WRSA Anti-Nazi/Anti-Communist/Anti-Race-Supremacist/Anti-Islam Policy

The WRSA policy on race/religion/ethnicity/gender/class is simple:

Fact-based discussion on controversial topics is encouraged.

Unsupported assertions regarding the Jewish people or any other religious or ethnic group as a whole will be mocked or deleted, at editorial discretion.

The only exception to the above rule is the totalitarian-political-system-of-pillage-and-rapine-masquerading-as-a-religion known as Islam.

Members of the NSDAP, the Communist Party, global socialists, and their adherents, followers, or fellow travelers can and should each go stab themselves and at least one ideological ally in the eye with a bayonet.


That is all.

161 responses to “WRSA Anti-Nazi/Anti-Communist/Anti-Race-Supremacist/Anti-Islam Policy

  1. My last comment:Anyone know where Wyat Earp is buried? in a Jewish Cemarty in San Jose, California

  2. If someone can summarize in a sentence or three what exactly the point and message is of any one of Takuan Seiyo’s articles, I’d be grateful. It was when I realized I couldn’t do that, and that whatever the message might be was lost in the flood of words, that I stopped reading him. It was when he deliberately asserted in a comment thread discussion that I’d said the exact opposite of what I had actually said, in order to brand me with his nazizoidist label, that I stopped considering him to be on the side of the angels. It was when he deliberately and repeatedly refused to engage in the sort of deliberate discussion of facts CA has advocated in the past, preferring instead to assert blanket guilt and self-destructiveness on the part of a people he evidently considers not his own, that I stopped much caring what he has to say about anything. He is a deeply dishonest man.

    There certainly are those who assert things about the Jews without providing sufficient evidence. There are also those who draw conclusions from facts in evidence that I don’t find sufficiently justified. This does not make reasonable and sane discussions of the matter impossible. In the GoV discussions he references, it would have been entirely possible to say “I don’t want to discuss that here, and I’m not going to” or “I don’t consider those facts to be a major factor, for such and such reasons.” This is not what was done. Instead he went from zero to nuclear and full insult. “Oh, but he’s so tired of the constant unreasonable attacks!” Stop making excuses for him. I’m part French, I’ve been hearing my nation – a nation with far more qualities than America and Americans have ever displayed, and which has earned my loyalty in ways the USA hasn’t even tried – insulted and demeaned pretty much my entire life, and currently I get to watch the French population being systematically replaced by Muslim Arabs while “genocide” is something only Jews are allowed to own, and I generally manage to keep my mouth shut about it, or to discuss the matter peacably when the occasion arises. There is no right to be free from insult, even for Jews.

    “The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you.” It takes a conscious act of will to NOT notice the applicability of this phrase to repeated actions by Jewish people, including Seiyo himself as I mentioned earlier. Just a couple weeks ago, a Quebec radio host, talking with a Muslim caller, mentioned that he wouldn’t be able to say the same things the caller was because speaking too loudly on certain topics gets one in trouble with the Jews. The local Jewish organization promptly called for him to be sacked. What exactly are they trying to prove? Rick Sanchez claimed Jews have a lot of power at CNN; they promptly demonstrated their … LACK of power? – by getting him fired. A Jewish journalist went looking for non-Jews in positions of power in Hollywood; he found six, one of which turned out to be Jewish after all. I could go on all day, but that’s not the point – the point is that there is measurable evidence and facts concerning hypocrisy and power and Jewish reactions to taking note of these facts, and that the only response ever made to this by the pro-Jewish side of any argument is precisely the dishonest and hypocritical one that CA made: ridicule, and a refusal to actually address any facts, either by refusing to bring them up or refusing to engage in discussion on the topic by ruling it out of bounds.

  3. Ok, that for the Jews. To the broader point, of nazis/communists/whatever stabbing themselves with bayonets. Fuck you, you old loser. The world we are living in today is the direct and linear result of the victory in 1945. It is a world created by the victors of 1945. It is designed and run according to their principles, and implements many of the goals they explicitly advocated. Everything that is happening today, from the Muslim rape gangs in European suburbs to English nationalists getting locked up in an Orwellian manner to the TSA accustoming “born free” citizens to having their daughters’ breasts groped to Congress fuming impotently at its bureaucracy and not firing it to the massive taxation increases on the most productive to the dissolving of sovereignty in international bureaucracies to the American presidency becoming a thing to be bought and used in a manner directly contrary to the expressed wishes of the people and in fact the general trend of governments everywhere in the white nations deliberately persisting in courses of actions their people repeatedly object to but don’t seem to have the ability to stop – every bit of this is the legacy of the victors of 1945. It is their doing, their responsibility, their worldview brought to life.

    IN 1945, THE BAD GUYS WON.

    Every single man who has fought and bled in the service of the victors of 1945 and their inheritors has fought and bled in the service of evil.

    Maybe the other side were bad guys also. Maybe they weren’t. I’m not saying they didn’t kill a lot of people – I do say genocide is justified at times, depending on perspective, in the same way that killing a man is justified at times – depending on perspective. Nobody wants to die, but irreconcilable differences exist. I also know this much: the victor writes the history books, the victor always makes the other side out to be worse than they actually were while hiding its own misdeeds, and in this case, the victors have been proven BY THEIR OWN ACTIONS to be civilization- and nation-destroying oathbreaking scumbags. I also know that the people running things right now lie like they breathe; from carbohydrates to cholesterol to equality to finance to genetics to who voted when and where to what actually happened in any given foreign policy crisis to what gets reported and what gets suppressed in the newspapers and talking-head shows each day.

    NOTHING I am told by this system and this society is to be trusted. If they say the sky is blue, I will walk outside to check for myself.

