Obamacare Rolls Into My Life

SiGB reports from just over the horizon.

Got black-market docs?

8 responses to “Obamacare Rolls Into My Life

  1. Larry Elliott

    Hmm, I’m 71, male, diabetic, and not on anything for high cholesterol because mine’s not too high, never has been, and will likely be lower without statins or any other pills.

    But Obamacare will figure out a way to get rid of me because I tend to be a trouble maker.

  2. I was with my orthopedist to day discussing a shoulder surgery I want to get by the end of this year, so i can be back on line before March or April. He said, almost disgustedly, th ehealth care system in this country will “implode”!
    There’s no doubt in my mind that, with th e number of docs refusing Medicare and Medicaid, and going concierge, a new, not unforeseen “crisis” will result in the flat out nationalization of all practioners and medical facilities.

  3. I’d always thought that a “death panel” was the massive electrical switch hooked to Florida’s famous “Old Sparky”.

    It looks like Sara Palin got it all dead right on Obama-care.

    • Mutant Swarm

      Harold Covington called it years ago in his books.

      I almost wish he would quit writing, because he is right so often.

  4. It always was part of the plan to get rid of the “useless eaters”. A retired military friend of mine tells me the VA now does not authorize hip/knee replacements or even angioplastys if you are over 70.
    It is ironic that all of these clueless old people here in the Peoples Democratic Socialist Republic of Oregon who supported this marxist imposter will be the first ones thrown under the bus. I look for a lot of wailing, rending of garments, and gnashing of teeth in the form of letters to the editor of our local paper. It will be entertaining like the “Bring Out Your Dead” scene from that Monty Python movie.

  5. Mutant Swarm

    If I get an incurable condition, there’s always the Palestinian way out. Might as well have some company across the river Styx.

  6. When the Romneyca-, ‘scuse me ObamaCare “tell us about your insurance” form arrives, I will destroy it. When the Healthcare Police arrive at the door, there will be no words exchanged.