gov’t sponsored PC bullshit, it won’t work very well for you to stand on a corner in Watts and shout out the verdict in the Trayvon Martin case. You’ll end up as a grease stain on the curb.
      We all know people of many colors who are outstanding patriots, but the minority masses will devour them, just as they will try to do to us.

  5. It’s gonna come down to guerrilla warfare if you want freedom.
    It’s the whole secret to successful guerrilla warfare, the key to defeating a numerically and logistically more powerful enemy, is to pick your pressure points and make sure that in every small action, you outgun them at that point, even if overall you’re outnumbered 20 to 1.
    But “indie” will you choose to fight with a homosexual squad?
    Papa Mike

  6. “Let everyone sweep in front of his own front door, and the whole world will be clean”

    Love the post, Fran!

  7. “let everyone sweep in front of his own front door, and the whole world will be clean.” -Goethe

    Whenever I think of that quote I switch “world” with “America”.

    Great post, Fran!

  8. “i believe in freedom of all men … no matter their skin color.. ”

    Me too, Denny. Racism is just a lousy form of collectivism, and collectivism sucks. HOWEVER…

    “those that cry for racial separation to have liberty are no better then the clowns ruling us now”

    No, that’s not right. Well, I won’t comment about “better,” but the difference is glaring. A man can only be ruled through one method, PHYSICAL FORCE. Words can’t move you or I to do anything; only physical coercion can do that. So if someone wants to be a racist, right or wrong, it’s no skin off anyone’s back. This is completely different from how those clowns rule us now…they cage us or kill us to get what they want.

    That’s been the problem all along…everyone wants to get their version of what’s better, and the ONLY way to get that from other people is to FORCE them to go along. THAT’S the error—humans are animals of free will, and so it’s WRONG to treat them as anything else. If some guy wants to be a racist or a homophobe or whatever, that’s not the problem. The problem is when he has the means to force others to live the way he wishes.

    If rational men are to be free, then irrational men must be free too. The ONLY thing that matters is that neither man force the other to do as he wishes. If some guy doesn’t want to serve Christians–or Jews or blacks–in his restaurant, then big deal. We can open up one down the block and make a ton of money. Or, if all the people in the town don’t want it, then we can go somewhere else. You can’t run a business without a customer, after all. No…of course they shouldn’t be that way, but if they are, who cares? NOBODY has a claim against anyone else, not to serve him food nor to shelter him nor anything at all.

    It’s an important point, and it’s a big thing stopping liberty all around the world. We’ve become so accustomed to living as nothing but brute animals that we’ve completely lost the essence of what it means to live as humans.

    Me, I still can’t figure out “no smoking in restaurant” laws. If a guy owns a property, how can ANYONE rightfully send ARMED men inside to tell him who he may and may not serve, and what they may or may not do. His property, my ass. Until the basics are seen, nothing else is going to matter…as history has proven.

    • As soon as I hear people whining about RAY”cism…and “PUHlease don’ call me Rayciss!”….I know the neo-conz are gathering. Fact is, Black politics is 99% Tribal….Hispanic, Asian, and Jewish politics are 80% Tribal…and good on ’em for it. They aren’t stupid, like self-liquidating White Cosmic Libs. When Whites become as ray’ciss as all the others, they’ll have a chance at survival in a world based on identity politics. Otherwise, Whites and their civilization will be extinct by 2100 A.D. Put another way, the coming Civil War is, like it or not, going to be very much about Race.

      • Stuka – well said. Racism is a code word for a white person, as no other culture could be racist right?

        Whites are purposely being dispossessed by third world immigrants who are not coming here for a better life. They are coming here to squeeze what they can out of whitey.

        These DWL’s are naive and foolish. They really think that their so called “black” friends are really their friends. When things fall apart and we can’t feed our kids, tribal politics will happen very fast.

        I’m very sick of these current republicans who are now groveling to the hispanics. Now neo-cons like Hannity want compassionate immigration. This neo-con jackass has no problem sending white men to die for Israel in middle east wars and displacing white workers. Yet I can assure you pukes like Hannity live in gated white communities and only have white friends.

        • Semper Fi, 0321

          Wonder how many blacks showed up at the Kennedy parties? I’ll bet even the kitchen help was white.
          We are in serious trouble when it comes down to a race war, which is inevitable. Thousands of whites will die, before they wake up and realize THEY are the main target of the minority groups. Walking around with baggy pants, shucking and jiving like some wigger, and then finding a gun in your face or an axe in the back of your head is what awaits most of these wannabe ghetto monkeys from white suburbia. But they’ll have to find out the hard way. Hollywood lied!

        • “They are coming here to squeeze what they can out of whitey.”

          Not true.
          They are coming here to get the freebies, and don’t care where those freebies come from.

          White people are getting the freebies too.

          This whole race/culture thing is multifaceted so you have to keep your eye on several balls at the same time, which is easy to do when they are standing on your front porch, or even at 600 yards with the proper hardware/experience.

          Your ire needs to be directed at the hierarchy of assailants that are approaching you from various direction, from the politicians at the top of the totem pole to the automatrons at ground level, with the latter much more dangerous than the former.

          The freebie takers aren’t your enemy yet as they have not harmed you or threatened to.

          The people that require you to give them your stuff are your enemies.
          Stop the stealers and the receivers will vanish one way or another.

  9. I thought we were all about valuing the individual over the collective. There is no greater collective than race.Now cultural superiority is another issue. The two should not be confused.

    • And since culture flows from race rather than vice versa, you’re right back where you started.

      Or do you have a bunch of black/Hispanic/Asian patriot friends?

      • Best friend is Black, best childhood friend is Hispanic, husband is Chinese. Conservative Patriots, all of them. Play again.

    • I’m all about leaving other people alone as long as they leave me alone.
      Seems the leaving me alone part is impossible for a whole buncha people.
      If they bring it to me they’ll get what they deserve.

  10. I guess everyone uses the Newspeak Dictionary these days.

    “Person” means “blob.”