    EVERYTHING is on the table.

    That includes Hitler.

    He may have been wrong about some things. He may have been wrong about a lot of things. Based on the reading I’ve done so far, there certainly were things he didn’t get right. There were certainly also things that he did.

    Have YOU read Mein Kampf, or Table Talk? (I haven’t, yet.) Do you really trust what you’re told about it, when the same people give you Tina Fey saying “I can see Russia from my house!”, and Obama insisting he did so call it a terrorist attack?

    Do you really have to have it explained to you, again, that you’re being lied to?

    “Oh, but they wouldn’t lie about THAT!”

    There’s a funny thing about the “Big Lie”. People talk about it in the context of the Nazis, as a Nazi propaganda tactic. In fact, it was a Nazi ACCUSATION. The Nazis were saying that their enemies were telling gigantic monstrous lies that nobody would even think to disbelieve. They never advocated it as something for their own propaganda to engage in. But that’s not how it is remembered. The “Big Lie” has itself become a Big Lie.

    • Rollory said:

      “I do say genocide is justified at times, depending on perspective, in the same way that killing a man is justified at times – depending on perspective.”

      Are you fucking kidding me?

  4. Finally, a quote.

    “The fundamental realization of the Dark Enlightenment is that all men are not created equal, not individual men, nor the various groups and categories of men, nor are women equal to men, that these beliefs and others like them are religious beliefs, that society is just as religious as ever it was, with an official state religion of progressivism, but this is a new religion, an evil religion, and, if you are a Christian, a demonic religion.

    The Dark Enlightenment does not propose that leftism went wrong four years ago, or ten years ago, but that it was fundamentally and terribly wrong a couple of centuries ago, and we have been heading to hell in a handbasket ever since at a rapidly increasing rate – that the enlightenment was dangerously optimistic about humans, human nature, and the state, that it is another good news religion, telling us what we wish to hear, but about this world instead of the next.”

    Billy Beck is to me a tragic and self-destructive figure, because these are the truths he desperately does not want to know. He is to me the pre-eminent symbol of the entire later Enlightenment era, of American individualists and constitutionalists, of true believers in “American exceptionalism” (which in their already-corrupted doublethink is something anybody can be a part of). He, and the intellectual movement he advocates, is admirable for the ideals espoused, but deeply wrong when it comes to reality – wrong in a way that makes any accomplishments for his cause over into inevitably perverted tools of evil. Classical liberalism is not a stable state: it always moves left. Conservatism is not an actual opposition, but a controlled tool, giving way at a steady measured pace.

    I understand that “going along to get along” is a factor, and that one can’t just tell the broad public that everything they think they know is wrong, follow me into fire, into storm, into darkness, into death. I understand that the reality of society as it currently exists means that talking about Jews incurs a terrible cost and relentless attacks on whatever one is trying to do. I understand picking one’s battles. But there is picking battles, and there is taking sides, and they are not the same.

    The ideals of old-skool America espoused here are admirable, but they are part and parcel of the problem. They are self-defeating and futile. They cannot recreate anything that has been lost, nor will they form a stable foundation for any society with a future, no more so than a house can be built by an engineer insisting that all construction materials have equal physical properties. As long as these false principles are clung to, destruction and failure will attend them.

    We are not Jedi, we are Sith. The Jedi have lost their way, and we understand the truth both of their now-perverted ideals and the reality underlying them better than they ever did.

    That is why we will win.

    • “I do say genocide is justified at times”

      Well, thanks for making me look so foolish about my position here. I still stand by it though, sick as this is.

      Not everything you wrote was crazy, but this sure ’nuff is. Interestingly, it’s not that far off the case others are making about islamic cultures. So instead of focusing on how crazy this belief of yours is, maybe they’ll give a moment or two to their own. This doesn’t deserve a moment’s notice…”genocide” and “justified” are, in some relevant ways, opposites.

    • I think you misunderstand/misrepresent Billy Beck’s position/beliefs. I read him to be an extreme libertarian/anarchist, not a collectivist of the Republican flavor whose desired society looks like a Norman Rockwell painting.

      I agree with you that limited government is unstable, a fantasy, and decays to communism/fascism. I don’t agree with you that Billy Beck advocates limited government.

  5. THIS THREAD GETS 140+ comments?
    Really? This thread?
    CA should not even have to post this kind of statement. It should be fairly obvious to anyone above room temp that this is the posiition. The fact that so many of you busted a gut to comment on this and waste so much verbage gives a good indication as to the current state of affairs.

    Shut the fuck up and get back to work.
    The past three weeks have been mired in complete bullshit. Endless debates about topics and ideas that should be settled material.
    Complete derailing of topics that should be discussed in detail.
    We can put aside this bullshit and talk about important things or we will have all the time in the world to discuss them when we are sitting around the internment camp.

    We all want to be free and there are those that oppose that, they are the enemy and we should kill them.
    Thats it. Thats the philosophy. Get the fuck behind it or get gone. Period. No more stupid.

    • It has not all been BS, but after you remove the Ego and Emotions it is pretty simple seeming is it not.
      Sometimes it is very tough to do. That is why our country is in peril.
      We have always known what to do, you do not make enemies. You dispose of them. You do not breed them or import them or feed them or teach them.

      We have lacked the balls to kill the enemy for a long time. Now they are among us Big Time,

      Simple isn’t it! But we still lack the Do capability.

      • “It has not all been BS, but after you remove the Ego and Emotions it is pretty simple seeming is it not.”

        Lovely sentiment, I’m sure, but if you actually and literally removed the Ego(s), there’d be nothing here but a blank page.

        Yeah, I know…”Check. Now let’s move on.” And then everyone moves on as if it weren’t true.