ZeroGov: Equality And The American Public

Read and think.


“Equality”, enforced by jackboot and guns.

Choose one.

10 responses to “ZeroGov: Equality And The American Public

  1. An amazing article. Amazing in that he can go 1500 words without mentioning the blacks, mexicans, asians, gays and feminists that are pushing this equality.

    I don’t see straight white Christian men in the equality movement. I don’t see any of the affirmative action block here in the survivalist movment.

    The guy is a coward. Why didn’t he call out all the blacks getting affirmative action? Is that the action of “equals”? Equals don’t need handicaps.

  2. OUTSTANDING essay regarding “equality” and the relationship between rational, thinking people and the lefty feelers.

  3. Mutant Swarm

    “Freedom and equality are eternal enemies.” – Harlan Ellison

  4. robroysimmons

    Equality even has a pseudoscience derived theory called the Blank Slate Theory, so basically the USA is just another scientific materialism racket.

  5. From that article:
    “….the populous gives the State the monopoly on the use of force….”
    Not true.
    At best you can say SOME of the people give the state the monopoly.

    Who are the SOME?
    The votists.
    THEY are the people that give politicians the power over themselves.
    THEY do not get to give politicians the power over others.
    Only themselves.

    The votists in the US have always been a minority of the population.

    The non-votists are not a part of this nonsense and should reject all attempts at being forced to abide by the wants of the votists.

    If you vote, go play your silly constitutional game and leave the rest of us alone, or suffer the very severe consequences of your barbaric behavior.

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      Well said, GS.
      Amazing how they try to blame those who choose to opt out of the insanity games. I will NEVER give any of them permission to rule over me, or play games with my life. Learned my lesson in the USMC with bad officers and SNCO’s. And yet I’m the bad guy for not buying into the popularity poll on thieving, lying, corrupt, incompetent slavemasters?
      Ya just can’t fix stupid, can ya?

      • “I’m the bad guy for not buying into the popularity poll on thieving, lying, corrupt, incompetent slavemasters?”

        That’s the story and note how it’s done. It’s ALWAYS done by asserting that there’s some higher cause or morality than your own life. It’s been the same con, over and over and over again, for all of recorded history.

        That’s why it’ll be the same ol’ same ol’ going forward, unless a whole lot of people wake up.

    • Cassandra (of Troy)


      For all practical purposes the snippet you quoted is true & your refusal to accept same is as irrelevant to the Imperium/its goons now as it was to their Germanic predecessors in Sean’s example. Recall what DIDN’T happen to Imperium goon E. Michael Kahoe who destroyed documents regarding events at Ruby Ridge, & also remember what DIDN’T happen to the Imperium Obergruppenfuhrer/Oberfuhrer/Obersturmbannfuhrers/Obersturmfuhrers/Sturmscharfuhrers who planned/conducted/covered up/lied about the attack on the Branch Davidians. The dead/wounded of Ruby Ridge & Waco also refused to acknowledge Imperium authority but it didn’t matter.

      The time, place, situation, & face may change, but The Man is & will remain The Man & so does as he/she/it wills until forced to cease & desist. It ain’t right, but it’s most definitely so, & until that paradigm’s permanently changed all you or anyone else can do is obey the card player’s command to the deck holder,:

      Shut Up & Deal

      Cassandra (of Troy)

  6. Don’t worry, 0321, there will be people who are being lined up against the wall to be shot, who will still be calling for peaceful methods to resolve the problem. People who are this day decrying the stockpiling of dynamite and guillotines. Remember about the Jews who arrived at the station to be stuffed into boxcars in WW2, holding up their service records, showing the laughing guards their loyal service to Germany, in WW1? OPFOR, even now, does not even recognize we have a right to say anything against them.

    • Semper Fi, 0321

      What’s really sad, the number of veterans who still support OPFOR as being the ‘good guys’. Can’t even begin to tell you how many arguments I’ve had with those flag waving fools. They’ll be the first to help line up the rest of us as citizens gone bad. And they just don’t understand yet that they’re in the 2nd wave.