Just What Was Fundamentally Wrong with Bolshevism?

Worth the time (h/t commenter QuadGMoto at The Smallest Minority).

Let’s try it again, harder.

That’s the ticket.

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  1. Anyone noticed the uptick in antisemitism of late?
    Have to wonder why every collective hive mind needs the same scapegoat.

    • Rhodes, is it Islam that is bringing down the country? Muslims responsible for the rot we now call culture? Pornography, no God in school, gays and lesbians as role models, Hollywood demonizing white christian America, all caused by Islam? Who were the Bolsheviks, ACLU, SPLC, Geithner, Axelrod, Dimon, Blankfein, Goldman Sachs, etc. Think about who ran or is running these organizations and who benefits. I’m not saying Jews are responsible for all our problems but they have managed to hogtie and guiltrip white America until we can no longer openly discuss who is doing what to whom. To say that Rahm Emanuel served in the IDF but not the U.S. military is to invite cries of antisemitism from all corners. The article about Bolsheviks didn’t mention the founders were Jewish and hated the Tsar and Christianity, same as today people ask why are Jews democrats? Answer: they hate white christian culture, period. Hive member

    • Yeah..prolly has something to do with the fact that, of the top 400 Bolshevik savages that made the communist revolution in Russia, about 80% were Jewish. On the other hand, there’s Ayn Rand.

      • What I never understand about neo-Nazis and other anti-Semites is their obsession with the “Jewishness” of their foes, be it banksters , Communists, or others.

        Got any credible proof of that 80% figure?

        • Solzhenitsyn: 200 YEARS TOGETHER; Slezkine, THE JEWISH CENTURY; MacDonald, THE CULTURE OF CRITIQUE, all replete with primary sources. Stalin substantially de-jewed the CPSU during the late 1920s-30s – killing off the Old Bolsheviks – but the enforcement agencies, NKVD and others, remained heavily Jewish thru the 1940s. Old and New Left in the West show similar ethnic pattern. I also have my doubts about David Horowitz and the neo-cons; suspect that, when America finally dumps Israel, they’ll morph right back into the Trotskyites they were before. We’ll see, and I’m prepared to be wrong about this aspect.

          • Further thoughts on “New and Old Left”. An indicative source here would be Judy Kaplan and Lin Shapiro, eds., RED DIAPER BABIES – GROWING UP IN THE COMMUNIST LEFT (Chicago, 1998), a collection of short bios written by U.S. Reds and ex-Reds. N = 48, Jewish = (at least) 42. One notices, however, that Jews who actually practice Judaism tend to be non-political or downright conservative; it’s the seculars that are the issue. And here I suspect that Marxism is in essence a secular transformation of Judaism itself: punitive, totalitarian God—->punitive, totalitarian state; Chosen People—->revolutionary vanguard. Something along these lines, but I don’t know enough about Judaism to be sure. What I do know is this. Looking out over a sea of recognizably ethnic faces at an early 1900s Party Congress, Djugashvili (not yet Stalin) turned to a fellow Bolshevik and said, “What this Party needs…is a Pogrom.” And years later that’s about what he did, not to mention murdering tens of millions of non-Jews.

    • Mutant Swarm

      Maybe they’ve earned it?

      • If they “earned” it then Christians have “earned” it many times over and Islam has “earned” it a thousand fold.
        You guys ought to understand that.

  2. Jimmy the Saint

    This time, they have the right people in charge, and this time, they’ll kill the right people before their counter-revolutionary activities disrupt the revolution. This time, they’ll get it right for sure. This time.

  3. People are noticing the responsible parties in the communist mayhem,they have kept it under wraps for a long time ,but the truth is coming out ,no much longer the label of antisemite is going to silence the people of the world. For those interested ,pick up a book named the Wandering Who written by a very courageous jewish man that it will answer many questions.

  4. Daniel K Day

    Answer: Nothing that a hundred or two million more dead won’t solve! Really!

  5. What’s wrong with Bolshevism?

    “Thou shalt not steal” forever established private property.

    Pretty easy. 😉

    • wrsa, this will be my last comment to your blog and am cutting you loose. You seem to be hysterical when someone challenges one of your sacred cows, resorting to violence and vitriol. But typically of liberal websites you attack the messenger but don’t deny any of the salient points made. Goodbye to you. The country will be destroyed by internal forces, some of which I attempted to point out, quite honestly. Alex

      • This is not a “liberal website”. It’s one of the best HardRight aggregation sites around…always my third stop, after I go over and see what Annie has to say, then scan Zerohedge, where the commenters – according to Jim Kunstler, “the worst vermin in trolldom” – dump on Jews with reckless abandon; “CompassionateFascist” is particularly objectionable. Don’t always agree with some of the neo-con stuff here, but no doubt there will be more than a few Jews fighting on our side when the discussion turns violent…and maybe even a Muslim or two. Couple of years ago, while waiting in the cab line at local train station, the raghead driver ahead of me got out, put down his prayer rug and assumed the position. Checked my compass, informed him he was aimed at Sweden not Mecca, and suggested why. He laughed and took it well. Could be this guy?

  6. There are books by Jews that explain what the issue is with Zionists. Two additional things, not all Zionists are Jews and not all Jews are Zionists. That said, about 77% of voters who claim to be Jews voted for Obama. We also have the anti-Christian efforts of some Jews, remember Mel Gibson’s movie, “The Passion of Christ” and who attempted to prevent it being shown in the US. That wasn’t C.A.I.R., was it?

    Between the Rockefeller/Rothchild cabal and the Zionist state of Israel, it’s a wonder more cases of anti-Semitism aren’t seen in the US today. People tire of the problems these two groups generate and the billions of dollars they steal every day, month, and year.

    To be clear, I have no use for Islam at all either, it is fundamentally incompatible with western civilization, that was true in the 7th century and it’s true today. The Islamic conquerors of Spain were removed, along with the Jews that they had brought with them.

  7. NOW I know what happened. Oy vey. Here we go,one more time. Jew, practicing, not socialist, good. Jew, non-practicing, socialist, not good.